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    Just as a bad penny keeps turning up, the Air Ambulance is on site any any major or minor psy-op. They are paid for by charitable donations and are probably a total waste of money given to them. Therefore we have the constant feed of stories to show how useful they are in saving lives [unbudgeted]
    “None of the 18 regional air ambulance services in England or Wales get any government money,” says Mike, “It’s only Scottish air ambulances that get any funding, which I think is extremely unfair.”
    March 27 2007

    In a statement, the Department of Health said “Whilst air ambulances do bring benefits in particular circumstances, they are very expensive to operate. Therefore, while the NHS does fund the cost of clinical staff on air ambulances, it is a local decision as to whether any additional funding should be made available.”

    We have even had a spectacular fatal crash of an Air Ambulance in SE England circa 2000 [will need to write that up….]
    Just a few examples from recent days in the UK, but would be interested to hear of stories from other countries. [e.g Scotland !]

    a more recent plight story from 2013
    rescue helicopters have become part of the fabric of the emergency services over the past 25 years, with one taking off somewhere in Britain every 10 minutes during daylight hours..
    I also need to return to this article
    IMHO a lot of cyclists accidents and deaths in London are staged to shepherd legislation and facilities for cyclists, otherwise the projected population increase of 50 per cent in the coming years won’t be able to get around without a huge increase in cycling…
    London’s Air Ambulance landed outside the Queen’s residence shortly before noon today, sparking panic among tourists.
    An ideal showcase for the service…

    or another fairly recent story = late 2014 – which translated into a very recent award…. incidentally, yet another cycling safety herding drill

    A young cyclist who was miraculously saved by Air Ambulance medics and hospital surgeons after being run over by a skip lorry today told how she felt “lucky to be alive”.
    Victoria Lebrec, 24, only survived because a London’s Air Ambulance doctor performed a life-saving procedure successfully at the roadside for only the second time in the world to stop her bleeding to death.

    and forgiveness…
    A cyclist who lost a leg and nearly died when she was hit by a skip lorry today told how she had forgiven the driver, saying: “I don’t think it’s healthy to hate.”
    Victoria Lebrec, 25, hugged Paul-Ioan Mihacea after a court case at which he admitted careless driving.

    Ms Lebrec said she was “really happy with the outcome” as the guilty plea paves the way for compensation from the insurer of Hackney-based haulage firm McGrath, to cover her rehabilitation and future needs.

    LEADING to a PRIDE OF BRITAIN AWARD reported today…for the above incident

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    These air ambulance psy-ops are international. Witness the pointless appearance of one at this spectacular staged bridge collapse drill near Lecco in Northern Italy

    source –
    5:47 PM BST 28 Oct 2016

    Back in the UK…
    [Andy] Williamson,CEO of Air Ambulance Service, [one of two providers] estimates that the NHS is putting £60m a year into air ambulances, [and] thinks they should be funded much more, perhaps entirely, by charity…. it’s easier to fundraise for something like this than it is for, say, mental health or care of older people. That’s where the NHS money should be going, especially at a time like this.”…. “There’s £75m held in reserves by air ambulance charities around the country,” he says

    But what is the price on their photo ops at psy-ops?

    Woolwich beheading psy-op

    and 7/7
    Among the recommendations [of Lady Hallett] was a call for greater communication between Transport for London and the emergency services, more inter-agency training and better funding for the London Air Ambulance, which had saved lives after the attacks.
    [took part in a drill, actually]
    She raised concerns about London’s ability to respond to future terrorist attacks, because of a lack of funding to agencies such as the London Air Ambulance.

    The LAA, which by chance had extra capacity on 7 July and played a crucial role at the Tavistock Square blast site, suffered from a lack of funding which meant that in the event of a similar attack it would fall “woefully short of the response that [it] was able to muster on 7/7 and this gives … cause for grave concern”.
    There is no need for concern, there will no real “terrist” attacks in the future.
    For some reason there are no images I can find of the Air Ambulance in Tavistock Square in 2005. However, here’s Air Ambulance Doctor, Gareth Davies tell his 7/7 story in a video. July 7 2014
    30 medics all ready to go that day “a unique set of events” he says. Indeed.

    “We learnt a huge amount from the events of the, er, 7/7 and we’ve honed and changed our practices on the back of that London can deliver a response that is unparallelled anywhere else in the world”

    Yes, London is global hoax central.

