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    Welcome Peetiro

    Hi Fakeologist,

    My username on the Discord server is ‘Peetiro’, although I haven’t commented as of yet. I should subscribe on the site as well, correct?

    Your website has been an amazing resource of up to date information on the ‘Great Coronavirus Hoax Reset’ (I like that coinage of yours) – and I really appreciate your hard work and fine curating skills, which has introduced me to a number of great alternative researchers / content producers I might not have otherwise came across.

    I’m also an Ontarian – born and raised in Milton, lived off and on in Toronto for 15 years, moved from T.o. to Stratford five years ago, and then moved further west to the shores of Lake Huron (Bayfield) only last week – so I really appreciate your perspective and can relate to it directly. My recent move was directly related to the Covid-1984 operation because I refuse to send my kids to school as long as the mask mandates and the whole litany of anti-human social engineering protocols continue to be imposed by the school boards, and so my wife and I took the opportunity of purchasing a large house with a bit of property. My kids are six and nine and although this psy op is particularly tough on kids (as you’ve pointed out numerous times), they are pretty resilient and we’re trying to make the most of the situation. One of the hardest aspects of it all is the uncertainty about the future – the architects of this psy op certainly know how to keep us on our toes.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and hope to communicate further in the future. 


    Hello Allthfcs

    Though like any good skeptic ive had my doubts. But have concluded. You are sincere and human.

    When i woke up to the radio on 911 i said to myself theyve finally done it. This was confirmed by the smirks all around two weeks later during the bush address to congress. The rest is details.

    This time i also had doubts but i played along and in doing so, boxed myself into a corner where i lost everything including my fiance, and nearly my life. I did finish a great book this year.

    My conspiracy magnum opus viewed thru the warholian artworld. There is a download preview there and a link to a podcast interview i did.

    Sadly, my biz plan of following warhol exhibitions around the world and doing antiwarhol tours may be just permanent fantasy unless we as a species pull off the biggest upset ever.

    Ok…take care.

    Ps…looking for enclaves, intentional communities, ghostwriting opportunities, mansion housesitting opportunities, and at least one rich divorceé.

    These days, what man isnt?:-)

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