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    Correction: Oxford High School founded 11/3, not 3/11.
    Written “3 November” at Wikipedia.


    I continue noticing many suspect “entities” elsewhere, during my own web browsing and research. I almost think I may have struck an EGI motherlode (so to speak) in fact… Maybe I’m mistaken, but what I came across seems beyond beyond fishy.

    Your findings are spot on – that is indeed a mother lode. It is just incredible how the British elite is so ridden with individuals that display gender issues so openly. The Elite do seem to live lives of their own in the UK – nobody seem to notice. As we have posted before on the feminist movement, they really seem to be all transgendered men and Eileen Power no exception.

    Now talk about “Weapons of Mass Deception” if we consider that school to have existed since 1875… And there are surely more suspect “girls” schools and “boy” school counterparts. It might be overwhelming, but we should try to assess the students and look if they are partly EGI or,,, worse.

    What this all means is that intergenerational gender inversion is not only to be found in Hollywood and that it originates further back in time. The connection to England clearly cast doubt upon the whole of British Royalty since its inception in my opinion. We would of course need to look closer at this, and your inquiry so far is completely baffling.

    As you speculate, there is no coincidence involved in this matter of EGI and it clearly seem that Youtube is suffering the contamination that might have been tested out with the Flat Earth. If smart people can not understand we live in an impossible spherical model, how will they notice that the Elites are in reality Cross Gender ? The Elite already have the answer imo from the FE operation, and there is no Youtube channel that seem to investigate beyond very basic derogative generalisations (and terminology/language).

    John Taylor Gatto
    John Taylor Gatto – Weapons of Mass Instruction (2008)
    •Very close set of features – shallow close set small eyes, short nose, short mouth, no brow ridge, prominent fronthead and no neck

    John Taylor Gatto 2
    John Taylor Gatto – The Ultimate History Lesson (2012)
    •small eyes, short nose, short mouth and teeth, no chin, no neck and wrong long index


    Interesting that you mention John Taylor Gatto. He’s one of the main reasons I started looking at alternative / independent media, and questioning mainstream narratives. His book “The Underground History of American Education” made a big impact on me, and really rearranged my worldview.

    It would be strange to think that he was part of some even deeper agenda. Although easier to consider now, having become more attuned to the function of gurus as gatekeepers and limited hangouts than I was at the time. (Miles Mathis wrote one of his best papers, I think, on this: “What I Finally Learned”.)

    I can now imagine that perhaps Gatto’s critique of schooling could be part of laying the groundwork for the next phase of the overall “business plan.” Or perhaps he represents a faction within the elites that has some agenda like that. Thus he can tell you “the truth” in a limited way, in order to advance the “Problem – Reaction – Solution” formula. Perhaps.


    Miles Mathis wrote one of his best papers, I think, on this: “What I Finally Learned”

    Thanks for the reminder – the MM paper is called ‘What I Finally Understood‘. I found it a very good read that well explains how it becomes difficult to assess new knowledge when there are no more gatekeepers and we have to gather information by ourselves. EGI represent such a hard point as Miles describes in his paper where you can no longer go back and where there are no hero* left to show the path to enlightenment.

    You hit another hard part when you realize all the gurus are planted. As soon as that sinks in fully, they stop sending you gurus. The jack-in-the-boxes stop popping up from the mountain ledges, and you find yourself alone with the birds and the bears. That is scary not only because you have no one to talk to, but even more because your trick of doing the opposite of what you were told no longer works. You can no longer wait for the guru to point left and then move right. You have to decide on your own, without the help of negative evidence.
    —Miles Mathis

    John Taylor Gatto was heavily promoted by the likes of Brett Veinotte (WhyNot), Rochard Grove and Jan Irvin. All these entities seem to be united by the same signs of EGI – Gatto show very obvious signs as does his younger disciples who all are similarly skilled debaters and orators. Richard Grove himself must be considered an intelligence asset and fraud as he was professionally implicated in manufacturing fake evidence and testimony to the 9/11 World Trade Center bombing. Grove’s media outlet “Tragedy and Hope” also sells the 5 hour ‘Ultimate History Lesson‘ interview with Gatto as well as Grove is charge of ‘the John Taylor Gatto medical fund‘.

