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    Dominguez seems a real person, plenty of back story. Probably retired somewhere – 66 years old at the time.
    Just picking up one legacy tribute at random..
    December 05, 2006
    I’d like to send my deepest condolences to Alberto’s family.

    So sad, Pocho is greatly missed in the Uruguayan community. My parents also came from Uruguay and knew Pocho before arriving in Australian. And were deeply saddened to hear of his passing. I think dad still got my old tape with him on it and it’s good to see that his memory still lives on. I can’t remember him I was young when I met him. My family sends a pray from him.

    Seems like a Lithuanian name, but anyway,here she is…
    Department of Defence
    This looks like a brother
    The Lithuanian name has existed in Uruguay

    This ex-Qantas [hmmm] employee has put up few annual tributes at FB but not at Legacy

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    There is a legitimate reason for Alberto Dominguez cancelling his flight on AA11 at the last minute.

    Being a Qantas baggage employee he would more than likely have been kept in the loop about a pending strike by Qantas employees due to happen on Sept 12th. (Sept 11th LA time). So his connecting flight at LAX would have been cancelled if there was a strike by Qantas workers at Sydney.

    On the 12th of September 2001, Qantas was expecting some industrial action around the network and I was sent to Adelaide to oversee security during the action. My family lives in Adelaide, so I was at my brother’s house. It was late in the evening on the 11th and my brother and I were standing in his family room telling jokes and chatting. There was a TV on in the background with a US breakfast show and I remember telling my brother to move aside because “an aircraft has just flown into that building”. The next morning, the industrial action was cancelled and I was on the first flight back to Sydney.

    What of the possibility that senior Qantas management had fore knowledge of 9/11 (after all AA were code sharing with them), so were quite happy to allow the industrial action to go ahead because, international flights from the US to Oz would be grounded anyway..

    Which brings me to this Clues Forum post of other persons cancelling AA77 flight to connect with the LA to Sydney flight on 9/11.

    (Below is the image I posted that cannot be viewed now on Clues forum)

    Lucky 9/11 escapees & friends.

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    I can’t understand why there would be a flight cancellation and still the passenger was killed off from the script.
    While looking for more info on Dominguez, I happened upon this short lived blog

    The writer duplicated the research at LRF. It touches on Dominguez. The conclusion at LRF seems to be that the perps did mess up, not least with the two Montoyas, also from flight 11


    Following on from Antipodean’s thorough Robert Eaton analysis, I note his post on fellow Brighton football fan
    who was instrumental in setting up the REMF memorial fund

    Incidentally, and coincidentally there is some unseen amateur footage of a trip up to the viewing platform of WTC2 posted by another Paul Neal [one assumes]

    Paul Neal is quoted at the time variously escaping from the 63rd and 100th floors of WTC1, described as a “transport consultant”

    A Sussex man described how he had to clamber over dead bodies as he fled from his desk on the 100th floor of the World Trade Centre seconds after a plane crashed into it.
    hot copy…September 13 2001
    Paul Neal, a 40 year-old transport consultant from Goring, was at his desk when the hijacked plane crashed into the side of the building just above his office.
    As smoke from burning aviation fuel engulfed the floors above him, Mr Neal called his company’s offices in Newark, just outside the city, to tell them what had happened.
    None of the lifts in the 110-storey building were working so Mr Neal and his terrified colleagues started the long climb down the stairs to the basement where they hoped they would be safe.
    Mr Neal, who had been working in New York since April, said he had to clamber over dead bodies which blocked the stairwells during his descent of the building, which took almost an hour.
    He took shelter in the subway beneath the building, only for the nightmare to begin again as the building above began to collapse.
    The huddled survivors heard a rumbling noise as the building began to break up and realised their only hope was to run for their lives.
    The choking clouds of dust and debris made it almost impossible to see but somehow Mr Neal managed to get out alive.
    Mr Neal’s mother Brenda, 72, of Sunny Close, Goring, and sister Julia had last seen him just two days before when he returned to Sussex to watch a Brighton and Hove Albion match and show off photos of his new apartment in New York.

    They found out via the Newark office he had survived the plane crash then faced an agonising wait before discovering whether he had escaped the collapse of the twin towers.

    Miss Neal was at the TUC Congress in Brighton when the news broke. She said: “We were expecting Tony Blair to give a speech and were just settling down when the news must have flashed across television screens.

    “I rushed out because I knew my mother would be very upset and very distressed.”

