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    One more Meacher interview here
    36 mins. Mp3Thought Crime News – Interview with Michael Meacher


    There has been renewed interest in vicsim Graham Berekeley at Cluesforum

    The Guardian article is strange.

    Their other son, Roger, a financial consultant in Saudi Arabia,

    Hold on, hold on. They had allegedly two other sons, Christopher and of course, gay icon Graham. Neither of whom has had his birth registered in England and Wales.

    Mrs Berkeley, 64, said her son “lived for travelling”.

    So, Mrs B was born circa 1937. Let’s see, Roger’s mum’s name was Henderson. Pauline A Henderson, then.
    Born 1937 2nd quarter in Newark, Nottinghamshire. Brother Ellis two years older. That’s quite near to Worksop.

    So why is the birth not registered in Worksop? Neither is any marriage of his parents registered in England and Wales, although that doesn’t rule out a marriage in another jurisdiction, eg Scotland or Ireland. Therefore, Charles [Les] cannot be right saying that Graham was born at home in Worksop.

    Les and Pauline seem have vanished into oblivion circa 2003/4.

    Christoper,whose birth was also not registered in E&W and his wife had a son born 2002, James Graham Berkeley. They too seem to leave no trace post 2004

    Roger seems to have stayed local in Shrewsbury where he was briefly a director of the newly created company Options F.S Ltd
    [remember he was said to have been a financial consultant in Saudi Arabia]
    a co-director with Australian citizen Lewis Aubry Walker from 2003 to 2004 [Walker continued until the close in 2014, and Mary Ruth Josephine Walker replaced him as secretary]
    Now Walker Financial:
    previously directors of Sutton Mortgages 2006-9

    Roger then ceases to leave any trace, neither does his wife, another financial adviser

    Graham Berkeley and his improbable career trajectory is one of the most mysterious of the UK vicsims, the only one who was a passenger.[Flight 175]


    Someone calling himself Danny Hustle on this forum from September 2001
    10-05-01, 07:30 AM [October 5 2001]

    For the record I am not a troll, ask Jim to check my IP address. I am writing this from Now go and look up my friends Myra and Graham in the list of those killed on the flights leaving Logan. You will see they both worked here at Compuware. As a matter of fact I spent most of the day the Friday before the tragedy getting Myra’s laptop prepped for the trip. Check it out, and then call me a troll.

    previous post
    Old 10-04-01, 11:41 AM

    I am an American. I live in the Boston area. I lost two very good friends that I worked with every day on those planes. Myra Aronson and Graham Berkely were people I spent time with. They were not just a couple of blurry yearbook photos from CNN. My former boss Peter Gay was also on one of those planes. He was a nice guy with a nice family.

    My brother flew this same flight 2 weeks before the attack and if the cards had been dealt a little differently I could have been on one of those planes that bright Tuesday morning. For most people that would hit a little too close to home, non?

    These people I knew were vaporized along with several thousand other people (not just Americans) most before they had their morning cup of coffee. They were killed by hate filled, propaganda spouting, psychos.

    He doesn’t spell Berkeley correctly, but no matter. Peter Gay [flight 11] worked for Raytheon.

    Earlier on the blog, September 12 2001

    I’m wondering about Ted Kilmer – producer of the New York Buskers fare. The office of the Manhattan Cultural Council was right there in one of the towers. I’ve lost touch with Ted since I last worked the WTC – if any one has a home number for him I’d love to know he’s allright. I tried calling Master Lee this morning but couldn’t get through – lines are all busy. I’ll post as soon as I find out. Anyone hear from Jeff Moshe or Sean Grissom?


    I know Ted hasn’t worked there for a while, but I’m not sure exactly where he was working lately… I think he’s working from home. His phone is 212-760-0116.

    [Kilmer was OK]

    A recent visitor to Graham’s legacy site was Lisa Zhang

    September 11, 2015
    Best wishes to the Berkely family from one of Graham’s old compuware coworkers.
    Lisa Zhang, Weston, CT

    This would be the former Lisa Mailho.

    I don’t see any mention of Compuware; again, the wrong spelling.

    I was once a Vice President at JP Morgan and, for a short time, a real life CFO of a JP Morgan product line in Asia.

    hmmmm Is she really sending that tribute, or is her name being used?
    I don’t believe she worked for Compuware.

    In the Nov 20 2001 issue of The Advocate, Bill Hinson takes the journal to task for stereotyping his friend Graham as a clubs, cruising,muscle kind of guy.
    [re October 23 issue]

    InfoWorld Sept 17 2001 issue describes him as working for Xerox

    This February 2001 news report mentions Berkeley at Compucorp

    Press contacts: [Director Product Management for E-Business Solutions]
    Graham Berkeley, Compuware Corporation, 617-498-4031,

    Kayla White, Compuware Corporation, 248-737-7300, ext. 11402,

    617-498-4000 was the main phone line for Compuware in Cambridge MA:
    at 150 Cambridge Park Drive

    By 2003 it had moved
    Boston (Cambridge) University Place 124 Mount Auburn Street Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 Phone: 617.661.3020 Fax: 617.498.4010 Office Type: Lab


    So, Mrs B[erkeley] was born circa 1937. Let’s see, Roger’s mum’s name was Henderson. Pauline A Henderson, then.

