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    As with Paul Gilbey, who seems to have been known to many relatives and friends throughout SE Essex, UK, so too must a myriad of people in Birmingham and East Coast USA be riding along in pretence of having a relative, even a very close one, called Andrew Bailey. While some of them may be keeping 9/11 related secrets, I don’t think this is one of them.
    On Andrew’s tribute page we notice another occasional visitor, Edlyn

    Initially Edlyn Cabrera in 2003 but subsequently Edlyn Sarante, still of the Bronx, NY.
    The tribute is verbose and scripted but from a close friend, with some unscripted codicils…
    PS. I got married 07/07/07 hmmmm

    Take care Mr. Bailey “lol”

    Well well well.
    The twitter try-out
    leads to a dead FB page, but here’s the current one… kuka the clue-ka there.
    10 September ·
    I am a survivor #wewillforget #marshians

    Perhaps “we will never forget” – or do they want to forget it after all? **

    A curious friend flits by, clearly he’s not in on anything…
    Javon Bennett You was in thw building during 9/11??
    10 September at 19:51
    Edlyn Viloria No I happen to have a day off. It was supposed to be Monday but something told me go in and just take off Tuesday
    2 · 10 September at 20:58 · Edited
    Javon Bennett Wow…..didnt inow you worked there….
    1 · 11 September at 01:09
    Edlyn Viloria Yup indeed from 99-01
    11 September at 02:34
    Javon Bennett WOW………
    11 September at 02:59
    Javon Bennett When we used to live in this townhome when we first got here my neighboor worked there and he took off work that day too….and he was on the higher floors…he would not have made it out.
    11 September at 03:00
    Edlyn Viloria Me too. Which tower did he work in? I worked at 1 WTC 97th fl
    11 September at 12:05
    Javon Bennett I cant remember off the top of my head. It was like 6 yrs ago.
    11 September at 13:11

    Very telling. CEdlyn is well involved…

    **Henry to the rescue
    Henry M. Adames #wewillNEVERforget*
    · 11 September at 02:29

    Other visitors to the legacy page keeping the death alive include
    Gissette Benitez
    and Melissa Florio-Benitez
    who must be relatives of Aila.
    Melissa Studied Criminal Justice at St. Francis College and
    Studied Anthropology at College of Staten Island and is Married to Tim Florio
    From Brooklyn, New York

    September 09, 2007
    I know you are laughing in heaven! Can’t wait to see you again!
    Gissette, Kyel, and Elias

    Whaaaaaat??? Gissette, married to William Flynn, is perhaps Aila’s sister.

    One more comment from 2011 at Legacy is worth noting, that of
    ~ Alicia G Guerrero, Deerfield Beach, Florida, b. 12/18/70 formerly of the Bronx,[relative Alejo O. Guerrera] and who sounds like another of the “old Marshians”.
    who seems to be in the know. Otherwise all tracks are covered.


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    To wrap up this “victim” Andrew Bailey for the moment, here’s the linkedin for Edlyn
    Edlyn Cabrera

    Administrative Assistant
    Property Management Group, Inc
    December 1997 – February 1999 (1 year 3 months)

    Administrative Assistant
    Marsh USA, Inc
    February 1999 – June 2004
    (5 years 5 months)
    Serviced three separate departments.
    Arranged meetings, travel arrangements, car services for employees.
    Maintained and updated phone list, attendance records, schedules, supplies.
    Met with prospective clients and vendors.
    Assisted management preparing and reviewing financial statements.
    (Open)2 recommendations **
    **Michael Cantatore Desktop Engineer
    Marsh & McLennan
    1996 – 2004 (8 years)

    **Bradley Morrow Senior Vice President
    November 1997 – June 2016 (18 years 8 months)

    who in turn was recommended by
    John Schmidt
    Global Network Security Director

    Marsh & McLennan
    2000 – 2005 (5 years)
    John Schmidt has no online connection with the WTC or 9/11…but while searching I came across an unrelated online source from a Princeton alumnus Red Barrington who, in 1984, travelled from Englewood NJ to the 85th floor of the WTC to work at Keefe Bruyette and Woods.

    On September 11, 2001, our headquarters in the World Trade Center was destroyed and 67 employees perished. Five of our nine board members, including our co-CEO and Chairman, died. The employees of several departments were nearly completely lost.

    Were these fictitious board members? All their attendance at board meetings faked? Surely not?

    Any UK “victims”? Surely not? To be sure, yes…
    . Derek Sword, 29, from Dundee, was working for American finance firm Keefe, Bruyette & Woods when the second jet went into the south tower.
    Scottish “victims” are more difficult to trace and prove their existence but perhaps I’ll have a look now.

    reference –
    Vice Chairman Andrew Senchak was “away from his office”..

    Click to access A-Battered-Firms-Long-Way-Back.pdf


    Chairman and Co-CEO on 9/11 was Joseph Berry and his 23 year old son Christopher Berry who had just joined the firm three months before 9/11…

    The current board is here
    including some 9/11 old timers…
    e.g. Seth Blair who has a three year lacuna after May 2001 in his Marsh CV. Gardening leave?

    and Peter J Wirth, on the books since 1982…

    and Co-CEO John G Duffy – 1978 KBW vintage.

    Lots of secrets there.
    Who were the other board members who “died”? I’ll find out from the list below

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    Before we move on to Derek Sword, one of the numerous twins to “die” in the WTC [and whose siblings leave significant trace] who were the high profile directors of KBW who “perished”?
    Reference lists
    [no trace of Seth Blair in the post-9/11 phone list]

    Key directors who “perished” were David Shelby Berry, 43 [correction to above – it was Christopher Duffy, 23 who “died” along with director Joseph Berry, no relation]
    Joseph A Lenihan, 41 of Cos Cob and Thomas Francis Theurkauf, 44 The last two also left families
    Theurkauf – wife = Robin, children Tommy, Teddy, Henry.

    DS Berry – In addition to his mother, Nancy, of New York, Mr. Berry is survived by his wife, Paula Grant, an executive of Scholastic Inc.; three sons, Nile Philip, Reed Nicholas and Alexander Ashton; a father, Charles N. Berry Jr. of Oklahoma City; and two brothers, C. Nelson Berry III of Seattle and Michaels C. Berry of Bainbridge, Wash.

    The final interesting “death” there is of analyst Dean Eberling who had a high media presence. [wife Amy…”In his last few years, his wife said, he had been trying to spend more time with his daughters, Cori, now 15, and Lauren, who turned 10 on the day of the terrorist attack” – sounds like he hadn’t been around too much as they were growing up….]
    sept 28 1998
    working for Putnam, Lovell, de Guardiola & Thornton.

    july 12 2000, working for KBW
    and several other quotes in the media upto August 2001. He was a go to person for a quote.

