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    Welcome Ellen!

    Hi Ab, I have been checking in on the fakeologist site for awhile. You ask us to comment on 9/11: Well, I didn’t really question anything about 9/11 until 2008. That year, I read an article in a Vanity Fair magazine, of all places, and the movie, ‘Loose Change’ was mentioned very briefly in a long article written by the editor. Well I easily looked it up, watched it, and learned ‘it was an inside job’ lol.
    More recently it was a relief to realize that 3000 people didn’t get turned to dust in the towers that day.

    Let’s see, when I got a computer, I spent some time on ‘Faul’ McCartney, JFK, how and why Diana ‘died’… and on and on. I can appreciate now that at least I was looking! I listened to ‘Cutting through the Matrix’ podcast many years ago. Controlled opposition I’m sure but I did learn a few things.

    Being introduced to EGI 2 years ago, I slowly came to the realization, to quote George Carlin, that ‘there is a big club and you’re not in it’. (he didn’t say, “…and we’re not in it”.) An army of actors, living among us but separate from us, have been manipulating our thoughts and actions for a very long time. These entities seem to be doing everything in their power to keep us confused, divided, distracted, unhealthy, and downtrodden. They totally exploit our trusting nature.

    Mainstream news, I see as an ongoing puppet show. I see countless people getting paid to dupe us about everything from space travel to school shootings. It’s not easy to live with these conclusions but I’d rather know than not.

    About me: My work was in hospitals although I was lucky enough to stay home with my children for many years so it was an on and off career. In school one year I learned how amazing the body is. The next year it was all pathophysiology and I changed my mind for awhile. (I’m back to thinking we are amazing). However, I feel there are so many insults and so much unhealthy advice being pushed on us which undermine the incredible intelligence of our bodies.

    Lately I have been reading books about a Russian doctor’s discovery decades ago, of the importance of carbon dioxide to our health. Of course, in this upside down world, what he discovered is the opposite of what we are told; that CO2 is simply a waste gas. During stress, which I think is fostered in this day and age, we tend to breathe more than is physiologically needed. As a result, too much CO2 is blown off resulting in less oxygen getting to our tissues and organs. This is called the Bohr Effect. Most people in western countries breathe 2-3 X more than the physiologic norm.

    This chronic, mostly hidden, over-ventilation resets the respiratory centre in our brain, over time, to accept less and less CO2 resulting in even more over-breathing so it’s a vicious circle. In a nutshell there are profound physiologic effects of not having enough CO2 in the air sacs of our lungs and bloodstream. Dr. Buteyko taught how we can reverse this but it takes time, patience, and understanding how and why it works.

    CO2 is also a supposed threat to our environment. Which reminds me of Greta, who, for someone with fire in his belly to save our ’spinning ball’ is surprisingly lost without his script.

    We are carbon-based beings. Over 98% of the carbon in our bodies is Carbon 12. Carbon 12 is 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons. I don’t exactly know how this jives with 666, a supposed ‘evil’ number, but thought I’d mention it anyway. I also think the constant drumbeat to ‘reduce our carbon footprint’, aside from the obvious tax grab, really means something else.

    Anyway, I figured out decades ago, that something was not right with the medical system in how chronic diseases are treated. Over the years I have learned of relatively safe, effective, inexpensive modalities that have, at best, been ignored and, at worst, been outlawed.

    So it really wasn’t a huge surprise for me to eventually realize things were equally ‘not right’ in other spheres of life.
    I have resonated with this quote by Michael Ellner for awhile:
    “Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom”.
    What else? I have especially enjoyed your chats with Unreal and have them on my ipod and still listen to them from time to time. I hope you will have him on again before long.

    Finally, I appreciate being able to go to your site where I can learn of questionable incidents being played out around the world.

    I guess that’s a long enough intro. Thanks for reading.


    Welcome dedkelly,

    Hi Ab,

    I’m Ded Kelly, Your latest benefactor. I have been a fan of what you do for a while.

    I am an Australian male, 43 years old. Have been into fringy subject matter since the ‘90’s. So I never thought that 911 was true to its cover story as I’d already had some veils lifted before that went down.

    Fakeology is where I am now with all of that stuff. I still keep up to date with various branches of conspiracy stuff. Listen to some related podcasts. So much snake oil to sell.

    I do not try to stay up to date with the ms media. I have spent lengths of time without tv and it is the last thing I want to spend time doing. I do watch a lot of internet video though.

    In a past life I was a contributor at The Sync Whole, one of the epicentres of the sync movement. That got me an offer to write a chapter in The Sync Book. Check chapter 4 for my piece in that tome.

    I was interviewed on Tin Foil Hat Area and 42 Minutes a few times discussing sync.

    Now you and Google know a little bit more about me.

    I appreciate what you do with your site. I like the relaxed vibe and general acceptance of different ideas. The drama is entertaining when it isn’t. I’m not really a fan of anything not relating to fakeology on any platform that purports to be related to fakeology.

    I thank you.

    Kind regards

    Ded Kelly

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