America's 13-0 win in womens world cup

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    Heres what i think is another brilliant psyop to get people to watch the womens world cup.

    first off, in general nobody has the slightest interest in the womens world cup going on in France now.
    so they needed to create some story some buzz, something to talk about so maybe some people would watch this event.

    yesterday the USA womens team beat the Thailand team 13-0 and in the process really rubbed it into the Thailand womens faces. with each goal scored the USA women had pretty over the top goal celebrations.

    Today social media and the talking heads on sports tv and sports radio are “outraged” that the USA womens team behaved that way.

    was this a deliberate publicity stunt, I sure think so.

    on a further note: in Canada on TSN some female soccer analyst criticized the USA womens team for this behaviour and now is receiving death threats.

    haha sure she is,

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