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    Nuke book

    Allegedly the first book from a mainstream media source to expose Nukes as a hoax. The author, Akio Nakatani, is a Professor of Applied Mathematics and Statistics. The book is available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.

    Amazon link:
    Death Object: Exploding the Nuclear Weapons Hoax by Akio Nakatani

    Discussion of the book on this forum, Evil Yoshida – Truth Never Die.

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    Interesting fact the author of this book is Japanese – especially as they in Japan might be more aware nuclear bombs never were anything like what they were described to be. Alternative media such as Big Lies & Hoaxbusters already have mentioned how some japonese individuals did not observe what has been depicted in the Vest during the war and the “Fat man” & “Slim Boy” bombing raids…

    Fat man
    The Fat Man bomb “replica”

    Fat Man - real
    The Fat Man bomb – the “real deal”

    Little Boy
    “Little boy” replica – allegedly dropped by a Boeing B-29 called ‘Enola Gay’ (‘Enola’ is an anagram for ‘Alone’) piloted by Colonel Paul W. Tibbets – which sounds like a fake name (reminiscent of Tibet).

    Personally remember a “documentary” i saw as a child where they claimed people were combusted illico presto and that some of the shadows seen on Hiroshima walls was in fact people that were disintegrated by the blast… lol, sounds like a cartoon like “Coyote and the Road Runner” – and it clearly is..

    I’m not sure if a “book” is a good sign – it just acts as a disguise for some asian mason to take the “lead” in what is becoming a widely known fact in conspiracy circles – that nuclear power & bombs are bunk. I’d say this is a blatant attempt to lead the opposition on a topic that clearly is of interest in Japan with nuclear bomb blasts & Fukushima. Very transparent imo.


    I’ll try and read it if I get a chance. Yes, it’s quite possible it’s controlled opposition in the form of a book.

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