    Richard Grove and wife Lisa Arberchesky
    Richard Grove and wife Lisa Arberchesky – she’s got the arms strong

    *hero can be a wordplay and anagram of the hebrew word for shepherd – Roeh. Hero also is an anagram for Hore.


    I almost think I may have struck an EGI motherlode

    That’s a veritable EGI motherlode indeed. Good research.

    BTW, has anyone noticed that very often GettyImages pictures turn up in these transvestigations? Whenever a picture is stamped with the GettyImages logo you can be almost sure you are dealing with a transgender entity.


    Whenever a picture is stamped with the GettyImages logo you can be almost sure you are dealing with a transgender entity.

    Very interesting observation, images are essential and Getty no doubt play an important role to EGI image propagation.

    Getty Images is a huge company and has a collection of 80 million images representing the work from more than 250.000 photographers. By the scale of their collection, it seems unlikely that Getty focus on EGI entities only, but they sure would have pictures of almost all of those publicly known.

    Getty is very often encountered when doing EGI research, especially when looking for good resolution and high quality pictures. Most public figures use professional photographers that copyright their material which is why Getty embed their logo so that the images are not used without paying for license rights. The press imagery is produced by professionals for professionals and they have an economic model that allow for what the public often have a hard time to factor in – Photo manipulation (often disguised as image editing).

    It must be suspected all EGI entities would be compelled (if not ordered) to control their ‘image’ and public representation. Individuals born into multi-generational gender inverted families would consider their public (exoteric) representation an essential part of their success when impersonating of the opposite gender and acting their public personae. In other words, all images made of an EGI individual would be controlled and vetted before any public exposure even from childhood where the ‘professionals’ might simply be the parents of EGI entities who themselves would know what to look for and how to pose, at least at a basic level.

    If the first image editors of an EGI individual might be EGI parents, later public exposure will bring them to press agents and other professionals who will further control their image and public profile – even intervene to alter it. Image professionals do not only control the photos they produce themselves, but they also verify all the imagery available – including childhood pictures. Professionals who produce press quality material have the skill-set to modify and process older material – even create it, if need be.

    Getty Images hence represent a natural ally to EGI entities as they are part of the economic model their press agents* rely upon with their official representation. Even successful ‘normal’ people would of course use the same model and be part of image banks such as Getty.

    Though Getty Images is not in my opinion directly related to proofing for EGI, they do play a central role for EGI imagery. As EGI entities will be much more vigilant with their public appearence and representation than normal, they all would like their press imagery to be used and present in every image bank, Getty included. Makes it even more interesting that Paparazzi* imagery is also represented by the same type of image banks and commercial outlets like Getty Images.

    Getty Images was founded by the Getty family which originally made their fortune in Oil. Their family is as ‘Elite’ as they get and current chairman of Getty Images is Mark Getty – a very well connected man knighted* in 2015. Soeur Mark Getty ?

    mark getty tatler
    Mark Getty, born in Rome (Italy) 1960
    very close facial features, no brow ridge, pointed chin, no male jawline, narrow eyes, short nose, small mouth, thin neck and weak Adams apple.

    *It must be inferred that press agents are either EGI themselves or EGI compatible at the least
    *The Paparazzi name contain a double Z which hints at Zayin (7) scripting
    *Honorary knighthoods are conferred on those who are not British citizens, but who have made an exceptional contribution to Britain. Mark Getty will not use the title of Sir, but use the letters KBE after his name


    I recognize Virginia Woolf of course from your second picture – but that person in the first image sure look as suspicious as the Virgin Wolf her/himself..

    Who is in the person in the photo and what made you research this individual for EGI (other than the manly appearence) ?


    •Stage 1 : Discovery and introduction to the concept

    Jon Humanity is a prolific content creator on YouTube and responsible for a lot of material on EGI as mostly known for his “Transvestigations” videos.