    Somewhere in the CNN archives there will be a tape of a TV interview with him
    The transcript is here
    CNN TV march 20 2001

    Sounds pretty real. Or was it a cardboard cut-out in the board room and in front of the CNN interviewer?


    There was over $30m from KBW to be spread around to families of the “deceased”.
    Oct. 10, 2001

    My feeling is we’ll pay the families entirely in cash for their stock, and do it as quickly as we can.

    It looks as if we’ll pay around $30 million — the high 30s, tops — to buy out our shareholders who were lost. The payouts will not harm the firm’s financial position one bit. We have $150 million of capital now, so we’ll have around $120 million afterwards and we’ll have no need to raise additional capital.

    There are four remaining members of our board of directors — myself, [John Duffy] [Vice Chairman] Andy Senchak, Tom Michaud [executive vice president of equity trading] and Michael O’Brien, head of asset management. The other four directors were lost.
    I’ll look at their miraculous escapes later.
    What of our Scottish victim, Derek O. Sword?

    Family of 9/11 victim hope for peace after death of Osama bin Laden

    Derek grew up in Barnhill, went to Monifieth High School and studied commerce at Abertay University, where he graduated with a BA honours degree. He went to work for an Edinburgh investment bank, moving to New York in 1995…
    Derek, who represented Scotland at tennis as a teenager, met fiancee Maureen Sullivan at a club dinner and they planned to marry in 2002.
    On the morning of the attacks Mr Sword, who worked on the 89th floor of 2 WTC, the South Towerm made three calls to his fiancee and one to his parents to assure them he was fine.
    Friends and family on both sides of the Atlantic commemorated his life through the Derek Sword Challenge squash trophy donated by KBW.
    Derek is survived by parents David and Irene, who live in the Dundee area, elder brother Graeme (42) and twin brother Allan.

    I’m sure he was alright.
    September 13 2001 [while still “missing” according to his employer]
    Asked how she was coping, she responded: “Just, you know, holding in there.”

    She added: “We’ve been in constant touch with his family and his brother in Dubai.
    “Everybody has been ringing the doorbell and phoning up to offer support.
    “When I can’t stand sitting around any more I go out hanging flyers everywhere with his photo and details.
    “We are constantly calling hospitals and it’s just a case of hoping.”

    We? And why cut out his elder brother?

    On the surface it might be a romance of convenience with “fiancee” Maureen Sullivan… her subsequent husband runs a restaurant in Rhode Island and she works in NY where he also teaches.

    Maureen Sullivan, a pharmacist who became engaged to him 10 days ago on holiday in Scotland, said: “After the second plane hit, he phoned me again to tell me that his building was now on fire, but he was OK, to call his parents to make sure they know he’s OK, and that he was going to be evacuated.”

    12:01AM BST 14 Sep 2001
    [i.e. written in the evening of 9/11…]
    September 11 2011
    In October 2007, Maureen Sullivan Derek’s fiancee at the time he died married Ed Moon, who she met on a trip to Block Island. David and Irene were delighted to attend the wedding.

    I bet they were.
    In July 2002, Maureen donated a memorial bench at Block Island, RI.
    because they had visited Block Island several times, staying at the Neptune House..

    Jaunary 13 2002 Sunday Mail [Glasgow]
    Fingering her engagement ring, and fighting back tears, Maureen confessed yesterday: “When I wear it now, I feel very close to him. When I take it off, I just feel empty.
    “I have no plans for the future. New York is getting back to normal but I never will. I have no normality any more.”
    The 30-year-old New York chemist got engaged to Derek just weeks before the attack.
    Derek, from Broughty Ferry, Dundee, brought Maureen home to Scotland before popping the question in romantic Skibo Castle, in Sutherland.
    Maureen, who was in Britain yesterday to support a squash tournament dedicated to her fiance, The Derek Sword Trophy Challenge, said: “It was a traditional proposal. He went down on one knee and everything. I knew he was going to propose, but the ring was a complete surprise.
    “Derek was just wonderful, always laughing and making jokes. He always made people feel comfortable.”
    Since the tragedy, Maureen has been in regular touch with Derek’s family in Dundee.
    His father, retired lecturer David, said: “On September 11, he phoned me and said an airliner had flown into number one tower but he was in number two tower and was OK.
    “He said ‘I have to go now dad.’ That was the last time we spoke.”
    The Derek Sword trophy Challenge between London and New York is set to become an annual event.
    Derek’s brother Graeme, 33, said: “It’s a very fitting tribute and exactly the sort of thing that Derek would have been involved in had he been here. Maybe this will help heal some of the wounds.

    Sounds very scripted.

    Well, Maureen and Ed seem to have set up home in the Bronx
    Chef Instructor Monroe College
    September 2008 – Present (8 years 2 months)
    Executive Chef/Co-owner Atlantic Inn and Eli’s Restaurant/Block Island
    May 1995 – October 2006 (11 years 6 months)

    But he still seems to be involved at Eli’s…**
    Director of Pharmacy Beth Israel Medical Canter – Singer Division
    2000 – 2004 (4 years)

    Senior Director HealthReveal, Inc.
    2016 – Present (less than a year)Greater New York City Area

    November 7 2015
    Eli’s Restaurant, Inc. Stockholders: Bradford G. Marthens & Edward Y. Moon, d/b/a Eli’s Restaurant,

    Back in 2010
    • October 4: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Edward Y. Moon and Maureen E. Sullivan. Plat 19, Lot 2-20. Condominium on West Side Road. $287,000.

    Chef moon – source

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    Here’s the provider of the back story for Derek Sword, Maureen Sullivan [in lilac on right] in 2014

    source –

    From the Guardian , September 23 2001
    Despite the fact that they were twins, Allan, 29, always saw Derek as one of a kind. While they and their older brother Graeme, 32, all played hockey or tennis to a national standard and worked in investment banking, Derek was the one who was unafraid to be noticed in the crowd.
    ..the others being shy, then?

    Evelyn, wife of Allan posts a twin photo to Legacy from Dubai in January 2002:
    Often they would be mistaken for each other and many times when Derek was visiting us, and other people weren’t aware they were twins – people would always mistake Derek for Allan and Derek would always play along for the laugh….I will never forget you Derek, I just have to take a look at my very own husband, and there you are.

    Well, they don’t look at all identical..
    Elder brother Graeme did play squash for Scotland in 1989 in the World championships in Singapore. He now works for Blue Water Energy


    Twin Allan is now in Bahrain with the Arab Banking Corporation,

    Evelyn playing golf

    Click to access page37.pdf

    Derek’s parents remain near Dundee – this image from 2007

    Spotlight Squash in the US

    at the annual Derek Sword squash trophy.
    “In November 2002, Derek would have run in the Marathon. It was always going to be around his 30th birthday (that he did the Marathon), explained Sword’s good friend, NYAC pro Pat Canavan, who is co-director of the event with Alan Thatcher. “His parents were going to come over then. So, from now on, we are always going to have the event on Marathon Saturday.”