    “We waited so long before we heard very much at all. It was terrible. We knew how high up in the tower his office was and we really thought he was dead.”
    “We knew the building had collapsed but we could not get through and it was about three and a half hours before we knew he was safe.
    “He got back to his apartment and tried to call us. We couldn’t believe how lucky he had been and couldn’t believe he got out.
    Miss Neal said her brother left an answer phone message at her mother’s house saying he was fine but very shaken.
    The video noted at Cluesforum isn’t available now but there’s a transcript
    PAUL NEAL: Almost immediately after the impact somewhat bizarrely I smelt a, an overwhelming stench of aviation fuel, jet A1 gas which I recognised ‘cos I’m a private pilot and I’m used to sort of airfield environments and I, and I recall, recall smelling it and almost instantly dismissed it as being illogical and didn’t have any place in the World Trade Center.

    PAUL NEAL: There was burning debris over this whole layer, the plaza level were, well, bodies and body parts and I’m assuming these were the people who’d been jumping.

    One Port Authority death is recorded from the 61st floor, but tenancy agreements and FOIs show only two alleged occupants, Morgan Stanley and Airport Access Program.
    a company developing transport links with New Jersey was not far below, allegedly, on the 61st floor
    Access to the Region’s Core
    a cancelled tunnelling project beneath the Hudson between Manhattan and New Jersey

    So a key perp for the official narrative.
    Where’s Paul now, where’s he been in the meantime?

    Vice President Parsons Brinckerhoff Feb 2011 to date Sacramento, California area.

    Apr 1999 – Dec 2005
    Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton, London UK and New York

    University of Birmingham 1979-1982 B.Sc. Geography
    Activities and Societies: University of Birmingham Air Squadron
    Neal comes to PB after serving as head of surface transport for the London Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), where he was responsible for planning and delivering all aspects of surface transportation, including infrastructure and operational delivery, for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
    He holds a degree in geography from the University of Birmingham in the UK

    Neal seems to have left no footprint on the ARC although he is recorded in 2001 with Booz Allen participating in their sports team

    Here’s another Parsons Brinckerhoff person of interest
    Rick Cardentey
    • Project Controls Manager and Tech Lead – Reconstruction of 1&9 Subway Tunnels at WTC Site after 9/11 for NYCT 2001 – 2002

    • Deputy Project Manager and Tech Lead – Access to the Region’s Core (ARC) Alternatives Analysis & MIS Phase 1995 – 2001

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    Paul’s story about working on the 63rd floor is here, posted by Antipodean

    However the book linked in the previous post indicates that the project team was on the 19th floor
    Sheldon Fialkoff 19th floor WTC1
    Jeff Fosbrook Suite 1973 WTC1

    and Scott Heiber of the Port Authority, not AAP Suite 1973
    James J Kelly [Port Authority again] Suite 1903

    Edward J O’Sullivan AAP Suite 1973

    Chuck Meara Public affairs, AAP One WTC, “65 South”

    Allegedly Newark Liberty International Airport had space on the 65th floor of WTC1
    The 19th floor was allegedly occupied by the Port Authority, inter alia.


    I ought to add that the above WTC1 addresses date from mid 1994.

    Geoffrey A Fosbrook has facsimiles of his letters from 1993 reproduced in this book
    He describes himself as Program Manager for the Airport Access Group, a joint venture between Harris, Parsons De Leuw and DMJM, suite 1973 WTC1
    tel 212 453 3859 Fax 212 453 3047
    An assistant is a Kristen Lee Wolansky Tel 212 973 3197
    One does get the feeling that there was some occupancy in the mid 90s.

    More transport “projects” going on on the 34th floor
    Regional Freight Network and Intermodal Management System – lead agency: Port Authority
    John M Brady, manager, Freight movement, Room 64E WTC1 tel 212 435 5500 fax 212 435 5298
    Room 34E, no doubt on the 34rd floor, was another hive of Port Authority projects
    Robert James and Don Lotz of the Intermodal Development Division of the Port Authority tel 212 435 6032
    Robert Beard tel 212 435 6652 was also busy in 34E on another project for the Port, as was Lillian Liburdi. [this is all in 1996]

    A few more Port Authorities beavering away in the almost empty WTC are listed in this book
    Karen Antion on the 67th floor of WTC1, allegedly
    Frank Lombardi in suite 72S [72nd floor of WTC1] a chief engineer.
    Joseph M Vaccarro of the Port Authority aviation department. He was in 65N in WTC1

    James Harris director of the NY Metropolitan Transport Council was in 82E in WTC1

    Todd Gordon of Brown & Wood was on the 57th floor. This is all in 1993.