    30,083 patients treated it says on the side of the helicopter…

    Donate now.
    Dr Gareth Davies, Medical Director of London’s Air Ambulance and Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Pre-hospital Care & Emergency Preparedness with Barts Health NHS Trust, has 20 years experience in the air ambulance industry. He joined London’s Air Ambulance as a registrar in 1993 and has been responsible for the education and training of staff since 1996 when he became Medical Director. He has developed standards in pre-hospital medical care and a number of innovative procedures, including resuscitative thoracotomy (open-chest surgery), and rapid sequence induction of anaesthesia with intubation. Gareth has been the lead consultant at many of London’s major incidents, including the Paddington Rail Disaster and the 7th of July 2005 Bombings. He became a Trustee and Chair of the London’s Air Ambulance Charity in 2006 and is also a director of EMSC, a company formed to provide clinical governance to a number of UK Air Ambulances. He is also Honorary Consultant at Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance Service and Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Service.

    How come the LAA service was so prepared on 7/7?
    Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, the headquarters of the air ambulance service, where large numbers of current and former helicopter-trained doctors and paramedics happened to be gathering for a study day.
    July 21 2005
    Amazing stroke of luck! Some drill!

    From Wikipedia, a veritable catalog of hoaxes and drills [unreferenced]
    Over the past 24 years, the service has coordinated medical response to the majority of London’s major incidents, including the 7/7 bombings, the Soho nail bombing, the Bishopsgate and Aldwych terrorist attacks and Paddington, Cannon Street and Southall rail crashes.On 7 July 2005, London’s Air Ambulance dispatched 18 teams and flew medical supplies to the bomb sites across London, triaging and treating over 700 patients.

    And at Gareth’s wiki page, an unreferenced paragraph on 7/7
    Gareth Davies was mobilised by London Ambulance Service along with the rest of the London HEMS team. He was deployed at Aldgate where he was the Medical Incident Officer, and later re-deployed with others to Kings Cross.

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    Coming to Northern Ireland – the Air Ambulance service. Stand by for some good psy-op support roles

    The helicopter has arrived after a campaign for an air ambulance service by the late Dr John Hinds. Dr Hinds [who provided medical assistance at motorcycle race events] died in an accident in July 2015, but his partner Dr Janet Acheson continued his campaigning work.
    Earlier this year the then chancellor George Osborne provided £4.5m of banking fines to get the service up and running.

    A total waste of money

    And who’s donating £2,000,000 to the London Air Ambulance? The Freemasons

    November 12 2016 [Lord Mayor’s Show,London]


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    Scouser Ambulance drill co-ordinator for the Croydon Tram Hoax – 9/11 2016 [novembver 9] Peter KcKenna gets the Air Ambulance into the narrative from 0.19….because the drill was carried out at 6AM they had to use the Air Ambulance cars, not the chopper. Pointless.

    “…two of the London, er, Air Ambulance teams which obviously were in cars at that time of the morning and our hazardous area response team…”

    at 1.02 Robin Smith Assistant Chief Constable British Transport Police: “We start now a painstaking investigation to really understand what happened and that’s going to take a number of days.”

    How do these people live with their part in the deception? Guess the salary and pension at the end of the tunnel [sic] helps.


    Kim Hoaxashian points out the futility of parking the Air Ambulance in Parliament Square in the recent terror psy-op on 3/22/2017

    What was the point when the nearest hospital was 5 minutes walk away? To raise more funds for this pointless and wasteful service

    Thursday 23rd March 2017
    Dr Gareth Davies, Medical Director of the London’s Air Ambulance charity and Consultant at Barts Health NHS Trust said:
    “Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends, families and colleagues of those who lost their lives or were injured at the tragic incident in Westminster yesterday.
    “Our team worked alongside other emergency services, including the London Ambulance Service, the Metropolitan Police and the London Fire Brigade, to assess and treat multiple casualties.
    “I would like to thank all of our team who were involved, whether directly or indirectly, and commend the London Ambulance Service for their management of a highly complicated scene. ***
    “We would also like to thank the members of the public and medical professionals who showed courage and strength by rallying together to help in what must have been the most frightening ordeal. **
    “We have been blown away by the generosity of Londoners who have, in less than 24 hours, donated £10,000 to the London’s Air Ambulance charity. Thank you.
    “We are a service for Londoners, funded by Londoners. London is a great city and we all stand together, especially in difficult times.”

    ** most expensive drill
    *** highly fake scene.

    Buzzfeed shows a video of it having landed by 2:54 PM UTC, 14 minutes since the drill started

    Confirmed at 3:13 PM UTC

    London’sAirAmbulance? @LDNairamb
    Our advanced trauma team has been dispatched via helicopter by @Ldn_Ambulance to an incident in #Westminster.London’sAirAmbulance added,
    8:13 am – 22 Mar 2017

    Oh, so it’s just a taxi service for doctors to attend to a drill opposite a hospital Right.