    Dave and Irene made an interesting comment, that for them it is sad to think they are coming to New York for Derek because he will not be here.


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    Some signatures of “dead” people of the WTC from Cantor Fitzgerald on legal company documents – Fred Varacchi and Doug Gardner. Howard Lutnick‘s signature is also visible.

    Doug and Howard and Fred

    source –

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    Philip Norton, Cantor’s technological guru, was on the floor with Shaun [Lynn] and remembers the chilling intercom exchanges.

    Lynn and Norton watched dumbfounded as colleagues jumped to their deaths.

    Speaking from New York, Cantor’s global CEO and chairman [Howard] Lutnick, 50, is happy to put the record straight. “The survival of the business is due to the London office and their superhuman efforts. It is without question the reason our firm is here today.
    Lynn, 48, now CEO of the London operation, and his then boss, Lee Amaitis, rallied the troops to fight back from disaster

    Perhaps Lynn is unconcerned that Eaton is not listed on the Cantor memorial site.

    The techological guru
    He began his career in financial markets in 1984, trading Eurobonds for Smith Barney, Harris Upham, followed by 11 years at Cantor Fitzgerald, managing businesses that broker European Government Bonds. His next move was to Head of Sales for eSpeed International in London, where he oversaw the introduction of eSpeed to the European financial markets.

    In 1999 he became Global Head of Sales at eSpeed, where he drove the sales effort for eSpeed’s Software Solutions and eSpeed’s online initiatives and added new products to the eSpeed electronic trading platform.
    Archive August 14 2001 not an exhaustive list but extracts…
    eSpeed Online sm
    North America Brian Murphy
    Europe and Asia Philip Norton

    Cantor Exchange sm
    Administration Glenn Kirwin
    Sales Stephen Roach

    Media Relations
    North America Suria Clarke
    Europe and Asia Cara Kiewel

    eSpeed Sales
    North America David Bauer, Steve Roach
    Europe and Asia David Bauer, Philip Norton

    Investor Relations Elizabeth Logler

    eSpeed Corporate Development
    North America Jonathan Uman, Harry Fry
    Europe and Asia Marcus Wiendieck

    Of these, Uman Kirwin and Bauer received eulogies from Howard Lutnick. Clarke also died, so we’re told.
    The top execs were all family men we are told by Lutnick

    Glenn Kirwin, Head of Product Development. I have known Glenn for years and he was by far one of the brightest, most analytical executives in the industry. It was a pleasure to observe his thought process, the manner in which he analyzed issues and his ability to problem solve. Glenn was truly a creative force in the eSpeed family. His understanding of the business and attention to detail was virtually unparalleled. The systems he designed and the businesses he created are something his wife Joan and their two children can always look at with great pride.

    Anybody who survived in the above list would surely have something to say about 9/11. What about Cara Kiewel?
    Cara is still about
    one of whom is Amy Nauiokas, another eSpeed alumna
    Senior Managing Director, Partner
    Cantor Fitzgerald
    2000 – 2004 (4 years)
    Amy was part of the management team responsible for driving Cantor’s brokerage business online. In 1999, she helped lead the successful IPO of Cantor’s online business eSpeed, Inc., which was later sold to NASDAQ for $750m. Amy also played a critical role in the company’s rebuilding efforts after September 11th, serving as Head of Investor Relations, Global Marketing, Business Development and Human Resources for the firm.

    What was Amy’s 9/11 escape story? She overslept as told in 2007

    She worked for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center and her lie-in was on September 11, 2001. “It’s hard to not just think that I was very lucky that day”, Nauiokas says.

    Sitting for an hour with Nauiokas at the top of Barclays’ headquarters in Canary Wharf, you get the impression that this is the longest she has sat still in a whirlwind career that has taken her to the top of Britain’s biggest retail stockbroker and the management committee of Barclays Wealth by the age of 34.

    Amy doesn’t do 9/11 or Cantor on her FB page…

    Nor does Cara

    who seems to have done a London – NYC swap with Suria Clarke. I guess Cara would have known Suria well.
    November 08, 2004
    Cara Kiewel, VP of PR in Europe and Asia, handled much of the initial media requests – from the US and worldwide – from Cantor’s office in London. Amy Nauiokas, former SVP and director of marketing communications, set up an emergency outpost at her home in New York with the five surviving coworkers. “We were only accustomed to being read about in the business section” of the newspaper, says Kiewel. “It was a whole different kind of media relations: the news cycle. Business-to-business companies are in the news, but we weren’t one of them. It was learning how to be the news instead of generating reasons for people to write about you, like the traditional, proactive PR campaign.” Just over three years later, the communications team is facing another daunting challenge. Although executives know Cantor can’t completely separate its identity from 9/11, the team is aiming to focus on the firm’s suddenly expanding business story. Cantor is increasing its investment banking and asset management services. In doing so, this October it spun off its inter-dealer voice brokerage business with the creation of BGC Partners.

    Sept 27 2001
    Cantor, which lost more than 700 out of about 1,000 employees and its New York headquarters in the attacks, is relying heavily on a team of about 600 at its offices in London, said Cara Kiewel, a spokesperson for Cantor and its electronic trading arm, eSpeed , on Thursday.
    Vice President Communications BGC Partners 2000 – 2006 (6 years)
    Vice President, Public Relations Cantor Fitzgerald and eSpeed, Inc. 2000 – 2005 (5 years)
    Vice President Public Relations eSpeed International 2000 – 2005 (5 years)
    Account Director – Financial Edelman Public Relations Worldwide
    1995 – 2000 (5 years)
    Director Edelman Public Relations 1992 – 1999 (7 years)

    Wasn’t Suria at Edelman?

    There is some extensive correspondence online from Cara relating to new windows at Flat 5 Gordon Place, Kensington a few months before 9/11.

    Click to access 00053897.pdf

    sent from nearby 8 Dukes Lane

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    Beth Logler aka Elizabeth Claire Logler, b 10/16/69 is an interesting 9/11 “death” character. She joined eSpeed only in January 2001 as vice president of investor relations , same time period as Rachel Clarke aka Suria Clarke. Logler was American however.
    she was in thick of planning her wedding in December to Doug Cleary, her boyfriend of six years.

