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    The hastily produced “missing” fliers which accompanied not just 9/11 but also 7/7 and the Grenfell Tower fire in London, had an interesting sub-routine – a flier for someone who didn’t die. Yet strangely, this flier achieved media prominence before the “error”was revealed.

    That’s someone called Matt Heard who allegedly worked for ING Bank in New York but an acting coach [yes..] decided that he worked for Morgan Samuel and he was incommunicado, ergo missing.

    “Matt Heard” leave no trace of his existence, but the girlfriend who for some strange reason was cropped into the “missing” photo does have a real existence in New York and back in her homeland of Sweden…

    who graduated from Hunter College in New York in 2001

    Rather amusingly, this flyer made an appearance on this facebook 9/11 tribute page “Never Forget 9/11” –

    and which gathered some particularly vacuous comments in light of the fake story and that nobody in the photo died or was missing [allegedly]

    Jeanne Friederich So sad all those people and the loved ones that were left behind. RIP to all of the victims.
    · 6 September 2015 at 04:42

    Nancy Newsome Frederick Heartbreaking!
    · 5 September 2015 at 18:34

    Heartbreaking? Nauseating/Phoney!

    As reported in the New York Times, December 4 2001, taking three months to “emerge”

    Matt Heard is 30, and a trader. As a hobby, he took a Thursday evening acting class taught by Colette Duvall. After the attack, another student advised Duvall that she believed Heard worked for Morgan Stanley in the World Trade Center. Concerned, she called him and left a message on his machine. He didn’t respond. She sent an e-mail message to him. Nothing.

    Duvall had gotten a camera at a recent birthday party in her honor, and she had snapped a lot of pictures. One was of Matt Heard and his companion, Asa Redborn. She dug it out and pasted it to a sheet of paper, wrote that he was missing and listed herself as a contact. She took it to Union Square Park and taped it up among similar posters of hope. Quickly, Matt Heard’s name joined the lists of possible victims. One day, MTV cameras panned across the Union Square scene and neighbors and friends saw Heard’s picture on television. Scared, they left phone messages for him and sent e-mail.

    Friends also got frantic about Redborn, who is Swedish. One contacted the Swedish Embassy, which located a number for her father. It was out of date.

    Duvall continued to worry. The following week, however, the student who had told Duvall that Heard worked at the World Trade Center told her that she was mistaken and he actually worked for ING, a Dutch financial services company with offices in Midtown, though he lived near the trade towers. Duvall called ING and was told that Heard was on vacation in the south of France. He had left on the evening of Sept. 10. Redborn was with him.

    When Heard returned, he found his answering machine crammed to capacity with messages from friends wondering if he was alive, including the call from Duvall.

    He was a little embarrassed by the commotion. “It was a big case of putting 2 and 2 together and coming up with 23,” he said.

    Other inaccurate entries, from the far-fetched to the fraudulent, were inserted in victims’ lists in the chaotic days after Sept. 11

    In fact they’re all fraudulent.
    Matt Heard even got name checked 10 years later

    There’s no Heard in the New York facebook friends of Anna Åsa Sofie Redborn now back in Falun, Sweden. He’s probably ficticious.
    Duvall is certainly real and worked alongside Mario Giacalone at the Creative Acting Company in New York
    Asa’s a little like Ingeborg Lariby in looks.

    Back home from the south of France, allegedly – Matt and Asa


    and more recently in Sweden

    Asa Redborn(2001) I worked at New York Rehabilitation Center for 3 years (subacute rehab/ nursing home) where I got certified in NDT. The last two years I’ve been working at NYU/HJD at their outpatient andsports department as a staff PT during which I have been taking several courses in manual therapy and sports medicine. I left NY in April this year to give my homeland Sweden a try after 13 years overseas. It is a big change but I look forward to try the Swedish market and spend some time with my family
    [Hunter College Newsletter 2007]

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