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    Stage 4 : Suspect cases (MTF & FTM) and advanced research and theory

    Alexander “Ace” Baker is a video and music producer and 9/11 researcher, who is probably best known for faking suicide on air while appearing on the Jim Fetzer show on January 6, 2009. Ace also appears to be a female to male (FTM) transgender. Considering the circulation within the alternative media of Baker’s on air suicide, there are few photos of Baker to be found on the web.

    Baker appears to have a flat vertical forehead, sloping shoulders, short arms with fat distribution on the upper arms, faintly visible breast tissue beneath clothing, small hands, short neck, no Adam’s apple, pointy chin, very small mouth, feminine lips with cupid’s bow, close-set eyes, chubby cheeks, 2.5 to 1 shoulder to head ratio, small teeth, and no brow ridge. Some photos look more masculine than others, probably from HRT treatment. The long feminine hairstyle makes Ace look even more feminine.







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    Alexander “Ace” Baker is a video and music producer and 9/11 researcher, who is probably best known for faking suicide on air while appearing on the Jim Fetzer show on January 6, 2009

    Great find Vercite!

    Alexander “Ace” Collin Baker’s facial features are really close and typical of FTM individuals, and this arms are really telling too from the length to the fat-deposits. Maybe Ace was forced out by the fact he would someday fail gender-scrutiny ? That on-air suicide sure attest to Ace being written out of the script artificially.

    After Judy Wood it does seem with Ace Baker being EGI as well that much like the Flat Earth controlled opposition that 9/11 research also is spearheaded with similarly constituted groups. The presence of EGI in advanced alternative research does put into question the nature of freemasonry and whether freemasons all are required to accept the EGI agenda, even if they need to commit to it somehow – either by being EGI themselves or making sure their partner or offspring become full-time converts to the “clan” that EGI seems to constitute.

    Ace Baker still figures* on Imbd’s database was last known activity listed as the composer of the 2016 movie soundtrack of “The Father and the Bear

    Ace Baker
    Baker displaying very weak neck, narrow shoulders, close set eyes, small mouth, fleshy face with no cheekbones whatsoever

    *Ace Baker on the IMDB database


    The IMDB photo is more recent and the facial features aren’t as masculine as could be expected from continual HRT treatment. Apparently, response to HRT isn’t consistent and can vary greatly between individuals.

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    •Stage 4 : Suspect cases (MTF & FTM) and advanced research and theory

    Transvestigator Hans Wormhat has recently seen his YouTube channel closed as a consequence of several of his videos being flagged. Relocating his transvestigation videos onto three new channels*, Hans has also diversified his content with several new conspiracy topics (volcanos, Helen Keller, Geysers & more) all while keeping EGI research central.

    After creating controversy with the transvestigation of Jon Humanity and in a lesser extent with the transpicuous entities that comprise the Flat Earth movement, Hans recently made personal revelations on his own family that he now also find suspect of secret transgenderism.

    The current scene of transvestigators on YouTube seems to have become conspicuously eventful and while it is difficult to see where it all leads, it is nevertheless evident that EGI has become a minefield of information heavily mixed with disinformation. Hans Wormhat might have become overly engaged with his own transvestigations and pulled the trigger too early on his own folks or he might have surprisingly escaped unscathed from an EGI family.

    Whatever the case, Wormhat’s recent revelations does make him a very unusual transvestigator and Youtube content-creator, and for some it will be difficult to believe these new revelations to be any different from Jon Humanity discrediting himself in auto-destructive style through an unrequested video.

    Conspiracies by Hans – 08:20 mm:ss
    The Scope of the Hidden Transgender Agenda

    Conspiracies by Hans – 06:14 mm:ss
    The Shills are Out in Full Force!