    London’sAirAmbulance? @LDNairamb
    Our advanced trauma team worked with colleagues @Ldn_Ambulance to treat multiple casualties at the #Westminster incident today.
    11:12 am – 22 Mar 2017 [6:12 PM UTC]

    sure it did.
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    Hold up – it’s been pointed out that there are two doctors at the ridiculous scene where MP Tobias Ellwood is giving mouth to mouth resuscitation, heroic style, to what we are told is a policeman on the ground…

    If I’m not mistaken, these are Air Ambulance doctors. [in company of other trained paramedics…]
    They have been flown here at great expense to those donating to the service, not forgetting donations by freemasons, and they are standing back allowing a member of parliament to treat the patient. It’s beyond absurd.


    The Air Ambulance which landed in Parliament Square on 3/22 was the star of the show, much photographed.
    From the other comment thread, 3/22 Skull and Bones

    Dr Tony Joy was onboard London’s air ambulance, which landed in Parliament Square within six minutes of being alerted to the attack. The team treated 10 people injured on Westminster Bridge.
    “We were immediately on scene and started to asses the casualties, and looked for information about how many other patients there might be,” he told the BBC.

    Problem is, the only photos of orange clad heli-doctors we find are those of three individuals doing practially nothing around the staged scene within the confines of parliament as an ex-military MP attends to the “patient”.

    Here’s here Tony Joy one year ago
    Commenting on why to watch ‘Trauma Doctors’, which returns for a third series on Thursday 10th March at 9pm on Channel 5, Tony says: “Programmes like Trauma Doctors, when delivered well, can really illustrate the importance of the service that we provide.

    Tony knows it was a drill.
    But here he is in Westminster going through the motions

    Speaking of the devastating event, Dr Joy told BBC News on Thursday: “We were on the helipad… the klaxon went and we understood we were being tasked to a traffic collision with 20 plus patients.
    “That was the very little bit of information we were initially given.”
    “Even with that bit of information, we appreciated that this might be a very significant mass-casualty event,” he continued.

    “As the helicopter was overhead, you try to take in as much information you can about what was actually a very complex, clinical scene.”

    i.e a very complex drill involving a large number of crisis actors.

    Here’s a good shot of what it was about – not on Westminster Bridge –
    Is that Dr Tony with his back to us, as Tobias Ellwood gets on with it. What’s Tony doing? Updating his facebook page?

    These are the only Air Ambulance doctors seen anywhere on the drill that day.

    Yep, that’s Tony top left here, with another do nothing colleague, while MP Tobias Ellwood poses for the photographer Stefan Rousseau of PA in his bloodied state.

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    Texas Shrugged Book has been looking at Crop Circles

    I thought I’d have a quick look, some aerial footage from the UK in 2016

    this comment suggested hoax to me….

    Speaking to the staff at the farm they stated that they didn’t know it was there until a young lady who worked with them came across it. All funds from admissions were donated to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

    The Canadian prairies would be the obvious place to create them – but perhaps there’s no local Air Ambulance to support though or easy access for tourists…


    As expected, the Air Ambulance charity was an integral part of the London Bridge psy-op of June 3 2017, despite a night time drill precluding the use of helicopters

    The first doctor on the scene of the drill was Dr Chris Lambert of the London Air Ambulance
    There was even …

    a group of junior doctors maybe on an evening out,
    They offered up their skills..

    How fortunate.

    They were really helpful on the scene

    [of the drill]

    Dr Lambert was accompanied by Dr Michael Christian, who recently joind the air ambulance from Canada and Tracy Porter, an emeritus paramedic from London Ambulance Service. They were one of six London Air Ambulance trauma teams deployed on the night.

    We had some victims with knife wounds, some victims with more blunt injuries which you would get from contact with a van. Dr Lambert said.
    ….London Air Ambulance
    needs about £6.4 million a year in charitable donations to keep running.

    To keep the terror hoaxes running. Donate, Donate to this total waste of time.

    Chris Lambert, 46, an emergency doctor with London’s Air Ambulance, said the willingness to help showed him that the message of “love not hate”, espoused after the Manchester bombing on May 22, had been acted upon.

    “I think I really saw some of that on the night — love being shown to complete strangers by those bystanders and professionals on the scene,” Dr Lambert told the Standard.

    “There were a number of casualties brought across the bridge, each one carried by four, five, six people, which is not an easy thing to do. They were using whatever means they could.