    Everyone who knew Beth will always remember her wit and spark. Many have said that she lit up a room. Beth was an avid runner and skier, a competitor. This drive made her strive for the best personally and professionally. She was happiest when she was at the beach with her family, fiancé and friends. Her greatest joy was making her god daughter Caroline laugh. Beth holds a part in our hearts that no one else will ever fill. She will be forever loved by her parents, her brother Brian, Jane Ellen, Caroline, her fiancé Doug, and all her friends. She loved us all and showered us with her kindness and generosity.
    Claire and Bob Logler, Parents

    Not sure who JJAne Ellen, Caroline are, perhaps sisters?

    Yet another wonderwoman.
    I worked closely with Beth on many projects at eSpeed.….
    Michael Morroni, Coworker
    When Beth came aboard eSpeed, we hit it off instantly…
    Monica Gazzillo, co-worker

    Rather strangely, for someone with such a high position
    Logler didn’t have her own email address, but that of Gazzillo

    Contact Information
    Elizabeth Logler
    Vice President,
    Investor Relations
    One World Trade Center
    101st Floor
    New York, NY 10048
    Telephone: (1) 212-938-3773
    Office of CEO Cantor Fitzgerald September 2001 – February 2002 (6 months)
    Office of CFO Cantor Fitzgerald June 1995 – September 2001 (6 years 4 months)

    Beth’s rather slim Legacy file is here for reference, which needs closer examination – one writer mentions meeting her fiance’s brother, Colin Cleary.

    As expected, the parents and fiance Doug Cleary were wheeled out in 2011

    Every Sept. 10, the Loglers spend the night in Manhattan, in the two-bedroom Tudor City apartment that Beth, who worked at eSpeed, was decorating before her planned marriage on Dec. 30, 2001, to Doug Cleary. And early each Sept. 11, before the Loglers head for Ground Zero, they meet Cleary in the lobby. He hasn’t been inside the apartment for 10 years.
    Now 43, he has not married, though he hasn’t ruled it out. In 2002, he saw to it that a bench in one of Tudor City’s parks bears a plaque with Beth’s name on it. Her memory is with him always.
    “I don’t try to dwell on it,” he said, “but I don’t choose to bury the memory either.”

    Here’s Douglas Cleary today
    President- Innovation Mortgage 1994 – Present (22 years)
    Arranging residential mortgages.
    Marketing Reckitt & Colman 1989 – 1994 (5 years)

    Is this Doug?

    Two years after the 2011 article appeared, Doug was married

    But Doug doesn’t forget Beth

    with a new nest in Manasquan NJ since mid 2014

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    Correction to the above post – Beth Logler was the only daughter of her parents.
    Anything else?
    There’s the expected charity
    Jan 11 2006
    The New York Chapter of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI-NY) is calling on all public and investor relations agencies and in-house investor relations and communications departments in the tri-state area to help children who lost parents on 9/11 start their careers by partnering with the NIRI-NY 9/11 Beth Logler Internship Program

    NIRI-NY receives applications by partnering with the NYPD, the FDNY Family Assistance Unit (, Tuesday’s Children (, the Silver Shield Foundation ( and the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund (

    The internship program was announced by the NIRI-NY board in December of 2001. That board shortly thereafter learned of the loss of member Beth Logler in the World Trade Center collapse. The program was subsequently renamed the NIRI-NY 9/11 Beth Logler Internship Program.

    Contact Mary Beth Kissane NIRI-NY 212-674-7016

    Mass intention at St Agnes Cathedral NY June7 2016,%25202016.pdf
    12:10 Byrnes Family & Elizabeth Logler

    From shortly after 9/11 in 2001
    Howard Lutnick’s Second Life
    New York Magazine – By Meryl Gordon
    His fiercely loyal secretary, Maryann Burns, comes in to ask a question. He looks perplexed for a minute, then says with a gentle smile, “Let’s ask Beth.” He is referring to a dead colleague, Beth Logler. Burns smiles sweetly back. “It’s just a thing we do,” Lutnick says. “It’s a way to remember someone.”
    cited here –
    Odd or what?

    From 9/11 Heroes –
    I worked with Beth at the American Stock Exchange. She was the brightest light – remarkably gifted, articulate and always positive.
    Today is September 11, 2003. I stood on West Street and listened for Beth’s name to be called.
    It was an honor to have known her.
    *** Posted by Cynthia Artin on 2003-09-11 ***
    VP Global Marketing IXnet/Global Crossing 2000 – 2003 (3 years)
    Vice President Global Marketing IXnet 1999 – 2000 (1 year)Princeton, New Jersey
    VP Creative Services American Stock Exchange 1996 – 1999 (3 years)
    In 2011 Prof [David] Musial was asked by Mrs. Cynthia Artin an international philanthropist, to inspire 11 college musical acts to create 11 songs to say “Thank You” to American Soldiers, who have either lost or Risked their lives, to protect our safety and freedom to study and make music since 9/11/01.
    etc etc
    Doug and Jenn, 2015


    Bit of discontinuity perhaps, in the Eaton narrative?

    In the article above (London Evening Standard; 19/9/2001) Eaton was supposedly transferred by his employer, bond brokers Garban, to their NYC office. Where he was then headhunted by Cantor Fitzgerald:

    Yet on the decade anniversary, The Evening Standard (11/9/2011) ran another story about Wortley. Quoting Shaun Lynn, MD of Cantor as saying: “I hired him, lovely fellow, he worked for me in Frankfurt. Then I sent him to New York.

    Almost immediately after 9/11, the Cantor offices in Frankfurt and Paris were closed
    October 25 2001

    Cantor Fitzgerald will close offices in Frankfurt, Germany, and Paris, as the bond broker that lost about 700 employees in the World Trade Center attacks seeks to reduce expenses.
    The firm, which before last month handled about one-quarter of the trades in the $3-trillion U.S. government bond market, shifted most trading to its ESpeed Inc. unit, an electronic trading system.

    “Trading can take place anywhere” as a result of advances in electronic trading, said Tony Tucker, managing director of Executive Resourcing Group, a recruiting agency. Last month’s events probably forced Cantor Fitzgerald “to bring forward some of the things happening in the industry anyway.”

    The broker’s customers in Germany and France can continue trading electronically, spokeswoman Cara Kiewel said. The 48 staff members affected have been offered positions in London, Kiewel said.

    Cara Kiewel was Suria Clarke’s opposite number in London [see previous posts]
    658 people off the books would be quite a saving without shutting offices, or perhaps both were required?