    Born 1937 2nd quarter in Newark, Nottinghamshire. Brother Ellis two years older. That’s quite near to Worksop.

    So why is the birth [of Roger] not registered in Worksop? Neither is any marriage of his parents registered in England and Wales, although that doesn’t rule out a marriage in another jurisdiction, eg Scotland or Ireland. Therefore, Charles [Les] cannot be right saying that Graham was born at home in Worksop

    Les and Pauline seem to have vanished into oblivion circa 2003/4.

    Their local newspaper, the Shropshire Star provided some more recent backstory for them; interviewing Charles and Pauline Berkeley at their home on Crocus Drive, Sutton Park, Shrewsbury on the 2011 assassination of Osama bin Lollypop.

    Land Registry still lists them as owners of that Shrewsbury address since 1981. You’re quite right that Charles’ middle name is Leslie – Land Reg has got him down as that. Which adequately explains why wife Pauline called him Les in that 2011 Sky News interview.

    Sadly Sky News has taken down the video; which is unusual as it’s not that old, and surely still important. It’s also a loss for 911 researchers, which is probably why it was taken down. Though I distinctly remember Pauline Berkeley spoke with a local Black Country accent. This seemed odd since Graham, her high-flying son, with his “improbable career trajectory”, spoke with a middle-class south of England accent becoming of a scholar of the Royal College of Music.

    Furthermore, as you’ve already pointed out, Pauline was apparently born 1937 nr Newark, Notts, where the local accent is very different still. And according to the narrative, Pauline & Charles Leslie Berkeley were still living in the Notts area when son Graham Berkeley, the only British victim aboard Flight 175, was born 1964 “at Home in Worksop in Nottinghamshire” And they were still living in Notts when younger brother Roger was born in 1970.

    Graham “spent his Schooldays in Shropshire when theFamily moved due to his Father’s promotion within the Central Electricity Generating Board”, writes Charles Berkeley in his tribute written as “the Father” (!)

    So how did mother Pauline, born Notts 1937 – seemingly spend at least the first 33 years of her life in Notts – but develop her distinct Black Country accent? They are a strange family.


    Why all the research on these people?

    I’ll make this short and sweet…Flight 175 never existed.
    No flight = no victims…the entire story’s bullshit.

    It’s that simple.

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    That’s great. So simple. What a waste of my time.
    Is that how you do research? Sounds more like a Don’t Look Here kind of reply.
    De Araujo [82] is an interesting one – VCF and SSDI
    Of course it’s fake. How do they pull it off?

    Here’s the manifest with the will o’ the wisp Graham Berkeley on it

    BTW Charles Leslie Berkeley of the CEGB [Newark/Worksop] is a good area or power stations] also leaves no BMD trace. Is Buildwas power station a cover story?


    Since I mentioned Mrs DeAraujo on the fake 175 flight. Says she was 82, but is only 80 here:
    : Dorothy Alma Arnhorst

    Birth: 7 NOV 1920 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois
    Death: 11 SEP 2001 in New York, New York

    “She was my friend from the very beginning,” said Louise Plusch, who was in charge of the clerical pool at the time. “She was a good friend through all of the years. She came to the college [Cal State University Long Beach] in 1959 and worked for more than 20 years.
    De Araujo retired from CSULB in 1983. She completed her bachelor of fine arts in 1992, emphasizing in drawing and painting. She lived on Naples Island for 30 years where she owned a home

    Sale of 38 Corinthian Walk, Long Beach 90803,

    $470,000 Resale 03/08/2002 B: Martin Hanson BA: N/A
    S: California Arnhorst (Trust), Joaquin T Dearaujo (Trustee)

    I don’t find any husband mentioned anywhere, but there’s a load of them who have been registered at 7 Fern Way, Bedford, Mass, sold 23 October 2009, including Joaquim T aka Tim], Rita A [wife of Tim who provided the quotes for the tributes], their sons Jason and Jonathan M., and and Dorothy herself.

    Father Joseph Arnhorst (1883 – 1972) died Long Beach
    Her twin brothers Stanley Victor Arnhorst 1911 – 1995
    Harold Adolph Arnhorst 1911 – 1918

    Quite a good back up story, with supporting census data from 1935 as well.
    see also
    It says she survived breast cancer in the 1970s
    So, whom was she married to?


    There were apparently SEVEN Irish deaths on 9/11.
    It has been pointed out that there was no birth entry for Joanne Cregan
    However, it was not commented on whether a birth entry existed for her alleged brother Ron/Ronnie/Ronald or sister Grace, the latter amazingly escaping from the other tower of the WTC in which Joanne allegedly died.

    Isn’t that amazing? Joanne Cregan was alleged to have been working in the probably fake eSpeed operation on the 105th floor of WTC1. It is not written for whom Grace was working or what she was doing there. So far so suspicious.

