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    First up
    Stephen Evans

    A clip has been around for a while

    in the trade center and interviewed just after the first “explosion”, in

    @There was another big, big explosion, in
    the other tower, flames coming out and this billowing grey smoke, people still not panicking. People not quite understanding what was going on, then somebody said that they saw an airliner go into one of those towers, and then, er, [quickly] I don’t know, an hour later than that we had that big explosion from much, much lower and I don’t know what on earth caused that. The thing that stikes me is one, the terribleness of the incident, whatever the cause, and we don’t go into the politics, but whatever the, er, whatever the cause, the terribleness, the hugeness of what’s happened, so huge in fact that most of the people around simply can’t understand what happened. People were just standing around, talking to each other, nodding their heads..”

    Ducks as tower collapses behind him on cue.

    Another clip from Evans was captured at LRF in 2008

    I was at the base of the 2nd tower, the second tower that was hit. There was an explosion — I didn’t think it was an explosion, but the base of the building shook. I felt it shake, then when we were outside, the second explosion happened and then there was a series of explosions.

    Also from the BBC News article from 11 September 2001:
    Stephen Evans, BBC’s North America business correspondent, was on the ground floor of the centre when the first plane crashed.

    “There was a huge bang and the building physically shook,” he said. “Seconds later there were two or three similar huge explosions and the building literally shook again.
    “People just can’t comprehend what is happening. You can hear the shaking in people’s voices,” he added.

    “It was like the scene out of a movie as the huge ball of rubble grew behind a terrorised crowd, running for cover,” said BBC News Online’s David Schepp.

    One eyewitness told BBC News: “I was on the first floor. There was a big explosion, some guy came out, his skin was all off. There were people jumping out of windows. It’s horrific.

    Someone at LRF added in 2005 this note:

    I have the raw broadcast of Steve Evans on the BBC that day, he was in the first tower when it got hit, he also said it sounded like someone dropped a huge skip full of rubbish in the yard which seperated the 2 towers. The BBC transcriber seems to have left this out of the above.

    The other BBC video quoted at LRF is by David Loyn, perhaps describing Evans, perhaps not

    a BBC guy (the same one perhaps) describes that he was on the first floor when it hit and immediately there was smoke everywhere.

    The video does not play now, nor does the archived David Schepp video:

    Recently a full edtion of BBC evening Newsnight from 9/11 has been placed online,

    Evans appears at the start, back in the studio

    Jeremy Vine, anchor:“We are receiving reports now of another building collapsing”
    “That’s right, Jeremy, a third building has collapsed. We had the collapse of the two main towers about an hour after the actual explosion which was about 9:15 in the morning. If you wanted to calculate a time to cause maximum disruption, you would calculate that time, it’s the start of the working day and perhaps the biggest busiest complex, er, in the world. There were those two explosions, I was at the base of one of those buildings and it literally shook. Then people fled out, fled away. One of the problems it seems to me is that people didn’t quite know how far to go. So then the emergency services started to arrive and the collapse of the building er, happened, or one of the buildings, one of the inital buildings, happened when people were actually quite close to it. But you’re absolutely right, we’ve now had this third building, er, falling to the ground. It is very difficult to imagine anything standing at the end of, er, it all in this complex of seven buildings. If you think back to the Canary Wharf bombing in the dockland of London, for example, it was one bomb. One imagines that most of the damage was superficial if you like, not to the structures themselves, to glass to furniture. Looking at that scene this morning here in New York, it’s hard to imagine anything surviving those two explosions.

    “Is there, can there be any kind of rescue operation here, given what’s happened?”

    I can’t imagine that there will be any kind of,er, rescue operation. It’s abosolutely impossible to estimate the kind of numbers under that kind of debris. 50,000 people work in those buildings but one of the problems it seems to me, and I was just alluding to it, is that the emergency services got there rapidly. There were hundreds of er, ambulances and fire, er, trucks very very quickly there. People assume that the thing was contained. People assume that there was er, a series of explosions quite high up in the buildings and realised quite late, if you like, that actually the thing wasn’t contained and the engineering couldn’t cope with the force of those blows.
    So there will be high casualties from the initial attacks but there may well be casualties from later. I don’t know if the lifts were working, er, or not. By [sic] imagine there would have been people who simply couldn’t have got down those 110 stories, after the attacks. So, as I say, the authorities are now very, very wary indeed, they have structures, er, barely standng, er, amongst the four now remaining. So I would imagine they’re standing back and trying to make engineerng assessments of what can be done. Meanwhile, erm, in the rest of the city, there is an eerie calm here…..there wasn’t panic when those bombs went off, people were very orderly, there was fear in their voices, their eyes were getting moist, but people weren’t really screaming like you think they might have been screaming. But they’ve now had, what is it, nine and a half hours to think about this thing and these things do take time to actually sink into your brain. There’s a bit of anger about, the American networks er are talking, they’re using captions like ‘the attack on America’,they’re using words like Pearl Harbor quite a lot , incidents galvanising action…”[cut off]

    “OK Stephen..”

