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    Monday 24 September 2001
    Geoff’s brother Rob Campbell said: “We were looking forward to the day Geoff would come back to England. As brothers we were all very close…”

    If Rob is in Thailand, he’s keeping a very low profile and seems unconcerned with Geoff and getting to the “truth” about 9/11.


    The well researched

    Ingeborg Lariby Regus “victim” has had her victimhood celebrated by her coterie of close Regus friends in an otherwise quiet 16th anniversary of the 9/11 psy-op.
    [Does Culto really think Carolyn [Mayer] Beug is a morph of Ingeborg?]
    Beug’s pilates teacher checks in to Legacy in 2016
    Surely, disappearing with her “mum” is a give-away on the “flight”
    So, again, we ask ourselves, who they is the mother of these people
    and Lauren

    No 9/11 mentions there, but I digress.
    Did Carolyn help produce the Dwight Yoakam video? Maybe

    Here’s old friend Kim Julian

    I was based in downtown DC at the historic Evening Star building while traveling full time. In August 2001, Ingeborg asked me to come up to New York to help her interview, hire, and train the team for the new space she was going to be managing on the 93rd floor of the World Trade Center South Tower. So I did.
    Would she know what was up on the 93rd floor [nothing] ?
    Hannah Kelley is another old Regus mate of Ingeborg
    She’s English.

    Hannah Kelley
    15 September at 00:12 ·
    Shared via AddThis
    A bit later this year but regardless I miss you loads and you will always occupy such a big piece of my heart. Carpe Diem! ????

    fancy missing 9/11. Perhaps someone reminded her.
    Noelle Nishioka I remember how much she meant to you.
    15 September at 12:50

    Lorraine Veber Carpe Diem!
    · 16 September at 00:22
    Here’s an interesting friend of Hannah –

    Kirsty Holt
    Campion School, Bugbrooke

    Small world! That’s the alma mater of Geoff Campbell [q.v.]!!
    In fact Geoff may have been in the year below! And Hannah may have been in the year below that if she went to the Campion school.
    Well I never!

    Actually, Kirsty nee Stark is Hannah’s sister
    Hannah seems to have contracted a marriage in the UK to
    Simon Waggott

    Hannah is name checked in this post of Culto
    and is a key Regus US insider, along with Ingrid.

    Simon is still a facebook friend of Hannah Kelley [now in the Seattle area] nee Hannah-May Stark.

    Surely some or all of the above know whether Regus’ presence on the 93rd floor was a sham, although a virtual office is not a far stretch for a company like Regus.


    Something caught my eye in the video of the “call from the tower” made by Kevin Cosgrove, a vice president of AON in the South Tower who left wife Wendy and three chidlren Brian, 12; Claire, 10, and Elizabeth, 4 and whose remains were found in the rubble.. [sure they were…]

    which was given a ride around the block on the 15th anniversary in 2016…

    earlier discussion

    From about 4.00 in the above video, he says he’s calling from the office of a “John Ostrau” actually Jon Ostrau and also conveniently mangled for the narrative into Ostaru.

    Where was the wandering Jon who happened to be missing from his “office” on the 105th floor that morning while Doug Cherry and a third, anonymous person allegedly died?

    Ostrau does exist in the insurance world.
    OSTRAU–Bertram M., on December 31, 2011 surrounded by his family. Son of Louis and Irene. Beloved brother of Stanley. Cherished husband of Dorothy. Devoted father of Lauren, Susan, Jonathan (Donna) and adoring grandfather of Ilyssa, Maxwell, Jessica, Jane, and Billy. He will be forever missed. Funeral Services on Monday, January 2nd at Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester at 1pm with interment to follow at Sharon Gardens.</em
    That’s his dad.
    Donna –
    Jon’s linkedin page omits his earlier career in with Aon “in the WTC”, but it continues