    The Staten Island bridges program in 1997 was housed in Room 73W of WTC1

    Another denizen of the 82nd floor was Efrain Lozada of the Tri-State Regional Planning Commission Tel 212 938 3364 but that was back in 1981

    Chuck Meara [see earlier post] actually told his 9/11 escape 10 years later in 2011
    [and indeed had been there in 1993 for that “attack”]
    1010 WINS 9/11 Series: Chuck Meara Recalls The Horror And Heroism Of 9/11/01

    3 part audio.
    On Sept. 11, 2001, Chuck Meara had to evacuate from the World Trade Center for the second time in a decade because of a terrorist attack.

    Meara, who worked for the Port Authority, was in the North Tower in 1993 when terrorists exploded a bomb in the garage. So after American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the building, he and other veterans of the earlier attack didn’t panic.

    They took their time getting out, casually deciding to leave.

    LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks With Chuck Meara (Pt. 1) Audio Player
    00:0000:53Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

    “Our experience in ’93 had convinced all of us that the building could sustain a hit by an airplane,” Meara told 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks. “So, there was no real rush at the time to get out.”
    After a few minutes, Meara and a few other people decided to start walking down the stairs, however, others decided to stay behind a bit longer.

    “I know people who actually sat at their desks who said, ‘Well, you know, I have time. No rush. I’ll get out later,’” Meara said.

    Unfortunately, those people never made it.

    1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks with Chuck Meara (Pt. 2)Audio Player
    00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

    Nearly 10 years after the attack, Meara still remembers the bravery of those firefighters he saw coming up the stairs as he walked down 68 floors to get out of the tower.
    “They’d take a breath on one of the stairwells — they were carrying all this equipment, they were lugging all this stuff. You know, you’d say, ‘good luck, hope it goes okay.’ All those guys are dead.”

    Other moments also stick out in his mind like when he finally stepped out of the tower.

    “I remember walking out of the building and the security guys were saying, ‘Don’t look back there’s stuff flying out, you’ll get hurt,’” Meara said. “Of course, when they say ‘don’t look back’ the first thing you do is look back.”

    1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks with Chuck Meara (Pt. 3)Audio Player
    00:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.

    When he turned around, he saw a huge gaping hole high up in the building.
    “I remember thinking at the time, ‘How are they going to fix that? What are they going to do?’” he recalled.
    Moments later, the tower fell.
    “We got knocked to the ground, it was pitch black and I started gagging from inhaling all the stuff. I was just laying there,” Meara said. “You had no idea where you were, what was going on.”

    No mention of co-worker Paul Neal a few floors below…
    in September 2001
    For the second time in a decade, Chuck Meara had to evacuate 1 World Trade Center because of a terrorist attack. He walked down the 68 floors,

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    “double escapee” Chuck Meara being interviewed at the 9/11 Museum in 2014
    by Robyn Walensky on the left



    Since Paul Neal can’t possibly have detected aviation fuel because there were no planes which hit the WTC, then he can’t be telling the truth, can he?
    He does exist though, and has recently resigned his directorship of the
    on 11/11/16
    Initial address was the Jam Factory gated community in SE1 in 2004, more recently in Vienna Virginia, which house has just been sold for $1.3m on August 30 2016

    Only a modest 100K increase in nearly six years…

    Perhaps Paul can describe in detail the bustling activity on the 63rd floor on the morning of 9/11?

    Julia Neal Fantastic picture! So looking forward to seeing you all
    21 July 2016 at 09:24

    Krista Heinzig Ever moving back to London???
    21 July 2016 at 18:05

    Patricia Tebbe Neal Krista Heinzig No plans in the works, but I’ll never say never!
    21 July 2016 at 19:19

    Expensive wedding

    To repeat…

    Mr Neal, who had been working in New York since April, said he had to clamber over dead bodies which blocked the stairwells during his descent of the building, which took almost an hour.

    “He got back to his apartment and tried to call us. We couldn’t believe how lucky he had been and couldn’t believe he got out.
    Miss [Julia] Neal said her brother left an answer phone message at her mother’s house saying he was fine but very shaken.


    A former acquaintance of Paul Neal has popped into LRF. Ed Bassford, aka Lord Bracknell, previously described hearing Paul’s improbable escape from WTC1, floor 63, in person back in 2006 [the account, not the meeting which must have been earlier]
    source –

    Ed, a baby boomer and product of the university expansion program in the 60s at Sussex, seems to be incensed at the reasonable notion that Robert Eaton didn’t die in the twin towers.

    We can agree that Robert Eaton existed. We have birth records, numerous school records and photographs although his 90 degree turn into the world of bond broking from music is surprising.

    Ed’s argument can be crystallised: a guy told him [Robert’s father] and he saw it on TV with pictures he can’t believe were fabricated. He has a lot of research to do in his confessed copiou spare time where he might discovered the depth of the fraud perpetrated on 9/11 if his mind is open.
    One nugget did emerge however, his son [with girlfriend] was in New York on 9/11! But no photos.

