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    It hit me a few hours after watching the Bob Myers press conference,
    Is he really crying?

    From watching countless crisis actors “crying” I know what to look for to tell if an individual is really crying.

    He is not crying, there are no tears, and after watching this press conference a few times it is actually funny watching him. He is way over the top, at first I thought his performance was Oscar worthy but on repeated watching his performance is not that great.

    The interesting thing about the whole thing is this:
    A few people have commented on the fake crying and figured out the crying is fake but those same people, only a few have made the connection that if this press conference is fake so is the Kevin Durant injury.

    Zack Hubbard has a good video on this fake Kevin Durant injury.
    Paul Romano has a good video on a fake Kevin Durant injury in 2017.

    Basically these two guys are saying the same thing.
    The NBA keeps Kevin Durant out of the playoffs to make the games more competitive and interesting.
    IF Kevin Durant played the GSW would have beaten the Raptors in 4 straigtht.
    You can’t have this, the money this would cost everyone involved is astronomical.

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