Aramoana massacre, New Zealand, 13 November 1990

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    No, it wasn’t Friday the Thirteenth, but it was “Bataclan night” 25 years previously [!]
    A commenter on a PeeKay video suggested this was a hoax. Let’s examine it.

    Bare official narrative facts:
    14 killed with rifle, including suicide of the alleged perpetrator, David Malcolm Gray, whose house was shortly afterwards burnt down… . Sound familiar?
    “The massacre is the most deadly criminal shooting rampage in New Zealand’s history”

    “The incident directly resulted in an amendment to New Zealand’s firearms regulations in 1992, tightening gun control and the creation of the military-style semi-automatic category of firearms”

    “A memorial to the victims was erected in the township”
    Rewa Ariki Bryson, 11, friend of Jasmine;
    Simon Christopher “Chris” Cole, 62;
    Victor James “Vic” Crimp, 71;
    James Alexander “Jim” Dickson, 45;
    Sergeant Stewart Graeme “Stu” Guthrie, 41, Port Chalmers police officer;
    Garry John Holden, 38;
    Jasmine Amber Holden, 11, daughter of Garry Holden;
    Magnus “Tim” Jamieson, 69;
    Ross James Percy, 42;
    Vanessa Grace Percy, 26, wife of Ross Percy;
    Dion Raymond Jack Percy, 6, son of Ross and Vanessa Percy;
    Aleki Tali, 41;
    Leo Wilson, 6.

    “A number of those involved received bravery awards” including one posthumously

    “A feature film based on the massacre, Out of the Blue”

    So far so familiar.
    Background “massacre” reading for NZ:

    The wounded survivors

    Stacey Percy, 4, daughter of Ross and Vanessa Percy;[42 and 26 respectively who both were allegedly killed]
    Chiquita Holden, 9, daughter of Garry Holden; [38, allegedly killed along with his other daughter Jasmine Amber Holden, 11]
    Detective Stephen Vaughan, Wellington police office

    The mother of Chiquita Holden was at the time Julie-Anne Bryson , now Julie-Anne Tamati
    Story as told in 2010: [20th anniversary]

    and again foro the 25th anniversary

    Chiquita went to live with her mother, Julie Holden, later studied fashion design in Dunedin and had a son. She joined Dunedin Victim Support Service as a co-ordinator and last year appealed for more volunteers to help the victims of crime.

    Stacey Percy went to live with her grandparents after Gray killed her parents and brother. She lives a quiet life in Port Chalmers with her partner.

    A new house has been built on Gray’s site, and next door a handsome old house was moved on to the empty section and onsold.

    Julie-Anne Tamati, struggling to understand and forgive, planted daffodils at Gray’s old place, and sprinkled crystals on the site of the Holden house.

    Now 57 and remarried, she has started a new life in Perth. Her son and daughter by her first marriage, both in their 30s, also live in Australia. For years she suffered ill health and struggled with depression.

    Rewa’s birthday in August and Christmas were always tough. Julie-Anne and her former husband Allan fostered Rewa as a baby and later adopted her. What happened to Rewa and Jasmine is never far from her mind.

    and as recently as January 2016, an honor from the Queen of the UK for Vaughan

    Mr Vaughan, who retired from police in July 2014 as National Manager: Intelligence, becomes an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) for his services to New Zealand Police and the community.

    He is now the Assistant General Manager of Intelligence and Risk at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

    Mr Vaughan was deployed from Wellington to Aramoana as a member of the then Anti Terrorist Squad (now Special Tactics Group). While in hospital he met one of the wounded survivors from the tragedy, nine year old Chiquita Holden.

    Chiquita’s father Garry and older sister Jasmine were among the 13 people killed in David Gray’s rampage.

    For more than ten years Mr Vaughan provided training to Victim Support homicide support workers. Chiquita Holden is herself now the South Island homicide specialist for Victim Support.

    This was in addition to the Gold Merit Award for bravery after he was shot and wounded in the ankle during the 1990 Aramoana operation.


    Further reading
    November 14 2014 [24th anniversary]

    The story once again.

    Videos of news coverage

    The “gunfight”

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