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    This page seems to have lain undiscovered
    October 31 2001
    A jamboree of Williams College alumni spouting their 9/11 stories in Williamstown, MA.

    The Gaudino Forum welcomed 19 alumni to recount and discuss their experiences regarding Sept. 11. The forum, held Sunday night and entitled “Views from Ground Zero: Alumni Recall Sept. 11,” was organized by Robert Jackall, professor of sociology and Gaudino Scholar, in conjunction with the alumni office. The event drew a mix of students, professors, alumni and families and friends of the speakers.

    After finding names of various alumni involved, Jackall personally contacted each alumnus over the phone.

    The speakers included Leonard Bakalchuk ’83, Palmer Bessey Jr. ’66, Rick Bowers ’90, Wilfred Chabier ’77, Scott Davis ’77, Patrick Delivanis ’00, John MacKinnon ’71, Peter Miller ’72, Patrick Moore ’97, Phillip Polomsky ’92, Mark Schein ’88, Brett Schneider ’94, Nicholas Spangler ’98, Bohn Vergari Jr. ’98, Thomas Willoughby Jr. ’71, Joshua Zucker ’97, Thomas Gass ’78, Anne O’Malley ’88 and Timothy Yarter ’88. Among the alumni were investment bankers, businessmen, a journalist, an engineer and doctors.

    Patrick Moore – 60th floor of the World Trade Center in his office at Morgan Stanley
    He described the “pure panic and chaos” as the walls began to shake, as well as his 45-minute “orderly” descent down the stairs from the 44th floor to the ground level.

    Joshua Zucker, another investment banker for Morgan Stanley, credited his partner for saving his life.

    All very vague. Then the interesting one…Nicholas Spangler who
    experienced the tragedy from another perspective: as a journalist who found himself on the scene when he was scheduled to be covering the city council race.

    Describing the circumstances, Spangler said “ saw the first plane fly above me [and] started running towards the trade center. I figured there was a story there.” However, difficult conditions made him think twice about the consequences of reporting. “I thought I was pretty close to dying and I really didn’t have to be there,” Spangler said. “I saw bodies falling, indistinguishable from rubble. . . The whole thing was very unreal.”
    How did Spangler’s career progress?

    staff writer Newsday November 2010 – Present (5 years 10 months)
    Staff Writer The Miami Herald 2002 – 2009 (7 years
    Columbia University – Graduate School of Journalism 2001 – 2002
    Reporter Southampton Press 2000 – 2001 (1 year)

    Rick Bowers also allegedly saw bodies falline
    “…there were dozens of people leaping from those buildings. . .that was the hardest thing for me to turn away from; I couldn’t stop looking.”

    Leonard Bakalchuk, physician at St Vincent’s Hospital, supplied the familiar medical drill narrative:
    “We saw 350 to 400 people in the first hour and a half,” he said. “Normally about 80 or 90 percent of work is paperwork; that day we didn’t write a single note.”


    Slightly off-topic but I want to bookmark this uber fishy story from the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 – September 11 2011
    The murder by Somali tewwowists of David Gordon Tebbutt of Bishops Stortford UK who had just flown into an exclusive Kenyan beach resort with his with Judith.

    Initial reports fingering “al qaeda” – sure fire imprimatur of a fake event

    “…He was a lovely chap.. The couple had visited Africa many times, said Iain Stevenson, professor of publishing at University College London, who described his friend’s death as an “an enormous loss to the publishing world”.

    “He loved travel, he was always going on holidays,

    The story still had legs on it a year ago in October 2015

    when the supplied patsy to this farrago of nonsense had his case taken up by, yes you’ve guessed it, a human rights group, “Reprieve”
    Another one to be filed under controlled organisations
    Last port of call for the Kololo case [which seems to have gone Kold] at Reprieve was in early 2015 in the safe hands of Maya Foa, Reprieve’s Death Penalty Team Director,

    This is the story following her release from “kidnap” lasting six months allegedly following a large “ransom” paid by their son Oliver John, b 1986.


    Mr Tebbutt was a director of Faber & Faber, born 1953, so just coming up to retirement, perhaps. Other publications he sat on the board of included Tavistock Publications Ltd.


    A book was quickly rushed out in 2013 by Judith, published, handily, by Faber & Faber.
    A Long Walk Home: One Woman’s Story of Kidnap, Hostage, Loss – and Survival, Judith Tebbutt’s extraordinary memoir of her time in captivity in Somalia.
    In the shops on the Fouth of July 2013.

    Has the story got legs still, or is it finally buried?
    Arrested 9/11 2011.


    The Scott Forbes “power down” story can easily be filed here.
    He was coaxed out of hibernation to LRF in 2015
    and a lively discussion followed.

    The subject [lie] was most recently discussed in September 2016

    On the physics of high-rise building collapses

    where one comment sums up the nonsense – that there could not have been any firms working in the towers

    September 10, 2016
    After being posted on scores of websites for over a year, this story has failed to elicit any corroborating reports, even about the identity of ‘Scott Forbes’. Aside from the fact that the sourcing of the story doesn’t meet the most basic journalistic standards, its content is thoroughly implausible.
    It makes no sense that the perpetrators would do something so obvious as powering down half of a tower so shortly before the attack. This would create a profound disruption of business for dozens of companies, and would be noticed by thousands of people. Thousands of e-mails would have been broadcast and a great deal of work would have been done by scores of employees to prepare for the outage.
    It makes less sense that they would take such a drastic action but only for one half of one tower. Why was the disruption only necessary for the upper floors of the South Tower, or how would similar power-downs of the other sections have gone unnoticed?
    Powering down for cabling upgrades is laughable as a cover story for demolition preparation work. Cabling upgrades for data bandwidth do not require interrupting AC power at all. Even if the AC wiring were being upgraded, the new wiring would have been installed and powered up in parallel with the old wiring. Any interruptions would be minimized to a few minutes. Powering down large portions of a tower, and for 36 hours, would have generated numerous protests from tenants.
    Contrary to the e-mail’s assertion, security cameras are designed to use independent uninterruptible power supplies. If power to the security systems were interrupted, many doors would remain unopenable except by key.
    full: http://911review.com/errors/wtc/forbes.html

    Oh, he does exist all right.


    Seems key 9/11 gatekeeper Scott has taken down the above FB page and opened a new one

    He wanted to share this recently

    which has been covered here at Fakeologist. Another inside job by our own PsTB, rather than a small group of “Irishmen”.

    Other thoughts of Scott can be caught here
    https://twitter.com/ scottforbes24

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