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    Had to get this off my chest and keyboard – a minor psy-op from a minor sporting event, but makes me wonder if couples who are about to split up are sounded out for one of them being reassigned.


    Cyclist dies after crashing in LOTOJA race
    Posted Sep 9th, 2012

    A cyclist competing in the popular LOTOJA bike race died Saturday night after crashing his bicycle and falling into the Snake River in Wyoming.

    Robert Verhaaren, 42, a Mesa Arizona resident, was approximately 8 miles south of the town of Jackson on Highway 89 when he crossed a bridge over the Snake River and came upon a hazard in the roadway, believed to be a pothole, according to a press release by Sheriff Jim Whalen with Teton County.
    “Verhaaren swerved to miss the hazard, over-corrected, lost control of the bicycle and crashed into the guardrail,” Whalen said. He
    catapulted over the guardrail and fell approximately 35 feet into the river, in water about a foot deep, Whalen said.Other racers stopped and rendered aid until medical personnel arrived. Verhaaren was later pronounced dead at St. John’s Hospital in Jackson. Coroner Kiley Campbell said the initial examination revealed Varharren suffered a possible cervical fracture. More details on the actual cause of death were not released.

    That’sLogan UTAH to Jackson Hole Wyoming via Idaho. Sounds an improbable accident.
    What sort of guy?

    remembered as an ‘awesome’ family man by friends.
    Verhaaren is survived by his wife Bridget, and three young children; Ansel, Helena and Karl, according to the Cache Valley Daily.

    He and his wife were cyclist enthusiasts, as is his sister-in-law, Olympic BMX cyclist Arielle Martin, who is married to his brother Michael.

    ‘His whole family is awesome,‘ the Verhaaren’s neighbor, Jay Larson, said

    Banker, Rob on right. Yes, the story made the UK Daily Mail, another red flag

    Short lived family blog from 2008

    family pics 2010

    Mrs V remarries May 2014

    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra


    By the time that Britain won their record 66th medal on the second-to-last day of Rio 2016, it all felt a bit scripted, regardless of the ‘classic’ 66 ( they won their 67th medal the following day).

    No, it was more the disqualification of the British team in the 4×400 metres when they looked certain to medal.
    And then the disqualification of both the second and third athletes in Mo Farah’s 5000 metre Gold Medal race. It felt like ‘control’.
    The Farah race disqualifications were announced just after the race, but later the athletes were reinstated.
    This seemed highly suspicious to me at the time.
    The fact it seemed the second and third placed athletes were disqualified meant that Farah had been in no danger of not winning the Golden double- double. Those three were clear of the rest.
    The later reinstatement of the runners up then looked a bit awkward.
    Why were they disqualified in the first place? Just to be on the safe side in case one of them beat Mo ?

    I think, of course, Mo always had to win.



    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Correction – On review of the confusing Olympic 5000 metres, I find that it wasn’t the second and third placed athletes who were originally disqualified, it was actually the 2nd , fourth and fifth place athletes.

    Olympic Track and Field 2016: Men's 5,000M Medal Winners, Times and Results

    It still seems suspicious but I should be getting my facts straight, there.
    Within the scenario of a sporting fix, third placed Hagos Gebrhiwet could easily have been ‘in-on-it”.
    At 200 metres he ran alongside Mo Farah effectively creating a barrier to the rest of the field.
    Disqualified then reinstated runner-up Chelimo was seen effectively fighting his way through past Gebrhiwet
    as they entered the home straight. It could have been Gebrhiwet’s job to join Mo at 200 metres and create this ‘barrier’ and effectively lead-out Mo.

    If Gebrhiwet was ‘paid-off’ then the original disqualifications of the other three athletes in the top five
    would be a way to safely make Farah, the winner.

    Aside – Originally Kenyan, second place Chelimo became a US citizen after joining the US Army World Class Athletic Program in 2014. It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to find out he was running to orders, despite his disqualification.
    It’s probably a coincidence that his name finishes with MO and that he copied Farah’s finishing celebration
    but it certainly made for a cute shot on the line.



    One for Tom – a multi-faceted story, a premier league footballer is out for six months for an indefinite period plus his father is “seriously sick”. Only a broken thigh” [not, not femur], nothing for a top soccer player to worry about.
    [His manager, Alan] Pardew said: “I do not want to say too much [on the accident] because I am not clear of the details. It was such a quick incident. I think a car pulled in front of him and he had very little time to react. Therefore the accident occurred.

    “Obviously it was a terrible accident and we have a huge debt and would like to go on record in thanking the Air Ambulance and the terrific surgeons that he has had to get him pieced together

    It’s a very very poor script, totally unbelievable even among psy-op script.
    The Air ambulance [reported but not photographed], the crowds of our brave firefighters blocking the scene…so so familiar

    Nar dart abart it, a two-motor cwash weported as a dwill. But where is the “induced coma” as in all the best hoaxes?

    And this is a two person clash involving the “star” involving Pape Souare.

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    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Mmmm…it looks like a drill, doesn’t it ? What kind of accident was that, there appears only moderate damage to the front of the car ? Did something land on the roof perhaps ?