    Not a single word has been written by the alleged sister Grace since 2001.
    The “sisters” are alleged to have had apartments in the same building – bought no less.

    Their father Ronnie Cregan, an auctioneer, mother Mary, and brother Ronnie, also an auctioneer, flew from Dublin to be with Grace in Brooklyn as the search of the wrecked buildings continued.
    A cousin of the Cregan sisters, Dublin solicitor Paul McNally, yesterday said: “They are just hoping for news of Joanne. We’re all waiting for news with not much hope. Her sister Grace is fine, she wasn’t injured.”
    Having watched a terrorist attack on their daughters’ workplace unfold from their Churchtown home for a second time, Mrs Cregan said: “Grace didn’t panic and waited for rescuers to lead her to safety, but we were terrified watching the whole thing on TV.”

    It “emerged” that Joanne Cregan had survived the 1993 event at the WTC 8 years earlier when she would have been 22 or 24 depending on her quoted age in 2001. Yet it’s not stated with whom she was working [if at all]

    The most recent annual memorial notice is somewhat slimmed down compared with recent years

    In 2011 there was an astonishing discovery when a necklace with a “bean shaped” design was recovered from the rubble four years later – which means the story was held back for 6 years until 2011 – completely unbelieveable:

    They were inseperable – rather like the Thompson twins – and the mother even forgave Bin Laden. Who writes this garbage?

    There care one or two significant posts on the legacy site.
    Cathy Cregan’s note on June 10, 2012 mentions Reg who must be her father
    She speaks to Joanne – like the all do as if they are alive – to say she had allegedly bumped into the son of Cantor “victim” Peter Milano whose son, Peter also “lost” a cousin and several college friends on 9/11. Milano and “Scoop Esposito had led a “pregnant” woman to safety in 1993, hence their “adjacent” position of their names on the memorial…
    Another back up story, 2013, comes from Nancy Butscher, who worked for Lehmann Bros 1992-7

    Most interesting though is the 2003 post by Yvette Santiago, of
    Harrison, New Jersey, now known as Yvette Koczan-Santiago and living with her husband in London now.

    I knew Joanne Cregan briefly when I worked at Credit Suisse First Bosto

    which indeed she did

    from 1999-2002, which would imply that’s where Joanne worked before her alleged transfer to the mysterioius eSpeed. Yvette is fond of posting images of the twin towers each September 11


    I hadn’t realised how extensive the Marsh & McLennan memorial site was
    The 10th anniversary video has already disappeared.
    295 colleagues + 63 consultants, it is written there, died

    You can visit the memorial at Marsh & McLennan Companies’ New York headquarters during normal business hours. The memorial is located in the plaza adjacent to our offices.

    There are many ‘tributes’ appended.
    Let’s just check out UK and Canadian ‘victims’.
    Canada – Bernard Mascarenhas 54 worked for Marsh Canada, but found himself on a trip to NY wife Raynette, a son, Sven, and a daughter, Jaclyn, who followed her father into Marsh…
    Bernard’s fulsome tribute:

    Strangely, her 2009 wedding announcement described her as being the daughter of Bernard and Raynette, rather than the late Bernard. No matter. Raynette seems to leave no online trace since 2001

    Click to access Contact_Oct2009.pdf

    Jane Beatty 53 – phoned husband “Bob” from the tower. Survived breast cancer. Moved from the UK 20 years previously to Ontario, two grown sons, who, one imagines, were born in the UK. source
    oops, nothing there! Several messages, including one from “sister” Joanna Chrystal

    Perhaps we might have more luck with the UK victims. Three of them, but one is a double counting of Jane Beatty, who also get no supplied information in the Guardian – source

    Who are the other ones? From the Guardian:

    Benjamin James Walker, 41, was on the 91st floor of the north tower, working for Marsh McClennan insurance brokers. He had moved to New York five years ago from Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. He left an American wife, Laura, and three children.
    Another blank page! Again, though, there are tributes added by friends, family and colleagues.
    family tributes come from “Meg and Tom” and wife Laura Walker

    Happy Anniversary Ben, 22 years. Our beautiful children inspire me every day. You are alive and well with them,xo
    Laura Walker, Family
    Sep 30 2011 7:10AM

    Andrew Joseph Bailey, 29, married with an eight-year-old daughter, was originally from Birmingham. He worked as a security supervisor for insurance brokers Marsh and McLellan [sic] on the 93rd floor of the north tower and lived and worked in New York.

    Andrew Bailey doesn’t appear on the Marsh memorial site. [c.f. the Cantor Fitzgerald memorial website]


    Another company allegedly in the WTC has a large roll of “deaths” – Fiduciary Trust


    The company has its own online source of the names

    One notes that there is one name missing from the wall plaque…
    Karamo Trerra

    Why so? It can’t be because he was not an employee, because neither was Klaus Sprockamp an employee – he was attending a business meeting in the WTC, allegedly, he worked for LION bioscience AG ***

    Remembering 9/11 – A Tribute

    He was lying near the body of German banker Sebastian Gorki [a Deutsche Bank representative accompanying him] Both died in the same office on that fateful day.

