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    This came in the comment/feedback form: I’d prefer if users use the forums to post some of their theories and research, so others can share. I’m happy to re-post however.

    This came in from user Rick Potvin:

    Comment: Tim, I’ve been tied up with a lot of day to day stuff but have been able to listen to parts of your past 6 weeks’ shows– One thing that stood out lately was the solar system. Simon was working out a model that I haven’t looked into but rather than wait and perfect my idea on this– I think you can handle a raw idea. Here it is:

    (This is startling and I’ve been running the simulation in my mind’s eye and as well as I can on paper– so far so good)–

    The earth and the so-called “sun” are “twin” bodies that move through the cosmos in a helical fashion. The double helix path thus created has a daily cycle which explains why the sun appears to “rise” and “set”.  The earth does NOT spin for the reasons you and your guest cited in that last show. I’m puzzled by the anomalies like stationary clouds on a sunny day and falling bodies that don’t arc as well. The non-spin idea is usually cited by flat earthers or bowl-earthers supporting their view but those guys never explain what is outside the bowl or how the arctic and antarctic join up on the perimeter of a flat earth. My double-helix sun/earth twin 24 hour cycle model over-rides those problems.

    Tentatively, I would say the “wandering stars” which are the other “planets” are “following” the “twin system” of the earth/sun which are at the front of the “train” of planets. But this goes further than needed right now. Just think– double helix.. twin body– sun and earth…

    The earth is not spinning… this much seems possible. In the double-helical-solar-system– the earth does NOT have to “spin” for the “sun” to go “round it”. The sun APPEARS to go over-top of us daily because in our double-helix movement, we exchange left-right positions.

    The “north pole” is the “front” of “spaceship earth” and is “heading toward” the “north star”. The “sun’s north pole” is vectored similarly.

    The same “surface” or “side of the moon” always faces us “coincidentally” because the moon is in a situation relative to earth as the earth is to the sun. WE are in a “double helical path” with the moon– which is in a “double helical path” with the sun.

    I realize that Fakology is questioning DNA existence however the “model” for DNA as a double helix provides a convenient way to imagine the paths of the twin non-rotating-earth/sun path.

    Earth does not “spin”– which settles the questions you and your guests have raised. The bright ball of light called the sun obviously rises and sets in some way– and it would be interesting to computer 3d model my idea– to see if it’s consistent with my description.

    Now– finally– we have the idea that “fakology” is being used to run the world and “control the masses”. I like your idea of fakology ( a vast improvement over the obscure ab irato)… however– I submit to you– who appear to be able to handle this type of thing– (why?– that might be useful to look at too– music?)… that we’re dealing with “USEFUL MYTHOLOGY” here… and that it APPEARS to be fakery… which-it IS.. it’s FAKE but it’s MORE than fake– it’s MYTH. So we come to MYTHology. But more than that… it’s USEFUL mythology.

    So the earth SPINNING is a MYTH– which is a higher-order level of “fake”. FAKE is one thing- but it’s shabby and shallow compared to the BIG BITE that MYTH wants to take. Fake goes “case by case” but MYTH goes MILLENIA at a time.. and deep.

    ok I better stop– lest I lose this post to a computer glitch


    It is interesting regarding the shape of the earth that it is so difficult to prove its curvature,,,
    when thinking of a possible flat earth, i quite litterally think of “the wall” from “Game of Thrones”,,

    the the flat-earth society has a podcast;

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