    In addition to researching publicly hidden Celebrity transgender individuals, Jon Humanity also embrace many other alternative theories, some of which can appear to be entry level conspiracy traps such as ancient advanced technology, the biblical flood, giants, genetics, artificial breeding – to name but a few.

    There are not many podcasts that debate EGI except from Ab’s efforts here on Fakeologist, but alt-white radio station Renegade Broadcasting lately did an interview with Jon H. by their host “John Smith”. I’m not familiar with this Renegade presenter, but Kyle Hunt and wife Sinead McCarthy are the most renowned show-hosts. The whole alt-right movement is suspect in itself* of being EGI controlled on the top, and both Hunt and McCarthy are candidates for EGI investigation themselves*.
    John Smith Weekly Dossier: Article – Private Transvestigations
    John Smith Weekly Dossier: Audio – 2:00 h:mm
    kyle Hunt sinead
    *Renegade Broadcasting founder Kyle Hunt and wife Sinead McCarthyseen together Kyle and Sinead look as an inverso couple – despite bulking up Kyle has close eyes, short mouth and neck – she has wide set eyes, wide mouth and long neck

    *Jon Humanity – Trannies of the Alt-Right – 12:25 mm:ss

    Terran Downvale

    Hey, guys. I’ve been meaning to add more replies here as the discussion with timr is hitting on the topic that I find the most interesting and important above all else in the realm of fakeology: the very nature of reality and our existence in it. I really do believe this seemingly “fake reality” we’re noticing and exposing here goes much deeper than just “events” and “culture creation.” So this kind of talk can never get too weird for me!

    But that said, I’m becoming even more suspicious now that there may be some “fakery” involved in the apparent EGI phenomenon. This is in addition to the possible disinfo put out by certain transvestigators that poisons the well and opens us up to ridicule. The sports radio show Ab recently played in his audiochat with Folius Hattius shows how easy it is for debunkers and mockers to pick off what seems like deliberately offered low-hanging fruit. “Illuminati trannies live in houses like this?” How could MrE3000 not know he was throwing a softball pitch right over the plate with a ridiculous line like that? He’s either playing games for his own amusement or intentionally trying to make EGI investigation (and fakeology by extension) sound ridiculous. Notice they slipped in the “Nukes don’t exist” claim along with the EGI stuff.

    I do believe there’s a game being played by the suspected EGIs as well. Perhaps some or even most of them merely possess naturally occurring opposite gender traits and are put in the spotlight to promote the “aesthetic” of the transgender agenda while creating truther traps for us to step into and falsely claim EGI where it doesn’t really exist. And this is taken to the extreme by the transvestigator channels that are basically calling EVERY person in the media an EGI, sometimes for the most ridiculous and flimsy reasons. Take one recent video by Jon Humanity for example. Yes, Conan O’Brien’s face has a somewhat feminine look to it. But his style of dancing is pointed out as a key indicator of EGI? Sorry, but that was incredibly weak. Maybe we should take MrE3000’s advice and first take a look at the house he and his wife live in before we pass judgement, lol.

    Anyway, I just think there are games being played here by both the transvestigators and the transvestigated. We often see little in-jokes that play into our suspicions. Now I’m not saying I know or believe for 100% fact that this was a reaction to my posts here, but I’m going to show you the kind of thing I’m talking about.

    On February 28 and March 1, I wrote two posts about Chloe Grace Moretz. As far as I know, no one before me had publicly suggested she could be an MTF. Well, take a look at these two Instagram posts she made just a couple days later. This one was from March 2 which was her first Instagram post after my comments here:

    Deutchy, you're a star. Everyone go see #BeforeIFall on #march3rd . So proud, so happy for you, love you endlessly ?

    A post shared by Chloe Grace Moretz (@chloegmoretz) on

    I’m not sure if the comments on the post will look the same by the time you read this so here’s a screen shot of what I’m seeing right now:

    There’s also this comment further up the page:

    And then two days later, there was this post displaying fingers (I focused on her fingers in my first post here):


    A post shared by Chloe Grace Moretz (@chloegmoretz) on

    There seems to be some debate in the comments about exactly whose fingers they are. Some think they’re hers and others think they’re her (now former) boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham’s. Some think one hand belongs to each of them! Here are a few choice comments:

    This reminds me of the other “finger games” I suspected by the two Asian “female” tech whizzes in my previous post who seemed to be deliberately displaying their hands for our finger-length-comparing pleasure.