    Perhaps this is Donna at GLP>
    Re: Who is John Ostaru?
    His name is Jon Ostrau – he survived the attacks. Kevin Cosgrove
    and Doug Cherry were in his office, Mr. Cosgrove just spelled his name
    incorrectly in his desperate, frantic call to 911. My husband lives with
    survivors guilt every day
    – and his story of survival, a truly unbelievable story, is too long to print here. I’ve read countless posts over the years questioning who this man is. He is my husband, and father of our 3 children.
    It completely broke his heart and destroyed a big part of his soul when he learned about the fate of Kevin and Doug, and the 3rd man whose identity
    was never discovered, and that their lives ended in the office that he loved

    Jon, now in California, and Donna don’t keep FB accounts but there’s no mention of 9/11 in those of their extended families.
    Perhaps Donna can check in here with the unbelievable [probably…] and long story of Jon’s survival of which he has been silent for 16 years.

    Jon but not Donna is a member of the 9/11 museum


    Time to inject a little doggy humour into this thread – an English woman faked the death of her dog…including messages on facebook and a doggy coffin full of ashes…. to prevent it being put to sleep after allegedly savaging a boy at her property.
    The dog was sent to a new life in another location

    Of course, the whole story might be fake in order to generate the above court case.

    Then I come across this recent novel

    A Woman Fakes Her Death on 9/11: The Story Behind the Story

    “People who knew me” by Kim Hooper
    A Woman Fakes Her Death on 9/11: The Story Behind the Story
    Years after 9/11, I heard about people who faked their deaths for insurance purposes. I started to wonder, “What if someone was supposed to be in the towers and was out sick, or playing hooky? What if they faked their death to run away?”

    Actually, you need quite a lot of official help to fake your death, which is always available after any psy-op involving deaths and injuries. [“specially trained officers….”]

    By the way, when did the doggy attack occur? September 11 2016.

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    Two more 9/11 anniversaries since my last post on vicsim Karlie Rogersx and not a single addition to the slimmest of slim Legacy tributes.

    And any visible facebook connection between Karlie’s sister Kristie and former West Hill Hooper House SW18 flatmate Sophie Louise Doig, now Perry, has been removed.
    Bedford Blues • Employee
    Sep ’12 – Present (5 years 2 months)

    Cabin Crew @British Airways
    The loyalty programme for smart business travellers
    Jan ’96 – Jan ’09 (13 years)

    However, here’s a seemingly genuine old friend who’s missing Karlie…missing her a lot

    Andrew Wright? @AndrewWright5 10 Sep 2010
    So here it is 9/11. Will always remember my school friend who lost her life to those hideous evil cowards.

    Andrew Wright? @AndrewWright5 11 Sep 2010
    I’m on a mission today. Lots to do….. Can’t get 9/11 out of my head though.

    Andrew Wright? @AndrewWright5 11 Sep 2011
    9/11 gone but not forgotten x

    Andrew Wright? @AndrewWright5 11 Sep 2011
    Thinking of Karlie Rogers who’s life was taken away so early in 9/11 may you rest in peace z

    Andrew Wright? @AndrewWright5 11 Sep 2013
    9/11 A terrible life changing cruel day. Thoughts are with the families of lost ones. X

    Andrew Wright? @AndrewWright5 11 Sep 2015
    9/11 A chilling date forever more. Thinking of all those families today without their loved ones.

    last 9/11 check in.
    Andrew is a double Olivier Award nominee and was educated at Millfield School (Old Millfieldian of the year 2015, Distinguished Old Millfieldian 2012) and trained with the NYMT and Arts Ed.
    a very exclusive and expensive school in Somerset. Certainly Karlie’s mother moved back to Somerset and sister Kristie was living in Street Somerset 2003-5, which is actually the same small town where Millfield School is located.

    Now, here’s the confusing part
    October 31 2001
    She had moved to Lutterworth from Somerset with her parents, Keith and Angela, and sister Kristie, in 1988.
    Mr Rogers, who lives in Baker Street, Lutterworth, is employed at the BT radio station near Rugby.
    Kristie said Karlie was a noted cross-country runner, and ran for a club in Leicester, winning the south-west Leicestershire championship.
    After leaving the [Lutterworth] grammar school, she studied at Sussex University, and gained a degree in German in 1997.

