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    Wikipedia: Silverstein Properties, Inc. (SPI) is a privately held, full-service real estate development, investment and management firm based in New York. Founded in 1957 by President and CEO Larry Silverstein, the company develops and acquires office, residential, hotel, retail, and mixed-use properties.
    Sounds a lot like a bank. Or at least just another multinational corporation.
    Also according to wiki the WTC’s have had a bad fire in 1975 and a bombing and robberies in the 90’s. The Port Authority decided to privatize the WTC and handed the lease to Silverstein.

    Sounds a lot like fear mongering someone to give in. Silverstein of course collects billions after the “attacks” and actually tried to seek more money and was shot down but if that doesn’t tell people something i don’t know what will. I try not to think about Zionism or any of that even though I like the argument. But there is a lot of dis info surrounding that event. All it takes is just 1-3% of America to demand answers. Come together to achieve that goal of pressuring our oppressor.

    A rebel who doesn’t fulfill some sort of his rebel passion will always be dissatisfied.


    An obscure post
    brought up the occupants of the “last elevator down” in the WTC.

    This story, about the last elevator down from the Windows on The World restaurant, Tower One on 9/11, is originally told in detail on audio tape by 3 of the elevator’s four occupants: Michael Nestor, Liz Thompson and Richard Tierney — the fourth reported occupant was Geoffrey Wharton from Silverstein Properties, who declined to be tape interviewed.

    The first and earliest taped version:

    The audio is still available, as is the transcript.

    Thompson is or was at the time the Executive Director the Lower Manhattan Cultural who were complicit in the presence of the artists Gelatin and E-Team in the towers.

    We can SAFELY assume that this trio is lying, as are all other “witnesses” from 9/11.
    However, the elusive Wharton is not described as being with Silverstein. I wonder why?

    Geoffrey P Wharton
    April 20, 2009

    Frank McCourt, owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, today named leading real estate industry executive Geoffrey Wharton as president of the John McCourt Company (JMC)
    rom 1983 to 2001, Wharton was with Tishman Speyer Properties,
    most recently as a Senior Managing Director. His responsibilities included acting as the partner in charge of the redevelopment of such properties as Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Center and 666 Fifth Avenue. He also served on a study group that worked with the New York Yankees on the location and design of their stadium project. Previously, he was responsible for the company’s leasing activities in New York, Chicago, San Francisco as well as in Frankfurt and Berlin.

    So, what happened in 2001?
    September 20 2002
    Geoffrey Wharton, who left a breakfast meeting at Windows on the World seconds before the first plane hit that tower, joined Insignia Douglas Elliman yesterday as its chief executive officer.

    Before being tapped to lead the World Trade Center redevelopment for Silverstein Properties, Wharton received kudos for his work with Tishman Speyer Properties to reinvent both the landmarked Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Center.

    In the spring of 2001, after winning the 99-year lease on the World Trade Center, Larry Silverstein put Wharton in charge of managing the multi-building property and overseeing its redevelopment.

    On Sept. 11, Wharton was at a breakfast meeting along with Neil Levin, the executive director of the Port Authority, at Windows on the World. But he left to meet a prospective tenant on the plaza and rode the last elevator to make it down before the plane hit.

    No one at Windows on the World that morning survived. But even a year after the attack, Wharton says, “I never talk about that day. It was a very private experience.”

    OVerseeing its redevelopment!

    Others say Wharton is still suffering and needed to stop working on World Trade Center items. Silverstein says Wharton is “just terrific” but understands why he had to leave. “The truth of the matter is, it’s not the job he signed on for, obviously, and no one could predict that this would happen or could happen, so under the circumstances I feel terrible that he had to leave.”


    In fact, Wharton was up to his neck in the Art Projects in the empty towers.

    They had breakfast at Windows on the World. Then, down in the lobby of tower one, Liz Thompson, executive director of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, and Geoffrey Wharton, part of the new team running the World Trade Center, talked about commissioning an artist to do some work along the balcony, something text-based for the upcoming holidays. About two minutes into this discussion, they heard the first explosion, saw the first debris falling.

    Only two of the 25 artists with studios in tower one were there that morning. Vanessa Lawrence had come in at six to paint the cityscape in the early light. She would have seen the first plane coming if she hadn’t made a trip to the lobby to phone a friend. She’d just stepped off the elevator back on the 91st floor when the whole building rocked. Hard. She headed for the stairs, making her way through smoke, debris, and water. The stairs cleared up, though, a few floors down, and everyone was calm. What was happening? As she took her first step out of the building, tower two collapsed next door. The plaza—horrific. “Don’t look!” said emergency workers, who directed her down to the mall, then upstairs, away from the plaza. Where to hide? She made it across the street and bent down. Someone covered her with his jacket. Visibility was so bad she couldn’t even see at first that he was a firefighter.

    Sculptor Michael Richards was in his studio on the 92nd floor, on the side facing the Statue of Liberty. When he called his girlfriend at midnight the night before, he said he’d be working for a few more hours, then sleeping there in the space. He had to be at the Bronx Museum, where he worked as an art handler, by 10 a.m. His friends report that Richards is punctual. He would have been getting ready to leave the building by 8:45. They made many, many calls to his cell phone the morning of September 11. His remains were identified on September 17.
    Sure they were. Vanessa Lawrence was a UK citizen whose story was used to bolster the escape stories of all the “workers” in the WTC. Was Lawrence herself even in the WTC that day?


    Vanessa Lawrence
    Email: me@vanessalawrence.co.uk
    Web: http://www.vanessalawrence.co.uk
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/www.vanessalawrence.co.uk
    Address: The Bothy, Grange Mains, Minishant By Maybole, Ayrshire KA19 8DL
    Born in Manchester in 1975, Vanessa moved up to Scotland in 1982. In 1993 she attended a 9-month programme at Lorenzo De Medici, School of Art, Florence, Italy studying figurative drawing and painting, then continued to live, work and paint in Switzerland until January 1998 when she obtained an 18-month sponsorship to attend The New York Studio School of Drawing Painting and Sculpture. Vanessa then won scholarships from the school to complete the three-year program, including a 4-month exchange in autumn 2000 to the Ecole de Beaux Arte, Marseille, France.

    After graduating from the Studio School in spring 2001, she was accepted as one of the 9 artists to take part in the Studioscape Residency Program run by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council on the 91st Floor of the North Tower of the Twin Towers. The residency was tragically ended on September 11th, which then forced Vanessa to return to Scotland where she continues to work near Glasgow.

    Phone: 07887842892


    After finishing my studies and an artists residency programme I decided to move back to Scotland at the end of 2001, making Glasgow my base and its surroundings. I have recently done full circle and come back to Ayrshire.

    A little memento from the Liz Thompson / Geoff Wharton days from Vanessa. No sign of the WTC though.

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