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    Tom Dalpra

    Hi xileffilex,

    The estate of Michele Beale nee Du Berry was not inconsiderable.
    Whilst I’m still open-minded about exactly what is, and was, going on,
    I have no problem with the idea that an agent ( possibly under a false name-or maybe not ) or indeed, a completely fabricated entity, could have a bank account and leave a tidy sum of money when their death is faked.

    That would be part of the scam wouldn’t it? Tidy finish – cash in the Life Assurance, maybe, and collect the inheritance through the husband (another agent) – job done.

    psyopticon wrote:

    Assuming we agree that the 911 (and 77) victims are all fake,

    xileffilex wrote: unfortunately I can’t make that leap based on what evidence we have.

    Ah, so here we have a key point, in this discussion, I think.

    You say you can’t make that leap based on the evidence, xileffilex.

    Are you quite open to the idea that Michele Beale may have been a real entity who was really murdered?
    If this is true, then it may explain your tone with Simon Shack ( which I was slightly confused with) earlier on in the thread. Maybe this is ‘your problem’. You think that people who call all the victims fake on 9/11 are possibly covering up for real murder?

    Is this it? If it is, fair enough. I can live with that. It at least shows a worthy sense of moral duty even if it is misguided. And I do say, ‘if’.

    While I’m open to anything as I say, it is my firm understanding as I look at this, that there is only really one likely option here regarding Michele Beale’s ‘demise’. It was fake.

    I don’t completely rule out murder, but in my understanding and in this instance, it seems highly unlikely to me. Why would that be necessary? It’s far too messy.
    This was effectively a military operation – years in scientific planning. They did not need to kill real people such as Michele Du Berry – in fact I don’t think that would be a good idea at all. It doesn’t make sense to me.

    Isn’t the key, to how it all could be pulled-off, that very thing? – The idea of faked victims?

    That we cannot conclude they weren’t murdered, based on the evidence, is academic. The kind of ‘hard’ evidence we have, as you illustrate, is birth, marriage and death records. She was apparently here, now she’s apparently gone. How do we know she wasn’t murdered? Well we don’t, not based on those conventional sources .

    We have to use our imaginations at this point.

    For me, the MO of the perps is clearly – faked death.

    That Michele’s ‘children’ appear to be real entities ( which is my current take) is directly informative as to how this faked death was (and is being) played. In no way is it suggestive to me, of their mother really being killed on 9/11.

    Michele Beale was clearly set-up as a key- bit part player, in a huge psy-op.
    Her death was faked on 9/11.

    Either she was: A long-con agent who used her birth name, and who has assumed another identity – Or: She was a long-con created identity- a VICSIM. Her profile on 9/11 as a key UK victim should be enough to inform us that her ‘story’ was some time in preparation. We know this was a massive operation pulled-off with extensive detailed planning and military precision. She was part of that.

    We chase ghosts and shadows sometimes in this victim/vicsim research and it certainly helps me to clarify my thoughts with that basic premise.

    Now…how the heck does it all work? The children…the families? How?
    This intrigues me and I haven’t yet got to the bottom of it in my understanding. That’s where I’m at and why I appreciate this thread.



    Hi Tom – thanks for trying to disentangle all this. I like your analysis. I believe almost all (I can’t be certain that there were some accidental deaths) were faked on 9/11. The scale of the hoax is massive, but it was 25 years in the making with commensurate resources available: faked identities with concocted photos. Plus some real people who disappeared afterwards probably. If you can fake your own death without any support then it’s as easy as ABC to fake a death. It happens all the time when criminals turned informers are given new lives. Yes the only hard evidence we have is BMD evidence, probate, the odd reference to their work lives pre-9/11, and a paucity of photos, perhaps so the “face” doesn’t get too ingrained into the memory [witness those thumbnails so frequently encountered in the newspapers: when you see a photo of the journalist in another photo, you’d think they weren’t even related!]. My default has to be that the person in a birth or marriage record exists. I don’t see an exact parallel between fake births and fake deaths. With the latter, security services or whoever can lean on any doctor pathologist or coroner and off it goes within days…. unquestioning press will put it to bed.
    I cannot rule out murder like locking everybody into Windows on the World. But unlikely. WHat I cannot buy (and that is my only real problem with Simon) is that there there no real lives whose deaths were faked on 9/11. Why are there no obvious sim photos from the UK in the 9/11 research?
    Other than that, I am as mystfied as you.