    Naturally, Evans was wheeled on in 2011

    I was on the ground floor of the South Tower when the first plane hit the North Tower with a sound I can only liken to that of a huge container of concrete falling very near from a great height. I spent the next few hours moving from phone to phone to report on the events for BBC television and radio. The first phone I used was in a newsagent’s shop across the road from the South Tower, but the newsagent insisted on moving when the second plane hit. His shop is no more. I’ve tried to see where it was but it was simply obliterated.

    From there, I moved to the Embassy Suites and hired a room in the hotel to use the phone. I can remember looking out onto Vesey Street which ran up towards the North Tower and seeing a long line of fire trucks and thinking that the authorities had arrived so everything was going to be OK.

    He doesn’t mention the tower collapsing behind him, apparently, as he was being interviewed…

    When the South Tower collapsed, the phones in the hotel went dead and we were evacuated. And then when the South Tower collapsed, I decided to get out of the area, cadging a lift in a stranger’s car.
    In that, the attacks failed. This week, I met David Handschuh who was also there on the day. He is a big, generous person who has been damaged by the attacks inside his own head – he was a photographer who saw, and perhaps worse, heard people landing (it is not the right word) very near him.

    He was also trapped when a building collapsed and was then pulled to safety by fire-fighters (with whom he now often spends the anniversary of September 11, liberally, I imagine, buying them drinks).

    Evans still cannot make sense of the “terrorist attacks” [!]

    There’s more on Handschuh here…
    and here
    Here’s his only photo of the tower…anywhere.

    where we find Handschuh “in pain” from falling debris

    Here’s Handschuh’s story- “not scheduled to be working…”

    “started firing pictures” of which only one has surfaced. Other photos are shown, but are they his?

    Next stop, David Schepp.

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    Good compilation, this kinda links into your first video..

    This is one of the clips that woke me up to some of the fakery, as the news anchor is supposedly reporting on ‘live footage’ she completely ignores the ‘plane’ coming in at 4:53, then speaks to then ‘Eyewitness’ steve evans on the ground who just borrowed someone’s phone??

    Tom Dalpra

    Good work xilef and Nemesis that’s just the clip that I thought of.
    Well worth a look. Simon Shack did a great job looking at the US footage.
    What else was there in real time on 9/11?


    yes 9:53 classic banner.
    Absurd. They don’t see the plane and they don’t then realise the other tower got hit.

    I had figured there was no plane in real time and their reaction was genuine.
    The plane was then added in replay and they just assumed they must have seen it ?
    but how does that work with people video taping the original ? How did they miss it? Or are they pretending?

    Anyway, it takes them ages to realise. Ridiculous.
    They could have missed it, but the studio producer as well ?
    Impossible surely?

    Interesting to me as their reaction does perhaps seem genuine.



    The footage now looks absurd at 10:10 [BBC World thanks, Nemesis] but the deadpan Oxbridge voice is even more absurd

    “We’ve got some pictures erm that have also just come in of a second plane crash, crashing into the other tower at [sic] World Trade a double plane accident at the World Trade Center in New York this morning, 9 O’clock in the morning, at a very busy time, at a very busy, erm, set of erm, tower blocks

    Like, for instance the set of “tower blocks” in Glasgow which were brought down in a controlled demolition. Whoops, what am I saying?

    So little emotion, like that have one of these every day, reading from a cue.
    Just another routine DPA, double plane accident.

    I’ll transcribe what our friend Evans says in due course

    • This reply was modified 6 years, 10 months ago by xileffilex.

    He doesn’t mention the tower collapsing behind him, apparently, as he was being interviewed…

    Here’s evans again earlier in the day, at 1:56 Dimbleby mentions seeing the footage of him in the street as the building collapsed, seems to have thrown him off a bit.

    ‘It was genuinely very impressive’ whoops.. ‘I didn’t hear many people screaming’??


    Good catch there, with that wince…very telling

    people moved, like 100 metres away

    @You don’t imagine that an airliner is going to crash into a building like that, nobody quite knew what the engineering implications were. My suspcion is that there were casualties way after the initial impact.”