    The story of course is referenced in Air Ambulance week .
    We know how useful football is for disseminating the message.

    Oh, and how useful Royalty are, of course. Prince William in the news this week.

    Crystal Palace are an interesting team.
    Perhaps significantly they had their own ‘room’ in the MOTD2 titles last year.
    @ 20 secs.

    And are featured here in the opening shot of this years new MOTD titles along with the London Eye, a Horus-inferring Falcon, an Arsenal player and, of course, a London underground reference.

    Their manager Pardew strikes me as being a ‘safe pair of hands’ (aren’t they all, probably?) and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Palace winning something or making a final appearance perhaps, at some point in the nearish future, though that’s mere conjecture. The fact they have Palace in their name means they could even serve as a positive ‘palace’ reference. I think these things perhaps work as broad ‘subliminals’ – Man United and (Woolwich) Arsenal spring to mind.

    Regardless, sports referencing is constantly used and this story is another example.


    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    On football injuries, I always thought this high profile case (originally shown on live TV I believe) seemed a possible candidate for fakery.

    On 17 March 2012, Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed during the first half of an FA Cup quarter-final match between Bolton and Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane. After receiving lengthy attention on the pitch from medical personnel – including a consultant cardiologist who was at the game as a fan” he survived to continue to lead a ‘normal life’.


    Of above average intelligence for a footballer, Muamba has gone on to work for ITV and BT Sports ( as well as having done work experience with the BBC ).

    Footballers ( and sports people in general ) do really sometimes drop dead on football pitches, unfortunately, and so the Muamba incident does make a lot of sense as a drill. I can see it having had a positive effect in improving provisions for such incidences in future matches and at sports events in general.




    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    I’m not sure if this front page from this weeks Metro can be viewed at this link.
    It’s just a cute little detail that caught my eye.

    Page 3 of the link. Top right. Zoom in. There’s a picture of Jose Mourinho with the headline IT’S MOUR MISERY FOR JOSE.
    We see the MM there for Master Mason confirmed by the sneaky way the Manchester United badge is contrived to show the letters of the word ‘MASTER’.




    Good call on Muamba, Tom. And as you say, everyone has a safe pair of hands [except the goalkeepers when required….]
    Muamba looks quite frisky at 0.41

    and we all love a hero don’t we: Dr Andrew Deaner
    Dr Deaner, who ran on from Tottenham’s East Stand during Saturday’s match, had stressed that Muamba must go straight to the London Chest Hospital in Bethnal Green, where he works. He accompanied the Bolton midfielder in the ambulance

    Bolton chairman Phil Gartside said: “The staff at the London Chest Hospital have been nothing short of exceptional and I would like to thank them all at this ongoing critical time. The support from Tottenham and our own fans was fantastic at the game, unbelievable.

    As a private patient?

    Andrew Deaner ?@DocDeaner Jun 29
    If like me you vote labour but are unhappy with @jeremycorbyn it’s time to join @UKLabour and have your say! I favour @YvetteCooperMP

    Fit doc…
    Andrew Deaner ?@DocDeaner
    158km into another @AudaxUK Welsh adventure. 450 to go by 10pm tomorrow..

    5:38 am – 14 May 2016 [1:38 PM BST]

    at 14 May 2016
    600km 06:00 from Chepstow Bryan Chapman Memorial (Classic)
    BRM AA7.5 [7500m] £32.00

    Must have a strong heart. No wonder consultant doctors don’t like working weekends, it interferes with their cycling and football watching.

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    Blue MoonBlue Moon

    Don’t know if anyone follows baseball here but the Jose Fernandez death has a fishy smell to it- The articulate nature of the very fast tributes and interviews also reeks of spoiled herring- And worst of all was the precisely choreographed game played between the Marlins and Mets, leading off with Dee Gordon’s first homerun in forever, courtesy of Bartolo Colon’s batting practice fastball right down powder river- (And how quick were they to produce thirty something jerseys with Fernandez name and number for the team to wear)
    The big question is why? Why pull this superstar Cuban from the heart of Miami? This reminds me of the legend of Tara Browne, the Guinness heir that is the subject, sort of, of The Beatle’s ‘A Day in the Life’-
    All I can guess at is that Fernandez has some deep connections to the Cuban/American reconciliation fol-de-rol and, like Oscar Taveras who died in a car crash, allegedly, two years ago, may be the kind of spook Intel needs to mock kill for some Latino flavored ops, possibly merging the Americas in a European Union type scam-
    If I could only care enough, I’d not be surprised to find these two have royal roots in their family trees-


    Back to cycling – a strange cycling death of an UK citizen in France, Ian Bashford which doesn’t add up and has an interesting connection.

