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    Tom Dalpra

    This ‘victim’ story and exercise in ‘mini icon creation ‘ from the Manchester, Arianna Grande Op amused me so much, I thought it’d be rude not to share it incase someone was as amused by it as I was.

    ”I like to write about strong women and low culture”

    So here’s the story. There’s this 21 year old ‘victim’ of the bomb -Tweeter – writer- blogger, minor youtuber, and bit-part reality TV personality, Martyn Hett. He was an ‘Uber fan’ of Coronation Street and had a large tattoo of ‘Deidre Barlow in prison’, on his calf. Haha!! The word ”Why” comes to mind.

    Coronation Street is, of course, the very popular Manchester based soap opera.

    This tattoo led to an appearance on the television show Tattoo Fixers and then to an appearance on ITV’s low’browfd morning show TV AM.
    He also made it on to the programme, Come Dine With Me which he won with his partner in a couples edition.

    Now, since his ‘death’, as reported on Twitter by his brother Dan Hett ( a self proclaimed – artist~technologist // computer punk // combat programmer // FutureEverything FAULT LINES artist // studio: EPOK ) their Mum, Figen Murray has got a tattoo and launched a new slogan.

    Ms Murray, a mental health counsellor, told the Standard: “I hate tattoos, but I am from now on definitely going to be more Martyn.”

    Crikey, she hates tattoos and then she goes for this one ?
    Bee more Martyn. Oh my Gawd.

    Yes, come on folks, be more Martyn. You, know, harmless and vacuous, with no chance of breeding.
    He was an ‘inspiration’ and he ‘touched so many people’s lives’.

    Hey, fuck, he’d even been saving up to go to the U.S.A and watch the Wendy Williams show that he was apparently a big fan of. Wouldn’t ya know, he was due to be on the show just days after the bombing and they made a feature of it.
    Watch here as the host makes a cringeworthy attempt at emotion and then points to the empty seat.

    What is it with the dungarees off one shoulder ? The image used for the U.S.


    One more youtube . This interview with a friend in the ”BYE HUN” t-shirt made me laugh. He can barely wipe the smile off his face from the start as he tells us how he ‘got in to bed with his Mum’ and waited to hear that Martyn had died as if he was waiting for the Eurovision Song Contest results.
    When asked how the vigil for his dead friend went he says it ‘one of the best nights ever’ and he couldn’t believe how many Coronation Street stars were there.
    He’s dutifully marked himself with the Bee tattoo.

    The Vigil

    Check out the T-shirt with it’s headline five star quote – ”One of the nicest people I’ve ever met’ – Michelle McManus


    So yes, be more Martyn, everyone. Get in bed with your Mum, start wearing off-the- shoulder dungarees, get a tattoo of a mundane character from a soap opera.
    Be more Martyn.
    Well, actually, in this case, I’m not going to change my behaviour, but I don’t think it was aimed at me.
    The story got to the broadsheets, with the Telegraph telling us he was an ‘icon’.

    The Guardian’s piece I found weird with it’s final ‘fuck-word-quote’ paragraph –

    As the story was shared widely on social media on Wednesday, the name Martyn Hett began trending worldwide on Twitter. Hett’s brother Dan wrote on his own feed that the family was “heartbroken”, then shared a screengrab of the trending column, showing his brother’s name alongside Buckingham Palace, the new Spider-Man movie and the pope. “He would, I think it’s safe to say, be fucking loving this,” he wrote.

    BE MORE MARTIN everyone. PsyOp Low culture ‘icon’ 2017 style.



    Sending a message four minutes after the bomb, according to James Ockerby – that’s so Martyn..

    ..not bad for someone who died “from multiple injuries”


    Martyn’s gay friend, James Ockerby, has deleted all his tweets but he donated the princely sum of £55 to the Martin Hett t-shirt go-fraud me, which raised £7,945

    The “four minutes after” remarks by Ockerby are still available “I’m lost and confused” [to a ‘friend’] at 4.10 in the lower of Tom’s two videos [OP] ^^
    “so surreal” “not nice to be around” “this is not real”

    Fortunately a few of Ockerby’s old account tweets are cached on the web
    James Ockerby @JamesOck_
    When in doubt on a gay hook up app, google translate.
    3:23 PM – 24 Sep 2016
    James Ockerby @JamesOck_
    24 Sep 2016
    the dick is dry in Manchester

    Follow that man! Here’s his new incarnation in London

    james ? @james_csb
    13 May 2018
    My homophobic uncle who usually refuses to shake my hand just accidentally shook my hand because he didn’t recognise me with a beard. EAT GAY GERMS DICKHEAD ?

    He should have his own TV show.

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