    You have evaded the matter of her offspring.

    There’s no evasion on my part! You know exactly what I said: “Michele Beale” is, in my opinion, a vicsim. Unlike you, I’m not persuaded by Official Records such as the BMD Register “proving” she was real.

    Since Beale is, IMO, a sim, what’s the point (other than academic interest) in discussing whether “her offspring” are real people? If they even exist, they’re obviously not “Michele’s” natural children, which is all that really matters. If needs must, no doubt a couple of spook actors could take on the role of “Joe” and “Lizzie” (the alleged children… importantly, now adults). What of it? Please clarify your reasons for arguing otherwise.

    You then ask is New Hall School ‘in on the hoax’? (New Hall is where the two sim offspring were supposedly educated.) Who knows, for sure? But it seems likely.

    I certainly found Eton College involved in historic psyops, permitting its student entry registry to be falsified with the addition of sims (Titanic Hoax). And, more recently, we find psyops involving Ellesmere College (Kirstie Foster; 2009 Osbaston House Massacre Hoax), and Shrewsbury School (Graham Berkeley; another 911 vicsim). There’s your answer: yes, it seems that independent schools are involved in psyops.

    Independent schools keep their own pupil records, so there’s little to no government or local authority oversight; meaning that their admission records are much more easily falsified, without risk of detection by outside bodies. And unlike state schools, they’ve no statutory exam records to maintain (SATS results, etc). And so on.

    We have a dilemma here. You’re insisting that government records are beyond doubt. Whereas many of us have long realised that sims do exist. Every year, sims are added by the thousand to the electoral register (primarily to effect vote fraud where they’re called “ghost voters”). Check out the recent high court judgments of Mr Justice Mawrey. As such, using electoral registers (or indeed any “official” register) to “prove” that a vicsim and/or family exists or existed is futile.

    And worst still, you’re relying on alleged electoral registers obtained through unlawful means. is not a reliable source of information. It obtained those electoral registers illegally. By making them available to the public (for profit) it operates outside the bounds of English law. Because of that, is likely to curry favour with the powers-that-be, to avoid prosecution, and to keep its business afloat. So it’s no stretch that may well assist in falsifying records; records that it claims are facsimiles of genuine registers.

    Have you personally examined the *official* registers for the relevant years, at the relevant electoral offices, of the vicsims you claim are or were real people?

    More for you to ponder over: how and why would Michele leave over a millon quids worth of capital? Where did Stuart go when the house was sold in 2004? Just because his FB page is somewhat anodyne doesn’t mean he is a sim, does it?

    You tell me! You’re the one holding up that puerile facebook page as evidence of his existence! Truth is, it’s no more than academic; for those of us who believe that “Michele Beale” is a vicsim, what of the hoaxers keeping her legend alive, and the various swindles and scams they are using to finance and perpetuate that fakery? Why is that important?

    What I will finally say, on the matter of “Joe” and “Lizzie” (the two alleged children of 911 vicsim “Michele Beale”) is that I find it very unlikely that two flesh-and-blood children (at the time, both under the age of eight) were roped into such a sick psyop.

    In your narrative, they either were the real offspring of a “Michele Beale”, or they were told to lie about their supposed mother, and the alleged nature of her death. Does that really seem credible? Are children of such tender age even capable of lying in such a gargantuan way? Wouldn’t the truth eventually spill out in the playground (if they were real kids)? Wouldn’t such huge deceit place an impossible burden on their immature shoulders?

    How would you actually train kids from the age of six and eight to lie like that? You’re claiming they’re two real people. Maybe, or maybe not genuine offspring; offspring who are conveniently now adults today. The Nutwork are undoubtedly psychopathic, but if the two are not “Michele’s” kids, then who would allow their own children to be used and abused in such a sickening way? A sure way to turn two kids into a couple of basket cases. There are some inexplicably big holes in your narrative, xileffilex.


    Since Beale is, IMO, a sim…

    ..and everyone else. And you offer no evidence. A total waste of time.


    JOHN HOWARD’S horrid 7/7 cock-up

    I’m aware that this thread is titled “DEATHS ON 9/11?” – but since the “LONDON 7/7 bombings” have been mentioned here, I just wish to ask everyone to get familiar with the following facts:


    The Australian Prime minister John Howard stated publicly (according to two major European Newspapers) – and less than 22 hours after the “London Bombings” – that “52” persons had died – including 7 Australian citizens. At that time, the British authorities had the death-toll at “37”.

