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    The waitress on the cover of the album Breakfast In America by Supertramp looks very similiar to the ‘fat lady’ or ‘two weeks’ lady in the movie Totall Recal.
    Remember her in the movie? SHe was like a virtual sim for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Her head explodes. It was a very cool effect back in 1990.

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    It is all around you.
    Even in the very room you are sitting in reading this.
    You can see it when you look out of the window, or when you turn on the TV.
    You can feel it when you go to work. When you go to church.
    When you pay your taxes.
    It is the wool that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

    Tom Dalpra

    Interesting. I just started working a bit at a friends place. A curator of old vinyl and shellac. I picked up an old copy of the album. Looking at it I was drawn to the (Priscilla Allen possibly) waitress. On her name badge…almost illegible even in the full scale of the original album cover?


    Well, keep it simple…we don’t need to look much further than this Yale man… None other than Joint chief of staff 2001-2005 and Dick Cheney advisor,
    Lewis Libby –


    Off the top of my head I’m thinking this is perhaps more than mere foreshadowing…perhaps this lays a trail for a man who was always set to be ‘discredited’ as he has been, in government scandal? This would be a handy bit of misdirection. ‘Libby, served it up. It was him what done it’.


    Tom Dalpra

    So to clarify my thoughts, at the moment, I think Libby is more than just short for Liberty. Much as there is a natural tidy reference to the statue – almost that opening shot from Loose Change – I feel there’s a direct reference to Lewis Libby. This would appear a sophisticated creation and the relevance of the name beyond merely to the Statue,seems a given to me. Why not?

    Further investigation. there’s the back cover…the picture from the diner, we presume.
    The hirsute five-piece band are pictured holding newspapers, being served breakfast by Libby, while the ‘owner?’ looks on.

    In looking for a picture of the back cover on-line, I couldn’t readily find one that was big enough to read. On a CD cover it appears very small it looks like to me. You’d never see it easily online.

    Anyway, looking at the original cover size, we can see more detail.

    Three newspapers are visible. In the middle and easiest to read, we have Manchester Evening News and the headline – ‘BOY 15 DIES IN TRAIN HORROR’.

    To the right we have: – Glasgow Herald – CALLAGHAN SLAMS THE BREAKS ON SPENDING.

    Directly to the left, a less obvious Oxford Mail – SECRETARY HELD AFTER SHOOTING

    Working on the same principle that Libby is more than just a statue reference,
    I would suggest these headlines are probably very carefully chosen…

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