    Ed’s Second wife Roz was an officer of the Robert Eaton Memorial Fund from 2003-2011 which has raised money for various charities, including a football club in New York, in the setting up of which Paul Neal was instrumental

    Expansion of university education has indeed been a big failure if creates a belief system in the media.

    It is impossible that Robert Eaton died high up in WTC1 on 9/11. Mountains of research has shown the silliness of planes flying into these [largely empty and unoccupied buildings] and causing them to collapse and the ridiculous personal testimonies stories which have emerged.
    There are several possibilities, his family have been taken for a ride and he has disappeared into a new identity keeping everyone else in the dark. [not all families are as close or loyal as people make out] His ex-wife [perhaps a marriage of convenience for the sake of plot?] has remarried a tennis pro quickly in 2003 but keeps the name Eaton [odd or what?] not her maiden name.
    VSP – Village Club of Sands Point
    Looks quite exclusive,a few miles north of Manhasset and a long way from her [not their] 2014 built house in Southampton 11968. Husband George leave some trace as a tennis pro at GoTennis, Bayside 11361, again not too far from Manhasset.


    Jacqui, photo 68, on the right at The Hamptons –
    Or the family is in the loop. In which case it would be reasonable to assume that Ed and Roz were also keeping a secret.

    Yet another member of the North Stand Chat football forum was in New York for 9/11, and actually in Manhattan. He was working for a bank which had large amounts of [perhaps unoccupied] office space in WTC7, Citigroup [formed a few years earlier by a merger which brought Saloman Smith Barney under the Citi umbrella.

    Darren Chilcott, who posts as Dazzer6666

    This link has led to some interesting discoveries about Citigroup, an organisation which seems to have been ignored in its involvement in the 9/11 fraud.


    And from Legacy
    September 11, 2003
    I had the pleasure of working directly with Suria at Rowland.
    Having just moved to NYC, she was my first boss, friend and mentor……
    Shannon Filippelli (ne. Watts) Massachusetts

    So, Suria moved to New York from Brussels with Rowland.
    It all checks out…
    Castleton University BS, Corporate Communications 1994 – 1998
    Account Executiv Rowland Worldwide/Publicis March 1999 – April 2000 (1 year 2 months)

    then at
    375 Hudson Street – 7th Floor NY
    By 1999, when it merged with Saatchi & Saatchi Business Communications, Rowland was significantly smaller, and a year later Rowland was part of the Cordiant operations acquired by Publicis.

    More links supporting the reality of Suria Clarke

    Justin Shaw?

    Remembering my colleague Suria Clarke, lost in the WTC, and all who died that terrible day. Take time to cherish those you love today…
    6:03 AM – 11 Sep 2012

    Justin ShawVice President
    Publicis Consultants | PR / Rowland Communications
    Jan 2000 – Jan 2004
    Senior Account Supertor
    Publicis Consultants | PR / Rowland Communications
    Jan 1998 – Jan 2000
    Publicis Consultants | PR / Rowland Communications
    Account Supervisor / Account Executive
    Publicis Consultants | PR / Rowland Communications
    Nov 1996 – Jan 1998

    Karin Gehm Barrett @montauksunset
    Suria Clarke – She just went to work that day….. (a former colleague of mine)
    8:41 PM – 10 Sep 2013
    Benefits Coordinator
    Saatchi & Saatchi
    Jun 1999 – Apr 2005

    [previously Saks 5th Avenue]

    Clarke can’t have worked at Edelman very long if she was at Saatchi from no earlier than mid 1999.

    Off topic – oh lookee, what’s brother Tom Clarke reporting on [as a “Science” reporter on 3/22 in London, 2017?

    Tom Clarke ?Verified account @TomClarkeC4 Mar 22 [3:40 PM UTC]
    At least 3 casualties being treated on Westminster bridge by ambulance, fire and St Thomas’ Hospital staff


    For some reason this film from 2014, The Last Secrets of 9/11

    eluded me.

    It’s interesting because there is a strong focus on 9/11 ‘victim’ Geoff Campbell, with participation by his brother [q.v in this thread] Matt, his mother and his girlfriend from the military, Caroline Burbank who briefly checked into the debate at Letsrollforums as CNewporot888

    after the debate had come alive with Matt a few pages back there.

