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    The original post by Ab here :

    M2 fans may be happy to note that Miles Mathis says that the earth is flat meme is a psyop to discredit NASA debunkers. He also calls out Russianvids as the most popular disinfo baker on the topic:

    Here is the project: they want to make you think that the only people questioning or exposing NASA or SpaceX are Flat Earthers or other obvious kooks. So they surround any real analysis with tons of fake analysis that resembles the real analysis in most ways. They then add a layer of black frosting to the fake analysis. This frosting is now most often Flat Earth stuff, but it could be a frosting of Hitler promotion or Satanism or anything else that most people find a complete turn-off. Most people will then refuse the cake because of the frosting. They will refuse the Flat Earth, and in doing so will refuse the exposing of SpaceX or NASA.

    Miles Mathis paper can be found here:


    I didn’t know whether to post this under Miles Mathis or Satellites – I came across this MM paper on varying gravity over the “globe”.

    Click to access goce.pdf

    I’m not going to lose any sleep over whether gravity is greater in New Guinea than in Guinea Bissau but Miles doesn’t seem to question the existence of satellites and in particular the GOCE satellite, the “seemingly confused data” from which is the base of Miles’ paper. Perhaps Miles is confused because the GOCE and all other satellites are pshams of “space” psience.
    All these technical problems [hey it’s real, we have problems…] ring alarm bells for me

    not to mention the cut action “launch” in remotest northern Russia

    or the absurd separation of the various rocket parts and magical release of the satellite into orbit [simulation, naturally, with zero technical hitches, cue applause back on land, no doubt]

    The biggest red flag of the lot was the fakiest, flakiest “observation” of the “satellite” falling back to earth near the Falkland Islands in 2014.

    Bill Chater ?@Cheds23
    We saw it burn up from the Falklands at about 9.20pm last night. Came from the South breaking up into bits.
    7:38 AM – 11 Nov 2013 [PST] [12:28 PM FKST]

    So Chater waited 15 hours before tweeting the image….
    and additionally roping the BBC science correspondent into the flakiness
    Bill Chater ?@Cheds23
    @BBCAmos We saw GOCE satellite burn up over East Falkland at about 9.20pm last night.
    7:41 AM – 11 Nov 2013 [PST][12:41 PM FKST]

    Bill Chater ?@Cheds23
    @BBCAmos Driving southwards at dusk, it appeared with bright smoke trail and split in 2 before splitting again into more and going on north
    10:36 AM – 11 Nov 2013 [PST] [3:36 PM FKST]

    but not before it
    was able to detect the massive 2011 earthquake that ravaged Japan, killing nearly 16,000 people and causing massive destruction, a new study said.

    Bill Chater didn’t tweet all through 2016. In fact it looks like the twitter feed was specially set up for this [fake] event to propagate the satellite myth.


    I do think Chater is real, however…as he pushes this obviously related artist

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