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    Black Dog

    “Chemtrails”, even the word draws question marks from most. Not all but too many are not even familiar with the word! And it’s not an official word either yet there is information out there leading anyone who searches, anyone who questions, to consider all is not as it seems in our skies. That at best a misguided benevolent faction may be utilizing technologies with harmful chemicals to control our weather world-wide (i.e., geoengineering). Or alternatively and more likely a not so benevolent faction is fumigating us like bugs! With this secret geoengineering explanation being their plausible cover story, or cover-up story. But you get neither possible explanations from most people. Usually just a look similar to a cow staring at a passing train.

    For myself, it seems only recently (2016) have I felt certain enough that these are not normal flights! It’s been a toss up in my mind for years, either because of my own ignorance or because the trails were not as intense as they have been lately. Regardless, they are leaving no doubt in my mind now that something is definitely going on! Here in Phoenix, Arizona anyway. I haven’t traveled much recently to know for sure about other places, except for briefly in the L.A. and Las Vegas areas in the last few years, where both were being fumigated during my visits!

    This is the most mind-blowing of all the things now going on in our world, or should be! Especially in the conspiracy questioning world many of us now live. This should be on everybody’s radar regardless of their potential to conceive or consider such a conspiracy. Who ever has eyes to see and a mind to think should be questioning this.

    The questioning of the shape and size of our earth is most interesting and mind blowing! All politics and shadow government machinations now and past are very, very important! But of immediate concern (and not exclusive of those just mentioned) should be the air we are breathing! If this is not of immediate concern for you, I’ll conject you’ve been breathing too much of it already! This is a literal spraying of chemicals (and more) on us! This phenomenon is known only to ever exist as we being the exterminators of other undesirable species. Granted, genocide in it’s various forms has been around for as long as our species has been around (or as long as our “history” has been informing us of our past), but never with such an ability to administer such destruction or such destructive alteration of our species, by such a method and on such a grand scale! Clint Richardson (See: The Corporation Nation) describes this as fifth generation warfare, with fourth generation being the propaganda creating the ignorance to where most of us can not even consider such a reality (thanks to the ongoing dumbing down, for generations, further back then anyone seems to know or care). The irony is that this spraying contains chemicals that are simultaneously dumbing us down.

    We blithely turn our backs on other nations by our silence and submission. Accepting the annihilation (real or to some lesser degree severely destructive) of others, by allowing un-protested, the actions of our so called leaders and their mind-controlled minions (many of which are our friends, family, or acquaintances). — Guess what though, we too are the enemy. All of us, believers in the system or not, we are all now the equivalent of a bug on these elite’s sidewalk. Literally and figuratively a sidewalk that they are using to get to their megalomaniacal utopia. Yes, money corrupts, money maddens, and money has given these people, this select secret group of maniacs a tool to have power like never before, like no one should ever have ever!

    Who’s stupid here? Not these tyrants who are not even perceived by the average person. But because of these tyrants’ fear of us waking up, this may be why this spraying is being ramp-ed up — I theorize the pilots of these spraying planes are prisoners of recent war-torn countries, or possibly Russian or Chinese or some other unempathetic foreign, mind-controlled, ‘anti-American’ group, such as Israel.

    This is conjecture mind you but there is alleged evidence out there (clues) — and evidence of the kinds of deadly harmful chemicals and even viruses found in test samples after these planes have sprayed. The research and work is out there. The actions and movements or just basic awareness are strangely nonexistent. Have we all just given up? Is it hopeless? Are we literally being forced to consume a literal “blue pill”? Has it already taken it’s effect? We podcast, we talk but seem unable or uninterested in reaching any kind of higher level (Maybe ‘higher levels’ have already been banned and are not even being ‘televised’ on the internet?). Regardless, we are reaching higher levels of truth and numbers, possibly only to be sprayed even more. — “The bugs are thinking too much, more spray!”.

    Is the Phoenix, Arizona area being hit extra hard? I’ve been stuck here for several years now and I desire to leave as soon as possible. I can not imagine this is happening everywhere!