    See especially from 9:30 onwards, 17:40, 21:30 and 30:25 37:30 – are they really sending hair, scalp and soft tissue by USPS? Right mandible and three teeth…..Mum Maureen Campbell “through he’d really come home”

    A piece of collar bone arrives on his mother’s birthday – which makes her think that “Geoff is still around, as it were and he’s remembered me” [smiles]

    At 29.30, it’s revealed that passengers from AA Flight 11 had some of their remains identified and returned to family [!!!] There is plenty of discussion about the possible simulation and fabrication of DNA evidence at LRF in another thread.

    Part of Geoff Campbell’s upper arm [!] is said to be taken to Ground Zero for burial [@ 40:00 but not repatriated by USPS] Caroline, we learn, has never been back to ground zero since 9/11….

    Once again, there is no mention or photograph of Geoff and Matt’s other brother.

    The church, with gravestone at 23:03 is St John the Baptist, Clayton, Sussex. The nearby windmill appears also in the video.


    Perhaps the sister of Paul Neal, Julia, is not in the loop.
    History teacher [hmmm] and member of the TUC Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Committee
    Currently she’s president of the leadership section of teaching trade union ATL

    There’s one very interesting friend of Paul on his somewhat inactive facebook page

    Nigel Astell
    Nigel Astell | Facebook
    Lived in New York City from 1997 to 2006. Watched the World Trade Center towers collapse from an alarmingly close vantage point. Flew on Concorde in 2003.


    So, what was a man who grew up in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, England [just up the road from Loughton where Geoffrey Thomas Campbell, 9/11 victim, was born in 1969! Indeed Nigel went to school in Loughton] doing “close” to the WTC?
    Vice president at Parsons Corporation
    Studied Psychology at Durham University
    Went to Davenant Foundation School
    Lives in Vienna, Virginia
    Married to Wendy Hannibal Astell
    From Buckhurst Hill

    Senior Associate
    Booz Allen Hamilton
    Dates Employed 1992 – 2006

    Isn’t that Paul Neal’s employer on 9/11?

    A year later, Nigel is listed as a Booz Allen participant at a transport conference in New York

    Click to access megaprojects.pdf

    And now Paul and Nigel are both working for Parsons.
    From 2006…
    Nigel Astell has 21 years of experience in transport management and operations and is an expert in project planning and delivery. He has spent the last ten years in the USA with Booz Allen Hamilton supporting major projects, planning studies and operational reviews for clients including New York City Subway and New Jersey Transit.


    In that above link at Clues forum featuring Paul Neal being interviewed in the dark stairwell, as part of the “Why the Towers Fell”. The Doco has since been pulled.

    It appears to have been replaced with a shorter version also called “Why the Towers Fell” by the same company. Which features Brian Clark also in a black jacket being interviewed in a dark stairwell. Go to 31 & 35 minutes 20 seconds.

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    Thanks for the video, Antipodean. Yes, Paul Neal does sound a bit of a geezer. from his accent.

    He’s followed in the video at 35.00 by 85th floor “Survivor” Bill Forney a one year employee of SMW Trading Company which seems to have been a Chicago outfit with what looks like a virtual office in the WTC
    The NYMEX & the NYBOT
    One World Trade Center, Suite 8571
    New York, NY 10048
    Ha, Paul Neal mustn’t have known this inhabitant of the 85th floor [allegedly], otherwise he’d have instantly recognised him as a fugitive from the flames and jet fuel [!] on the 85th.
    THe 1WTC address seems only to have been added between February 1999 and March 2000

    His wife, Tobey, is still getting mileage out of 9/11
    My current novel, with a working title of The Jumper, is a semi-autobiographical story of 9/11. It begins with a story very similar to mine (my husband was on the 85th floor, North Tower, when the first plane struck) but explores the subjunctive tense of my story — i.e., the what-if. It’s a deeply emotional work which I’m both excited about and disturbed by.

    with Bill, now styled Billy…
    Are there reliable witness statements of people who actually saw airliners hit the twin towers?

    Tobey Forney, Husband is 9/11 survivor
    Written 13 Sep 2016
    Yes. My husband’s colleague watched the plane approach, way too low, from his north-facing window on the 85th floor of WTC1, and jumped to an interior office as it banked up and went into the building above him. My husband felt the impact of the plane, and felt the building sway back and forth from the impact. You can also find several videos of the actual event on YouTube and several documentaries. There is no doubt that planes hit the twin towers.
    677 Views · View Upvotes
    How did it feel to be in the Twin Towers on 9/11?

    Tobey Forney, Husband is 9/11 survivor
    Written 11 Sep 2015
    My husband was in the North Tower, and he said most people calmly made their way down 85 flights of stairs. There was no pushing or crowding — most people were respectful. They didn’t know about the horrors above them, they weren’t sure what had really happened, they didn’t know that #2 had been hit, they didn’t know for sure what had hit their tower, and they were in shock. There were many stories of people helping other people, carrying things for them, helping the injured and elderly. My husband and his friend helped an older woman out and probably saved her life. They were anxious and motivated to get out, but not frantic or panicked.