    Compare with a prevous interview
    [he does like the word ‘thing’ to descrbe this event]

    people…realised quite late, if you like, that actually the thing wasn’t contained and the engineering couldn’t cope with the force of those blows.

    Cue Zdenek P Bazant:

    Off-topic but very very interesting – Zdenek P Bazant, was admitted to the Royal Society of London in 2015!
    No mention of 9/11, the World Trade Centre or NIST there….

    “…groundbreaking contrbutions to engineering science”

    Professor Zden?k P. Bažant

    Tom Dalpra

    Stephen Evans – ”It’s still not real, it simply isn’t real”

    Here’s BBC World News Anchor, Nisha Pillai talking about the day from 2 minutes –
    ”The bbc’s tradition” she tells us, ”is to give out facts, not speculation.”
    I think she actually believes that.

    Ha! The words ‘allegedly’ and ‘unconfirmed’ spring to mind.
    She’s really not my type.

    Here’s the extended BBC coverage from the day if you’ve got a couple of hours.



    Stephen Evans – ”It’s still not real, it simply isn’t real”

    Here’s BBC World News Anchor, Nisha Pillai talking about the day from 2 minutes –
    ”The bbc’s tradition” she tells us, ”is to give out facts, not speculation.”
    I think she actually believes that.

    Here’s the extended BBC coverage from the day if you’ve got a couple of hours.

    I’ll certainly make time for that, Tom.
    Thanks also for reminding me of Nisha Pillai ,Tom, whom I had earmarked some time ago.
    These people need fingering.
    Here’s another perp, Jane Beresford, the BBC producer who says she saw a plane go into WTC2. Nisha talks to her directly:

    Beresford heard a huge explosion just behind her at 8:30…
    fuller version:

    “…a plane flew down right above us, so very very close to our heads and smashed right into the other tower………this most, erm, most shocking thing was this plane coming in just literally right above our heads, smashing right into the second building. It was like something out of an erm, you know, film, you couldn’t believe what was happening

    “You actualy saw the plane going into the side of the building

    “Smashed into the side of the building. I mean you thought it was going to swerve to the left or the right to try and avoid it. It was so low, you know, knew it was on a collision course with the building but it just seemed to be head, ed, haim, aiming, heading right for it… it was a, quite a large plane it didn’t look, it was low down in the sky in Manhattan, you know, you’re not used to seeing planes that low in the sky in Manhattan, it was just heading straight for the tower.”

    Beresford’s story appears in this book
    From Our Own Correspondent – a celebration of fifty years of the BBC Radio Programme by Tony Grant (ISBN: 9781861977472)

    “It was so unreal…..[the plane] was so low I felt I could touch it.I could see its white underbelly like a shark’s…suddenly the whole place stank of aviation fuel…I felt like I was in a movie…Later that day I spoke to a friend who’d been on the 83rd floor of Tower One. The worst part, he told me, was seeing the aviation fuel streaming down the windows. ‘I went down two flights of stairs….he and his small company of just fifteen people made their way to the stairwell…A we were going down, firemen were coming up with oxygen tanks and hoses’

    Thankyou, Jane for that imaginary scenario.

    former BBC Producer now pursuing new adventures. ‘We had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.’ Kerouac.
    March 2014 – Present (1 year 8 months)


    Transcript of Evans and Fish with anchor Nisha Pillai

    “The BBC’s Jim Fish joins me.” [Nisha Pillai]

    “Jim, what can you tell us?”

    “Well, very more details on what you’ve already said, erm, Nisha. All we know is er it’s described as a passenger plane, We don’t know er how many passengers it’s carrying, Er it does seem to have entered the, er, the Trade Tower very high up and there are gaping holes on both sides of the tower. It looks as if it’s penetrated right through the structure of it. Erm we don’t know precisely how many floors are affected, we don’t know the number of casualties or injuries, erm but it is quite clearly a major disaster

    It’s um the North Tower of New York’s World Trade Center which we are looking at at the moment ablaze with thick smoke coming out of two sides of the building, the resilt of a plane crash by what’s thought to be a twin engined jet plane, possibly a 737. The accident is reported to have taken place at 9 AM local time. Joining us now on the phone from New York is Steve Evans who was, I believe, in the building at the time. Steve, what can you tell us about what happened this morning?”

    “Running away very very quickly, there are more explosions further down the building. Er, it was calm until we came on the air now. But I’m now looking up at this building and there is billa [sic]…smoke billowing from the very top but then there is a fire and an explosion about twenty stories further down. Er I was at the base of the building, there was one huge bang,the building physically shook,then two or three bangs and the building again shook and people [unclear] screaming past me.

