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    Quick work there, rgos. Only the 3rd anniversary too. Work must have started the next day [or perhaps even before the “crash”…]

    IS there a list of the 189 or 193 or 196 Dutch citizens, with their ages?


    IS there a list of the 189 or 193 or 196 Dutch citizens, with their ages?

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    A particularly silly psy-op in London, involving a burning plastic waste bin on a subway train, brings out a brilliant line from an unruffled crisis actor who “escaped” in the panicked rush up the “only staircase” [Grenfell Tower allusion….]
    “…it was like Hillsborough, kind of…”

    Your psy-op confirmed.


    Faking injuries of footballers is an easy way to weight the result – how can we ever know who’s really suffering from a groin strain, broken leg or….. the effects of a car crash. Try this fake looking one for size…

    Seems like we have a pre-wrecked Chrysler Cruiser placed neatly against a traffic column, with the result….

    Sergio Aguero is facing a long lay-off after the Manchester City striker was injured in a car crash in Amsterdam on Thursday — less than 48 hours before Saturday’s clash with Chelsea.
    Reports in Argentina this morning suggested Aguero will be out for at least two months after suffering fractured ribs when the taxi in which he was travelling hit a pillar.
    City confirmed Aguero was today travelling back to Manchester to be assessed, before he is officially ruled out of the game against title rivals Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.
    City did not confirm what injuries the 29-year-old sustained but if they are serious, it would be a major setback for Pep Guardiola.

    Or perhaps just to keep this bent sport in the news.

    “The City forward was in Holland on his day off and has sustained injuries. He will return to Manchester this morning and his status will be checked ahead of tomorrow’s clash at Chelsea.”
    Dutch police confirmed two men were involved in a car crash in the De Boelelaan area of Amsterdam and were taken to hospital.

    Good old Dutch police. Ever helpful. Any other “injuries” at Manchester City? Certainly.

    The news of Aguero’s car accident comes a day after City announced that left-back Benjamin Mendy had ruptured knee ligaments and would be sidelined for a lengthy spell.
    France international Mendy, who became the world’s most expensive defender when he joined City from Monaco for £52million, was set to have surgery today after seeing a specialist in Barcelona.
    Losing Aguero would be a huge blow to City.

    Boston Marathon style “surgery”? Place your bets now please….

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    Tom Dalpra

    Mmm, superstar Messi’s best mate Sergio Aguero. Or should I say, Sergio Agueroooooooooooo!!!
    a central figure in one of English football’s most dramatic, all-time, staged moments when Manchester City won the league for the first time in 44 years.
    From 1 min, 28 secs for the injury time winner.

    A fair observation on football injuries I’d say xileffilex.
    Just as Manchester City go odds-on favourites to win the League their star striker is apparently injured. Oooh, the drama.
    I sometimes think some ‘agent’ players are kept in cotton wool ‘injured’ for years practicing set pieces and then rolled out when it’s time.

    Looking at Aguero’s car there did remind me a bit of the blue Vauxhall from the (football referencing) Lee Rigby attack. Worth a mention, maybe.


    Man. City won the league following the Rigby attack four years ago.
    Blue teams have won the league since then.
    We’ve been in an unprecedented ‘blue’ phase (never before four blue teams on the trot ) in English football history, as it goes.


    So, anyway, Agueros car. Blue bumps in to blue and white.
    Blue and white wins, I reckon.

    Bonus moment. Talking of Argentinian footballers and Lionel Messi. This moment really made me laugh.
    It’s actually harder to miss than to score for Messi on the rebound, but he does.
    I think it’s one of those rare little moments when the fix exposes itself a little. It’s a bit embarrassing. For a moment it’s obvious.
    Then the game carries on.



    Video of Hillsborough

    – the shadow “issues” I don’t see. Also the sky must be semi clouded because at moments there are no shadows, don’t see that as strange
    – what is stranger is that the commentator doesn’t comment on the fans entering the pitch! at 4:44 – only at 5:41 they call it “interesting” that fans enter the pitch, but that is just when the close-up footage is shown, while that was the case a minute earlier already close to the action on the pitch – looks like the commentators were not even in the stadium but talking over an edited video?
    – and at 4:06, allegedly 3 min before the crushing, the tribune where the drama took place doesn’t look so full at all, also at 7:15 it is not full
    – there are more people running at the long side opposite the camera and they seem to be talking about something (the too full pens?)

    More here.

    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    on pp1-3 of this thread we looked at the phoney Bradford football stadium fire, which allegedly killed 56 with “at least” 265 injured. [hoax anniversary May 11]

    The key doctor there was Dr David Christopher Fieldhouse dob 8.1.44 a prominent Bradford Rotarian.,5288288&hl=enu

    who said, as police surgeon…

    “It was difficult identifying what was human and what was a piece of plastic or a pile of cinders…at one stage bones and a human hand were found which could not be attributed to any body. Three feet were also found in the wreckage”

    Piles of bodies were welded together and could only be parted with crowbars [according to Sergeant Richard Hanley]

    It’s the same old garbage trotted out by 9/11 pathologists 15 years later.

    Fieldhouse was now in a position to be trusted with the Lockerbie psy-op in late 1988, which had a fascinating piece of hoax management involving his labelling of bodies [alleged] which bore prefixes DCF [his initials] and for the purposes of the propping up the narrative, Fieldhouse was involved in a courtroom scene involving debate over DCF12 with follow up questions in the UK Parliament about it. How he got involved in Lockerbie is a mystery, [volunteering his services] if his previous Bradford fire form is ignored.
    Fieldhouse was allegedly sacked by West Yorkshire Police in 1993 after given an interview for the Maltese Double Cross where [at 9.10 in the video below] he runs through his script,stating that his written labels in plastic gloves had largely been removed from the ‘bodies’. A nice hoax trope.

    and at 2.17.00 describing “bodies” around Tundergarth church.
    A safe pair of hands.
    The company he set up
    DCF THE DOC Limited was very recently liquidated, cash at liqudation £253,000 approx.


    Tom, this might be our cue.

    Thai cave rescue: Dives resume in search for missing boys

    Thai boys


    Number 9. Easy.

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