    *The 3 new Youtube channels are Hans Wormhat, Conspiracies by Hans and
    Transvestigations by Hans Wormhat

    Terran Downvale


    I recently watched the entire Twin Peaks series from the 90s in preparation for the new reboot Twin Peaks: The Return. Watching the old show again with new “EG-eyes,” I was struck by a number of potential MTF suspects. The show also included the “groundbreaking” trans character Agent Denise Bryson portrayed by actor David Duchovny:

    IMO, the strongest potential MTFs from the show include:

    Josie Packard / Joan Chen

    Nadine Hurley / Wendy Robie

    The Log Lady / Catherine E. Coulson

    Evelyn Marsh / Annette McCarthy

    Jones / Brenda Strong

    Watching the new series, I’ve noticed several new suspects so far. One of them in particular was involved in a scene that appears to be a not-so-subtle EGI reference. The actress is the statuesque Chrysta Bell who plays Agent Tammy Preston. She’s portrayed as a super-sexy bombshell strutting through her scenes in high-heels with an exaggerated catwalk model’s wiggle. I first saw Bell a couple years ago in a musical performance on a televised charity show for David Lynch’s Transcendental Meditation Foundation. I remember being struck by the snake headdress she wore (I also remember her flashing occult hand signs during her performance):

    If she really is an MTF, she is quite the masterwork and seems to be especially prized by Mr. Lynch who makes an effort to display her in the most flattering fashion. The thing that really sold me on her likely transgenderism was this scene that looks like a blatant reference to the finger digit ratio test. In fact, the scene starts out with Lynch’s character congratulating her on “passing one test after another”:

    Here she is displaying her digits with her fondest admirer:

    In fact, in just about every photo she appears in with Lynch, she’s displaying her fingers. In this one she’s even pointing to them with the index finger on her other hand, lol:

    I’ll just include links for the other examples:–my-people-david-lynch.jpg

    There’s another key scene in Episode 2 [BIG SPOILER ALERT BELOW!] that features another statuesque, stretched-out EGI suspect, Tracey portrayed by actress Madeline Zima:

    Her character meets up with a character named Sam played by actor Ben Rosenfield. As you can see from this screenshot, he has a rather feminine Orlando Bloom look to him and the body sizes of the male and female characters seem intentionally “inverted”:

    We also see them holding coffee cups that look like they have the number 7 (Zayin) on them. It actually looks to be a letter Z but in their scenes, the characters seem to be intentionally holding the cups so that the Zs look like 7s. Here’s another example, “ironically” found on a website called “Inverse Entertainment”:

    And here’s the kicker. In the scene on the couch holding the 7/Z coffee cups, the two characters end up having sex. This action by these two EGI suspects then appears to “manifest” a scary androgynous Baphomet-like creature into existence inside a glass box:

    The creature promptly kills them in a horrific fashion. WARNING: SCENE CONTAINS SEX, NUDITY AND VIOLENCE. NSFW!:

    Ummmm… Is David Lynch trying to tell us something here? Looking at the entirety of the Twin Peaks universe and its abundant EGI and occult themes, has he been trying to tell us something the whole time?

    To quote the Giant: The “owls” are not what they seem!

    Terran Downvale

    Another possible in-joke from Twin Peaks: The Return. Laura Dern, the old EGI model and Lynch favorite, jealously tells off Chrysta Bell, the new and improved EGI model and Lynch’s new favorite:


    •Stage 2 : MTF (Male to Female) cases and theory

    Chloë Grace Moritz has been brought up by Terran Downvale on here on the forum before (first post here) and she clearly qualifies as a celebrity EGI child actor, as discussed on these pages since a while back.

    It might not be our discussion on the forum that spurred the transvestigation here below, but it is hard to believe all Youtubers just ignore our efforts despite they rarely mention our material and research all while exploring many themes that were started on our EGI forum thread and blog (small exception made for Rebooting Christianity and Mr.E to a lesser degree).

    TheStarspirit123 – 06:14 mm:ss


    •Stage 3 : FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory

    “That’s not to say that everything else afterward was “faking it,” or that I had totally checked out, but the competition thing certainly started to become less and less fun by 2010.” -Jack Passion

    Both men and women have equal amounts of hair potential through their hair receptors or follicles. Hair follicles have a growth cycle of around seven years which a follicle must go through before regenerating as either Vellus hair or Terminal hair. It is the male androgen hormones that turn fine colourless Vellus hair into thicker, longer and more pigmented Terminal hair types. The level of male hormones determines the number of terminal follicles and resulting hair which makes beards unique to men due to their androgen production and thus make facial hair a secondary sexual characteristics.