    Problem is, the “final, officially confirmed death toll of 52” was only released 4 days later – on July 11, 2005. Ergo, John Howard could only possibly have known this final casualty-figure if he was privy to the 7/7 psyop – which had long scripted the “52 victims death toll” (of 52 fictitious entities). A classic Occam’s razor case – if there ever was one…

    The “LONDON BOMBINGS” were just a pathetic ‘sequel’ to the 9/11 hoax – fake victims and all – designed to get UK citizens on board with the phony “War on Terror”.

    On the 7/7 subject, please know that we (at Cluesforum – formerly known as Reality Shack) have – over the years – looked into most of the purported victims of that day. Just as a little taster / antipasto, here are some analyses of the only Italian victim of the day, “Benedetta CIACCIA“:


    That post by Felix with the screen capture of the Beales living at Hillhouse Drive was quite interesting.
    The Beales were initially reported as living in Hillhouse road which doesn’t exist. So that was either sloppy journalism, or the PTB have entered their names into the data base.
    Anyone know how to access the title deeds of the properties in Hillhouse Drive ?

    Tom that photo you posted ( of Michele Beale) was 7/7 vicsim Carrie Taylor, who apparently attended Mayflower High school, the same high school as Michele Beale.
    Mayflower High School also features on Stuart Beale’s facebook page.

    Tom Dalpra

    Thanks Antipodean, I’ve read quite a lot of your stuff from some brilliant research at Cluesforum over the years.

    Hands-up to that clanger re. the Carrie Taylor photograph.

    Having said that, the revelation that 7/7 victim Carrie Taylor also went to the Mayflower High school is interesting.

    I certainly found Eton College involved in historic psyops, permitting its student entry registry to be falsified with the addition of sims (Titanic Hoax). And, more recently, we find psyops involving Ellesmere College (Kirstie Foster; 2009 Osbaston House Massacre Hoax), and Shrewsbury School (Graham Berkeley; another 911 vicsim). There’s your answer: yes, it seems that independent schools are involved in psyops.

    Independent schools keep their own pupil records, so there’s little to no government or local authority oversight; meaning that their admission records are much more easily falsified, without risk of detection by outside bodies. And unlike state schools, they’ve no statutory exam records to maintain (SATS results, etc). And so on.

    And I’m reminded of the Emanuel School and the Clapham Rail crash which xileffilex and I were discussing

    On returning to look for another photograph ( actually of Michele Beale) I found none, easily.

    I did find this one at though. There she is, just under Laura Rockefeller…


    And ‘fuck-me!’, look at the word SIM in the bottom right hand corner! That’s tidy…



    “What I will finally say, on the matter of “Joe” and “Lizzie” (the two alleged children of 911 vicsim “Michele Beale”) is that I find it very unlikely that two flesh-and-blood children (at the time, both under the age of eight) were roped into such a sick psyop.”

    i agree with the sentiment above. unfortunately, in not-so-real-life, univision sends a plastic crone to the house of the ortiz twins every year it seems. the strange reporter follows the kids around and asks them trivial shit about their father emilio– who perished in the towers. all they have left of the man is his wedding ring that was delivered to his widow’s doorstep by some hero of the narrative.

    here’s the link– it’s in spanish, but you’ll get the point. the title means traces of 9/11 10 years later.


    here’s the link – it’s in spanish, but you’ll get the point. the title means traces of 9/11 10 years later.

    Gone! Vanished! Desaparecido!

    Amazing how a video can sit there on youtube, minding its own business for 2½ years, gently clocking up the views. But the moment it’s linked from, or, and it suddenly vanishes without trace! And it’s not just gone AWOL from youtube, but also from vimeo, and, too!:

    Nothing here to see, eh?!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Back to 911 vicsim “Michele Beale” and her widowed builder-hubbie “Stuart Beale”. According to, their home (No. 2 Hillhouse Drive CM12 0AZ) is now inhabited by Andrew and Johanna Grint:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Andrew and Johanna Grint (back then she was Johanna Annie McAuliffe) apparently obtained a mortgage (Coventry Building Society) to buy the place for £320,000 in March 2004 (purchasing from “Stuart Beale”??) In 2012, the Grints put the house up for sale (£525,000) but eventually decided to stay put, and carry out building improvements instead:

    Now here’s a coincidence. Andy Grint (like “Stuart Beale” before him) works in the building industry, and Andy’s wife Johanna (like “Michele Beale” before her) works in Finance in the City.