    In conjunction with the suspicious high rise fire in London on June 13 2017 at Grenfell Tower, London W11, we note the mother of Cantor Fitzgerald 9/11 “victim” Kevin Dennis was wheeled out on BBC Radio [available for 29 days]
    an idiea opportunity for her to talk about planes crashing into the WTC in company of a Lockerbie [q.v.] relative…
    [from 1:50:20]

    Kevin has significant internet presence, and was researched here

    From his mother in the above radio programme…

    “ did he die what happened to him?…….my son is gone and I have to live with that…”

    Family records show a marriage between a Richard Dennis and Patricia M Butcher in Ilford Essex in 1956, the only child Kevin Dennis born Romford 1958 [Q3]

    Terence F Bingley b 1940 married “Patricia M Bingley” twice in 1978 and 1988 [records from] no other previous name supplied, which is curious. The same website does indeed record the births of Kevin and Debra’s [married in the USA] twins in London after IVF in 1994 as Ryan Alexander Dennis and Elliot Maxwell Dennis

    who will now be in their 20s.


    We read in 2009 that Kevin’s mum Patricia had been cut off from her daughter-in-law and the twins.
    Why so?

    “He was my only child. I miss him in every way – his phone calls, his laughter and the funny jokes he used to tell me. I was very lucky to have him for 43 years.”

    Mrs Bingley revealed she has lost contact with her twin grandsons, Ryan and Elliott. Kevin’s wife, Debra, cut contact with Mrs Bingley after she revealed in a newspaper interview the boys had been conceived by IVF treatment.

    She phoned Debra a few months ago, but was rebuffed, and now fears she may never see her grandchildren again.

    She said: “I don’t understand why she has done this. I could have been such a help to her.”

    Well, that must have been after 9/11 since nobody would have heard about Kevin before that date. However, the BBC was already reciting that fact by 9/17…

    Mrs Bingley, 67, who lives in Clacton, Essex, said she first learnt of the tragedy when she sat down to watch the television while eating a snack.
    “I thought it was a film and I wasn’t really paying much attention at first but suddenly I knew it was real,” Mrs Bingley said.
    Stockbroker Mr Dennis, 43, and his American wife Debra had lived in the US since shortly after the birth of their twin sons in 1994.
    Mrs Bingley said her son had adored his children, w

    At that stage, 9/17, Kevin was still missing, along with Robert Eaton and Geoff Campbell q.q.v.

    Patricia ought to be concerned that her only son Kevin doesn’t appear on the Cantor Fitzgerald tribute website

    Employee Tributes D

    Here’s Elliot, playing Lacross for the Richmond Spiders in Virginia
    • Parents are Debra Dennis and Robert Singer
    • Has a younger brother, Jonah, and a twin brother, Ryan
    • Twin brother, Ryan, started as a freshman in 2014 as a defenseman with the Spiders, earning All-Conference and All-Tournament honors
    • Was born 18 seconds later than twin brother, Ryan
    • Birthday is November 4

    and Ryan

    Robert A. Singer and Debra R Dennis [nee Yednak] had bought a $1.5m ocean view property jointly within four years of 9/11, which was rebuilt in 2016, incidentally.
    There is a 1994 Christening notice in the Times newspaper of London for the twins!

    This 2009 article states that Jonah is a year younger than the twins.
    Debra Singer makers her living cooking for others, so when she and her husband, builder Robert Singer, decided to redesign the kitchen in their decade-old center-hall colonial, they made sure that it catered perfectly to their personal and professional lives.

    “We entertain a lot,” says Debra. “We have everything from casual gumbo get-togethers to elegant cocktail affairs. I recently had a party for 150 people.”

    This link
    shows Kevin and Debra, on June 26 2001 [!] buying 1 Jonah Court, Peapack, NJ for $858,920.00 from the developemrs, PEAPACK HIGHLANDS DEVELOPERS LLC
    which Debra alone, naturally, sold for $1,065,000 on June 19 2003.


    I was looking for tweets about UK victims on the anniversary. Suria Clarke? No mention. Well, it was only the 16th anniversary of the psy-op this year.

    This US tweet stood out
    ?Catia ?Merica ?? @CB618444
    ?Say his name #
    Family friend, son, husband, father of 4, died on 105th floor on 9/11/01. His name sits on the 9/11 memorial?
    5:30 AM – 11 Sep 2017 [8.30 AM ET]

    Hmmm ok…
    let’s find out more. Worked for Cantor Fitzerald. Oh oh…

    He had begun to tire of the financial world, and he loved working with children more than doing anything else.

    oh oh….change of direction perhaps?