    So, how could Karlie also be at Millfield School? Born 1973 [Kristie] and 1975 [one school year difference] so would be 15 and 13 at the time of the move in 1988. Perhaps she was/they were were at Millfield.

    One more curiosity, if Millfield School had lost a former pupil at 9/11, you’d think they might have mentioned it….
    Andrew Wright attended Millfield 1986-1991,
    Day may indicate a day pupil, in which case, Karlie might have attended a different local school.

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 10 months ago by xileffilex.
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    After leaving the [Lutterworth] grammar school, she studied at Sussex University, and gained a degree in German in 1997.

    Hi Felix I think we’ve already had this conversation. A friend of mine graduated from Sussex University in 1997.
    After checking all the names of the other students who also graduated in 1997 with her, she couldn’t find Karlie Rogers’s name any where.
    Also Sussex Uni, is aligned to the Tavistock Institute.


    Well, as I mentioned some pages previously, this friend, with a blank/private FB page, says she graduated from the same course

    Click to access winter01.pdf

    Here’s someone else from the same year, also studying German – wonder if she knew Karlie…
    We’d need a graduation guide from 1997 for Sussex University.

    Some more fans of Karlie…

    Daisy Gray? @Daisymaygrayx
    RIP karlie we all miss you and thoughts are with everyone else who was effected by 9/11 <3
    8:10 AM – 11 Sep 2012

    hmmm Somerset, dancer…. choreography…. b 1998 I think. A 14 year old tweeting about a 9/11 vicsim….
    What did she tweet in 2017 for 9/11? Who provided the photo?

    and again in 2013

    Annika Small? @AnnikaSmall
    To my colleagues lost in 9/11…Sarah, Oli, Paul, Simon, Michele, Karlie, Melanie, Dinah, Neil…not a day goes by when I don’t think of u.
    8:10 AM – 11 Sep 2015

    Cofounder . NED Access; Design Council; Founders4School & Lightful

    I don’t see any mention of RiskWaters there. In fact nothing pre-2002 despite being born in 1966. Hmmmm Although she seemed to be sharing a Wimbledon address 2002-5 and subsequently W4 with
    whose job was in Business Intelligence Exhibitions through the 1990s! [not Risk Waters]

    A few more Risk Waters related tweets:

    Monica Roman Gagnier? @beacongal 10 Sep 2009
    Staying offline in remembrance of 9/11 and my friend David Rivers, who was giving the keynote for RISK/Waters at Windows on the World

    Monica Roman Gagnier? @beacongal 9 Sep 2011
    RIP David E. Rivers, a RISK Waters editor who died at a conference at Windows on the World 9/11/01. You are not forgotten.

    Monica Roman Gagnier? @beacongal 11 Sep 2013
    Like many others, I lost friends on 9/11. Just found this story about David Rivers and Risk Waters: … #NeverForget

    Anthony Malakian? @A_Malakian 11 Sep 2014
    Many from Risk Waters team & delegates at our conference were lost on 9/11. Here’s Peter Field’s personal account.

    Anthony Malakian? @A_Malakian
    Here’s the letter Peter Field wrote after 9/11. 16 members of the Risk Waters team & 65 colleagues lost their lives.
    11:56 AM – 11 Sep 2017

    who he?

    ah, a Waters insider
    but only since 2009….hmmm

    and here they all are neatly gathered together

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    I previously mentioned some early 2009 discussion about Karlie at Reality Shack, particularly that concerning friend Jon Lawrence.
    Jon’s [Jon G Lawrence] still living at Walpole Cross Keys in West Norfolk

    It was stated in 2002 that he attended Harborough Grammar school in Leicestershire with her [then aged 26, making him born circa 1976]

    Another coincidence though – Jon was also born in Somerset and moved to Market Harborough it seems. [Jonathan Graham Lawrence]
    Karlie actually attended Crispin School in Street, in the same town as Millfields [see previous post]

    Jon’s still writing about grief in 2017
    “I’ve experienced a great deal of grief over the last 15 years or so, starting with the death of a friend in the 9/11 attacks on New York,”