    Andy Grint is a director at building engineers, Hilson Moran, where he’s involved in some major projects in and around the city.


    Andy Grint joined Hilson Moran’s London office in 2001 as a Senior Mechanical Engineer. Andy has over 25 years’ experience on a variety of new-build, fit-out and refurbishment projects in various sectors including 240 Blackfriars Road, 12-14 Fetter Lane, the FA headquarters at Wembley Stadium and the multi-award winning fit out of International law firm K&L Gates London Headquarters at One New Change in London.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic240 Blackfriars Rd- an architecturally-striking, 19-storey tower (inset: Building Director: ‘Handy’ Andy Grint)

    And it seems that wife Johanna works today for Ernst & Young, one of the biggest and most innovative/creative accountancy firms in the world.

    But Andy and Johanna are perhaps known best for their charity work. In 2012, the kind-hearted couple did a charity climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Grint family fundraiser, which raised a whopping £2,795 for Arthritis Research is detailed here:

    Now here’s another curious coincidence: Among the generous donors to Andy & Johanna’s charity hike, we find several donations from Financial Event Coordinators (which is exactly the job that the late “Michele Beale” did). On one page alone, two donors are listed as Financial Event Coordinators:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Just another coincidence, or maybe there are just lots of people working in Financial Event Coordination?!? 😯


    I can’t get the Basildon link to work – gone the same way as the Youtube video? – but it’s not all good news on the planning front:
    July 30 2013

    Click to access BTC-PLANNING-30072013-MINUTES.pdf

    2 Hillhouse Drive
    Extension over existing garage and extension to rear dormer
    The Town Council objected to this application on the grounds of:
    * Over development of the site
    * Detrimental to the residential amenity of 75 Stock Road


    More vaporising evidence?! No surprise, though, the Grints got their plans approved!

    Just flicking through this thread at the Let’s Roll Forum (LRF):

    You guys at LRF, in your zeal to diss SimonShack and Cluesforum, are trampling over loads of evidence of vicsimmery among the British cohort on 911! Here’s a couple of glaring clangers dropped by the clowns who cooked up these flaky narratives:

    Brit 911 vicsim “Geoff Campbell” supposedly “read Economics and Business Studies at Queens Mary College, London“. From: :

    After collecting an armful of qualifications Geoff went on to read Economics and Business Studies at Queens Mary College, London. Here he met Michael Green. Geoff was best man at both Michael’s and Steve’s recent weddings.
    After QMC, Geoff spent a year out in a futile attempt to clear his student debt, working for Barclaycard, where Mum still works and where he made more good friends…

    First problem, it’s not Queens Mary College. It’s not even Queen Mary’s College. (That’s a sixth form college in Basingstoke, not London.) I guess what the Campbell clan are struggling to identify is Queen Mary, University of London. And the acronym for that institution is QMUL, not QMC.

    The Campbells aren’t even sure where their own sim-kin went to study?

    This is the umpteenth time we’ve seen these sorts of blunders. No matter. Every little helps to belie the vicsim fakery!

    Similarly, in the tributes for “Graham Andrew Berkeley”, another Brit 9/11 vicsim, that one is listed as excelling at music (viola and violin) at “Shrewsbury College“. He even gets a tribute from the (unnamed) “Head of Shrewsbury College“:


    Except there wasn’t a “Shrewsbury College” to study classical music. There’s a Shrewsbury School, for sure; a very famous institution.

    But “Shrewsbury College“? Or “Queens Mary College, London“? Nope and nope again! And you’d hope the headmaster would know the name of his own school!

    Oops! 😳 Totting up all these gaffes, it leaves me thinking that Nutwork had very poor local knowledge; possibly the Brit 911 vicsims were fabricated by goons far overseas, with their fakery researched online only. If not in America, then maybe on a dirt-cheap budget in Bangalore?! The perils of outsourcing?!


    You guys at LRF


    I go along with this from “our guy”, (a co-researcher trying to get to the bottom of the hoax) at Cluesforum, hoi polloi:

    [thread: Simformation]

    That is precisely why I caution at this point against coming to any conclusions about what is going on here……To me, the pattern of complete fabrication (there likely was no plane whatsoever flying into anything but a landing strip on 9/11, the crowd scenes seem to be pieced together from studio shots and computer generated imagery) suggests that all the victims are the same.