    The first american Beard World Champion was Jack Passion in the 2007 World Beard Championship in Brighton (England) in his debut competition. With a long thick beard he named ‘Big Red’, Jack committed complete devotion to his beard making him a natural winner at only 23 years old. Jack was the prototype for the modern ‘Lumbersexual‘ and retired 2012 after a short but successful career winning 2 Beard World Championships, launching 2 books and a reality TV series called ‘Whisker Wars’.

    Jack Passion as seen on the cover of The Facial Hair Handbook (2009)
    •Typical female headshape, thin sandcolored hair, feminine forehead, no browbone, weak blond eyebrows, suspected widows peak, close facial features – close set eyes, short nose, short mouth – and his ‘Big Red’

    Jack Passion in Vitabeard beard vitamin promotion
    •Typical female headshape, short humerus bone (upper arms), thin sandcolored hair, sparse blond bodyhair, weak eyebrows, narrow sloping shoulders, close facial features – close set eyes, short nose, short mouth – and big fluffy fake red beard.

    Jack Passion at the premiere of Mansome (2012)
    •Typical female headshape, short arms, thin sandcolored hair, very weak eyebrows, no brow-bone, narrow shoulders, female hips, small hands & close facial features – close set eyes, short nose, short mouth – and ‘Big Red’ false beard.

    Jack Passion’s facial hair constitute merely a part of his scripted persona and when we consider everything Jack say, do and wear to be carefully staged and art-directed we soon understand it’s not really about the ‘Big Red’ beard. The beard only what sells him as a female to male EGI role model for men  – and his beard is just theatrics selling the lumberjack hairy fashion the Elite has instigated to dictate the behaviour of young men. The beard is again the tool of the trade, and as fake as beards always have been amongst the EGI Elite.

    Join the Synergy – 04:16 mm:ss
    Jack Passion – Whisker Wars (trailer)

    MansomeTheMovie – 00:18 mm:ss
    Pure Man: Jack Passion in Mansome (trailer)

    Build A Beard – 06:24 mm:ss
    Bearding Philosophy of Jack Passion

    zbainter – 07:06
    Passion (2011) – Documentary (Short)

    •Wikipedia :
    •IMBD :
    •Personal webpage :
    •The Facial Hair Handbook (2009, available here)
    •Beard and Mustache Coloring Book: All Ages (2012, available here)

    Original text here

    Fakeologist EGI blog post (here)


    Watching the old show again with new “EG-eyes,” I was struck by a number of potential MTF suspects. The show also included the “groundbreaking” trans character Agent Denise Bryson portrayed by actor David Duchovny:

    Great post. It is a very informative exercise to look back in time and analyse images of the past. Twin Peaks* was a foray into the high budget TV-series to come and made the paranormal accessible to a wide public. As with all movie-projects where Lynch involves himself, there are many levels of information and EGI additionally complexifies the analysis of his artistic (?) intentions.

    Some of the characters from the first iteration of the TV series today jump out as clearly transpicuous, and your selection is to the point. The character that i found quite mysterious even back in the day was the “Log Lady” (Catherine Coulson) . Just by observing her digit-ratio with EGI vision, my present analytical skills quickly help me understand how come. And the log now becomes more troublesome than before despite the many explanations from both Lynch and Coulson (the Log Story origin).

    As we most often focus attention on the heroines of our screens, the film directors often literally represent the hidden hand that mysteriously manipulate the actors and plot according to some misplaced agreed-upon secrecy. Such a role as film directors occupy inherently imply deeper knowledge than any other member of the movie production – yet we often let directors stay in their comfort zone of shadows with their secretive plans and grandiose ideas.

    Maybe the most intriguing character of Twin Peaks in none other than the director himself as we already have observed how often actors are EGI, and especially how most actresses invariably have masculine looks and demeanour, as do the “Log Lady”. If we subtract the visual impact of a female actress incarnating the meme, the language itself immediately become sexually charged..

    David Lynch sitting
    David Lynch 2006
    •Overall feminine pose and mannerism. Lynch has chosen a very appropriate hairstyle and look that enhance the male features of his face.