    Small correction to post #851168 above – I meant Lutterworth, not Market Harborough [which was only where the newspaper was published]
    As I mentioned, Keith J Rogers [b. 1951 Taunton district] has vanished from sight since 2004.
    As well as the last Baker Street address, two other Lutterworth addresses are associated with him and or his two daughters




    source – google cache of

    It seems Keith had a younger sister, Gillian
    who married into a long established and successful gardening and fertiliser business in …..STREET Somerset,

    About Us
    and whose children went to the exclusive Millfield School and whose friends include, unsurprisingly, Karlie’s sister Kristie Rogers and the sister’s mother Angela Hoare Rogers NHoare being her original name

    and yup, they’re in Central Park, New York, June 2013

    Gill is briefly mentioned here as Karlie’s aunt

    There’s a strange absence of any mention of 9/11 anywhere on the FB pages.

    I now think that Karlie’s then boyfriend was another Voss brother, Daniel. Their father Gary graduated from Birmingham University in 1967 with a degree in Chemical Engineering and rose to being Chairman of Lever Bros in the Caribbean.
    Mother Wendy
    now with family in the Gerrards Cross.
    Here’s the clue – B.Sc. Engineering [1994-1996] University of Sussex, thus graduating at the same time, same university but different faculty, as Karlie.

    I have no doubt that Karlie existed and still does exist, somewhere…

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    Looking again at Michele DuBerry / Beale…

    Deaths on 911?

    her legacy page seems to be attracting a small band of supporters, but no extended family…see below. She has plenty of back story, especially thanks to Psyopticon’s finding of hard copy advertising links from the first part of the 1990s. The Risk Waters conference was a sham, and everyone in it is part of the 9/11 scam.
    Michele’s legacy supporters are all from IIR, her conference organising company. This does not mean that they are in the loop –
    Michele is unusual in leaving behind husband and two young children.
    And, without any comment on “mum” or 9/11, daughter Lizzie uploads a photo of him and her elder brother from pre-9/11 times…

    Lizzie Beale
    9 December ·

    Happy Birthday Bro Joe Beale ??? have a good day and are popping bottles later ? luv u xxxx — with Joe Beale.

    Shelley Beale Happy birthday Joe x

    This might be compared with an earlier published photos but with Michele

    As noted, both siblings went to an exclusive fee-paying school near Chelmsford.
    There is no interaction with the extended DuBerry family on facebook.
    Eldest of Michele’s three brothers, Vincent was quoted in the MSM on the first anniversary of 9/11
    Youngest brother Robert seems never to have been quoted about his sister’s death

    However, a Nikki Du Berry [as above] is friends with the two sons of her husband’s two nephews and the wife of middle brother Michael DuBerry.

    Jonathan Doyle [legacy] is a credible school and college colleague but is not verifiable, as is “Sandy B”/Sandy Bush from IIR who still backstops the death from facebook and twitter to this day

    Stuart seems to have moved on and remarried in 2014
    and stepdaughter

    As noted elsewhere, Michele’s personal estate amounted to a mind-blowing £1,138,069
    [Net £1,128,841], with Stuart a joint executor of the will alongside
    Alix Jane Beale who leave surprisingly little trace other than a presence in the Sevenoaks address of Mark Sydney Beale

    Shelley is a younger sister
    who was married to Stephen Legge
    There is another sister Sandra b 1964 also living nearby

    One finds no 9/11 references anywhere to what would have been an unforgettable family tragedy affecting all of them in some way, one imagines.

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 9 months ago by xileffilex.

    Double post correction. Here’s the current 9/11 legacy page for reference

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 9 months ago by xileffilex.

    Ron, aka Ronaled Lawrence Gilligan one of 7 siblings from Liverpool
    who quickly had a football themed memorial service in Manchester in 2001
    At the time, Ron, 43, from Merseyside, was thought to have been behind his 103rd-floor desk at Cantor Fitzgerald when disaster struck.