    Just looking for anyone who might have worked for Cantor in Frankfurt.
    Andreas Wilfling, now of Croydon UK
    January 2003 – May 2004 (1 year 5 months)London, United Kingdom
    Salestrader responsible for marketing EUR IRS and IRS OPTIONS to medium to small tier customers in German speaking Europe
    Cantor Fitzgerald
    1999 – 2001 (2 years)London,
    United Kingdom
    Salestrader responsible for marketing EUR IRS and IRS OPTIONS to medium to small tier customers in German speaking Europe
    KBC Bank Frankfurt
    1996 – 1998 (2 years)Frankfurt Am Main Area, Germany
    Salestrader – running books in DM, CHF and USD IRS , mark
    Peter Lewis ex RAF Officer [22 yrs]
    Managing Director, HR & Administration
    Cantor Fitzgerald
    January 2005 – May 2006 (1 year 5 months)
    Partner. Responsible for HR, Facilities, oversight of international office management, co-ordination of infrastructure support for business expansion and integration of new acquisitions.
    (Open)1 recommendation
    Jan Kirkpatrick
    Jan Kirkpatrick
    Building optimum organisations and leadership teams
    It was a pleasure to work with Peter as a client. He is a calm, diplomatic and thoughtful individual, able to get things done and achieve results in challenging conditions.View
    HR Director
    Cantor Fitzgerald
    March 2000 – December 2004
    (4 years 10 months)
    International HR responsibilities covering UK, Europe & Asia for this US-parented major global participant in the wholesale financial markets (3,000 employees globally) which includes the inter-dealer broker, BGC; its technology based NASDAQ-quoted e-commerce associate, eSpeed; and Cantor Index, a retail financial and sports spread betting business. (Cantor Fitzgerald was the worst hit of all companies by the attacks on the World Trade Centre, losing 658 (66%) of employees in its New York

    at the time of the European shut-down
    Blane McDougall still with BGC
    relevant period –
    European Government Bond Broker
    Cantor Fitzgerald
    July 2001 – August 2002 (1 year 2 months)London, United Kingdom
    Maintained German client relationships

    Continued to grow electronic profile within European Government Bond market
    European Government Bond Broker
    Cantor Fitzgerald
    January 1999 – June 2001 (2 years 6 months)Frankfurt Am Main Area, Germany
    Part of team that rebuilt and re-established German and European Government Bond business in Frankfurt
    Created new client relationships both on product and company level
    Introduced electronic broking business on inception of Euro
    Promoted and expanded voice and electronic broking to become No.1 broking company in German Government Bonds
    German Government Bond Broker
    Cantor Fitzgerald
    September 1996 – December 1998 (2 years 4 months)London, United Kingdom
    Completed graduate training programme
    Established position as junior broker in German government bonds
    Developed new client relationships

    Hassan Farhadi
    Cantor Fitzgerald
    June 1996 – January 1998 (1 year 8 months)
    possibly Frankfurt


    Originally from Brighton, Robert sold his one-bedroom bachelor flat in Battersea 10 years ago to pursue his dream in the US.

    He had been selling bonds at brokers Garban in London and transferred for a brief spell to the firm’s New York offices. His talent was recognised and rewarded by the firm but in no time he was headhunted by Cantor Fitzgerald – one of the world’s largest financial companies. He rose rapidly into the higher echelons of New York’s financial world.

    The Eaton Narrative is all over the place C/F are clearly trying to cover up something here.
    According to the above article Eaton sold his London flat in 1992 when he was 28, prior to being transferred to New York by his then employer Garbans.
    Yet I’m sure he never worked for C/F’s espeed until 1999. So 7 years with Garbans in New York is hardly a brief spell.
    Is it possible Eaton may have been doing some underhand business with C/F whilst still employed with Garbans ?

    I think we can assume the flat was purchased in the late 80s maybe when he was 24/25. This would have been at the height of the 1980s financial boom, so by selling it in 1992 he would have made a significant loss.

    The C/F Frankfurt office clearly played a major role in the 9/11 scam & was important for setting up espeed. It was handy for it to be been shut down immediately after 9/11.

    Clearly Robert Eaton was making regular New York to Frankfurt trips. One trip just 2 weeks prior to 9/11 according to his father.
    And an ex C/F employee posting on the soccer forum, saying he can remember Eaton working in the Frankfurt office.

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    Antipodean – a couple of people who allegedly knew Robert Eaton have apparently been overlooked, one of them had posted on his legacy page of 2007. The other seems like a genuine witness, although if Robert is living in a flat in London, I would have thought he’d have found some football chums nearer home to play with on a Sunday

    From: Stephen Carpenter
    Date: 09/11/2006
    Message: I only knew Robert briefly – I played football alongside him for Station Hotel in the Sussex Sunday League in the early 90s – but I would like to extend my sympathy to his family on this 5th anniversary. I remember him as a bubbly and fun-loving guy and I hope his loved ones can take some comfort from the thought that he brought fun until people’s lives. With best wishes.

    Possibly the Station Hotel at Preston Park, Brighton, less likely Hove.

    Anyway, the more interesting connection is John Zaccardi who also posted at
    formerly of Wyckoff NJ until 2013

    John Zaccardi

    I have been looking out my window and thinking of you today Rob. The days we spent together at Garban and all the laughs we had with each other will never be forgotten by either myself or Christine. Whether it was sitting on a rooftop in London or laughing at a comedy club in Florida, we always shared a laugh.
    Rest in peace my friend. You will always be in our hearts.

    Your Friend
    John & Christine Zaccardi

    The above Garban link is undated although the sole,August 2004, Internet archive capture is free from comments.

    From the earlier link
    From: John Zaccardi
    Date: 10/16/2006
    Message: I worked with Rob both in NYC and London. He became a great friend and I will always remember his smile and his laugh. It was an honor to meet his family and be his friend. He will always be remembered in my family.

    Is this genuine?
    John Zaccardi was prominent in 2011 with his 10th anniversary story
    It’s the standard scripted story,
    The morning of Sept. 11, 2001, started out as a usual working day for me. I was employed as a government securities broker, working at the World Trade Center’s North Tower… I said hello to friends waiting in the lobby who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, a competitor of my company….

    I waited on the street adjacent from the towers, hoping to spot my nephew Steve Strobert exiting the building. Steve worked for Cantor Fitzgerald….
    My nephew Steve was killed that morning, along with many friends and coworkers. These people left for work that morning expecting to return home to their loved ones. Steve left behind a 1-year-old son

    From Legacy
    March 13, 2007
    I was in London recently and it always brings up thoughts of you and your parents. From London to NYC to Florida, we always shared a drink and a lot of laughs. It was an honor being your friend.
    John Zaccardi, Wyckoff, NJ
    [John S Zaccardi]

    This is Christine’s FB page

    There is indeed a friendship with a Barbara Strobert

    who is Steve’s mother

    relative Tara Strobert-Nolan, who is/was his wife.