    It was a tough schedule: there was his son Patrick’s team, the Rockville Centre Revolution, which he coached twice a week; his son Michael’s intramural team once a week; and on weekends the children’s games, which he attended faithfully. When he became junior varsity soccer coach at the Kellenberg Memorial High School in August, his bosses at Cantor said he could work half days instead of quitting.

    He would leave the World Trade Center every day at 3 p.m. to go back to Rockville Centre, on Long Island, where he grew up and still lived with his wife and four children, to coach the high school kids.

    ”He treated everybody’s kid like they were his own,” said his wife, Kathleen Tighe.

    hmm,that’s not high pressure dealing by the sound of it.
    Well, the four kids obviously had a biolgical father.

    Who were they all?

    And it seems there was quite a close knit community of sports coaches from Rockville who “perished”
    in the tight and overlapping microcosm of Rockville Centre soccer, he was not the only one. At least one former coach is missing, as are two former players, three parents of players and two more coaches, both parents themselves.

    Continue reading the main story
    Jim Geyer, 41, worked at Cantor Fitzgerald in the same room as Mr. Tighe, and coached his own two daughters’ teams after work. Ed Geraghty, 45, the chief of the Fire Department’s Ninth Battalion in Manhattan, was coaching the kindergarten team that his youngest son, Colin, played on this year and coached many boys on Mr. Tighe’s team last year. Mr. Geraghty’s middle son, James, and Mr. Tighe’s son Patrick are Revolution teammates.

    Anyone else in this small circle? Why yes, Stephen’s brother-in-law Timmy O’Brien
    O’Brien had hit it big on Wall Street, running the mortgage-backed securities desk at Cantor Fitzgerald

    Both worked in securities trading on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center at Cantor Fitzgerald, a global securities firm that suffered some of the heaviest losses of staff. Both had a profound love of sports and family.

    A comment at FindaGrave adds more family history

    Stephen Edward Tighe
    Brothers-in-Law At Cantor Fitzgerald September 16, 2001On the 105th floor of the World Trade Center, Stephen Tighe of Rockville Centre and Tim O’Brien of Old Brookville, who were brothers- in-law and fathers of young children, worked in securities trading and shared a passion for sports. Tighe, 41, a broker, was planning a career change so he could spend more time doing what he loved most – coaching young soccer players. He had just begun a second job coaching the boys’ junior varsity team at Kellenberg Memorial High School in Uniondale. O’Brien, 40, was an avid golfer who traveled as far as Arizona to play on new courses. They worked for Cantor Fitzgerald, a global securities company that suffered some of the heaviest losses of staff of all the companies affected by Tuesday’s terrorist attack. There are about 700 Cantor Fitzgerald employees missing. The company had offices with spectacular views from the north tower’s 101st, 103rd, 104th and 105th floors. O’Brien headed a trading desk specializing in mortgage-backed securities. A graduate of Hartwick College in Oneonta, he was active in St. Mary’s Church in Manhasset. Besides his enthusiasm for golf, “he played a lot of basketball and was a crazy Giants fan,” said his wife, Lisa. “He was a kind, generous guy with many friends,” she said. He loved to spend time with his children – John, 6, Madeline, 5, and Jacie, 4 – in the back yard, she said, which has a putting green, swimming pool and tennis courts. “He loved to hang out back there with the kids and have people over.” A graduate of Adelphi University, Tighe played in soccer leagues in his teens and 20s and began coaching in 1987. “Soccer was his life – soccer and kids,” said his wife, Kathy. “He was a laid-back, happy- go-lucky guy who just loved coaching.” Joe McCann, soccer coach at Kellenberg, had worked with Tighe, coaching younger boys. “For many years he was a very prominent figure in Rockville Centre soccer,” McCann said. “He had a contagious passion for the game, and he was very patient with the boys, regardless of their skill level.” Hoping to change his career from finance to coaching, Tighe took a first step. He shortened his work hours at the securities firm so he could coach the Kellenberg team every afternoon. In his spare time he coached his son’s teams, said Kathy Tighe, who is O’Brien’s sister. Their children are Elizabeth, 13, Patrick, 11, Michael, 8, and Lindsay, 7 months. On Thursday, the school’s athletic director, Ed Dunn, had to tell the junior varsity team that its new coach was missing. “The looks on their faces and the tears – it was just devastating,” he said. “He had a great personality, the kind of guy you could talk to for five minutes and you felt like you’d known him a long time. I told him I’d made the change myself from the business world to teaching, and I think it helped him feel encouraged that you can follow your dreams.” –Brian Donovan (Newsday)