    Gorki is another who appears on both memorials.
    ***[family – Beate, a surgeon. sons, Johannes, ** five, and Lucas, three
    Interment was in Muhltal, Germany

    **Went to Kent School, Connecticut
    Lives in Seeheim-Jugenheim
    From Darmstadt, Hessen
    Hannah Emmerich Sister

    Johannes Sprockamp, a student in the 5th form (11th-grade) at Kent School in Kent, Connecticut, was named to the high honor roll for the winter term of 2011-2012. Sprockamp is the child of Dr. Beate Sprockamp of Seeheim-Jugenheim.

    An interesting place to send your child to school from Germany.

    The more pressure there was, the more calm and collected he acted,” says Friedrich von Bohlen, chief executive of LION and one of his closest friends.

    What then of Trerra, a Gambian muslim married, improbably to an American jew,-says-US-diplomat–13-881858-0-lang2-index.html

    Karamo Terra [sic] a Gambian–American worked as computer technician at the centre.


    [dig the photo]
    Not too mnay condolence messages at several from

    Karamo Baba leigh, Grand Prairie Texas, and mam sait leigh, manchester UK

    a computer technician for ASAP NetSource

    A suspicious looking back up story emerged in 2004 over the compensation under either US or Gambian law..

    The Kelner firm is representing Sharon Schultz, the widow of Karamo Trerra, a computer technician born in Gambia. The fund’s award in the case was $1.84 million.

    “It is an extraordinarily unusual case,” said Robert S. Kelner, who has represented about two dozen 9/11 families, as well as the widow of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was murdered in Pakistan.

    Just the sort that lawyers love and one which keeps the 9/11 narrative alive.

    Karamo Trerra, 39, came to the United States 10 years ago from Gambia, West Africa, to grab a piece of the American dream, says his wife, Sharon Schultz. In March, he received an associate’s degree in computer networking and started working at Fiduciary Trust on the 97th floor of Tower Two</blockquote>

    So then, why is he missing from the Fiduciary wall memorial?


    As a postscript to the above, there is a fascinating shill-driven exchange going on at LRF on the subject of the Fiduciary “power down”

    In addition to the Fetzer interview version of the story,

    and the Killtown “interview”

    and from 4.45 here…

    there’s another interview with Tony Gosling.

    This last interview has Scott name checking a “Mark” who survived, by taking the elevator and a “Brian” who died, allegedly.. Which Brian? Goldberg or Jones?

    He describes himself as a Senior Database Administrator. Who else might have been involved in the key work over the alleged “power down” weekend?
    We note, for example,
    Senior ORACLE DBA
    Fiduciary Trust Company/Franklin Templeton
    Greater New York City Area
    1999 – Present (16 years)

    who seems to have been silent on 9/11.

    See also from 6:09 here….



    I haven’t forgotten about Forbes – he appears in this video by Smallstorm, featuring all your favorite backstoppers, after 1:05:40 and again several times later.

    What interested me was the interview with Joseph Milanowycz, the father of 93rd floor Aon South Tower “victim” Greg Milanowycz – another twin! [twin Steven]
    This put me onto his girlfriend of 5 years, Amy Verdi, now known as Amy Paglia.
    Then it became obvious how convoluted the back up stories become in order to place Mylanowycz in the South Tower…
    There are no names in this piece
    yet this Japanese blog seemed to have put two and two together
    viz – the a llegedly pilfered “Tiffany globe”, retail price USD 350, allegedly found at the Fresh Kills 9/11 landfill processing site, was an alleged gift from Amy to her boyfriend.
    Amy worked at Tiffany for many years, from 1997 although she’s now working for Ricoh in the twin cities in MN.

    And sure enough, the next year, 2004,

    Mother seeks return of FBI’s 9/11 souvenir

    March 18, 2004

    Printer friendly version Print this article
    Email to a friend Email to a friend

    The mother of a man who died in the September 11, 2001, attacks has asked US Attorney-General John Ashcroft to return a crystal Tiffany globe taken as an FBI souvenir from the rubble of the World Trade Centre.
    Adele Milanowycz said her son Gregory, 25, received the globe as a gift from his girlfriend and kept it on his desk on the 93rd floor of the south tower.
    The chipped Tiffany paperweight, worth $350, is at the centre of controversy over the handling of debris at the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island, where investigators sorted World Trade Centre rubble.
    The globe turned up in 2002 on a secretary’s desk at the FBI’s Minneapolis field office.
    FBI agent Daniel Nesbit has been named in a Justice Department report as having taken the globe from the landfill.

    The globe seemed to have special significance

    Many of the items have been or are being turned over to museums and other collections; the Tiffany globe in particular has been turned over to the Inspector General.

    And then, not a few weeks later..

    One New Jersey woman whose son died in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks has written to Attorney General John Ashcroft asking for the globe, saying her son had an identical one on his desk on the 93d floor of the south tower.
    But the office of Justice Department Inspector General Glenn A. Fine is offering other people a chance to make a claim for the globe. To make one, write or e-mail by the close of business April 12.
    The Justice Department tried to give the globe to the New York Police Department to find its rightful owner, but the New York Police Department declined to accept it, Fine said.
    Anyone making a claim should provide some documentation or other proof of ownership.