    Steven Strobert of Cantor Fitzgerald
    September 11, 2011
    I never met Steven, but he was married to my cousin from my mother’s side of the family (Anna Zaccardi)My uncle Andrew Zacccardi send us the story on Steven’s heroics and we were touched by his bravery and compassion for people. He will always be remembered. His family is in our prayers. May he rest in peace. Never forgotten! <3
    Maryann Aceti, Flemington, NJ

    According to legacy, John Zaccardi,now 65, was Steve’s godfather.

    Lives in Northfield, New Jersey
    In a relationship
    Not too much previous history at Linkedin
    John Zaccardi, CFO, Co-Owner
    John started his career on Wall Street as a government securities broker for a premier brokerage firm in New York City, and is also a 9-11 Tower One survivor. Since then, John has partnered and co-owned many other facilities across the US. He has expanded his business interests by partnering in many business ventures in the US and abroad ranging from restaurants to medical imaging.
    Vice President
    January 1984 – September 2001
    (17 years 9 months)



    Barbara Strobert, whose son Steven allegedly died on 9/11 was widowed on December 13 2009. He was 74.
    Frank was the beloved husband of Barbara (nee Zaccardi) Strobert; devoted father of Andrew and the late Steven Strobert; loving grandfather of Frank and Steven Strobert; dear brother of Madeline Macy; uncle of many nieces and nephews. In lieu of flowers, donations in memory of Frank may be made to The Steven Strobert Foundation, P.O. Box 2314, Secaucus, N.J. 07094.
    Severla tributes online
    Back to son, Steven F Strobert of Cantor Fitzgerald – from Legacy..
    He was just a happy-go-lucky guy,” said his childhood friend, Patrick Taylor, 33, of Secaucus. His son was Frankie, aged 1.5 in September 2001.

    9/11 hero Steven Strobert lives on through donations to library

    Note the foundation ….December 2013
    [Barbara Strobert] said the [Secaucus] children also benefit educationally from the five $1,000 scholarships dispensed each year.
    Other “dead” Secaucasians at 9/11 were Arlene Babakitis, Richard Cudina, Nancy Perez, Kenneth Simon, and Michael Tanner

    This is Andrew Frank Strobert, brother –

    Andrew Strobert
    Assistant General Counsel at Verizon Wireless

    Greater New York City Area
    Law Practice
    Additional Organizations Steven Strobert Foundation
    Andrew Strobert uploads several videos featuring Frankie e.g

    and more featuring a younger Steven Strobert who speaks Russian born c. 2006

    who performed for an internet music festival in Kazakhstan in late 2015
    Sept 13 2001
    When I close my eyes, I see my brother, Steven, as a small child. Although we were years apart, Steven was such a joy to be with that we spent hours playing together……Steven’s son, Frankie, shares Steven’s incredibly joyful disposition. Steven was robbed of so many joys of Frankie and Frankie was robbed of Steven. Seeing what Steven left in Frankie is too painful for the thought to remain in one’s mind very long. I only hope that Steven knew that I, and many others, will always be there to protect his son. Steven showed his courage during the ’93 attack by helping a pregnant stranger slowly walk down the 100+ flights of stairs of the WTC. Steven, like so many others who were lost in the Twin Towers, was aware of the possibility of additional attacks. However, they were determined to face their lives like the hero’s they were. I love you, Steven.

    The Cantor memorial from Tara

    Andrew related to Anna Apostu
    Consultant at World Bank

    May 19 2016
    The Steven Strobert Foundation, a non-profit organization created in honor of a Secaucus resident who died in the September 11, 2001 attacks, will be holding an outing at Monmouth Park Race Track next month.
    Strobert, who was 33 at the time of his death, was known for his generosity and even helped save a pregnant woman during the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, according to his obituary.

    “The backpack program memorializes his constant displays of generosity and compassion for those less fortunate,” said Mark Dehnert, a friend of Strobert and the president of the foundation.

    Steven Strobert Foundation Day at the Races

    Steven Strobert Foundation P.O. Box 2314 Secaucus, NJ 07094

    Friend Dehnert, from Secaucus b 7/1969, over two years younger than S. Strobert.

    There was quite an age difference between the brothers –
    Born: November 1959 which would have made him 43 at 9/11.

    Tara Formisano Strobert-Nolan, widow of Steven, put out this GoFundMe in 2015
    As you all may or may not have heard, our dear husband, father, son, brother, uncle, cousin and friend, Tommy Eckert has passed away on June 20th. As our family mourns we hope to support his son Thomas Eckert with a college fund. In lieu of flowers we would love a contribution to Thomas’ college needs.

    Tara now lives in Saddle River with Kevin G Nolan
    Wife of 1, Mom of 4 kids, 5 dogs and 2 cats and happy to be!

    friends with Andy,

    Friends with Barbara Strobert

    It’s like nobody’s interested in 9/11 there.


    Elisa Ferraina was a 9/11 fake victim from the Risk Waters stable.
    She was living in a flat in Ladywell, South-East London, according to voter records. The upper flat in this end terrace house,-0.0197417,3a,75y,322.14h,91.86t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1seN836leECPJ6xzG3mrLOTQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1

    Still being back stopped

    Australians In New York
    11 September 2015 ·
    Elisa Ferraina, 27 – perished on September 11, 2001
    Missed in Australia, loved wherever she is remembered…
    #NeverForget – #LestWeForget

    The other occupants of the house, perhaps the lower flat, were Nicole Webb and Alex Mercer

    This pair subsequently moved together into another nearby flat in Brockley SE4
    Full names
    Nicole M Webb

    Alexandra L Mercer, who is probably Alexandra Clare Mercer b 1978 Leeds. [now Talcer, apparently having married her wife, Moyna Talcer]
    hen party 212
    twitter @smartblondes

    Perhaps Alex could come her and tell us that Elisa Ferraina upstairs at number 118 Embleton Road in 2001 was a real person or not.
    Details of UK probate –
    May 15 2003
    Any person having any claim upon the estate of Elisa Giselle Ferraina, late of 73 Prospect Road, Summer Hill, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Sponsorship Co-ordinator, and of Flat 2, 90 Camberwell Road, London SE5, who died on 11 September 2001, must send particulars of the claim to the Administrators, Mario Ferraina and Giulia Ferraina, c/o Beattie & Co, Solicitors, 9 Staple Inn, London WC1V 7QH, within two calendar months from the publication of this notice
    She must have moved into another short term flat rent.

    September 10 2011
    Greg Ferraina, whose sister Elisa Ferraina, 27, a conference organiser from Sydney, was killed in the north tower; Simon Kennedy, whose 62-year-old mother Yvonne Kennedy was on American Airlines flight 77; and Gosford mother Jacqueline Van Deinsen, whose daughter Lesley Anne Thomas, 40, was an options trader in the north tower, all declined to speak to the Herald after years of media attention.
    I wonder why.