    David Lynch Portrait (skewed)
    David Lynch album art
    •Despite the manly hairstyle, nose and expression, Lynch have:
    #no jawline
    #weak neck
    #no brow ridge
    #no Adams apple
    #small ears (despite earlobes growing with age)
    #shallow eyes (not deep set as in most males)
    #small mouth (in normal poses Lynch manage to smile or manipulate the mouth looking wider)
    #pointed chin (sometimes looks wide’ish from the front, but clearly feminine when seen at an angle as in this photo)

    *Twin Peaks also came out way before the “Twin Towers” went down and although the link isn’t obvious, it still begs the question of subliminal programming (or not)

    Terran Downvale

    UNreal: That’s funny because when I saw Lynch on the new show, I thought he was starting to look a bit like an old lady. When a man manages to retain a juvenile hairline into his senior years, you have to wonder. But an actual FTM? It’s possible, I guess. The lack of an Adam’s apple might explain his apparent lifelong penchant for buttoning up his shirt to the very top. I dunno, I always feel hesitant about the FTMs. Lynch is definitely a mysterious character, though. His background story seems pretty sketchy and contrived. And he appears to be another celebrity with highly dubious family photos. Does it look like all of these people were really posing for the same shot?

    I actually did a blog post about Lynch recently that was not EGI-related, but you might still find it interesting for the Scandinavian connection and general weirdness:

    I also find it interesting that he refers to the ring finger (the one that is supposedly affected by testosterone in the womb) as the “spiritual finger” in that clip. This may provide some insight into how the Elites’ occult beliefs play into the EGI issue.

    And as for the Twin Peaks/Twin Towers connection, I thought about that, too. I was looking for possible references while re-watching the series. The closest thing I found was this shot where Laura Palmer’s mother makes a phone call to the wife of Major Briggs (seen in the screen shot), a military man who is involved in secret projects related to UFOs and spirituality:

    I believe this is from the pilot episode. You can see the 911 displayed on the phone. I’m not sure of any other symbolism in this shot. She’s holding scissors which could mean something. And I’m not sure what that religious-looking figurine is by the window. The window curtain does look a bit like one of the WTC towers, though, with its vertical lines:

    And you can see that there’s another “Twin Tower” window next to it. I dunno, maybe I’m just stretching here.

    And yes, The Log Lady is definitely the most transpicious of the Twin Peaks cast (aside from Duchovny, lol). Seeing her, I was reminded of John Lithgow in The World According to Garp. Another “groundbreaking” trans character. Here we see him with Glenn Close who is of course a strong EGI suspect:

    And here with the also transpicious Robin Williams whose character is also dressed up in drag:

    And speaking of possible 9/11 references, you may remember the movie poster:

    “He’s got a funny way of looking at life” near the big masonic G may be a reference to how the culture creators look at life differently, EGI included. You could even argue that the G looks like a C with the T in “The” and W in “World” making a WTC. Here’s the famous plane crash scene:

    The chances of another plane hitting the house is astronomical, lol. “Pre-disastered?” Sounds a bit like “predictive programming.” We also see the tower-like window shutter on the ground after the plane hits and then a second “tower-shaped” piece of debris falls at the end.

    Anyway, I’m drifting off a bit from the EGI topic here. Back to your post about Moretz, I happened to catch that video, too. I left a comment over on the user’s G+ linking to our discussion here. And as for the possible fake beards… Wow, I never considered that before. I could probably use one of those as my beard is quite scraggly and disappointing, lol.


    Anyway, I’m drifting off a bit from the EGI topic here

    I might have induced the theme of 911 pertaining to the linguistic connection between “Twin Peaks” and the “Twin Towers”, and your pertinent remarks goes to show there is a “there there”.

    The connection between 911 and EGI might be that both topics are of such a scale that subliminal programming in each case would be quite widespread. In the case of Twin Peaks it does seem that both EGI and 911 references are made to subconscious effect.

    It is difficult to assert to what point the 911 symbology is really implemented and behind every choice in the scene, and some of your speculation is plausible although maybe not of significant impact. The director might be inspired by such hidden artefacts, but the effect would be meagre. However, what is striking is the big characters chosen to spell out 911 – that is clearly meant to stigmatise our retinas to take note of the written characters and later symbol (after the WTC collapse the date 9/11 no longer is merely numbers but equally a visual symbol/cue).

    Making a date into a visual sign (9/11) could also have motivated the conscious use of “Twin” as a partial name of the TV series. Subliminal effects and conditioning are clearly enhanced by repetition, and a parallel to “Twin Peaks” can be seen in 1998 movie “Twins” with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DiVito. Weaponised movie titles are definitely suspect in promulgating the meme of the 9/11 events.