    However, I could be wrong and that is why this thread exists. So far I don’t see enough reason to doubt the argument that Simon has made for several months now: they couldn’t afford to kill anyone with a real family who would investigate this so I suspect this is kind of related to the voter and victim fraud we’ve seen from criminal gangs in the past.

    But we’re still nowhere. No faked birth or marriage record exposed.

    I haven’t looked into Mr Berkeley.[related to Lennox or Humphrey, with all that musical expertise??]
    He was on flight 175, the only UK ciziten not in the towers, I think. There was no UK probate for him.

    One recent back up tribute:

    April 30, 2013
    Graham, I think of you often. We met sharing a stand at the BBC Radio Orchestra and became friends. We moved to the US within a month of each other and we lost touch. I found out what had happened six months afterward from mutual friends. It still makes me incredibly sad.
    Andrew Davies,
    San Francisco, California

    ANDREW DAVIES (violin), born in Carmarthen in South-West Wales, studied the violin in Cardiff with Garfield Phillips and then at London University with Vera Kantrovitch and Malcolm Layfield. As well as being the violinist for the popular Lindsay Kemp mime company based in Rome, he was a member of the BBC Concert Orchestra and worked regularly with the Philharmonia Orchestra of London, London Sinfonietta, and the Italian opera houses in Pesaro, Parma and Modena. Baroque violin studies with Catherine Macintosh led to membership of Roy Goodman’s Brandenburg Consort and David Roblou’s Handel Opera Society productions in London and Edinburgh. Andrew’s seven-year membership of The Hanover Band brought him on several long tours of the United States. He eventually moved to San Francisco and lives on Potrero Hill with his partner, their Mozart-singing parrot and their spaniel. As well as freelancing in California, he continues occasional work at the BBC and in New York.

    Why not ask AD about him? Perhaps he has photos of GB? Or is AD part of a the ever widening cover-up? I go back to Hoi:
    I have no certain idea what is going on.

    More here to disintangle:

    September 12, 2002
    9/11/02 Thinking today of all those who suffered in this act of evil but particuarly Graham and his family especially parents Charles and Pauline. Long live freedom -as a humanist I hope that those who wish to impose their own certainties upon others will never prevail.

    I never knew Graham but we were the same age, both grew up in wonderful Shropshire England and I work for a NY based company.
    Jerel Whittingham,
    Cambridge England

    September 08, 2006
    Thinking of Graham at this time.I was a member of the Shropshire Youth Orchestra which was led by Graham for a while. He also played the Bruch concerto with us. I attended the Royal College of Music with him and have fond memories of our orchestral tour to Russia. We organised a reunion of the orchestra from Graham’s time in the early 80’s, in March 2002. Graham’s parents came along and we all brought old photos of those very happy carefree days. Everytime I see that plane going into the second tower,** I am brought to tears thinking of what was going through Graham’s mind.
    No one can ever take away the memories we have of him and I feel glad to have known him.
    Val Berry (Perkins),

    …you studying at The Royal College of Music In London…. –

    ~ Robert Foti,
    New York, New York

    met Graham in 1993 when I returned to work for Sterling Software in Woodland Hills, CA. – Lynn Newman, Gig Harbor, Washington

    September 11, 2008
    Graham, I remember you as a young, very talented violinist in Shrewsbury. I envied your talent! Sorry! :-)) Memories have flooded back of the Shropshire youth orchestra together and the Shrewsbury School string orchestra. Happy times! I am truly very sad that your young life has been taken away from you and your family. I can only pray that you are in a better and safer place. James.
    James Drummond,

    September 11, 2010
    It doesn’t get any easier, does it? Nine years on, and the memories of those years at Priory Boys’ Grammar are etched in my mind. O, how we laughed! O, how we cried. You excelled in maths and the sciences (and German!), but I kept the edge in English and French (and Latin, because you didn’t take it!) And all those Saturday mornings with the Shropshire Schools’ Symphony Orchestra – I was a second-rate oboist while you were a stellar violinist. You specialised in music, I in drama. You headed for music college, I for drama school. You joined the BBC, I joined the RSC. Our careers came to unforeseen junctions, and our paths never crossed. Although your life was snuffed out, your spirit lives on. You touched my life in ways I never realised at the time. I’m only sorry I never kept in touch.
    Requiem æternam.
    ~ Adrian Hilton,