    Did Adele get the globe?
    Guess what – Amy’s alma mater has a scholarship named in honor of her ex-boyfriend…

    She seems to have met her husband at Tiffany

    Oh, the case was closed, no prosecutions 6/16/2006

    Not many images of Greg, just this one
    9/11 thefts not prosecuted after FBI misdeeds


    with US ambassador Robert Holmes Tuttle

    with Noel Le Grand, a former director of the British Memorial Garden Trust

    a few photos of Suria’s mum from the 2011 event outside the US embassy, now removed from the web, but archived

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    And a supporter of Barnsley Football Club living in Southfields, SW18, not a million miles from the family home of the Clarkes, has posted some info that he taught one of the two sons, probably Alex [Jack] rather than Tom [Channel 4].

    Strangely, our Tyke in Nappy Valley

    Capital Tyke
    11-09-2015, 02:27 PM
    I, along with another couple of managers, was summoned by the Works Manager into the conference room adjoining his office. He’d put the television on at the far end of the room, it was showing the first tower after it’d been hit. We were all debating how such an accident could happen when the second plane flew into the other tower. Everyone stopped talking and instantly knew this couldn’t possibly be accidental. After a few more minutes, we all left the room in silence.
    I watched it unfold on the staffroom tv, during a free period.
    Realised later that Suria Clarke, the sister of a lad I taught, was working at the World Trade Centre.
    Then came the awful reality that she’d been on the 105th floor.
    Her mother Alex Clarke led the 10th anniversary service at the memorial in Grosvenor Square off Park Lane in 2011, where Grimethorpe Colliery Band* played the solemn music.

    * local to Barnsley

    How would Tyke know that “Suria” was working at the WTC unless he were an insider? How recently had she been recruited to the sham eSpeed operation there? Very recently. He’s a teacher, but in 2001 he was in a “works”. Hmmm.


    additionally, a new entry at the legacy site, alleging that he/she was at university with Rachel. It has never been disclosed publicly which university she attended, if any. No other fellow student seems to have remembered her at university. Just “politics”…. suspicious.

    September 11, 2015
    So long Suria – it was great to know you for three great years at university, and how we all wish it was much, much more than that. You are still much loved and much missed.

    G H-B, London


    Evil Edna has unearthed an obscure London Evening Standard article about 9/11 Cantor “victim” Robert Eaton, perhaps the most investigated of the UK “victims” by Danielle Gusmaroli , a reporter who now writes for the Daily Mail, but she did report on the 2003 psy-op “murder” of an American in London, Margaret Muller,

    Some of the article is available here

    Gusmaroli also assisted in this 2002 anniversary piece

    Inside St Paul’s, draped over the altar, was another flag. Rescued from Ground Zero, the tattered Union flag, which measures 8ft by 4ft, is of mysterious origin. No one knows why it was in New York or who it belonged to but it played a central part in London’s day of remembrance.


    south London dancer Shaun Mulryne, 20,[of Vauxhall] who lost a distant cousin, Emma Smith, and her three-year-old daughter Sophie in the attacks. Miss Smith, 22, from Southampton, was working as a waitress in a restaurant by the twin towers when it was hit by debris. Her daughter was playing in the restaurant creche.Three memorial candles were lit at the service, the first one by Alexandra Clarke, whose daughter Suria died in the atrocities.

    some of the 2001 Gusmaroli article is captured here

    A 2011 article by David Cohen is here

    Within minutes of the first plane slamming into the World Trade Center, managing director Shaun Lynn[48] rushed to the London trading floor of Cantor Fitzgerald where his brokers were on “squawk boxes” frantically talking to their New York colleagues
    Philip Norton, Cantor’s technological guru, was on the floor with Shaun and remembers the chilling intercom exchanges. “Our brokers now realised it was a co-ordinated terrorist attack and were shouting, ‘Another plane has gone into the South Tower! Get out! You need to get out!’ There was a growing sense of panic in New York.

    “Some said they would try to get down stairwells, others on to the roof. They told us it was getting hot and difficult to breathe because of the fire and smoke. Talk became difficult because cabling was melting, they were becoming distraught.”

    Lynn and Norton watched dumbfounded as colleagues jumped to their deaths.

    Speaking from New York, Cantor’s global CEO and chairman [Howard] Lutnick, 50, is happy to put the record straight. “The survival of the business is due to the London office and their superhuman efforts. It is without question the reason our firm is here today.

    “Without London there would have been no recovery, no profits, no $180million distribution out of those profits for the families of the 658 who died, and no $65million distributed to good causes. It was entirely on the shoulders of our London office that we survived.”

    Lynn, 48, now CEO of the London operation, and his then boss, Lee Amaitis, rallied the troops to fight back from disaster

    “Rob Eaton,” he says, pointing at the handsome face of the 37-year-old Cantor’s man. “I hired him, lovely fellow, he worked for me in Frankfurt. Then I sent him to New York.”

