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    Tom Dalpra

    Talking of goalkeepers – key actors in the play. How many threes do you want?
    Peter Cech played 333 times for Chelsea and now has left to join Arsenal for the start of this season.

    He’s currently 33 years old and he’s taken the number 33 shirt, not the number one shirt you might expect, for the number one goalkeeper.

    On Zach and the numbers, I’m not at all surprised that Zach picks up on them with soccer. They are definitely used within the sport which appears to have Free Mason written all over it.

    Zach and I have exchanged some ideas and he’s taken my research and run the numbers over it on his site before. Around a year ago. He didn’t reference me in his posts and I felt he’d taken my original research and confused it a bit.
    There was no real issue, but he seems to have stayed away from fakeologist.
    The numbers are there in soccer. I listen to Zach and can still get a few nuggets. I’m happy to think of him right now as a loose young cannon, with a scatter -gun approach, who smokes a lot of weed; still with some interesting things to say.



    Tom Dalpra

    33 is the number of vertebrae in the spine. ‘The spine of the team’, I hear suggested and quite like the thought.


    Tom Dalpra

    We saw the Puma red in the Hebdo offices back in the winter…


    And on the beach in Sousse


    just as Chile were about to win the Copa America ‘for the first time in 99 years’.
    Arsenal’s Sanchez scoring the winning penalty…



    It was obviously meant to be.




    Now that was some score last night!

    Tom Dalpra

    Maria Sharapova admits to taking drugs.

    Venus Williams comments. She looks honest of course, it’s the other one, yeah? The pretty one. Any scandal, just look at the blonde slim one, that’s where you’ll find it.

    Sorry, it’s just how it came across to me all day on the radio.
    It kept going ”Sharapova…drugs!…Williams says she’s brave”.

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    Tom Dalpra

    I’m kinda reminded of the fuss around the 1936 women’s Olympic 100m final.



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    Interesting article about how Sharapova may have been about to announce her retirement a couple of days back, maybe some others had different plans..



    Better links,Tom

    [Walsh] was struck by a stray bullet in the wake of a robbery attempt of a Cleveland, OH discount store while unloading her shopping cart to her car.



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    Tom Dalpra

    Interesting article about how Sharapova may have been about to announce her retirement a couple of days back, maybe some others had different plans..

    Mmm, I don’t know. Certainly we can be clear that this has only come out because those that control the sport of tennis are happy for it to.

    Thanks for the links Felix.

    Yes, the case of 1936 Women’s Olympic 100 yrd silver medalist Stella Walsh and the revelation of her penis all those years later.
    Was this not a real case of her penis coming out in a freak accident ?
    Jeez, i dunno! Haha. Maybe that was a little presented reality too! Maybe. Certainly I think she had one, and the fact it came out didn’t do any harm all those years later.

    She was Eastern Bloc, effectively. It was the Eighties. It was the Cold War.


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    Mmm, I don’t know. Certainly we can be clear that this has only come out because those that control the sport of tennis are happy for it to.

    True Tom, but in recent months tennis has come under the spotlight for suspicions of Match-Fixing and doping, i reckon it’s the next sport to go down. Seems to be a meme of Top players in sport reaching the top only to come crashing down – OJ, Tyson, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Oscar Pistorius etc or is that part of the deal/script?

    Whose next?


    Tom Dalpra

    @ Nemesis

    What I know is that the fixing of mainstream sport is rife. These cases always certainly serve as an illusion of accountability and the whole circus lurches on. Yes, Armstrong’s expose was sensational, but has Cycling really suffered?
    From what I can tell, there’s still plenty of slightly overweight men around the world investing in an expensive racing bike and some yellow lycra.

    There’s a bunch of cynics who say cycling’s a joke but the majority seem to suspend their disbelief and get back in the saddle. Onward. up the mountain!

    This pattern, of the Fallen Idol does surely fit an old theme but I’m quite compelled here, too, by the simple function of ‘The-tall-Blonde-Graceful-Feminine-One’ being a drugs cheat, as a distraction on a broad scale.

    Remember this Russell Brand interview? I wondered was this scripted ‘feminine assertion’ by agent Brand ? It feels a bit contrived, what with him taking the letter on there with him.
    I’m sure he did chat her up, but they seemed to make a song and dance of it here.