    Wir haben in den 80er Jahren bei Sterling Software zusammen gearbeitet. – Michaela, Düsseldorf

    September 11, 2009
    Still thinking of you Graham
    Ex colleague Compuware Netherlands
    Kish Prashad

    Es folgte eine sehr intensive Zeit und ich erlebte viele Höhen und Tiefen in seinem Leben – [hmmmmmm…] – ~
    Andreas Külzer,
    Düsseldorf [who met him there in 1988]

    I’ll add that it’s one of the most superficially convincing back-up stories for a past life I’ve seen among UK victims. Time to have a closer look at some of the writers there and some of those institutions listed.

    I get the strong feeling he is gay.

    **some mistake there, surely?


    I actually know someone down here (NZ) from Shrewsbury, and they say that there is a Shrewsbury College in Shrewsbury.


    ..Shrewsbury Sixth Form College… what, after Priory Boys Grammar which one would expect to have a sixth form? All very curious.

    On re-reading the original “Shrewsbury College” [yes, very strange to find a nameless headmaster] link from psyopticon, the tributes page does seem, how shall I say, a bit too perfect, with friends from all name-checked compartments of his life all turning up on cue and adding their 2d worth. Time to dig more deeply. As I said previously, “superficially”. Old Graham does seem like renaissence man.

    Berkeley would have been born (at home in Worksop, allegely) Strangely, for the first time, I cannot find the birth. Help! Or even a marriage of the alleged father, Charles. A Roger Berkeley was born in Worksop in 1970, not 1963/4, with no supporting marriage of parents or siblings in England/Wales. Hmmmmm

    And what about the closure o the Wuppertal Orchestra [sic] – the Sinfonieorchester Wuppertal seems to have been in continuous business since 1862 not long after Friedrich Engels left Barmen for Manchester. Hmmmm again.

    The Jugendstil Stadthalle Wuppertal where almost certainly the non-existent Graham Berkeley never set foot with either viola or violin.
    he orchestra can look back on an almost 150-year history

    Not a millon miles away, there were two orchestras, in Solingen and Remscheid, which fused in 1995 to form the Die Bergischen Symphoniker. But none of these names can be confused with Wuppertal.

    What a hoax.


    PS I noticed this excellent piece of research at Cluesforum:

    I hadn’t meant to study Berkeley but it seems it’s an interesting direction to take after psyopticon fingered him above.

    Another victim – Bin Laden angle….


    EDIT: Just noticed that Shrewsbury Sixth Form College has a “Graham Berkeley Suite”:

    So there’s the answer: The (anonymous) Head of Shrewsbury (Sixth Form) College, when penning his vicsim tribute, forgot the name of his own college, confusing it with the name of a college that didn’t (at that time) exist! Oops! Easily done!

    Interestingly, we find the local education authority managing a vicsim fund in memorium of “Graham Andrew Berkeley”.

    Anyone who wishes to contribute to the Fund should make his or her check payable to Shropshire County Council (Graham Berkeley Memorial Fund)

    Wonder how much they raised and where the cash went?

    The back-story to Graham Berkeley has been belatedly bolstered by Adrian Hilton, the Daily Mail / Spectator / Conservative Party journalist. Hilton claims to have known the vicsim from schooldays.

    I was probably only half-listening to the BBC’s Huw Edwards as he announced there had been a British victim on one of the planes: Graham Berkeley. I knew that name. But, no. It couldn’t be. Why would I assume it was Graham and not Graeme? Or Berkeley and not Barclay or even Berkley? There must be hundreds of them in their various etymological permutations. But then the Welsh inflections pronounced ‘Shrewsbury’, where we had both attended the Priory Grammar School for Boys. And I can’t remember the rest of the report. My impulse was to phone, but I’d lost touch some time ago. Although Graham and I were close school friends – ‘best friends’ for many years – our paths had gradually diverged. But the memories of those Priory days are etched on my mind. O, how we laughed! O, how we cried. His sharp intellect excelled in maths and the sciences, while I kept the edge in English and French. He was sociable and open-minded; I more introvert and wary. He was fit and joined the school’s rowing team; I was feeble and rubbish at sport, so became a cox. Wednesday afternoons floating on the River Severn were infinitely preferable to rolling around in rugger mud.