    Perhaps Lynn is unconcerned that Eaton is not listed on the Cantor memorial site.


    One of the few alleged Cantor Fitzgerald workers whose name appears on their own memorial is Vincent Wells

    There’s quite a lot of anecdotal evidence to support his existence eg Lee Neary worked with him at the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange and this doesn’t seem to be backstopping.

    Remembering our journeys to work at 06:00 in the morning together to the LIFFE floor. RIP mate.
    *** Posted by Lee Neary on 2011-09-16 ***

    Lee indeed lives in the same area where Vincent lived, Ilford.

    Jamie Rabey @Spicy1979
    Miss you Vinny. Think about you a lot mate.
    ‘Get on the dance floor Vincent’ #vincentwells #911 #neverforgetyou
    LIKES Ford Village Shop Neary
    12:13 AM – 11 Sep 2015
    Why though would a village shop near Berwick on Tweed, Northumberland tweet twice about Vinny Wells? Very mysterious.
    2013 and 2015

    Neary ?@danieljneary
    RIP Vincent Wells. Gone but never forgotten #rip911
    Embedded image permalink
    11:08 PM – 10 Sep 2015

    Daniel seems to be the younger brother of Lee.
    Oddly the 2013 tweet from Ford Village shop is sent from Cork, Ireland!

    Ford Village Shop ?@FordVillageShop
    On the anniversary of #September11 #9/11 We will #NeverForget #VincentWells #Thinkingofyou
    9:18 AM – 11 Sep 2013 [pacific time]

    which, coincidentally, is where a Laura Cook, subsequently Laura Cook-Thompson, a regular sender of tributes to the legacy page lived, before relocating to Berwick. Aha. She was back home. But formerly of London…

    September 13, 2005
    It has been four years since that awful day. Four years since an email was sent to determine whether you were OK and a response never received. Love to your family at this especially painful time of year. Even though we were not close, I think of you a great deal. You will never be forgotten.

    Interesting. But no hints as to why Laura would be so concerned about Vinny.
    Close family steer clear of the legacy page for some reason, but they put in a show at the other site*, where Lee posted in 2011 and where Laura also posts.

    *Family – parents Julia and Charles [Charlie] and sister Joanna, 11 years older. His even older brother, by 13 years, William C, stays silent. Seems like Vincent was a late arrival on the family scene.
    He looks a bit older than 22 in the image below, but probably my imagination.


    What of the press reports?
    September 16 2001

    …Vincent Wells, a 22-year-old insurance broker from Ilford, east London. His parents, Charles and Julia, were too upset to talk about their son, whom they have not heard from since the disaster.Mr Wells is among the 700 missing employees of Cantor Fitzgerald, and was thought to have been on the 105th floor with colleagues who were trapped after the jets struck.
    September 17 2001

    His parents, Charles and Julia Wells, were too upset to discuss the tragedy and were being comforted by relatives at their bungalow in Ilford, Essex.

    but were making plans…
    Tuesday, 18 September, 2001, 09:45 GMT

    Vincent Wells, who would have celebrated his 23rd birthday on Monday, is the youngest known Briton on the official US list of missing people.
    He was working for London-based broker Cantor Fitzgerald on the 105th floor of the northern tower when the first plane struck. His parents, Charles and Julia, were at home in Ilford, Essex, on Saturday when they were told that their son was officially missing. They have flown to New York.

    Ten years later…

    Thursday 8 September 2011
    WELLS, Vincent Ten long sad years. Remembering our brother. Time passes, Memories stay, Never forgotten especially today. Always loved

    Brother Billy, Sister Joanne & FamiliesVincent wells XXXXX

    but not before the standard Bin Laden “death” interview..
    May 5 2011

    Senior school photo,apparently

    Julia Wells, of Roding Lane South, Woodford Green **, whose 22-year-old son Vincent was killed in the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York on September 11 2001, said she was “delighted” that Bin Laden had been found, but did not feel any sense of closure when she heard the news.
    “He’s had 10 years longer than my son to live his life,” she added. “I would rather they’d done what they did – kill him – than put him in prison, because that would have made the ordeal longer than it has been.
    “I’m pleased the Americans found him and there’s some justice at last for us, but obviously, it doesn’t make it easier.
    “There’s never any closure when you lose someone you love and it’s been such a public death.”
    She said that while Bin Laden had been buried at sea as soon as possible after his death, she had to wait for more than a year for her son to be identified among the wreckage of the Twin Towers and flown home for a funeral.

    Paul Doherty, headmaster at Trinity Catholic High School in Woodford Green, which Mr Wells attended from 1990 to 1997, said the news had brought back fresh memories of his death.
    “All the death of Bin Laden brought to mind was the terrible tragedy of 9/11 and the fact that we lost Vincent in that tragedy,” he said. “It can’t bring him back. That’s the tragedy. It brings it home.”
    The school holds a memorial service to Mr Wells every year and his family has just donated a bench in his memory, which will be placed next to an area used for contemplation and prayer in the school grounds.