    A Giulia Ferraina died in 2005 in Sydney, aged 86 perhaps a grandmother, she and Mario living in Grayndler, Sydney NSW in 1980 []
    October 13 2015
    Andrew Hastie, rep for Canning in the Australian Parliament on 11 September, 2001. I remember watching it unfold on television that night. That morning in New York, a 27-year-old Australian woman, Elisa Ferraina, perished on the 106th floor of the northern tower. Elisa was the daughter of the late Mrs Julia Ferraina, my second and third class teacher at Ashbury Public School.

    Mrs Ferraina was apparently still a teacher in 2008

    Click to access 9%20to%2014%20Report%20Volume%202.pdf

    Not another one off to an early death.
    Brother Greg is into Motor bike racing and was still at school at 9/11

    Andre is another apparent brother, who didn’t seem to figure until very recently **, and whose business is registered at the same address in Summer Hill…
    The Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE
    Construction (Carpentry) Housing Trade, Certificate III
    1998 – 2001

    ** The US Ambassador to Australia, Morrell John Berry, named brother Andre at the 15th anniversary commemoration…
    We are honored that some of their families have joined us tonight. Mr. Andre Ferraina, brother of Elisa Ferraina. Mr. Simon Kennedy, son of Yvonne Kennedy. Mr. Dirk Van Deinsen and Mrs. Jacqueline Van Deinsen, parents of Lesley Thomas.
    Have they now?

    A recent tribute at the Legacy page, of uncertain benefit to this research
    March 3, 2016
    Thinking of you at this moment Elisa. I worked at PwC and am watching the 911 memorial. I remember talking with you about the conference the day before. I was supposed to be there but was at home with my sick baby. You were the only one I knew who was there that terrible day. I will always remember how fun you were to work with and what a great job you did to organize that conference. I pray you are with the angels and I know you are at peace. Holding your family in my heart always.
    Stacy, Atlanta, GA

    That would be the staged Risk Waters conference for the 9/11 script.

    There is no available obituary for Giulia Ferraina [who was a teacher in 2008 yet is said to be dead by 2015, or for that matter any information on Mario, who also was a carpenter, like Andre b 1978]

    PS The Representative Andrew Hastie, who was taught by Elise’s mother was born in 1982, so that would have been in the 90s when she taught him.
    and joined the military, where he stayed until 2015
    Hastie enlisted in the Australian Army following the September 11 attacks. He cites anti-American sentiment in a university tutorial the day after the attacks as providing the moment he decided to join the military

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    Here’s a real person remembering Elisa Ferraina
    September 11, 2011
    Thinking of you today Eliza and how you tend to pop into my head. I look at your name in the paper and remember back to school when you used to tell people off for spelling your name with an ‘s’ instead of a ‘z’. There were many happy times at school with you and I hope that you are living in peace and have calm around you.

    Love Diann
    ~ Diann Suranyi, Hong Kong

    Checks out, Diann an Australian who has been in London since at least 2005 apart from a spell at JP Morgan’s office in Hong Kong 2009-12. There’s even a contact email for doubters

    However, I think one would be told off for spelling with a Z not an S. I’m sure Elisa is living in peace and calm with a new identity.

    Another intriguing entry from 2013 is from a Neil Weatherley of London.
    September 11, 2013
    Thinking of you today xx
    Neil Weatherley, London

    This I think is Neil:
    Neil worked for Incisive Media from 1998 onwards until 2015….
    Peter Field sold Risk Waters to Incisive Media in 2003. Perhaps Neil worked for Risk.

    Who’s “Rebecca Menger of Sydney”? This person has no other trace. Suspicious.


    What’s this?
    Bringing up a 9/11″victim” on the occasion of the anti-Trump protest march to London?

    Tom Clarke Verified account @TomClarkeC4
    All the Clarke women marching at Gosvenor sq today. Even the late, great, Suria Clarke whose memorial tree is there.
    11:22 AM – 21 Jan 2017 [7:22 PM GMT]

    [he means Grosvenor Square]
    That’s the “late great” Rachel E. Suria Clarke of Cantor Fitzgerald, working on the empty 105th floor of the empty North Tower, who is the sister of Tom, a TV Science editor at Channel 4.


    An extension of the Cantor Family – the Sand/Fraser nexus
    On Park Avenue now, Lutnick shares his glassed-in corner office with Stuart Fraser, the easygoing vice-chairman of the firm. The two started together as trainees at Cantor in 1983 and became very close; Lutnick even played matchmaker years ago, fixing up Fraser, a Missouri-bred wilderness-camp enthusiast, with Elise Sand, the woman who became his wife and the mother of his three children. Fraser, who has stayed at his desk during the recent bomb scares to, as he says, “lead by example,” nonetheless cannot bring himself to muster his old macho Wall Street front these days. Mourning his brother-in-law, Fraser tells employees who seem shaky that he’s logging hours with a therapist and urges them to do so, too. “I feel novocained,” he admits. “There are days when I’m just numb. It took me three weeks to realize this was not a dream, a bad Dallas episode.”

    He tells a story about going to dinner with his wife, Howard, and Allison recently. For weeks after September 11, Fraser says, Elise, who lost her brother in the attack, couldn’t bear to turn on the TV news; all she could handle was the Food Network, for hours on end. She was still grieving when she had dinner with the Lutnicks, and Howard gave her a speech: “Elise, you have to stop acting like you died,” he said. “You didn’t die. You have to live.”

    Hmm. Who would that be?
    Eric Sand
    A stock trader at Cantor Fitzgerald, Eric Sand grew up in Scarsdale and lived the last three years in Hawthorne with his wife, Michele. They have a son, Aaron, who was 18 months then. Eric Sand was on the 106th floor of Tower 1 when the airliner hit and last spoke to his mother-in-law, Sandy Rosenblum, to say there had been an accident but he was OK.

    His parents, Sandy and Lloyd Sand, drove up from Florida when they heard Eric was among the missing. Other family members who were in the New York area for the wedding of a cousin stayed for support, Michele Sand said.

    Sand enjoyed kung fu and studied at a center in Manhattan. He volunteered with a charity organization called RBI, which works to revive baseball in the inner cities. Sand’s brother-in-law Stuart Fraser, an executive at Cantor Fitzgerald, was not at work on Tuesday, Michele said.
    Not even a feeble excuse for Stuart.

    What’s Aaroon upto these days, coming up to 18 years of age? A Britney Spears obsessive, but also remembering dad…

    View this post on Instagram

    Happy Father's Day. I miss you dad

    A post shared by Aaron Sand (@aaronsandofficial) on

    Close friend of Samantha Fraser **Florence, Italy / I am from NY, live in Miami, and studying in Florence
    and Scott Fraser

    aaronsandluvsbritneybitchHappy Father’s Day I miss you dad
    samantha43bethSo cute I miss him too?

