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    Did everyone in Britain get the unsolicited threatening text message at 16.45 hours today?

    “This is GOV.UK — do exactly as you are told and no one gets hurt. New rules in force now. You must stay at home.”

    The Coronavirus Bill 2020 has just been waved through the House of Commons. Unchallenged, unmodified, and less than 24 hours after being presented to the House.

    No meaningful scrutiny to the Bill from any of the controlled opposition parties. The leaderless Labour and Liberal Democrat parties offered no notable protest; both parties voting for it, albeit “with a heavy heart”.

    Reminiscent of 1933 and the feeble-minded KPD and SPD parties of the Weimar Republic voting for the abolition of their own Reichstag parliament.

    Britain’s own Enabling Act, once nodded through the Lords, has draconian powers that drive a stake through civil liberties. Detention without trial. Detention without order of time. Diplock courts held in camera. Defendants, witnesses and judges appearing by video link from secret locations. And worse.

    The Nazi-esque new Bill or Decree for the Protection of the Plebs from the #coronavirus (hoax) also relaxes the rules for registering deaths.

    Presently, deaths must be registered in person at the Office of the Registrar, by a “qualified informant”. Normally a relative or acquaintance of deceased, in the presence of the Registrar.

    Yet with possibly hundreds or thousands of fake deaths to legitimise, this is an inconvenient obstacle for the Perps of this mindless Hoax.

    The new Coronavirus Bill therefore allows for mass death registration “via other means” – electronic mail, telephone, text message and maybe even Twitter!

    A very useful provision indeed for reducing that overflowing mountain of Fake Corpses!

    Similarly, the Bill will also abolish the requirement for a Doctor’s Confirmatory Medical Certificate before (Fake) Cremation.

    No qualified informant, no doctor, no death certificate, no cause of death.

    A bonanza for the Fake Deathers.


    Many thanks for posting that, Psyopticon.
    It seems like a quasi East German state has been created here overnight, and I’m sure a network of informers on their neighbours will develop organically…
    There is the odd voice in the wilderness pointing out the apparent craziness of this path in wrecking a major economy. JohnLeBon has suggested its a way to bring in a universal [very] basic income for the useless eaters whose irrelevant churning jobs can be disposed of, or for whose jobs have been vanished by automation. That experiment hit the buffers in Finland.

    PS No, Big Brother did not text me since I never gone on-grid with new technology. If BB wants to get out his/her fountain pen, there is an aperture in my front door for a letter.

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    To be fair, Psyopticon, there were calls for an even shorter period of review – 3 months rather than the agreed six – for this newly introduced two year police state legislation.
    So where did the original TWO year “sunset clause” period, presumably without review, come from?

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