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    Probably the topic I’m most interested lately is how they are using Twitter and other social media to get the quotes, “facts”, rumors, and media (video and pics) out there for the fake stories. Often an important piece of info will come from somebody with direct ties to some organization related to the story, they’ll release it on Twitter and the news article will run it but fail to mention that the person works in the related industry or PR or newsmedia.

    Well, I find this frustrating and I’d like to confront some of these accounts, whether they be real or not somebody is tending to them.

    So my idea is to make a Twitter account that when a likely fake story breaks posts a link to a blog describing the background of the story, media released so far, and the characters that released it, and the problems I have with it.

    Then tweet directly to the sources of the fake media/comments asking for more details. Hopefully get a conversation going.

    Basically rinse and repeat with every story I find until you have a Twitter feed that is showing the trend quite clearly.

    I’m not sure how to approach this though. Use my real name or not? Directly call them out on fakery or beat around the bush trying to get more details?

    I like this idea a lot, because *nobody* seems to be calling out these accounts. Some of the accounts are even quite smug or joking about it, going back and forth with other involved people as if it’s a big joke.

    Looking for some input on this, if it’s a good idea, what tone to use, really any ideas you have.


    Nice idea! They can probably track you regardless of whether you use your real name or not. And if you get lots of followers they may crush you! I wouldn’t dare to do it, but I like the idea.


    I’ve been mulling the idea for awhile because I don’t think I can sit back and watch this and do nothing, especially when they make it so obvious.

    Yeah, I don’t hide my own identity that well, but using a pseudonym at least helps keep away the everyday shills and tards that just like to harass.

    I need to have a better idea of what exactly I’m going ask the other accounts on Twitter before I do this but I really want to. I suppose if it got problematic Twitter would probably delete the account citing harassment or something.


    Twitter at least pretends that you can talk back and forth with people in the media, or the President, etc. I don’t often see much real communication though, just back-slapping


    I like where you want this to go. Fake name seems appropriate for a fake story, lol. I would think you will get more flies with honey. Repeat the details, then ask for one detail more. Just that simple. Since tweets are short any way, you won’t get much on them.

    Tweet one known fact, then ask for one unknown fact, but send out several tweets.

    Why stop at one account? Maybe one account is for ‘where’, once account is for ‘when’, etc. I’m thinking out loud here.

    What do you think?

    K Ham


    I like those ideas. I was thinking that if only one account then I’d probably want to start by just asking for more details. Nobody seems to ever do that, so it would be interesting to see the response.

    But I’m sure I’d want to get more devilish.

    The one time I emailed a photographer about her exceptionally fake looking photo I was really blunt. Explained that the story looked fake as hell, fit a meme with running industrial disasters, and a meme with people standing on railroad tracks during disasters. Then pointed out all of the problems with the shadows and light levels of objects in her photo and asked if she could give a version bigger than 640×480.

    She responded “Wow, my photo must have really popped, thanks for the compliments”. Then implied that I was crazy, I went back and forth for a few emails but finally told her I’ll drop it since there was no progress. It was fun but I didn’t feel like it was a good idea for some reason.


    Wow, she replied at least. I have actually also gotten a reply from a person I asked about fakery. No confession though. :mrgreen:

    It’s a bit sensitive since the fraudsters are in a very vulnerable position if they would admit anything. So I don’t press on.


    Yeah, I don’t expect admission, but it’s nice to think that they might occasionally start sweating. Nobody challenges them

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