    Here are some family


    Matt Campbell, one of the two brothers of Geoff Campbell [q.v.] came into the news on a very muted 9/11 anniversary, threatening to protest outside the BBC
    There is no evidence that the protest took place. The other brother Robert never comments on 9/11 or Geoff.
    Matt wrote this at LRF a few years ago-
    Rob and I bought a racehorse in a syndicate of about 40-50 friends & family.
    We only had Geoffstar for a few years and he was sold on (we ran out of funds to maintain it; it’s the sport of kings not normal folk).
    NapXchange was a competition site (based on horse racing and football(soccer)).
    TS-A was a company I founded with two other chaps (not my brother Rob) and I resigned from after about 5 years.

    Rob is not interested in what/who killed Geoff.
    For him Geoff
    ‘s gone and that’s all that matters.
    I have to respect that.
    He also lives the other side of the world (Thailand).
    The racehorse was a way of keeping in contact with a large group of people (family and friends Geoff and ours) and meeting up regularly (sadly we ran out of funds to keep it up).

    It seems the funds for racing reappeared some years later…

    The Omen? @the666omen
    R.I.P Geoff Campbell. #9/11 Twin towers
    11:35 PM – 10 Sep 2014

    The Omen? @the666omen 31 Dec 2012
    There’s a nice finish to 2012 our horse wins at 9/2 1.40 uttox Salut Honore

    The Omen? @the666omen 11 Sep 2012
    9/11 victim R.I.P our mate Geoff Cambell luvd a punt.will raise a glass in Spain bought a horse in name of him Geoffstar trained by T Mills
    The Omen? @the666omen 28 Jan 2012
    @DcNpton gamble landed on our horse #justsaying
    The Omen? @the666omen 28 Jan 2012
    Finally gamble landed our horse wins at uttox 3.15 salut honore
    The Omen? @the666omen 19 Jan 2012
    Our horse runs today first time over fences , fingers crossed for a good show
    Salut Honore (FR)
    Age: 11 (Foaled February 19th, 2006)
    Sex: Bay Gelding
    Owner: The Hexagon Racing Partnership

    That explains the 666…..

    And again this year, Geoff is remembered by the 666 syndicate

    The Omen? @the666omen
    RIP Geoff Campbell #TwinTowers #911remembrance
    1:04 AM – 11 Sep 2017

    [all times PT]

    Directors of NapXchange are listed here
    Mr Matthew Ian Campbell

    Mr Robert Benjamin Campbell
    Company Secretary

    Mr Mark Attwood
    Director Disqualified

    Mr Robert Benjamin Campbell

    Mr Nicholas John Dutton
    It Consultant

    Mr Henry Erskine Young
    It Consultant


    Mark Attwood’s disqualification
    Disqualification Details
    Section of Act Start Date Duration
    CDDA 1986 S7 Disqualification order or undertaking; and reporting provisions
    Start date 04 May 2017 End date 03 Nov 2020 3 years, 5 months, 30 days
    Rob and Geoff, apparently
    Matt Campbell added 2 new photos.
    11 September at 08:13 ·
    My brothers x

    Matt Campbell Cheers Vaughn I’m up in London for the memorial and then meeting with Scott Forbes. I need a sworn affidavit of the powerdown which occurred on the weekend prior to Sept 11th.


    4 · 11 September 2015 at 09:49
    Mark Attwood

    shared Matt Campbell’s post.
    9 September at 10:32 ·
    My mate Matt Campbell continues to fight the most important fight of our lives – getting the truth out about 9/11. If you believe the official story, you must believe in Father Christmas. If you know it’s a lie, as I and millions like me do, you’ve got to go down a deep dark rabbit hole which will rock all of your beliefs about the world to the core, but it’s a journey we must all go on if the world is to survive and become the paradise it should be.

    Matt Campbell

    Matt Campbell In an ironic twist it was actually an ex BBC science editor that persuaded someone at the DM to look at 9/11 again. Sue Reid has covered 9/11 a few times over the last 10 years.
    Like · 1 · 9 September at 12:50

    Mel Campbell I think it’s also the daily mail have negative feelings about the BBC so yes it was in there interest to discuss the BBC relationship and use 9/11 as an example yet, its in there and hopefully changing the minds of those that read that comic!!!
    LikeShow More Reactions · 1 · 9 September at 10:54

    Geoff’s uncle and aunt [also born Campbell] don’t mention 9/11 or Geoff
    Neither do NapXchange alumni

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