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    Welcome Tryptamine!

    Yo it’s Tryptamine and I think I’ve already introduced myself over discord audio chat, if not here it is:

    The name is Adam and I’m a 22 years old male from Morocco, I’ve lived all around the country and the only other countries I’ve been to is Spain. I’m currently in my last year studying/preparing a masters degree EEAII ( it’s an abbreviation in french for electronics, electrical engineering , automatism and industrial computing) before that I had an LST (License) in electrical engineering and two years in CPGE where we study all fields of science intensively from python programming language to euclidean spaces to quantum physics.
    I play football, basketball and occasionally tennis, I’ve watched too much hollywood movies and like all sorts of music, I’ve strated playing video games an various consoles since 2002 and I still play online pc games every now and then.
    On the other hand I’m trying to know a little bit of all fields in science and life, because I believe specialization in studies and research has narrowed the range of sight and made it hard to see the Big Picture.
    Now I have to be honest, I have no idea how or when I’ve joined your discord server but one thing for sure is that I’m glad I did, I’ve talked with people like gaia, misom, phil banks and other amazing people and I know there’s alot more to share about all the conspiracy theories or better say conspiracy facts. I’ve been skeptic about everything that goes around me for a very long time, and after years of discontinuous research I’m pretty knowledgeable by now about all I think there is to know specialy in weather modification and geoengineering, the oil industry scheme, the monetary systems, all the big hoaxes and faked events, secret experiments and a lot more.
    And I doubt there’s anything out there I don’t have an opinion on, one that I’m willing to share.
    Of course there’s alot more to say but this will turn into a very boring introduction, so I’ll leave it at that. And thank you for reading this.


    Welcome Dani!

    Hello Fakeologists!

    My name is Dani and I have been looking seriously into these things since about 2011. As a teen in the 90s, I wondered how all the money from financial aid was spent in Africa for instance. This lead to some heated discussions with my friends. The money, that my small country gives away in one year, should be enough to buy one nice hospital in each African country. If you add up all the other money from all other countries that are given away to the third world, the third world should be well off with nice infrastructure.

    After my teens, I moved to the states and lived there for six years. After a while, I felt that the ignorance of the American people was done to them on purpose. I laughed at their ignorance my freshman year, like all Europeans do, but that stopped after a while. When I came back to Europe, I watched zeitgeist and the sequel in 2005 or so. After all of this I felt that there was a magical hand that governed all of us, but I didn’t know how or why. A few years later, in 2011 or so, a friend of mine told me about the Bilderberg group, and that I should look into it and tell him the results whenever I came up with an answer. This discussion lead into more documentaries about economics and to 9/11 after a while. So, this is how it all started for me. I can´t stop now and I try to learn new things all the time. I have seen a lot on numerous topics but try to stay rational at all times. I think I am fairly experienced and have heard a lot of different views on many different topics.

    Have a nice weekend!



    Welcome Saggysack

    Hey Ab

    I am resident in Scottish Borders where I scrape a living running a small firm. Like many, the penny started its inexorable journey to the drop with 911. I am a supporter of Architects and Engineers for 911 truth and in between work I examine all sorts of info trying to piece together the truth.
    I am a supporter of UK Critical thinker and George Webb on YouTube and of course your excellent work.

    Would be great to join and widen my resource base, but regardless of my applications success, I wish you a Merry Christmas and lots of luck for the New Year.


    Hi rebonez53

    Hi, I’m pretty new to this, but I am up with MrE’s YouTube videos about the whole transgender agenda. I am awake, and have been for two years now. I am totally aware of the the dark energy that control the fake news as well as all of the entertainment industry. I am into Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcox & Corey Goode. I like Gaia tv Too. It gets pretty lonely talking about all of the above with people whom are still asleep and think i am crazy. Well with that said my real name is Aileen and I hope to join your group. Have a great day hugs;-)


    Hi Nutsandvolts!

    My fakeologist background is being skeptical and distrusting authority since I can remember. But also very curious, Which brought me down all the typical rabbit holes. Then I found your site through the googles , which lead me to hoax busters call shortly after. I work in the electrical field and commute an hour to work every day, so since about two years ago I think I have listened to all the back catalogue of fakeologist and new, and all of hbc back catalogue and new. And I’m very thankful for what all of you guys do. It makes me feel less alone that there are people out there who are well aware of the lies and manipulation. I look forward to being able to come on the audio chat and give my two cents. I am a new father of an awesome baby girl though, so im going to have to pick my spots so to speak. Talk to you soon !

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