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    Welcome Taniwa

    I was sleepwalking the first 38 years on this planet, it was 15 years ago when a bet with a friend woke me up and have had an interesting awakening since.

    It was known as Global warming back then, he was adamant the whole thing was a scam. The bet was $300 @ 30-1 and i had a year to bring him the scientific evidence proving my case. After seven months i handed over my hard earned and have been awake since.

    I went down the usual rabbit holes and it didn’t take long before seeing right through the media and government. When Al Gore was allowed in classrooms across the country my attention turned to education. It didn’t take long before realising education is they key to everything and parents must take an active interest in what’s been taught in the classroom. My eldest son and many of his friends left school fully aware of the media, government, false flags like 9/11, the moon hoax, and so on.

    I learnt early on to be as skeptical of the alt media as i was the msm and it’s even more important today. The alt media has become as intolerant of anyone questioning their narrative of a psyop as the msm. The Christchurch shooting is the latest example of how the alt media react to anyone speaking out against their consensus.

    I first came across fakeologist around 2015 and have only recently started listening to the podcasts. I’ve always sort different insights into anything i’m researching, the more different perspectives i see the clearer the picture becomes.


    Hello Outcastedone,

    Hi. I recently registered but I got an email saying I have to give a short description about my fakeologist background. Long story short, it all started around 2008 after a negative experience I had with immigrants. Criticizing immigration is a taboo topic, which I found strange. I don’t hate immigrants but there are certainly problems with massive immigration which you should be able to address without being accused of being a racist (whatever a racist is these days). I got involved in politics online around 2010 until the end of 2014. Then I realized politics is a scam. After that, I went very deep down the rabbit hole. I decided to sign up to Fakologist to learn more and possibly share some of my thoughts.

    Thank you for reading.


    Welcome Genuineone,

    Hi. As for me, I’m early-mid thirties, 5’11 on a fresh haircut. I have always enjoyed the research posted here at FO. I guess I have been too shy to post any thoughts or feelings until I recently turned my skeptical paradigm toward the progression of FO…Itself. As a result, I have found a mild correlation with the decrease in quantity of MF worldwide, but and increase in quality or complexity of MF since 2014 or so. I just thought I would share my finding with Ab to see if he thinks the bots are following our general sentiment on Fakery.

    First, more about me. Sometimes I dont even know how to disbelieve in things that are formulated in a simulated cultural paradigm. So, take this with a grain of salt; but I do not believe that hoaxes are either good or bad. Meaning, I cant seem to reverse engineer any untruth to truth either. Why is this so? I don’t know. I dont know what to disbelieve anymore than I know what to have faith in.

    While I still have faith in Tim and Rollo, I withold respect for many of the guests who have made conversation with the Fakeologist. I used to really love the episodes and listened faithfully until episode around episode 137 or so. I have picked up the habit again recently to the detriment of my MMoRPG accounts.

    As a faithful listener, I was glad to see a climate change there at FO at various times. But, now i am scouring the archives and I think I see a pattern that is very troubling. So I wanted to share my personal journey as a student of FO in hopes that Ab, or Tim, as he is sometimes called, can benefit from my expert and most dutiful study of Fakeologist. I hope I am wrong about these thought seeder hedonist post-globalists that infiltrate Fakeologist every April.

    For now I just want summer to be here. Where I am, in North America the hoax climate really heats up and sometimes I feel like I am watching psy-ops about hoaxes about media fakery.

    I know it sounds impossible or a bit farfetched. But, so did Tesla’s in space; and 97 percent of people believe in space travel. Maybe I am on to something. I think I know where all the old Fakeologist have gone. My metrics will bear this out bullishly. For now, I will walk all the way through the woods before I pass judgement on how the forest looks to me. Thanks for teaching me this Ab.

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