    The plane-crash scene from “The World According to Garp” is brilliant, quite funny even after all those years! This scene is clearly part of the 911 conditioning as the subliminal effect is quite evident and literal. If a small plane can hit a small house, then a big plane can hit a big building.. The falling house-parts as you say are reminiscent of how entire panes of the WTC facade broke loose an fell down during the collapse.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Twins (1988)
    Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Twins (1988)

    I actually did a blog post about Lynch recently that was not EGI-related, but you might still find it interesting for the Scandinavian connection and general weirdness

    Very interesting article, i do indeed find the Palme/Palmer connection uncanny pertaining to the likeness of the memes and the family names. We might need to remind ourselves that both the Palme assassination and the Twin Peaks TV series are based on scripts, and as such, it is a fair assumption that some transfer might occur as the insiders do know that the news are staged just like film and TV. As a Scandinavian, the Palme murder did affect me. A little bit like the John Lennon murder some years earlier, i even remember where i was when Olof Palme was declared dead on the radio..

    The Twin Peaks clip with reference to the hand and the special attention to the ring finger (4D) is really clear once you mention it. Great observation. I’m not sure how much you have looked into digit-ratio research, but in my view we are less in realm of the occult here than we are teased by scientific facts of male hormones being responsible for the length of that one particular finger. The 4D ring finger length directly depends of the presence of testosterone, both in humans and animals. And as in the film, the difference is greater on the right hand than on the left..

    I’m not quite sure what you mean about the Lynch family photo – does the image look staged in that those present where not necessarily all there at once (cut & paste) ?

    Young David Lynch
    David Lynch as a recluse student

    Regarding David Lynch i’m in no way categorical or claim he necessarily would be EGI himself, but more than even Lynch does come across as very awkward and even quite feminine in many aspects and occasions. Lynch does have the wide set eyes and prominent nose of a man, but otherwise he’s quite an untypical male. From his films and behaviour we also detect a his quite distant personal involvement with sexuality. As you mention, Lynch always appear fully dressed to the point of never even buttoning up his shirt.. I’d reckon he could be a candidate for a classification as ‘asexual‘ by Facebook’s 71 gender identities or ‘agender‘ if we go with Tinder’s 37 gender choices..


    And as for the possible fake beards… Wow, I never considered that before.

    Just as it is inconceivable at first to consider any man or woman would impersonate the opposite gender, so it is equally hard to believe anyone would apply fake facial hair. We have been programmed to believe fake beards are easily spotted and hard to fake, whereas the opposite is true. With a laced hair technique, you can shower, shave, cut and trim your fake facial hair at will. The trick with false beards is essentially to make the common public unaware of how performant this technique is and has been for a very long time – all the way back to Egypt if such a place really existed as told.

    There is not enough detailed information available on false beards, and for obvious reasons as it constitutes the essential part of the magic trick: To make us believe it is impossible to fake a ‘natural’ beard. As the example of Jack Passion quite well proves – a false beard can look better than a natural beard. For this very reason i find the example of a double World Beard Champion really important – if you can analyse this example and come to the same conclusion i did. If even a ‘World Champion’ can fake it and make it, then false beards are not merely a ‘thing‘ but a really big issue. To dispose of such a powerful secondary sexual characteristic at will is as powerful as breast implants, and what MTF transgender individual does not want those?

    The use of breast implants in itself would be very suspicious if the Elite had not been successful convincing natural (cis-gender) women to equally use the very same procedure as the EGI to enhance their breast-size. Without public acceptance and availability of such plastic surgeries, silicon implants would have been a definite sign of transgenderism. This strategy of disguise by popular adoption could equally be why the EGI today push so hard for the new ‘hipster’ trend and promote ‘lumbersexuals’ in the media and on screen..

    The Beard Club – 02:33 mm:ss
    FINALLY! A Cure For Baby Beard!


    •Stage 4 : Suspect cases and advanced research and theory

    Make-up is a powerful tool to make an EGI individual appear more gender-typical and one of the oldest tricks in the continuous efforts to produce EGI disguise. The use of Make-up well emphasise how the Elite use very subversive techniques for adapting common customs to fit their own agenda and the EGI individuals.