    There’s ample evidence that he existed

    May 8 2013–3364746
    …his son, Dherran, who was just eight when his dad died, pays regular visits to Ground Zero to feel closer to him.
    Ron, and his wife Liz, from Speke, had moved to New York after Ron landed his dream job and they had set up a new life with their three children – Ashley, Ainsley and Dherran.
    Mr Gilligan and his wife Elizabeth, who were childhood sweethearts, emigrated from Merseyside to New York in 1981 after working together for the Mersey tunnels.

    Mersey tunnels to Cantor Fitzgerald…..hmmmm

    also from 2013
    Now 18, Dherran, from Broughton, will relive the day he lost his father, a 43-year-old Everton fan who had gone to his office at stockbroker Cantor Fitzgerald on the 103rd floor of the north tower.
    Dherran, a former Hawarden High School pupil, counts Ground Zero as his father’s final resting place and has made several visits to pay his respects over the years.
    He said: “I suppose being there is like being closer to my dad as it’s his final resting place, and you are kind of torn knowing this was where he was murdered.

    and again in 2013, because Dherran took part in the Channel 5 documentary on the Children of 9/1 [victims]
    Being [there] is like being closer to my dad,” he said. “It’s his final resting place. You are kind of torn between knowing this is where he was murdered and at the same time it’s one of the only places that can bring any comfort. It’s really hard to describe.”
    Dherran, [who] moved to Wales with his mum after the atrocity…
    Ron Gilligan, 43, from Merseyside, who was enjoying his second stint working in the United States, is among the firm’s missing employees.

    Two years ago he and his wife, Liz, returned to Britain, but their children, Ashley, 16, Ainsley, eight, and Dherran, six, found it difficult to settle and they went back to New York.

    Mr Gilligan’s brother, Les, of Childwall, Liverpool, said: “I watched in horror as one of the towers became engulfed in flames.
    “I cannot think of a worse fate. If Ron really is dead, I hope he died the moment the plane hit. I can’t bear to think of him su b 195ffering like that. Ron’s dream was to work in New York, and he loved every minute of life there. He said the vibrancy of the city was amazing and he never regretted moving back.”

    “Les” would appear to be Raymond Leslie Gilligan, b 1950 the eldest sibling.
    For the “death of Bin Laden” quote event, Ron’s daughter Ashley, who stayed behind in the US, was wheeled out, now Ashley Pastor

    Ainsley however posted a 15th anniversary tribute

    OK, so your kids don’t like school in England, you go back to New York a couple of years before 9/11… and what do you do after? Come back to the UK, where the kids go to school.
    And you move into a newly built 4 or 5 -bedroom detached house
    and what do you call the mini mansion? You name it after your dead husband!

    And shortly after the children of 9/11 documentary, the local university offends sensibility, viz offends Liz, with a twin towers Halloween fancy dress event. You couldn’t have scripted it better

    Liz Gilligan from Hawarden, near Chester, lost husband Ron in the 2001 New York atrocity executed by al-Qaeda.
    She is deeply offended by the sick costumes worn by Amber Langford and Annie Collinge and furious that Rosie’s nightclub awarded them the £150 first prize – despite the outfits depicting people falling to their deaths.
    Ron, a 43-year-old dad-of-three, was working for stockbrokers Cantor Fitzgerald on the 104th floor when the first hijacked plane struck.
    He was among 67 British victims to lose their lives in the assault on the Twin Towers which claimed about 3,000 lives in total.
    Mrs Gilligan, 52, told The Chronicle: “I can’t begin to tell you how angry and disgusted I am. To say I’m shocked and upset is an under statement.”

    The library assistant, who has a son Dherran, 20, and daughter Ainsley, 23, both at university, and a 29-year-old daughter Ashley, who still lives in the States, added: “My husband died in the Twin Towers and my children 20 and 23 go to Rosie’s. As you can imagine they are upset.
    “These girls and Rosie’s need to be made aware that 9/11 was very real and while it was 3,000 miles away, it affected people on their door step. I will be contacting Chester University where these girls attend and want a public apology.”
    Amber, who is studying biology, and Annie, a criminology student, who is also vice president of the People and Planet Society, have now issued a public apology.