    ** Ilford, actually zip code IG4

    another image

    source –
    September 8 2011

    The 22-year-old answered a call from his brother, Billy, minutes after the plane hit, telling him he was trying to escape the building.
    “He had only been out in New York for nine months and not only him but all the other people were wiped off the face of the Earth.”

    Mrs Wells said she has been to New York five times since, most recently last year when the Queen opened a memorial in the British Garden in Hanover Square.

    Vincent’s remains were identified 14 months after the attack and a service was held at his former school, St Augustine’s Catholic Primary, Cranbrook Road, Gants Hill.

    Mrs Wells is a member of a 9/11 committee which meets in London and is made up of people who lost family members and friends in the attacks.

    …but not a funeral service as far as I can see.


    Evil Edna has unearthed an obscure London Evening Standard article about 9/11 Cantor “victim” Robert Eaton, perhaps the most investigated of the UK “victims” by Danielle Gusmaroli , a reporter who now writes for the Daily Mail…

    Some of the [2001] article is available here

    [ ]

    Full article here..

    Bit of discontinuity perhaps, in the Eaton narrative?

    In the article above (London Evening Standard; 19/9/2001) Eaton was supposedly transferred by his employer, bond brokers Garban, to their NYC office. Where he was then headhunted by Cantor Fitzgerald:

    From that 2001 article:

    Originally from Brighton, Robert sold his one-bedroom bachelor flat in Battersea 10 years ago to pursue his dream in the US.

    He had been selling bonds at brokers Garban in London and transferred for a brief spell to the firm’s New York offices. His talent was recognised and rewarded by the firm but in no time he was headhunted by Cantor Fitzgerald – one of the world’s largest financial companies. He rose rapidly into the higher echelons of New York’s financial world.

    While there he met and married Jacqui, an American. The couple, who lived in Long Island, never had children.

    Yet on the decade anniversary, The Evening Standard (11/9/2011) ran another story about Wortley. Quoting Shaun Lynn, MD of Cantor as saying: “I hired him, lovely fellow, he worked for me in Frankfurt. Then I sent him to New York.

    From (copy: )

    [Shaun] Lynn [Cantor MD] himself, an intensely private man with a reputation as a tough operator who doesn’t do interviews. Today is to prove a watershed. “To this day, I have not dug deep about September 11 because I just don’t want to,” he says.

    “It’s too sore, too vast, too endless. It consumes you. When you lose one person, it’s hard enough. When you lose 658 some close friends. It’s, it’s you would spend years going to all the funerals.”

    Suddenly Lynn’s lip starts to shake and he excuses himself from the room. “Just give me two minutes.” He returns and says: “I haven’t done that in a while.” But there is no disguising how raw this still is.

    When I hand him a copy of the Evening Standard supplement that commemorated the first anniversary of September 11, he scans the gallery of Britons who perished. “Rob Eaton,” he says, pointing at the handsome face of the 37-year-old Cantor’s man. “I hired him, lovely fellow, he worked for me in Frankfurt. Then I sent him to New York.” He falls momentarily silent as the meaning of what he’s said sinks in. “Such a shame.”

    Such a shame indeed.

    Trying to make sense of this convoluted narrative for Robert Eaton…

    So which is it? Wortley was apparently sent to NYC [by his London employer Garban]. Only to be headhunted there by Cantor Fitzgerald. Then Eaton somehow wound-up back in Europe, in Frankfurt, and then he was sent back to NYC by Cantor’s MD Shaun Lynn, where he met his fate on 9/11??

    The Frankfurt link seems to be absent in, or contradicted by, the Standard’s earlier story from 2001.


    Another interesting victim who worked for Cantor Fitz – although examined to a lesser degree than other Brit 911 victims – is Martin Wortley


    Martin Michael Wortley, b.Q4 1970; Redbridge, Essex. In the narrative, Martin is described as being originally from Woolpit, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk; although his links to the village are tenuous.

    Martin emigrated to the US “in 1978” “aged 6”, with parents Mike and Celia (née Stanton; m. Q3 1970; Islington, London).

    Difficult to find much linking Martin Wortley to Suffolk. Perhaps all these fleeting local links were engineered or elaborated to spread the victim load across Britain? Aiding the local newsworthiness of the 9/11 hoax?

    The only local link seems to be a very elderly paternal grandfather, Ronnie Wortley who would be about 90 now. But at the time living in Woolpit, Suffolk, with his much younger second wife Morva. Morva was described at the time of 911 as being an “insurance executive”. But today is listed as a police liaison officer, neighbour watch coordinator, and general pillar of the community.

    In 2011, the local press interviewed Morva Wortley; describing Martin as Morva’s “grandson”, but he would actually be her step-grandson:

    Martin Wortley reportedly had two younger siblings – twins Deborah Melanie and Paul Andrew; b. Q1 1975; Epping Forest, Essex.


    Martin Wortley was born in Newbury Park, England, a suburb of London. He moved with his family to Ridgewood when he was 6.

    He was a member of the swim team at the Ridgewood YMCA and gave swim lessons to young children.