    Lips are enlarged for cis-gender women by its commonly recommended use which encourages accentuation of the mouth. Such practice might allow MTF individuals to take the opposite route and make their mouths appear less prominent and/or large. The naturally more red lips of women (thinner lipskin & more blood vessels) are thus also concealed and deceptively transfigured.

    Cheeks can be transformed with blush and make cis-women appear to have higher, more prominent cheekbones – like men. Inversely, an EGI male-to-female person can use blush to diminish the impression of male cheekbones and soften the harder lines of most men. Heavy eyeshadow will make female shallow eyes appear deeper and give the illusion of more shadow – the deep set back eyes of males are thus less distinguishable and might even be counterbalanced. Various highlights can make prominent bones (eyes, cheek) become less prominent and mislead attention…

    ice water roof – 07:50 mm:ss
    The Make up Agenda

    Terran Downvale

    I’m not quite sure what you mean about the Lynch family photo – does the image look staged in that those present where not necessarily all there at once (cut & paste) ?

    Just a quick reply on this part and I’ll get the rest later. Here’s a link to a larger version of the photo:

    I’m not necessarily talking about it from a photo forensics standpoint. I just find it to be an odd-looking photo that does appear to be staged in some way, perhaps with David added in somehow? It just reminded me of similar family photos I’ve seen with Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain where the “star” seems to be separate and removed from the rest of the family:

    In the case of Morrison and Cobain, this separation seems “eerie” and “foreboding” in light of their supposed early tragic “deaths.” In the case of Lynch, it’s almost the opposite of eerie. Paradoxically cheery and wholesome considering the darkness and weirdness of the work he would later be known for. Anyway, I just found the photo kind of odd.

    Terran Downvale

    Just had a sudden revelation about this political character who has been a TV fixture for nearly three decades:

    When he first came on the scene, Christian Coalition Director Ralph Reed was frequently teased in the press for being “baby-faced.”

    I think “lady-faced” may be more accurate!

    I can’t find any good shots of his body but he usually looks like his slight frame is being swallowed up by his big “man suits”:

    Displaying some possibly transpicious digits:

    Here he is with the equally transpicious Rachel Maddow “debating” about gay tolerance. Check out the suppressed smile at 1:50. He’s spent his entire career as the face of anti-gay intolerance from the Christian Right and still no one has caught on to the real truth behind the charade!


    Just had a sudden revelation about this political character who has been a TV fixture for nearly three decades:

    Excellent work! EGI entities often reinforce their presented gender and explain away suspect appearances and behavior by declaring themselves as gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual; or by being described as a tomboy, pretty boy and now apparently baby-faced. Perhaps Baby-face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd are suspects too.

    Just about all of Reed’s facial feature are feminine.

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    Terran Downvale

    Perhaps Baby-face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd are suspects too.

    Oh, man. Speaking of “pretty boys,” I remember as a youth wishing I looked more like Johnny Depp, Rob Lowe or Brad Pitt. It’s so freaking stupid and humiliating. Women suffer far worse comparing themselves to the inverted “female ideal” but it can happen to men, too. My mind would be totally fucked if I were a young person today. Things have only gotten worse in that regard. Vanity and self-consciousness are off the charts in this camera-obsessed, narcissistic society. It seems the culture creators feel the need to balance it out with a healthy serving of positive “anti-body-shaming” stories. You can really see all the mind games constantly pushing and pulling people in different directions once you realize that culture is created from the top down.

    Terran Downvale

    This over-hyped news story also caught my attention recently:

    Here’s the suspect who turned himself in after a 3-day “manhunt”:

    FULL-SIZE link:

    “Suspect” indeed! Note that the story is about the tragic consequences of a male and female attempting to MERGE into the same lane. I dunno, I just found the mugshot rather transpicious and thought it was possibly intentional.


    Displaying some possibly transpicious digits:

    Indeed, his Ralph Reed’s left hand do display some serious digit-ratio discrepency. Fortunately it seems his right hand might be alright:

    •Oval face, pointy chin and short, slim nose with female tip (100-105° angle)

    Terran Downvale

    Indeed, his Ralph Reed’s left hand do display some serious digit-ratio discrepency. Fortunately it seems his right hand might be alright

    LOL. 33 of course. Christian Coalition = CC = 33 as well. “Right hand” also may refer to the “right-hand path” (as opposed to the left-hand path):

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