    The photograph above is pretty much as I remember Graham, doing what he loved doing. I was proud to be a friend and part of his little quartet (with Guy and Russell). I think our only separations in those formative years were his decision to take German while I opted for Latin, and his preference for the school orchestra while I immersed myself in school plays. The Priory choir was mandatory for all boys, and together we tackled Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria’ as altos, Mendelssohn’s ‘Elijah’ as tenors and Fauré’s ‘Requiem’ as basses. There were occasional cruel words, tears and fallings out, of course. But boys were becoming men.

    And then there were all those Saturday mornings with the Shropshire Schools’ Symphony Orchestra – I was a second-rate oboist; he a stellar violinist. He chose to make it a career and won a scholarship to the Royal College of Music; I opted for theatre and won a place at the Drama Centre, London. He ended up playing with the orchestras of the BBC; I ended up in the theatres of the RSC. Our careers came to unforeseen junctions with parallel shifts – he into computer software and e-commerce; I to Oxford and academia. But our paths were never to cross again. He died flying to Los Angeles on United Flight 175 on September 11th 2001, when it was deliberately flown into the South Tower of The World Trade Center. And I, unworthily, live on.

    It’s funny how news of death evokes regret. I think back to how we used to sit next to each other, cross-legged on the dusty floor of the school assembly hall, while the Headmaster Mr Thorpe recounted parables of boyhood, accompanied by occasional blasts of Beethoven. And I wonder at the innocence, the idealism, the passion for life and inexpressible hopes we all had for the future. Graham’s life was tragically snuffed out a decade ago, but his indomitable spirit lives on. He touched lives in ways he could never have realised at the time, and memories of his friendship have been passed on to future generations in my own parables of brotherhood, as I was to find myself, years later, leading many school assemblies (even with Beethoven). Facing a sea of youthful ambition and pounding teenage hearts, as they sat cross-legged on the floor like the generations before them, I’d ask them to look to their left and their right, and they’d snigger as their eyes met. I’d explain that while fate determines family, friends are uniquely chosen; they are privileged. And I’d tell them about Graham, and encourage them to appreciate their friends while they had them, because they could never know when they might be taken away.


    from the TampaBay link above…

    …Graham’s parents Charles and Pauline, his brothers, Chris and Roger and their wives, Debbie and Louise….

    Roger Berkeley = Pamela L(ouise) McMahon in Shropshire in 1999.
    Christopher L Berkeley = Debra EH Purcell in Shropshire in 1998.

    Interesting that a Roger Berkeley was born in Worksop in late 1970, same place as the putative birth place of his 9/11 victim from flight 175, yet there’s no trace of a birth of a Graham or a Christopher there or anywhere else in online records. There must be some explanation. Birth outside England and Wales is a possiblity, along with the parent’ own births & marriage.
    Who, though, was the anonymous head of “Shrewsbury College” [sic]? Was it Martin Thorpe?

    March 1 2012 [The Bentley Elocution Prize]
    Martin Thorpe, formerly the Headmaster of the Priory School and the Shrewsbury Sixth Form College, brought the linguistic and literary sensitivities of the experienced schoolmaster, Open University lecturer and professional Classicist to bear on his adjudication….

    However, the Sixth Form College was founded in 1981,20 years before the “flight of UA 175”, so perhaps it was penned by an anonymous successor of the talented Mr Thorpe. CUrrent principal Mr Martin Ward is in the clear, he only took over in September 2008.

    Reichstag Fireman was, in his/her Cluesforum post, surprised that Pauline called her husband Charles “Les”. Since his second initial at is “L” it is entirely possible he’s Charles Leslie.

    Another “gotcha” article about the B’s:
    May 8 2011

    Pauline Berkeley, 73, of Shrewsbury, switched on the news to discover the terror leader had been shot dead by crack US Navy Seals in Pakistan on Monday.

    Her son Graham, 37, had been on United Airlines Flight 175 when it crashed into the second World Trade Center Tower on September 11 in 2001.

    The retired nurse, married to Charles, 78, told the Sunday Mercury: “The first I knew about bin Laden’s death was when I had messages from people on my answer phone.

    ‘‘I quickly put the news on and realised that it was true. I was so pleased that I burst into tears. I think it was because of the shock of him being caught.

    “I never thought it would happen in our lifetime. But Charles and I are glad he is no longer breathing.”