    Nice official narrative recapitulation.
    Here are the costumes…

    source – Mail November 6 2013
    The LEgacy page for Ron is moribund, but all the activity s
    eeems to be on the Cantor families’ page

    Gilligan, Ron

    Ron, today is our 23rd yr anniversary I miss you,and look forward to the day when we can celebrate being together again.
    Love You

    What, looking forward to death? It’s crazy.

    Les was also the spokesperson in 2001
    “You have to be optimistic, you can’t let yourself think the worst,” said his elder brother Les, who lives in the Liverpool suburb of Childwall, yesterday. “We’ve rung the hospitals and he isn’t there. We have rung Cantor Fitzgerald and, so far, he isn’t one of the survivors. What can you do except hope and pray that he is, dear God, still alive? But you look at the pictures and you watch the television and you just think … jeez. I just hope that, as the plane went through the building, Ronnie went instantly. I hope he didn’t suffer.”

    Les Gilligan and his sister Anita plan to fly to New York as soon as air services are resumed to be with Elizabeth. Their sister-in-law, Brenda Portman **, will also travel out. She said she had telephoned her sister countlessly since Tuesday. “We are devastated. Shattered. There aren’t any words to say how we are feeling at the moment,” she said. “We haven’t slept since we heard that the World Trade Centre had been hit. We just keep watching the news. Liz hasn’t watched the television. She is beside herself with the sheer enormity of it all. The children know and are taking it in. But how do you tell an eight-year-old and a six-year-old what has happened? “
    ** who is Liz’s sister.

    Four other siblings seem to have not been involved.

    The house “Rongilly” was purchased for £519,950 on 27 Feb 2004 and sold for
    £580,000 on 25 Jun 2015, when, I guess, the children had flown the nest. A poor investment it would seem, 10 percent in 11 years.

    Liz has been busy uploaded photos of Ron – including this one with a strange right elbow

    and a trip to Israel…

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    I find this “NO deaths at 9/11” doctrine quite unconvincing. Of course all the so-called victims (vicsims) that were presented in the media that allegedly were there at that day in the towers and so on are faked.

    But that afterwards because of the effects of the demolition of the asbestos-rich towers firemen and other services died I see as also 9/11 deaths; they wouldn’t have died from those complications if they weren’t there in the first place.

    Those people really went in with the idea to help and have been exposed to the dirtiest of crime scenes against their will. If there are any true victims of 9/11 in the US (apart from the ones in Afghanistan, Iraq and above all the truth), it is them.

    Or in other words regarding my signature: they were unable to not inhale…

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    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    How do we know the towers were asbestos laden? Are we even positive asbestos dust is lethal and causes the #1 medical claim in the world, mesothelioma?

    I doubt any fireman went to any 9/11 WTC fire scene. You were watching a movie, I propose those that did the cleanup were fully protected from any poisons emanating from the pile.

    How far did those that went to help really get, if they could get near at all? I propose no-one who wasn’t invited got in. Those that did get in were fully protected from whatever toxins were there.

    The firemen presented today that are dying of 9/11 -itis are either dying from other causes or are hoax management actors perpetuating the myth.


    How do we know the towers were asbestos laden? Are we even positive asbestos dust is lethal and causes the #1 medical claim in the world, mesothelioma?

    I doubt any fireman went to any 9/11 WTC fire scene. You were watching a movie, I propose those that did the cleanup were fully protected from any poisons emanating from the pile.

    How far did those that went to help really get, if they could get near at all? I propose no-one who wasn’t invited got in. Those that did get in were fully protected from whatever toxins were there.

    The firemen presented today that are dying of 9/11 -itis are either dying from other causes or are hoax management actors perpetuating the myth.

    You’re right, I don’t know that. I take those buildings were loaded with asbestos because many other buildings constructed in those years were. I’ve seen asbestos minerals in the field (chrysotile), and understand that fine needles can hurt lungs.

    It could be that the people who cleaned up the rubble pile afterwards were fully protected with masks and stuff, yes.

    But at the same time, those perpetraitors don’t care about us, they will let it go on easily. They would have no problem with people dying from the aftermath, because their “””bonus””” is already cashed.