    No doubt the fixing has been a part of sport esp when gambling has always run alongside mainstream and underground sporting events.

    None of these sports will really suffer apart from a few ‘stars’ who have fallen from grace, just maybe with the corruption in sport becoming more apparent the future sports stars will have a shorter shelf life and not be given the chance to develop a sporting personality like in the past over decades, i.e Ali, George Best, Pele, etc.

    Or is it another way of a slow acceptance of corruption in sport? probably wont stop people going to watch this stuff or buying the gear.

    It’s all about Sponsorship and TV rights now anyway. There’s not many characters really left in a lot of sport now, esp not in Tennis, maybe a scandal is a Psy-Op in itself just to get a bit of interest back into it. As like in a lot of entertainment fields now a lot of the mystique has been taken out of Rock Stars, Sportsmen, Actors, Comediennes, etc.

    i.e Russell ‘Brand’, that’s what ‘Comedy’ has now become too, dire.

    Remember this 🙂


    Back to cycling – a very very fishy crash in Spain, January 23 2016

    I missed this one, perhaps it didn’t make the main news. A friend who had been in Spain said that a professional cycle team had had a mass crash with an elderly English female expat who was allegedly absentmindedly driving on the wrong side of the road and crashed into the peloton but with no serious injuries.

    Apply sniff test…
    Cycling teams are little more than mobile advertisements. Getting the sponsor’s name across is paramount, otherwise it’s adiós sponsor, adiós riders.


    John Degenkolb has undergone surgery to repair a deep cut on his leg and revealed he almost lost a finger after he was involved in a serious crash along with five of his Giant-Alpecin team-mates in Spain on Saturday.

    Degenkolb was riding with Warren Barguil, Chad Haga, Fredrik Ludvigsson, Ramon Sinkeldam and Max Walscheid near Calpe, on the east coast, when the group were in collision with a car coming in the opposite direction.

    Paris-Roubaix winner Degenkolb also suffered a fractured forearm and a severe cut to his left index finger, which was left hanging on by “the last corner of my hand”.

    Barguil, Haga, Ludvigsson, Sinkeldam and Walscheid were also taken to hospital in Alicante, and are in a stable condition.

    According to a team statement, France’s Barguil suffered a fractured scaphoid that may require surgery.

    American Haga was airlifted to hospital and underwent successful surgery on neck and chin wounds with an orbital fracture to be treated later.

    “In addition to the serious injuries, he also suffered many contusions and abrasions across his body,” Haga’s mother said in a Facebook post. “The doctor said it was a very bad crash and he will be sore for weeks.”

    German Walscheid is also likely to need surgery on a fractured hand and tibia, while Ludvigsson and Sinkeldam suffered cuts and bruises.

    “It has been a very tough day for the team and the riders will need time to recover,” said team chief executive Iwan Spekenbrink.

    Reads a bit like a drill. OK, let’s look for images, perhaps of the injuries, or even of the car involved, or perhaps the woman herself. Nothing.

    March 26 2016…the finger, the hand…

    January 27 2016 – the hand, smiles all over

    Well, anything from the crash scene? Well, plenty of wrecked bikes….


    Giant-Alpecin team physician Anko Boelens said: “Everyone on the team is in shock right now, and there are some major issues that we need to take care of, but we also realise that we have had some luck on our side.

    INFORMACION.esVerified account
    Un herido grave tras ser arrollados 6 ciclistas del equipo Giant por un coche en Benigembla http://www.diarioinformacion.com/marina-alta/2016/01/23/herido-grave-arrollados-seis-ciclistas/1719642.html

    8:26 AM – 23 Jan 2016 [4:26 PM GMT]

    Yep, that’s about it.
    A photo from an alleged crash in Chile in 2013 was also used to illustrate the Calpe “crash”. That also raises suspicious, occurring allegeldy in a tunnel.

    Meanwhile, ride safely, but make sure it’s a GIANT bicycle you’re on.


    Before I put on my deliciouos Rocket Espresso, I note that

    The doctor who operated on John Degenkolb after his head-on collision with a car has told reporters the German is likely to face three months on the sidelines with his arm and finger injuries.

    the only rider involved who rode San Remo with Degenkolb in 2015 was Chad Haga, who remains in hospital awaiting surgery on his eye socket.