    Then there’s contrails as the given explanation, which threw me for a loop for years. So the accepted explanation is normal flight patterns and condensation. Yet these flight patterns seem anything but normal (look around, watch). It is an obvious organized grid being deliberately administered, strategically fogging the sky, which then seeps all the way down to the ground, you’re breathing it. I’ve even seen multi-colored oil like reflections of light in these clouds, not a rainbow but the rainbow-like colors that are often seen in a pool of leaked automotive chemicals in the right light. As well, these clouds do not behave as condensation either because they’re not condensation. Modern jet engines are not even suppose to condensate these days, as they supposedly re-burn their own exhaust. Even when considering this to be condensation, how could it be at such a rate? Not dissipating but increasing, saturating everything for days. Only clearing when the spraying strangely and completely stops for an indeterminate number of days and the natural breezes are given enough time to clear everything out (which is hardly ever). ‘Manic spraying one day and no spraying the next’ is bizarre in itself. — While the average matrix-like inhabitant questions nothing, nothing his TV or mainstream feed hasn’t given him to question.

    Ab (see: Fakeologist) once postulated that this could be hydrogen fuel technology being utilized and knowledge of it just being kept from us oil-dependent (enslaved) masses. — A good optimistic guess though not very thorough. This would not explain the abnormal flight patterns and how all these spraying type (unmarked planes) are always independent or unconnected with any of our local airports, always passing right over them. As well, this would not explain the persistent increasing of these trails into clouds, not decreasing as condensation would but increasing, creating cloud-like formations or fumigation-like fog. — As well, not explaining the content of these persistent fogs.

    I’ve even seen first hand a fibrous silk-like strand twenty to forty feet long (on a heavy chemtrail day). Barely visible, I happened to see the light flicker off of it as I was walking by, it was caught on the antenna of a car and wavering in the breeze. When I touched it, it turned to such a fine particle it disappeared. What natural material does this?

    Most dismiss these chemtrails as normal air pollution or those who pay even less attention think it’s just cloudy weather. Yet anyone who pays attention can see the correlation with these unmarked planes. Are they not spraying in Canada Ab? If they’re not, this may be where the people behind the spraying reside?

    Another question many put forth is “Why would they spray their own?” I suspect they’re not! Which ties in with the size and shape of the earth and who is on the top of the power structure and where they might reside, Canada? I doubt it. Which begs the question, where are they not spraying? And why can’t a website be organized enough to share this information? We have seemingly now an incredible ability to share information world-wide, the internet. Yet I haven’t been able to find such a website on this or on any of our major concerns — never much organization anywhere either, though plenty of bickering about lesser matters … plenty of gatekeepers or limited hangouts. While the controllers of the internet are always just one click away from shutting down whomever they so please, and no doubt already do — either secretly or not so secretly, and any sites still available are controlled or considered no immediate threat, while simultaneously being great for surveillance and info gathering. I hate to be so paranoid but how come this potential seems so limited, and like minds if any are usually so few and far between in this world, and even then their thoughts and conclusions so varied. Consensus slow in coming/control by our controllers not so slow in coming. Are we not men? (“We are devo”). Men in boxes with interactive TVs unable to agree on anything. Rats in a maze with no exit while simultaneously in a fog of unknown origin.

    I grew up in Chicago and it’s near suburbs. I’ve always attributed a white sky to normal weather for the Chicago area, at least for much of the year, but in Arizona much less so, as an accepted normal sky color (Is it true that they even go back and add chemtrails to many old movies). In case anyone forgot the sky should be a rich blue unless something is in the way, blocking, filtering, killing.

    I was in Chicago when 9/11 happened. I was a delivery-driver, there were no airplanes in the skies for days after 9/11, none!
    It was the clearest I’ve ever seen Chicago, and I was still making deliveries, most businesses and traffic quickly returned to normal except no-airplanes. The bulk of our pollution is from these unmarked military or military-like airplanes. Even regular airplanes landing at our airports (though still a blight to nature) never seem to create these kind of visible trails.

    — Who are we and how long have we been under this spell? In this trance, injected, poisoned, exploited? From cradle to the grave,
    helpless, hopeless, trudging on and on in perpetual servitude to some unreachable nonexistent reward that’s been grafted into our psyches for thousands of years through monetary and spiritual alchemy and deception. A hidden seemingly never-ending war being waged against us, forever enslaving and deceiving us. Unknown entities increase their power as we, never resisting with proper minds, remain unaware or at best apathetic.

    Chemtrails, you’re breathing it.

    Black Dog

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