    “But it looks as if both buildings are on fire”

    [screened images show that]

    It is clearly looking out of control, er, as I say, there is smoke billowing out from further and further down the building and people are simply moving back. They don’t know what has happened. Initially the assumption was that it was a bomb, people have been coming past me saying, ‘no it was an aircraft which hit the building. More than that I cannot say apart from to tell you that people here are very very frightened, people are crying, people are shaking, they’ve stopped running away from the building, they are now walking away. There is, [pause] moisture raining down from a clear sky, I only presume that comes from the disaster which is going on above me as I speak

    “It must be a very busy scene, Steve, are there a lot of people there?”

    [what an inane question]

    “Well,there are a lot of people, erm, the man whose phone it is is asking me he’s evacuating the shop, and I have to get off, I’m afraid. He wants his phone back and we have to leave. I’ll stay with it here, erm, th, there are people who are very very frightened, clearly [pause] this is a very high, it is one of the tallest buildings in the world, there is an uncontrollable event going on above us involving explosions and fire going on above us, people simply don’t now what

    Why do the BBC people in New York ignore the second “plane” hitting? Evans is there, but keeps talking about one tower, which Fish kind of corrects later.

    Pillai calls Evans an eye-witness.

    “…it’s interesting that we’re not seeing any rescue helicopters at the moment, isn’t it, Jim”

    Fish: “Yes, now, we can only assume that there are,er, emergency operations going on inside those towers as we speak .Er, of course they were built to rigorous safety specifications. They will have systems which can enable them to reach an accident, a disaster of this kind, very high up. Er, these were the world’s tallest buildings when they were constructed, they are no longer, but they are among the world’s tallest, so there will be systems in place there, emergency back-up systems even if the lifts are not working, There will, there will be erm mechanical ways by which they can at least try to approach the scene of, of the accident. But it is surprising at the moment that there are no helicopters around, er flying around there, or possibly you know trying to get at the seat of the accident”

    Pillai: “we’ve got some pictures, um, that have also just come in of a second plane crash crashing into the other tower at world trade centre you can see a huge explosion there, so a double plane accident at the world trade center…..”

    see previous post,
    October 19, 2015 at 7:24 pm

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    But let’s not forget about key perp Nisha Pillai just yet. In part 2 of her video diptych, we see her launch another suspicious event, the first beam day of the LHC, the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. A good choice. Blogged here:

    …. the speech is called T is for Terror – my experience of anchoring the first two hours of BBC World’s live coverage of the 9/11 attacks. I was one of the lucky ones, I survived it, and in the process I learned, as a news presenter, how to cope with the unknown (unknown unknowns as Donald Rumsfeld would say).

    From twitter

    JAMES MARTIN @JamesWorldNews
    @iii_nisha Just a quick hello. Always think of you on this day of the year.
    2:47 a.m. – 11 Sep 2014

    Nisha Pillai ?@iii_nisha 11 Sep 2014
    @JamesWorldNews a huge lesson in life: how to stay centred in the midst of terror, chaos, tragedy.

    JAMES MARTIN ?@JamesWorldNews 11 Sep 2014
    @iii_nisha I believe so.

    Nisha Pillai ?@iii_nisha 11 Sep 2014
    @JamesWorldNews Thank you, James, still gives me the chills all these years on. Taught me

    Not a very lively blog from the Isle of Wight.

    Onto Jim Fish, now
    Check the curious furry creature, like a big brown jobby, which rises to fill the screen in this video

    Funny that, Jim has also gone into the training business

    The BBC World footage from 8.34 to 9.16 AM EDT is archived here:
    Nisha appears at 24.12 in the video – i.e. at 8.58 AM

    “As we come on air, we have seriou news of a major possible air crash in the United States. A plane appears to have crashed into one of New York’s tallest buildings…as you can see those are pictures of smoke pouring out of a gaping hole in the upper floors o the World Trade Center….one of the most heavily populated office buildings in New York…”

    [what happens at 24:46 in the footage?]

    “All we know at this moment is that, er, there has been a plane crash in the, um, [pause] in the morning time, in New York. The plane smashed into one of the twin towers of the New York World Trade Center about half an hour ago, that’s the information that we’ve got,and you can see the smoke and flames billowing from the building. One eye-witness said that it was a twin-engined plane, possibly a 737 [25:17 – 8:59 AM ET] which flew straight into the World Trade Center. It’s believed that, er, some bits of the plane may still be embedded in the building……”

    Listen to her voice at 25:38 as she says New York – is she laughing? Has someone pinched her, or said something odd into her ear? It’s bizarre.