    January 26 2016
    Any photos of Chad? Not among his scores of tweets, but…

    The aftermath: Giant’s Chad Haga keeping spirits high after horrific collision

    February 8 2016

    he was bleeding profusely from his neck, the result of crashing face-first into the oncoming black SUV driven by a 73-year-old British woman.
    Instead of heading back to the team hotel, he was in a helicopter, being evacuated to an emergency room.
    Instead, Haga had a fractured cheekbone and lacerations to his face, nose, chin, throat, collarbone, and knees, and was losing blood quickly. His mobile phone was found 100 feet from the crash site.

    Ten days later, however, Haga was with his fiancee, Kate Williams, back in his apartment in Girona, Spain, having just had 45 stitches removed from his face and neck, and another six removed from his knee. (In all, he had 96 stitches across his body.) Having the stitches removed closed a loop that had no start point — he’d been sedated when ER surgeons stitched him up.

    February 5 2016


    With an investigation currently underway, the police would not release her name.

    The incident left six professional cyclists and their bikes scattered and broken on the local road. The scene inland from the Costa Blanca looked like a “battlefield,” according to the team’s Ramon Sinkeldam.

    January 25 2016

    Tom Dalpra

    This sort of training accident is relatively common in professional cycling I would say Felix.
    I’ve certainly read similar accounts, over time. Understandable too, surely, with teams bombing down isolated roads in Spanish mountains etc.

    If Chad Haga had 96 ( yes, i know ) stitches, as we’re told, then he’ll have prominent ( by the nature of them being facial ) scars now. I can’t imagine someone like him going to the lengths of faking scars on a daily basis. It would seem to be fairly easy to prove( or not ) that he had those injuries, at least.

    That this is some kind of insurance fraud is possible and we understand how often insurance fraud is based on an exaggerated truth, but, right now there’s not enough there to draw me in and take it from being something other than a genuine minor sports story.



    Tom, I did believe the story until I tried to find anything to indicate there was a crash with a car. It’s the sort of script invention to be expected.
    Then, the photo which headed most of the articles was to suggest a crash…

    but it’s labelled showing Degenkolb resting during the TdF. Why show this photo when there will be ample images of him in a normal position?

    The Haga scars would be interesting to see in a HD photo. I wonder how the face of this “victim” of the Brussels Metro “attack” will look in a few months…

    Tom Dalpra

    Fair enough Felix. Maybe there wasn’t really a vehicle involved.
    I really don’t know.

    The photo posted of the guy knackered and resting seems understandable enough to me.
    There’d be a bank of stock images. In view of the incident not having been photographed one could have been selected that was seen as sympathetic – Knackered-and-off-the bike, a common pose in cycling.

    The obvious PsyOp of the Brussels metro is a different kettle of fish and the scars there look pretty superficial, agreed.



    Two prominent cycling deaths in a few days…Antoine Demoitie and Daan Myngheer..
    and what did you think of the Boxing ring incident, Tom? Very strange.

    Induced coma…
    but not for long

    c.f during “the later rounds”

    source – http://www.cbsnews.com/news/british-middleweight-boxer-nick-blackwell-coma-loss-to-chris-eubank-jr/

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    • This reply was modified 5 years, 10 months ago by xileffilex.
    Tom Dalpra

    Mmm, interesting Felix. The fact the referee didn’t stop the fight earlier, alone, is a good question.

    The clip of Chris Eubank Sr urging his son to punch to the body so as not to hurt his ailing opponent spread across social media the following day.

    If it was scripted, then this would ‘look good’ in view of the outcome.
    That his son appeared to continue to punch to the head despite his father’s orders wasn’t really mentioned. I haven’t seen the whole fight, just the finish.

    In a sport so famously dodgy – see Raging Bull – could this one really be a set up ?
    It looked so graphic. And that swelling, quite shocking.
    Fake blood and flashy sparring punches ? Ha! Surely not? But, I’m definitely
    going to try and find some footage to look at.

    Why didn’t the ref stop the fight, in this day and age ? Does make me wonder.

    If the blood was fake, and don’t people get spattered with blood at boxing matches? They’d be able to tell maybe? Perhaps you could do it with pigs blood or something. Haha
    Joking aside, there are reasons this could be stage managed, of course.

    I’ve got to go to work for a few hours. I’ll have to have a another look later.


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