    “The young kids trusted him,” Celia Wortley said. “He taught a lot of 2- and 3-year-olds how to swim.”

    When Wortley was a high school freshman, he and his family moved to Mahwah. At Mahwah High School, he played football and threw the shot put and discus. He graduated in 1990.

    The football team will honor Wortley tonight before its home game against Pascack Valley. The tribute will feature speeches by past and present players and coaches and a presentation to the Wortley family. The ceremony begins at 6:30 p.m. at the high school field on Ridge Road.

    “He absolutely loved football,” said Celia Wortley. She said her son, who was a lineman, received a partial scholarship to play football at East Stroudsburg, where he earned an economics degree.

    She said her son often spent time with her, his father, Mike, and his younger twin siblings, Paul and Debbie. All live in North Jersey or New York State.

    This seems to Wortley’s younger sister Deborah — now known as Debbie Wortley-Busto:


    Debbie Wortley-Busto
    Lives in Charlotte, North Carolina
    From Mahwah, New Jersey

    Martin’s younger brother, Paul Andrew Wortley, presumably is this gentleman below. He works as a Fixed Income Derivatives Broker, in New York, for Tradition Inc., the interdealer broking arm of Compagnie Financière Tradition:


    The research into Wortley on Cluesforum, and its forerunner the RealityShack forum, took an interesting, if brief, turn back in 2010.

    Poster SmokingGunII reckoned that purportedly-not-so-dead 911 victim Martin Wortley has assumed the identity of old school friend and fellow NYC banker Nick Brophy.

    SmokingGunII based his theory on the striking similarities he claims to have identified in the photographs of Wortley and Brophy.

    SmokingGunII writes:

    I have looked at 3 photos of “Nick Brophy” and he and Martin Wortley are in my opinion, the same man.

    A sincere belief? Or an early instance of DallasGoldBuggery? Or was DallasGoldBug (et. al) – the drawing of tenuous likenesses – invented to discredit and distract from this line of research? Either way, the similarities aren’t that obvious. At least not to me. But maybe let’s not be too hasty in dismissing it, as others have been….

    Martin Michael Wortley:

    Nick Brophy:

    Doppelganger or not, Brophy certainly has maintained close links to the Wortleys.

    Brophy is facebook friends with Wortley’s sister, Debbie, and even Brophy’s Facebook profile picture pays overt homage to Wortley; viz his photo of Wortley’s memorial plaque inscription at Ground Zero:

    This is presumably the linkedin page of the same Nick Brophy, NYC banker:

    Here’s a funny thing. SmokingGunII also found a blog for Nick Brophy. It’s since been deleted; but the wayback machine has kept snapshots dating back to 2011:

    Definitely the same fella; NYC; adopting abandoned African orphans into the American Dream? That’s our chap.

    SmokingGunII didn’t remark at the time of his discovery, but the above blog is named — Martin being the name the Brophys gave to their first adopted orphan. Nick Brophy explains on his blog:

    Our [adopted] son’s full name is Martin Ashenafi Brophy, named after our good friend Martin Wortley, who was taken from us five years before Ash’s birth, on 9/11/2001.

    Last thing.

    Debbie Wortley-Busto (Martin’s sister) gave a facebook thumbs-up to friend Christopher Zimmer. In a touching personal tribute, Christopher from Mahwah, NJ, has been busy with his sewing machine; creating a magnificent patchwork quilt of 911 victims.

    Each 9/11 victim, not least Martin M Wortley, is given their own dedicated quilt panel with photo. Very tasteful. I can see these becoming collectible. Like memorabilia from Auschwitz.

    Maybe if the quilt goes into large-scale production, Debbie can conjure up a better picture of her late brother? Sadly just three thumbnails of the poor man ever reached public circulation. I suppose, at a pinch, they could always use a photo of Nick Brophy instead? Would Martin have approved? What do others think?


    Fascinating, psyopticon. [Are you mixing up Eaton and Wortley at some point?]
    Is that what is known as “bumping”? If Brophy has genuine pedigree, he passes on and Wortley steps in?
    Yes you’re right, that must be Michael’s step grandmother in sleepy Woolpit, his uncle also Ronald is or was in Wellingborough.
    Michael’s wife seems to have remarried


    A native of Mahwah, N.J., he was married to ESU alumna Karen (Lutz) Wortley, also a 1995 graduate. The couple lived in Park Ridge, N.J.


    The recipient of the Martin Wortley ’95 Football Endowed Scholarship is Seve Rivers. The scholarship was established by ESU alumna Karen Wortley Beetel in memory of her husband Martin, class of ’95, who was an offensive lineman for the Warriors and lost his life on September 11, 2001.

    another wonderful fuzzy photo of which Eadweard Muybridge would have been proud.

    another fuzzy one, this time of Karen
    Karen Lutz-Beetel Marie Sebastiano Marucci… I read my first husbands name at the 10th anniversary ceremony of the 9/11 attacks….
    9 September 2015 at 17:34 · 8

    Karen Lutz-Beetel
    22 June 2015 ·

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