    “…an eye-witness said ‘There was a huge explosion’. They thought, in fact, that the blast had come from inside….

    [26:09] “…We have no immediate word at the moment on injuries or fatalities in the disaster, it happened shortly before 9.AM local time. One eye-witness said the plane was coming in low and it looked like it hit at a slight angle. Large holes are visible in two sides of the building. It’s a 110 storey building……”

    Jim Fish appears at 27:32

    “Well, very few more details on what you’ve already said, erm Nisha…

    as transcribed above,[October 29, 2015 at 10:05 am] with that small correction, to insert “few”.

    it is now blindingly obvious that Nisha is reading a script based on the animated pre-recorded video of the smoking tower with far too many details known too quickly. [the first alleged impact was at 8.46 AM ET]

    Jane Standley [37:34 – 9:11 AM ET, i.e. 8 minutes after the second, er, plane..]

    “…and then within about EIGHTEEN minutes later, a second plane or a second explosion happened…”


    Er, like I’m just popping out to the store, back in about 18 minutes..
    yep, 17 minutes is within 18 minutes.
    @38:32 – small bit of duping? At 38:30 – watch the Verrazano narrows bridge march off the screen to the left! Hilarious. No wonder that object blocks the screen.

    What do we really know about Jim Fish? Apart from him popping up wherever fake news needs to be created, not much really. Fishy.

    • This reply was modified 6 years, 9 months ago by xileffilex.

    My gif of the Verrazano Narrows bridge moving off stage left.

    And here’s Steve Evans’ funny turn when he says 9/11 was genuinely very impressive:


    Since I mentioned Handschuh above, here’s a video where 9/11 Pentagon “witness” Mike Walter meets Handschuh at a “post traumatic stress” hoax-in with a rag bag of war and disaster journalists. From 3:30

    More about Walter’s 9/11 lucky moment, [he’snow with CNTV#, here:

    Walter’s unbelieveable witness performance can also be seen from 16:42 onwards in September Clues.


    Nicely linking the WTC and Brussels airport psy-ops, our Jane who saw the 2nd plane hit the tower…

    Jane Beresford? @BeresfordJane

    Jane Beresford Retweeted Mashable

    Heartbreaking. Reminds me of 9/11.

    Jane Beresford added,
    MashableVerified account @mashable
    Family and friends search for missing British man after Brussels attacks
    3:25 AM – 23 Mar 2016

    [nice photo of David Dixon, “UK Victim” at Brussels.]

    Once a perp, always a perp. The main things which connect the two events are fake terror, fake deaths.

    Incidentally, David’s “partner” Charlotte Sutcliffe has put her facebook page in to semi-dormancy, just a couple of bien pensant paste ups.

    No probate, no funeral for David, Jane.


    Another 10th annivesary hangout from the BBC, this time, News24

    by Simon Waldman
    A rookie picture producer, a week into the job, spotted smoke ** – a LOT of smoke – coming from one of the World Trade Center towers in New York, courtesy of a locked off shot of the Manhattan skyline from US broadcaster ABC. We put it to air after a brief, if slightly heated, discussion about the merits or otherwise of a fire in a far-away skyscraper. That shot sustained many hours of rolling coverage.

    But at that stage we had no idea what we were dealing with. Presenters John Nicolson and Valerie Sanderson, with business presenter John Terrett (it all started during the slot normally allocated to business news), found themselves having to commentate over pictures which defied description. The early wire copy which mentioned a plane prompted a mental image of a private light aircraft losing its bearings – not a passenger airliner being used as a weapon. Minutes later, when the second jet hit the second tower, many of us thought initially that we were looking at a tape replay of the first plane going into the first tower.

    By the time reports started coming in of the attack on the Pentagon and the fourth airliner coming down in Pennsylvania, it was clear that the United States was indeed under terrorist attack. Nothing could have prepared any of the team for such an eventuality. News 24 was being simulcast on BBC1 (still something of a rarity then), flights were being grounded around the world and phone lines to both Washington and New York were down. Could London be the next target? There were more than a few nervous glances out of the windows of Television Centre in London, but a mixture of instinct and adrenalin kicked in. Personal emotions took a back seat as the team of journalists in the newsroom tried to make sense of rapidly developing events.

    When the first tower collapsed we were painfully aware we had broadcast live the moment hundreds of people died. And before either tower fell the live shot was punctuated with tiny specks falling or jumping from the windows

    ** suuuuure

    Here’s Valerie in 2000 with her child with reverse vasectomied BBC Radio anchor John Humphrys, still gatekeeping to this day aged 75, salary more than £600K p.a.

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