    Pauline – probably b. Newark 1937


    From The Advocate — the gay heroes of the terrorist tragedy.

    October 23 2001

    Every time Graham Berkeley parted from his boyfriend [37 year old] Tim Fristoe he was sure to say “I love you”….Fristoe, who lives n Provinvcetown, had just met Berkeley over the July 4 holiday at Spiritus, a popular local pizza joint. “It was cruise central”….according to Brian Reiser, a 27 year old telecommunications manager [who] says Berkeley planned to move t New York this fall….when he removed his shirt on the dance floor, as he often did, he revealed a toned body with a Maori trbal tattoo that spread from his left chest to his back….Fristoe says admirers sometimes took the liberty of touching his boyfriend’s tattoos and skin, something Berkeley professed to dislike….

    No mention of him continuing with playing the violin or viola.

    A compuware back-up page is here, from 1997:!topic/



    Does anyone have any experience using the Automatic Test Facility:ATF
    from Southbridge with Uniface. My client, Putnam Investments, is
    trying to get feedback from anyone who has. Any success stories, or
    warnings would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
    Paul Chakoian

    Graham Berkeley

    In answer to your questions on ATF

    ATF is a nonintrusive testing facility from Softbridge which demands a
    high level of investment. It does not have any GUI level context
    sensitive integration with UNIFACE which means that a lot of hand
    scripting will be necessary. The only tool that can successfully
    handle the UNIFACE widgets and successfully playback to them is the
    QARun tool also from Compuware. QARun not only identifies UNIFACE
    widgets through a unique API developed by the Uniface Lab but also
    automatically synchronizes with the application under test. More
    information is available on the Compuware Website at

    Graham Berkeley
    Product Manager
    Client/Server AT Products

    Try this:

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Reynolds, Gray
    Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 5:49 PM
    To: All Employees
    Subject: *** Letter from Peter Karmanos, Jr.

    Importance: High

    September 11, 2001

    Dear Compuware Employees:

    I am extremely sorry to report that

    two members of our Compuware
    team died as a result of the senseless tragedy that struck our
    nation earlier today.
    Myra Aronson and Graham Berkeley, both from our Cambridge, Massachusetts development center, were traveling aboard two of the planes involved in the events that occurred in
    New York City this morning.

    To Myra and Graham’s friends, families and coworkers, we extend
    our deepest sympathies.

    Myra joined Compuware in May 2000, serving as press and analyst
    relations manager for enterprise products. Graham came to
    Compuware in July 1995 and was product management director for
    strategic solutions.

    Your condolences for the families of Myra and Graham can be sent
    through Penny Deitch in the Human Resources Department at
    Farmington Hills.

    Many communities are currently coordinating blood drives for the
    victims of this tragedy. Should you wish to make a donation,
    please call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE.


    Peter Karmanos, Jr.
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Compuware Corporation

    Note the time and date….

    Graham’s parents, Charles and Pauline Berkeley, still live in England and watched the crash on television, although it took eight hours to confirm that their son had been on the plane.

    “We had seen the fireball ourselves and knew to expect the worst,” Charles Berkeley told the [London] Mirror. “We watched as our child died. He was a brilliant boy and a brilliant man.”

    June 15 2001
    Compuware Corp. announced at JavaOne in San Francisco last week a new Java development environment that it claims generates complete working applications from a UML model.

    OptimalJ 1.0, promised to be generally available this October, includes architecture and design models and patterns to create code for n-tier systems at the JSP layer, the EJB layer and the database layer, according to Graham Berkeley, Compuware’s e-business product management director. “We don’t want to call it an IDE; that’s got a nasty 3GL ring to it,” Berkeley said. “It’s a high-productivity development environment which hasn’t existed before” for the creation of applications that “will be around longer than six months or a year,” he added……

    From PR Newswire April 21 1997

    “The addition of enhanced support for functional and load testing of PowerBuilder applications demonstrates Compuware’s continued commitment to enriching our clients’ testing environments,” said Graham Berkeley, Product Manager for Compuware’s Client/Server Automated Testing Products.

    “This support complements our other announcements of support in QACenter for UNIFACE and Oracle Developer/2000 applications.”

    email addresses


    Tim Fristoe, read his name Sunday at the ceremony commemorating the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

    Carole Thomas

    Brilliant pic! Talk about serendipity – or “just flauntin’ it”?

    Whatever reality is, it's not that.

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