    Anyway, just curious what you all think about this. I found another interesting group of supposedly unconnected news stories recently involving “regular people” that appear to be thematically connected to each in various ways, one of them involving possible EGI-bait. I’ll be doing a post on that as well.


    I really do believe this seemingly “fake reality” we’re noticing and exposing here goes much deeper than just “events” and “culture creation.”

    One of the lessons we have learned from researching fakeology is that there are a multitude of false conspiracy theories being made as an event or agenda is rolled out. The same is done in the case of EGI and you are right that we will be subject to misdirection. And i already think we have been.

    Most “transvestigations” have a lot of common fallacies pertaining to language, religion and occult beliefs. I’m no fan for any of it. Your suggestion that there are fake transgender individuals presented in the mix is a very good observation. I agree, there must be. How else can we explain the double inversion theories of the likes of Bruce Jenner, David Arquette or Chaz Bono* ? Other double inversion has been supported by Junglesurfer and Mr33 in the case of David/Diana and Prince and his sister Tyka Nelson. I do not put faith in any of these cases – they all look like tar-babies to me.

    Regarding Chloe Grace Moretz (Etz Mor) her case seem pretty clear from your previous post and it would be interesting to see her tweets and images – the images do not show in your post unfortunately*. Your suspicions about the EGI actually being aware of our thread here at Fakeologist might well be true. After all, if Transvestigations are indeed partly contrived there is not that much material available. It stands to reason we would be observed by the teams in charge of the Elites tactics for leading this ‘tranny‘ movement as they consequently seem to have the ambition to lead their own opposition. If they champion the Feminist movement with their own EGI minions, taking the transgender reigns in a similar fashion seem like a small step and a predictable one too.

    Your post on the female asian tech-wizards is a really interesting catch. Agree that Ellen Pao’s chair pose with her fingers on the back rest appear overly suspect. We must deduce that important asian role models have been transgendered for some time already from looking at Jon Humanity’s well presented case for Bruce Lee* as a FTM.

    *Comedian Colin Mochrie’s son is also possibly involved in double inversion

    *regarding Moritz tweets and images it might be a good idea to save them and have them uploaded here afterwards (or to a cloud hosting solution)

    *Jon Humanity – BRUCE LEE WAS A WOMAN. Enter the Tranny – 10:41 mm:ss

    Terran Downvale

    Oh, man. That’s a real bummer those images didn’t show up! I can see them when I’m signed in but not when I’m signed out. Ab, is there some way I can go back and edit that post with better links?

    EDIT: OK, I just added the missing pics below as attachments. It would be nice if I could fix that post, though.

    Terran Downvale

    But now only people who are logged in can see them. I’ll try one more method.

    Ab, you can delete my previous message. This one’s better. Sorry.

    Terran Downvale

    AB: I’ve been having some trouble linking to images from Google Photos. Can you delete my previous two posts? The image links should work for this post, but I’d ideally like to edit my original post and fix them there, if that’s possible. Sorry about all the mess!

    UNreal and others: Here are those screenshots of the comments on Chloe’s Instagram that didn’t show up in my post here:


    •Stage 1 : Discovery and introduction to the concept

    Thanks to the contributions by everyone on this forum, email discussions and Ab’s participation, the concept and use of the term Elite Gender Inversion is slowly becoming more widespread. It can seem trivial at first to consider terminology to be essential to anything, but regarding a subject so polemic as gender and sexuality i really believe it is quite of the essence.

    The most obvious shortcoming for EGI to be taken seriously and reach the larger public is the incredulity the subject of gender inversion evoke when presented to a novice public. Setting the terms for a debate without sexual connotations and crude language have been the ambition from the beginning of this foray into the complex matters of gender, sexuality and deceit as we slowly discover how so many Elite members display an improbable number of opposite gender characteristics.