    I wouldn’t personally discard all the stories about servicing people dying from the after effects as crisis actors without knowing them. The ones who claimed to be part of the staged event, ok, but the ones after…? Who cares if they die?

    The military command doesn’t care about John Doe soldier losing his legs in Iraq either… And yes, that happened for real.

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    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    Ab is right @gaia. It’s also easier to trickle out these deaths, real or otherwise, one by one, with the cause or alleged cause unprovably attributed to some event in the past. Ab touched on the case of the “dust lady” who provided one of the best money shots from 9/11.
    It’s an unverifiable death and if she did die, which I tend to doubt, 9/11 is an unprovable cause, as indeed is her one month job in the WTC in August/Septermber 2001 equally unprovable.

    Lying will eat at you from the inside out
    Gatekeeping by Marcy’s sister [where did Marcy’s 9-y-o son [as of end 2017] got to?

    Noell is Marcy’s elder [child, now 24]
    and Dawn is the sister, key gatekeeper

    Ike Melvin Wow she passed In the towers?

    Dawn Borders No no she escaped from the 81st floor but she quite cancer behind it all the debris she was the dust lady

    Ike Melvin Wow I knew people that worked their most left or found other work well before the crash. My cousin worked there almost 8 yrs and they moved her outta the building. To a office in Kearny 1 yr before the crash my cousin is still talking about that as her testimony! My condolences to u !

    well well well, isn’t that just further evidence of empty towers?

    Here’s a more recent story, August 2017, of further deaths in the secret, close firefighting brotherhood, always an opportunity to regurgitate the official narrative
    A firefighter has died from a 9/11-related brain tumor – less than a year after his father succumbed to cancer linked to the attacks.

    Robert Alexander passed on Monday at the age of 43, just two years after doctors found his headaches were caused by a peanut-sized lump in his brain.

    On November 21, 2016, his father Raymond Alexander died aged 76, having battled seven different types of cancers in 13 years.
    More than 1,140 people have died from World Trade Center-related illnesses in the 16 years since.
    However, according to the FDNY, this is the first time that 9/11-related sickness has killed two generations of a single family.

    All unverifiable/unattributable


    How do we know the towers were asbestos laden?

    Well, Ab, we know they were bin laden:

    14, 700 Toilets, Sinks, Urinals (1,2,& 7)
    45,000 desks
    45,000 chairs
    245 Acres of Carpeting
    40,000 File Cabinets
    40,000 Cubicles
    75,000 Telephones
    50,000 Staplers

    Have a good 2018.


    There was some good research on LRF, particularly on the firefighters…
    Not so keen on being registered with the SSDI, but assiduous in claiming from the huge Victim Compensation Fund….not forgetting the strange distribution of deaths around the various firehouses and the top loading of higher grades among the “dead”.
    This is worth repeating from do2read’s post
    When 343 firefighters are reported to have died responding to the WTC on 9/11, is it reasonable to believe that a Ladder Company in its shadow lost only one man? No, of course not.

    Are we to believe that the firemen of Ladder 1 are a bunch of chickenshits who stayed well clear of the danger on that fateful day? Not hardly.
    Are we to believe that the “dead” firemen of 9/11 were spread out across the department with no correllation to distance to the Alarm or function? Yes, it seems that way.
    There were 41 Engine and Ladder Companies within 10 minutes of the WTC. On 9/11, they accounted for only 100 of the 343 firemen “dead”. This is simply not possible. Each Company should have been together, and these should have been the farthest up the towers, and most likely to die in whole units.
    Yet the only thing close to that is the loss of 11 men by Ladder 3, who had the 12th farthest response time at 2.1 miles/8 minutes.
    These numbers make no sense when held up to the harsh light of reality. The men of Ladder 10 were the closest to and the most familiar with the Towers in their front yard, and yet only one man was left in their shadow when they fell.

    There were 8 ladder companies and 10 engine companies that lost only one man.
    Since Firemen work in teams, and use the buddy system (just like swimming, you never go alone, and look after your assigned buddy), how in the world is this possible at all?
    Much less times 18?
    Ladder 3 reportedly lost 11 men, so if there are that many men on a ladder company roster, how could these 8 ladders only send one guy up?
    The answer to these questions is obvious; these numbers are in no way realistic.

