Dec 2016

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    Welcome Narrator:

    Hi Ab,
    I have been listening to your shows for more than 2 years, I think. I found the show via Nuke-Lies when you did an interview with the guy that runs that website.
    I’m 25 years old, male and from The Hague. I study business management and I’m currently writing a thesis on refugees.
    The last couple of weeks, I have been having email contact with Unreal and have been corresponding with him about the EGI topic. He is very smart and taught me a lot of new things.
    I found out that 911 was inside job when I was 17 and found the fakery angle of the conspiracy research the most beneficial for my personal wellbeing. Most of the stuff I encountered at first really scared me and I used to think that the elite were mass slaughtering people. That the world is like my senses tell me it is. Not much happens in the world. All the crazy things that happen are in virtual reality, only to be perceived on television.



    Welcome Narrator. With your advanced grasp of 9/11 fakery and your observations at Fakeologist and bearing in mind your current line of study, have you come across any narratives of images of refugees which don’t quite pass the sniff test? I’m thinking, for instgance, about stories of unaccompanied minors seemingly making their way around the world or the familiar images of the rubber dinghies in the Med.
    I think there’s plenty of scope for fakery, don’t you, with an obvious driving agenda of social and cultural mixing and a massive charity/legal industry to nourish?


    Welcome Patrix:

    I found out about this through Follius Hattus who was on your show recently. We live in the same town in Sweden and met through my interest in the community Qui Bono. I’ve been digging on the Internet since 1993. Never been into conspiracy stuff however. The social engineers have been successful with me. But about a year ago I was starting to see the big picture and when I saw September Clues I thought it’s the best explanation of that event. It’s a remarkable and historical piece.

    I would be honored to participate on your show sometime if you like. I’ve been digging a lot into the medical conspiracy. Much of medicine is totally upside down. So we could talk about that. Or the Moon hoax or the nuke Hoax or something else.

    You can contact me on my mail. I recently registered for Cluesforum as patrix

    Take care and keep up the good work. Humanity depends on it! (I could never imagine that I would use that cheesy line and actually mean it)

    Best Regards /Patrik

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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