    EGI – the study of the occult practice of Elite Gender Inversion

    Jon Humanity 19-03-2017
    Radio interview on Fakeologist (FAK 160) – 2:08:18 h:mm:ss

    Jon Humanity 16-03-2017
    Elite Gender Inversion: The Documentary (trailer) – 02:41 mm:ss

    MrE3000 13-02-2017
    The Royal Trans Family of Monaco – Elite Gender Inversion – 12:58 mm:ss


    27th March 2017

    Behind the TIME Cover Story: Beyond ‘He’ or ‘She’: How a new generation is changing the meaning of gender and sexuality

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    Who is in the person in the photo and what made you research this individual for EGI (other than the manly appearence) ?


    Here’s one I noticed recently regarding the BBC’s morning news programme ‘BBC Breakfast’. As far as I am aware the show is currently the most viewed breakfast news programme in the UK with a reported ‘daily reach’ of around 6 million viewers. But something about its presenters seems a little off to me. Here they are, ‘ladies’ first…

    Steph McGovern

    Even with the heavy eye make-up the eyes look very masculine to me, she has a strong, broad jaw and wide, square shoulders.

    Hmmm… Can you see it? I think I can.
    Image 1
    Image 2
    Image 3

    Louise Minchin

    Notice the size and shape of the head, the wide, strong jaw, large neck, wide shoulders and large hands. The face as a whole looks very manly and it looks like work has been carried out on her nose to reduce the size.


    In this pic the sloped back forehead and square jaw are the most noticeable masculine features. Also note the large neck and muscular shoulders.

    Sally Nugent

    Tree trunk neck, broad shoulders, square jaw, slope back forehead and again just a very masculine face!

    MTF? Could well be.

    Susanna Reid

    Reid no longer presents for BBC breakfast but fits the MTF bill a little too well to leave out.

    So next up are the ‘men’…

    Charlie Stayt

    Stayt has a feminine quality I won’t be able to convey within this post. But if you watch him in action you will notice it in the way he carries himself, very softly, delicately. He has delicate features with a round small jaw, small inset eyes, little hands and a small frame.

    Mike Bushell

    The BBC Breakfast sports presenter is feminine also, with a small head, little jaw, little ears, thin neck and small shoulders.

    BBC’s Steph McGovern and Mike Bushell swap roles in wife carrying contest

    Jon Kay

    He screams FTM to me, I’ve seen admitted female to male cases that actually look very similar, with the round face and inset eyes, the beard to mask the weak jaw and he has a general feminine demeanour.

    Bill Turnbull

    Displaying similar characteristics to the other three, Turnbull has a small frame, a round soft jawline, small hands and narrow shoulders. He no longer presents the show but is worth a mention.

    There’s a clear dynamic going on with the presenters of this show. I think it makes sense for them to present the public with these people during the early morning slot. People are still waking up, barely paying attention and thus even more likely to accept anything that is put before them.

    It’s getting late here so I’ll leave it there, I’ve based my opinion on the video footage as it is far more telling than a few photos, there are more presenters to the show that are suspect and it wouldn’t surprise me if the entire team were inverted.

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    Here are a few more I’ve noticed along the way. I’ll stress, these are only suspect cases. It is only speculation on my part based upon the great research you guys have been putting out.
    It’s a wild and weird world they’ve built for us and once you can look at that and laugh it makes research like this unquestionably necessary! Understand how absolutely mad it all is and possibilities open up, after all madness has no bounds! So it is worthwhile to explore them. I find EGI to be entirely plausible within the current system and those that govern it. Within the belief system which they appear to operate androgyny is held with high regard, it is seen as the ultimate expression of godliness within Kabbalistic, Gnostic and Crowlien/luciferian teachings. It’s being promoted widely among the masses, the difference is that to those without the knowledge of how to operate within this state it becomes detrimental. I assume to some extent that a large number of the inverted elite operate at a high level while inverted, perhaps the opportunity to be in this state is held in high regard within these circles.

