August 2021

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    Here’s my introduction: good evening Ab. I have sporadically been listening mostly and reading your material. I love the levels of truth you speak to, from the honest research and collaboration you’re willing to embrace to reach a constantly moving target of truth! I stumbled onto you by catching you as a guest of Uncle Odd, who had just begun going by Uncle Vigilante during my introduction to the world of crypto currency in April of this year. I had only been following UV for a short period when you were a guest on his YouTube channel. I was introduced to UV by Jeran of Jeranism when I think UV had him as a guess but it might’ve been the other way around as that makes more sense. I have been listening to Jeran talk about flat earth for years and have been interested in the subject since around 2015 when Eric Dubay was one of the few people making videos and writing on the subject. Today I began being a $9.11 subscriber of yours and am still in the orientation phase of learning how to navigate through all of your material; it’s a bit overwhelming! I just finished listening to a 5+ hour audio chat on the subject of holohoax, that was enjoyable to listen to. The other day I found a piece on “small-hats”, 25 that aren’t trusted, surprisingly including David Wolfe avacado even? That caught me off guard, as I follow his telegram feed and found his memes or at least the memes he uses to be quite provocative and relatable. I appreciate your perspective of many truther subjects and enjoy your level headed outlook of subjects us truthers too easily trust before even really looking into certain matters. You are definitely not a “YES-man”, buying into anything that smells like an evil target. I feel like you would make a good judge in the court of fanciful conspiracy topics that most, including me would find guilty just by associating! I need to exercise my critical analysis muscle more. Well that requested some history from me so hopefully this frees two birds with one key.

    Kupambazua Furaha

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