    There are no images of any crash scene, damaged bike of “victim” Ian Bashford. Nothing. Just a report from his riding partner Peter Gray and a video statement from a very relaxed female race organiser [scroll down]

    Riding a two up, it would be expected that there would be little space between the two men. Yet one the other managed to swerve out of the way of the van which allegedly and suddenly pulled into them 200m from the finish [so why was a support team car be going the opposite direcction so close to the finish?] . But we have the official narrative from a race organiser
    Adèle Hommet-Lelievre, a spokeswoman for the race, said Bashford and a team-mate, who she named as Peter Grey, had been heading towards the finish at about 50km an hour (30mph), when a support vehicle for a team racing in the other direction had swerved into their path.
    “Peter and Ian tried to go on each side of the car, but it was not possible. Ian was hit by the car and was hurt,” she said.
    Medics gave Bashford cardiac massage for 40 minutes before finally pronouncing him dead at the side of the road, Hommet-Lelievre said.

    video of Adele…[French]

    His son Neil said: “He was taken out by a support vehicle for another rider from another team. I gather they were overtaking and went onto the side of the road my dad and his partner were on.
    “The car shouldn’t have been there – that’s pretty obvious. Dad was 200metres from the finish on his side of the road.

    Makes no sense at all.
    Age? 60. ex police where he worked for 27 years before taking retirement ten years ago…..“He was an upstanding pillar of the community enjoying his retirement.”


    Further details Being ex-Army, a Police Officer and having served in the Diplomatic Protection Unit

    Whom did he protect? [Ian on left]


    Wife’s brand new facebook page with only one post, the family group..a surprise 60th birthday party photo, uploaded Sept 28 2016
    hmmm Beverley Bashford’s FB page is titled Katie Roberts… no matter.
    The funeral was on October 28 [i.e. body allegedly brought back to the UK] but there’s no record of any inquest being opened

    Other old favorites…
    “consular assistance offered”
    The Foreign Office said it was in contact with local authorities and was ready to provide assistance to the father-of-two’s family.

    and special fuzzy quality photos

    Verdict – not buying the story at all.

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    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Terrible production values but I thought I’d discreetely drop it here for the sports bit, sans anyone to talk to. Typo might watch it.


    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Excuse me I was embarrassed watching my video back and made it private. The brief edit time was gone. I thought it was garbled nonsense. Perhaps I can make my point more clearly in due course, without the video.



    Colombia plane crash: Brazilian team Chapecoense among those on board


    We now go live to our reporter Tom Dalpra.


    Tom, are you there?

    No, unfortunately there is no connection.

    Over to a LIVE report from Holland.



    Complete passenger list on Facebook. Let’s hope it isn’t fake news.

    Op. cit.


    Just in. First images of crash site. Published on Twitter, shot with a potato.



    Crash on 29-11-16. Such a sad day.

    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    Ah…that looks a bit…interesting.

    Of the 72 passengers and 9 crew there were 6 survivors – Surprising enough in itself, perhaps, looking at the crash image ?
    Three players, two crew members and a journalist who was accompanying the team.

    It would be ideal to have some surviving players to return to the decimated club and begin to re-build from the ashes to inevitable success, perhaps?
    What a saga for the masses.

    Early player image available.


    Also handy to have a journalist among the survivors to report to on it first-hand.

    The ‘team crash’ would seem an ideal way to ‘internationalise’ an Op and disseminate the story. Being a S.American Cup final ( a second-tier championship for South American clubs) they were travelling to, it affects the whole football-fixated continent and beyond.

    The South American Football Confederation said it had suspended the Copa Sudamericana….
    Conmebol, the governing body of South American soccer, issued a statement to say that all of the federation’s activities would be suspended until further notice. A number of teams in Brazil canceled events; Barcelona said it would hold a moment of silence before training on Tuesday; and clubs from across the world, including Manchester City and AC Milan, presented their condolences.

    Standard lucky escape story coming from a high profile source.

    ”The mayor of Chapecó, the city of 210,000 in southern Brazil where the club is based, said he and other officials narrowly missed being on the plane that crashed.”

    I’m reminded of the Man. Utd Munich crash again ( never did quite finish looking at that ) and the S.American crash in the Andes where they ate each other (never had a good look at that ).


    Anyway, is this latest one a faked plane crash ?
    Highly likely, I would say.



    Thanks Tom.

    Later more from our fake airplane crash expert xilef.

    Back to the studio.

    Tom DalpraTom Dalpra

    I’d missed the Flight number.

    It was Flight 2933!

    Well, there we go. No doubt it’s some kind of controlled, event then.

    Here’s part of the cast for this ‘movie based on a true story’.
    Notable survivors included left back Alan Ruschel, backup goalkeeper Follmann, and center back Neto. The other survivors were a journalist, Rafael Henzel of Rádio Oeste, and two members of the flight crew: flight attendant Ximena Suárez and flight technician Erwin Tumiri, both of Bolivian nationality. Goalkeeper Danilo initially survived the crash, but later died in hospital.

    Interestingly both goalkeepers survived originally but the first choice one has since died leaving only the reserve. We’re told.
    Goalkeepers are, I think , powerful beyond all other players within the fix of football, so it perhaps makes sense that there’s one here among the survivors.

    If the ‘model of Munich’ is to be followed these survivors may turn out to be future household names.



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