    Ladder 3?
    Michael Carroll was a typical Ladder 3 “death” not in the SSDI, but compensation claimed.
    September 6, 2016

    Here the official narrative is laid out how the whole ladder would succumb [allegedly] including the Captain [Brown]
    When last heard from, Ladder 3’s men had made it to the sky-lobby on the 44th floor of the North Tower, where a triage had been set up. Paddy Brown and Mike Carroll were treating burn victims when, at 9:58 a.m., an ear-splitting rumble and roar announced the collapse of the South Tower, sending up geysers of debris and smoke. An order was given to evacuate the North Tower, but it is not known if the Ladder 3 men heard the command or simply ignored it, opting to stay with the injured and dying.
    Firefighter Michael Carroll was brought home to a cemetery just a few blocks from where [wife] Nancy [nee Fox] and her children [Brendan Michael , 19 and Olivia Leigh , 15] now live, in Ridgewood, N.J.

    The article mentions Lt. Reid Jantz, a surviving member of what was left of Ladder 3/strong>
    Jantz just happened to be the brother-in-law of
    Edward T Strauss

    Click to access EddieSentinelArticle.pdf

    who just happened to be the chief of World Trade Center operations
    for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. He died on
    Sept. 11, 2001.

    Small world, 9/11 and here we read that Eddie’s job at the WTC was about to be phased out…[probably because the building had been emptied and was about to be demolished]

    About Us

    By 1999, he had become Chief of World Trade Center Operations at the towers he loved so dearly.
    2001 is not the first time that the term hero is mentioned with his name. You see, he had a critical role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Six lives were lost that cold February afternoon, including a good friend of Eddie’s. She was six months pregnant, working in the office next door to his, when the explosion occurred. His life spared, he immediately swung into action, breaking through rubble to get to rescue workers and the injured. His heroics are documented in the book “Perpetual Motion” by Joe Mysak.
    and the expected charitable organisation

    Our Mission


    Quite a few of the British 9/11 victims do seem to be well back stopped, especially when Felix’s probate research is factored in.
    How for example would the companies involved in 9/11 such as Cantor Fitzgerald etc. compile their data bases for the names of fake victims ?
    Would they have been allocated names from a list made up from an algorithm or would they have chosen their own names.
    Most large companies could choose names from a large data base of unsuccessful job applicants,using all the personal information for back stopping.
    I was recently talking to someone who had served prison time for identity fraud.
    He said he had a light bulb moment when one of his kids applied for a job, and he couldn’t believe how much personal information they were prepared to give out in a simple questioner form.
    What this person did was to advertise for employees for none existent jobs.
    Then he used their personal information including their personal IRD Tax file numbers. To successfully file false tax returns on their behalf, gaining 100s of thousands of $s before being caught.


    Well, all this “they’re all fictitious victims” nonsense falls at the first hurdle, certianly in the UK “victims” because one can access onlinee scans of bound [yes, bound the next year, as with probate records] volumes of births, marriages and deaths online…
    any amendment are added in handwritten script [as with bound probate records also]
    For instance
    Richard Anthony Dunstan, allegedly a Vice President of the AoN Corporation in the WTC`

    born West Ham distict of East London in 1946 Quarter 4 Ref Vol 5a p 976
    Marries Janet A Gaffney in Epping district in 1976, Quarter 2 Ref Vol 9 p 2256
    [click on the spectacles symbol, click on “view image”.
    Parents Denis C Dunstan, and Grace A.M. Kerley, married 1939 Q2 Essex SW Ref Vol 4a p. 877

    Younger siblings
    John P Dunstan b 1948
    David I Dunstan b 1950
    I won’t bother with the referneces there.

    It’s just a scaling up exercise – is anyone denying that Jo Cox, Richard Cousins or any one of the thousands of staged deaths in recent time, are/were not real people? It’s preposterous.

    You can do the same for any UK vicsim if born in England or Wales.

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