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    Citigroup was on paper by far the largest tenant of WTC7. Floors 28-45 allegedly. Are detecting a pattern here?
    No planes hit WTC1/2 and no planes hit WTC7 either. The only difference being there were no reported deaths in the controlled demoltion of WTC7, which may also have been underoccupied or unoccupied.

    Elsewhere we read a key Citigroup witness was quickly reported to the BBC as escaping from the event.

    An unlikely UK survivor Ian Robb

    The survivor Simon David Perkins b 1970 was stated by the BBC to work for Schroders Salomon Smith Barney. His [recently late] father Raymond SB Perkins [m=Ann M]
    was yet another proponent of the plane crash trick.
    “When I heard about the attack I was convinced Simon had been killed and it was not for another four hours until I learned he was safe.
    “We are very lucky that he is still alive.
    “If he had been there when the planes struck he would have had no chance of getting out.”

    The narrative is curious because he’s placed on the 52nd floor of an adjacent building. “next to the twin towers”
    Well, that’s not WTC7 of the controlling Citigroup.
    Citigroup’s European investment banking arm traded as Schroder Salomon Smith Barney from 2000 to 2003

    Here’s Simon

    source –
    Simon Perkins
    Senior HR Manager at HSBC

    Based in New York 1992-2006. back at 9/11
    Senior Vice President
    Company NameCitigroup
    Dates EmployedApr 1997 – Jun 2006 Employment Duration9 yrs 3 mos LocationNew York City
    Senior HR Generalist, Investment Bank Division
    Training Manager

    Simon holds a B.S. in Managerial Studies from Aston University (U.K.) and an M.B.A. from Seton Hall University. He is an avid traveler and amateur photographer.
    In 2000, upon the acquisition of Schroders by Citigroup,
    Sir Win Bischoff, the chairman of Schroders become chairman of Citigroup in Europe.

    Which building was Simon in? Well, it could have been the Citigroup Center which was 59 floors high… but it was at 601 Lexington.

    As noted elsewhere, another Citigroup worker from the UK was in Manhattan on 9/11, Darren Chilcott who has also ended up high in the HSBC structure…

    Deaths on 911?

    Another story about Perkins contradicts the above – he’s now working in the 52nd floor of TOWER 2
    HERO Simon Perkins calmly led colleagues to safety from the 52nd floor of Tower Two moments before the World Trade Center skyscraper collapsed.

    Computer expert Simon, 32, from Plymouth, Devon, who survived the 1993 WTC bombing, ordered 60 staff at merchant bank Salomonsmith Barney to evacuate.
    His parents in Looseleigh, Plymouth, feared the worst because he often went to the top-floor gym before work. But Simon was in his office making tea for colleagues when the plane hit.

    source – Daily Mirror September 13 2001
    A hero…. we always need those in fake events.
    Well, that would be the offices of Guy Carpenter on the 52nd floor of WTC2. I fail to see whom Simon would be mnaking tea for in there…

    The key document which points to the complicity of Citigroup is this rather scripted document, a November 2001 issue of Citigroupworld

    Click to access doc41citiworldnov2001.PDF

    which we’ll look at next.

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    Excellent research, thanks. Now this begs for the same old question : is there anything relevant to be found inside the new tower?

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