    AaronSandLuvsBritney ?@sand_aaron
    Happy Father’s Day I miss you
    9:51 AM – 19 Jun 2016

    A touching collage of unflattering, fuzzy images there, Aaron.

    Touching tribute to mum also

    For some reason, the fake Bataclan “attack” was an occasion to dig out an old fuzzy fave

    As Michele says, Eric had only been working for Cantor for little over 6 months…
    Some nice tributes there from …
    We miss you Eric.

    Denise Griffin, Sister-in law
    Shannon Griffin, Close family friend
    Sandy Smallens, Friend [Scarsdale]
    Richard Kronish, Former Co-Worker of Wife-Michele
    ** Samantha Fraser, Niece
    Tom Wands, Co-Worker at NYSE

    Shannon says…
    Eric was like an uncle/good friend to me. I remember one time my mother Denise, Steve, and I went down to Florida. Eric and Michele were there….

    There’s a lot of Florida about here ***. And a lot of people called Sandy as well as Sand. And it’s a long long way from the boardroom of Cantor Fitzgerald.

    “self employed”
    nice little cameo performance by mum.

    Aaron Sand
    16 February 2016 ·

    March 11 2002
    During the past six months, 14- and 16-hour days have been the norm. Michele keeps busy running to the hardware store, shopping for her son, buying furniture for her house, reading a good book…..normal for Michele still feels very far away as she struggles to put her life back together without her husband.

    After Eric’s death, what was left of Michele’s life in New York followed her to her parents’ South Florida home.

    “I think I knew almost immediately that I was going to come down to Florida at least in the short term, because my support network was there,” says Michele, whose parents, Sandy and Barry Rosenblum, moved to Lake Worth four years ago. “Not only their emotional support for me, but their help for Aaron.
    “I didn’t know how long I would stay,” says Michele, 32. “I was pushed a little bit. Everybody said this was the right thing to do.”

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    Simon Maddison has a lot of back story in Harlow – Passmores School
    friend Jonathan C Vogel [two years older, Harlow]
    I can’t get a handle on his best man, Stephen Head of Hampshire England though, whose apparent wife Nicki seems unusually far more concerned, despite never having met him…
    Tributes seem to be tapering off, especially from the family of his sister Elizabeth M [Liz] Collis and her three children Gemma, Louisa and Nicola and brother Stephen [wife Susan daughters Emily and Kathryn [Kate]

    The geneaology checks out too – His mother, one of nine children from South Wales, Violent Margaret, died in 1997. His father Peter J Maddison was quoted on the same page of a Sussex newspaper as the relatives of well documented “victim” of 9/11, Robert Eaton.
    Simon Maddison, 40, was killed when the first plane hit the north tower, where he worked as a consultant for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 103rd floor of the World Trade Centre.

    His father Peter Maddison, 76, from Horsham, said a couple of months after: “We just try to carry on one day at a time, otherwise it would be too much to bear.

    “Simon was a son to be proud of, generous to a fault and totally dedicated to his wife and children. It is really hard to believe he is not coming back.”
    For Simon’s American wife Maureen, 39, who he lived with in New Jersey, their three children are the legacy he has left behind.
    Simon was described as an adoring father of Caileigh, seven, Kyle, four, and Sidney, one. They may never see their father again but they have been taught what a special person he was.
    The family flew from the US to attend a remembrance service in Westminster Abbey in November last year for the British victims of September 11.

    Caileigh and Kyle presented a posy to the Queen as she arrived.

    Mrs Maddison said: “The real importance of presenting the flowers is about them knowing their father was so special that even the Queen wants to have a memorial service for him and the others who died.”
    Widower Peter was listed living with his daughter and husband Norman Collis in 2002.

    However, niece Emily has posted a tributed on the 15th anniversary

    Emily Maddison
    11 September 2016 ·
    Simon Maddison, gone but never forgotten xxx

    liked by 20 including
    Liz Collis
    who spent time in Christchurch New Zealand in 2013

    No tributes from

    I guess that’s brother Steve
    liked by widow Maureen
    and Simon’s daughter

    No comment from

    It seems like fun all the way.

    Dawn Thomas of Harlow provided a tribute at legacy.
    Here’s Mark Thomas, and Maureen likes it

    Dawn is a friend of Maureen

    I notice another like from Liz’s youngest daughter and niece of Simon
    now Nicola Fletcher,
    studied at Tanbridge House School
    which is interesting because a teacher at the very same school died in mysterious circumstances in 2009 [inquest 2010]
    and…he was an old boy of Robert Eaton’s old school, Brighton College, perhaps a faked death.
    A note on the Tanbridge House School website from headmaster Jules White says: “I am extremely sorry to confirm that Stephen Head ‘slipped away’ from us all on Saturday morning. Our deepest sympathies are, of course, extended to all that knew and loved him.
    who was actually a contemporary of Robert Eaton

    Perhaps just a coincidence
    September 19, 2006
    Thinking of you and your family at the hard time of 5 years that have past.
    You knew my husband Stephen he was your best man at your wedding.
    Sorry I never got to meet you.
    All the best to your family and your lovely children.
    Nicki & Steve
    ~ Nicki head,
    Hampshire UK

    This may be Stephen M Head of Andover Hampshire, married to Nicola J Head.
    I don’t seen any link between Simon and Mr Head or even a marriage between the Heads.

    Elder sister of Nicola, Gemma:

    Last word from Maureen…

    Well, everybody’s all still there and very ‘together’ in 2016, 15 years on….


    Here’s one for the site’s Australian members to look into.

    After some recent googling I was trying to get information of the Qantas flight LA to Sydney on 9/11, because it was a connecting flight for Australian passengers aboard AA11 & AA77. Given that American Airlines code share with Qantas.

    Alberto Dominguez who I thought was a probable sim.Allegedly aboard AA11.
    He worked for Qantas and was apparently known to self styled Oz 9/11 activist John Bursill.

    If you follow the links in the above Lets Roll post it illustrates that Dominguez cancelled his flight at the last minute.

    I thought that I knew all there was to know about this Sim. Until I recently discovered that he was involved in the start up of SBS Australia’s first migrant ethnic TV station.


    Alberto Dominguez was the first Australian to die on 9/11. Better known by his nickname, ‘El Pocho’, he perished on-board American Airlines flight 11, the first plane to plunge into the World Trade Center on 9/11. He was a pioneer, one of the first broadcasters to breathe life into SBS Radio, where he worked for 13 years.

    But in spite of being a beloved and prominent figure in the Spanish-speaking community, when news of his passing hit mainstream Australian media, he was only remembered as a 66-year old migrant, a ‘Qantas baggage-handler.’

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