    Some had carry sheets provided by the ambulance service. It’s very inspiring to see the courage of people not to run away but to pick up victims and help them to a place of safety. It’s an image, a memory, that will stay with me — that courage, and people performing CPR and doing everything they could to help.

    What a load of garbage.


    Hoax confirmed in Finsbury Park mosque auto attack, June 18 20178 – our men in orange were spotted on site. Too dark for the helicopter

    . An advance trauma team from London’s Air Ambulance has also been dispatched by car.

    I think the one on the left of this staged crisis acting scene is fresh from the Air ambulance attendance at the Westminster Bridge drill/hoax


    Scouser Ambulance drill co-ordinator for the Croydon Tram Hoax – 9/11 2016 [novembver 9] Peter KcKenna gets the Air Ambulance into the narrative from 0.19….because the drill was carried out at 6AM they had to use the Air Ambulance cars, not the chopper. Pointless.

    We are now at the 2nd anniversary of the daring and well managed Croydon tram crash psy-op.
    I didn’t cover this staged event with several deaths here at Fakeologist, but there’s a thread here which was talked out by paid/unpaid shills.
    There were SEVEN alleged deaths, the usual mix of people of retirement age or near retirement, football fans [young and old] and people with European connections, either with fiancee or wife.

    Hoax management update – we’re in limbo becaase “information” is still being gathered. LOL! Therefore the sham trial can’t commence for the alleged driver who allegedly fell asleep in a “micro sleep” ‘[LOL!]
    Transport for London has allegedly forked out £2m in compensation [new life start packages] allegedly from public monies to pay for the “drill”, including, no doubt compensation for wrecked equipment and vehicles.
    The lawyer [Ben Ponsford of Osborne’s LAw…. kerrrching!] for allegedly bereaved husband Andrzej Rynkiewicz, 41, whose 35 years old wife Dorota [they had two children] was allegedly killed in the drill said the delay in charging the driver was “disgraceful” i.e. he’s waiting for a drink at the trial, from yet more public money.
    From 11.11.2016
    Dorota Rynkiewicz, 35, came from Elbl?g and lived with her family in London for 10 years. With her husband Andrzej (a professional golfer) Mrs. Dorota had two adolescent daughters, aged 5 and 7.

    The death of Dorota Rynkiewicz shocked her family. The victim’s sister-in-law who is permanently residing in California can not shake off the tragedy. – It is a very painful time for us. They do not have any family in England, so my brother will have to raise the children alone, without my mother. Everyone is shocked by this tragedy. Two little girls will have to grow up without a mother. She was a great mother and a person definitely very hardworking. She was going to work so early in the morning to earn a living for the children – said Katarzyna Rynkiewicz, saddened.

    Second anniversary memorial and more grieving here, photoshoot

    Yet more grieving, 2nd anniversary, neatly conciding with Armistice Day period.

    Marilyn Logan,52, whose husband’s

    ashes now sit in the corner of a room at their family home in a huge Bacardi bottle – a wish he had always joked about fulfilling as it was his favourite drink when mixed with coca-cola.

    Suuuuure they do.

    Permanent memorial to the victims? Sure thing.

    Hoax management continued…a job creation exercise

    Funds for a tram safety body [the Light Rail Safety Board] have been held back by the Government, according to Croydon MP Sarah Jones.


    And, a final piece of hoax management – we must involve the ever-reliable game of FOOTBALL which is always on duty to cement any hoax into historical fact.

    Players, fans, and officials observe a minute’s silence before the Premier League match between Crystal Palace and Tottenham
    Crystal Palace and Tottenham fans rose to applaud in the seventh minute of the Premier League fixture in memory of the seven people who died in the Croydon tram crash.

    It was the two year anniversary of the derailment on Friday (November 9) and, just like they did last year, Eagles supporters marked the occasion with a minutes appluase.

    The world has collectively gone grieving mad. Grieving over a psy-op.


    Here’s our golfer in 2009

    Andrzej doesn’t seem to be grieving on facebook in 2018

    however, he uploaded a few pictures of his new golfing kit and his children on the first anniversary

    Here he is back in 2015 at the Sand Valley Golf and Country Club, just outside Elblag at Pas??k,
    [back, 2nd left]


    Media photo uploaded April 2018, taken from Dorota’s facebook page in 2015

    From Dorota’s facebook page, [reverted to Remembering, naturally…] we have this upload for the MSM of her two children Nicole and Maya only weeks before the “crash”, but following a sequence

    And they seem to have their own YouTube channel…

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