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    Chile Ufo
    a typical UFO image from Chile

    over 80 years after the death of the airship industry, it could be speculated that this technology was “retired” only to have been further developped ever since the appearently fake accident of the hindenburg in 1937. if this is the case, we could indeed have high altitude orbital geostationary military platforms able to surveil us, launch drones and chemtrail planes (chemtrails would disguise the platforms as well as serve other agendas). an interesting blimp can be heard in Globebusters episode #25 from Vince White (known also as Star are Souls) where he talks about knowledge of these type of airships from his military service, before being overspoken about “weather balloons” (misleading info IMO), 44m35s into the podcast or thereabouts:

    a movie sci-fi blurp (or blimp) that would make such airships improbable can be seen in the Avengers Heli Carrier:

    we might want to recall the infamous Hindenburg accident put an end to 30 years of successful intercontinental airtravel. the Hindenburg was the latest and greatest of the solid dirigeables and the confort and elegance of these airships are hard to match even today 80 years later, especially in regards to modern flight experience in lowcost airplanes.

    on the topic of the the Hindenburg accident there is a brilliant podcast from Chris Kendall with Ab Irato from 2013 here:
    or here:

    under are some images from the interior of the LZ 129 Hindenburg.
    Dining Room
    dining room
    Dining Room
    dining room 2

    The Promenade
    The Promenade
    The Promenade
    “Windows on the World”


    Piano Bar
    piano bar

    Smoking Room
    smoking room

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