    They Live!

    John Carpenter showed us a lot of truth in They Live! I think he gave us one more clue, this regards his choice of leading lady.

    Meg Foster
    ‘Holly Thompson’

    Watch the movie again with an EGI-eye and you’ll see it plain as day. In my book that’s a man.
    In the second half of the movie she is portrayed as being on-side with Rowdy Roddy and co. Only to turn on them at the end. Remember she was initially part of the system, shown as the ‘rose amongst the thorns’ but no she was one of them all along, only we weren’t shown it overtly. There was a different face behind Holly’s, a big old man face!

    Here’s a more recent pic, aged well?

    The movies key metaphor, that of strange faces behind those in the circles of power could be read on many levels. EGI is one of them and quite possibly a key into who they are and what it is they’re truly practicing.

    A few more pure speculations For your consideration…

    Nicola Adams OBE

    Nicola is a hugely publicised figure in U.K. sport. She is an Olympic gold medalist, the first female in the sport. She has strong ties to the LGBT movement, named most influential LGBT in Britain by The Independent in 2012. She gets regular slots on TV and wide coverage. Could be a contender…

    Oh my!

    Frank Lampard

    Lampard is one of the UK’s most revered sports stars, he is considered to be one of English footballs greatest midfielders and is a legend at Chelsea FC.

    Here he is on his wedding day with his wife, Christine Bleakley.

    Notice much about the two of them?

    Anything at all?

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    Conkers- I agree with you, many of those are very suggestive of EGI. Some of the BBC ones are ambiguous (to me), although I do find them questionable. Meg Foster does indeed look pretty blatant.

    Not sure what you mean about elites “operating at a high level” while inverted?


    Timr, by high level I mean high functioning. If we take the A-class of Hollywood and the music industry as examples (suspect entities like Mick Jagger, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Ryan gosling, Justin Timberlake to name a few) They often enter the public eye at a young age and their careers then go on to span decades. They have pretty high work rates also, these guys are constantly churning out material while engaging in almost constant promotion in order to keep their character/product relevant, as well as to play their particular role in the overall agenda. Taking faked deaths into account, (admittedly much of the research is murky, M.M for example, but it’s clear to me that faked deaths are prevalent in those circles) most of them go on to live long and fruitful lives.

    If we can agree that a number of these elites are inverted from a young age then there are a number of positions we could take on the how and why.
    Some take the position that they are inverted against their will as children and the inversion is used primarily as a control mechanism to keep them in line. While I think this is certainly a factor I do think that there is a little more to what we are seeing. I think they use more carrots than sticks.

    The quote “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man” is relevant when we look at belief systems. Although the ‘Occult Elite’ rabbit hole is a deep and murky one, it’s clear to me that by the sheer amount of referencing through all mediums (from the music to the city planning) that this stuff does mean something to these people. I would often shrug it off as a bit of a front as 80-90% of available content on the subject is just that. But I’m taking the angle that these people do operate within a deep rooted belief system.
    When we look at the family history of these people it becomes evident that they are often from the same stock, educated at the same institutions. Supposing for arguments sake that there is a strong belief system it would obviously be generational, taught to the children as soon as they were able to learn. If androgyny is held in high esteem within this system (which can be observed in Kabbalist and Gnostic teachings) then this will be passed down to the child. By the time they reach the public eye they are bought in.

    They don’t look like deeply unhappy people to me, or particularly worn out looking (although many are now ugly as sin) they still carry themselves with high energy (Jagger and Keith Richards for example) and are full of spark in interviews. I think there’s only so much the Hollywood magic can do and these people keep their ‘star quality’ because they are deep believers in whatever it is they’re practicing. With the possibility that so many of them are inverted or at least aware of inversion it would be a peculiar control mechanism. They’d be fine within their social circles. I think before too long, hypothetically, an A star celeb like Brad Pitt could actually come out as a transgender, divulge he was a she all along and the public would accept it (with the right spin) and he would continue to be adored.

    This is only one angle and I’m sure that if this is indeed taking place, the whole thing has many more sides to it

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