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    get a load of this bs story

    lots of 7’s and 21’s

    as if the cfl even has a million dollars (haha)
    and to top it off, this story even has the fake lottery theme in it
    this person won the lottery
    please CFL just go away, nobody cares about you

    Tom Dalpra

    ” lots of 7’s and 21’s ”

    No there isn’t. Reminds me of that weird youtuber disinfo agent who always goes on about 7’s and 21’s.

    ”As if the cfl has a million dollars”

    It wasn’t the CFL offering the million dollars, it was Safeway.

    You didn’t capitalise CFL(or anything else)in your title and
    in your post until your last mention and though you use the odd comma you seem to have never heard of the full-stop.

    You may just simply be a clown davieb, but this effort suggests you’re deliberately posting rubbish.



    if you believe this is a real story you are the clown

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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