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    Possibly a manipulated photo? The “suspect” seems to have a number of both male and female features.

    Feminine: ears, mouth and lips, eyes, forehead, neck length, no cheekbones, chin, eyebrow position
    Masculine: jawline, facial hair, neck width, nose bridge, head width
    Hairline, nose and a subdued brow ridge could go either way IMO


    EGI entities often reinforce their presented gender and explain away suspect appearances and behavior by declaring themselves as gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual; or by being described as a tomboy, pretty boy and now apparently baby-faced.

    Indeed, the disguise isn’t merely physical but also psychological and literal. Women and men alike can often be described as “baby-faced” but it would be the men that are most helped by such labels. We more often than not appreciate youthful beauty in women, not men who appear as boys if seen as too young or juvenile. As flattering it might be for woman to be ascribed a “baby-face”, it should naturally not be a compliment for a male – still it is presented (deceptively) as such. The list of suspects when we look for baby-faced actors and celebrities is rather long – boyish men have since a while back been promoted as incredibly “sexy” all while being very little manly (Justin Bieber being one of many examples from pop music).

    Baby-faced men could (or even should?) be a disadvantage naturally, only the EGI scriptwriters have managed to turn such a discrepency between men and boys into a desirable “look” as the public is persuaded we should all strive to stay forever young. However successful the campaign to have everyone crave for youthful boyish looks have proved to be, the overly feminized male actors of today all seem to lead a desperate fight behind the scenes to acquire more masculinity for themselves. This trend is often translated into steroid muscles and lacklustre beards (some beards being glaringly false).

    In addition to the most childlike actors below, movie stars such as Alain Delon
    Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mel Gibson, seen as equally presenting very boyish features and hence owe their popularity to the public lust for youth and longevity. Looking young and pretty is in itself not masculine – but still todays male celebrities mostly represent such paradoxical idioms.

    Andrew Garfield - baby face, fake beard
    Andrew Garfield

    Anton Yelchin - baby face
    Anton Yelchin

    Daniel Radcliffe - baby face
    Daniel Radcliffe

    Giovanni Ribisi - baby face
    Giovanni Ribisi

    Haley Joel Osment - baby face, fake beard
    Haley Joel Osment

    Jared Leto - baby face, fake beard
    Jared Leto

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt - baby face, suspect beard
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Justin Long - baby face, suspect beard
    Justin Long

    Macaulay Culkin - baby face, suspect beard
    Macaulay Culkin

    Michael Pitt - baby face, suspect beard
    Michael Pitt

    Rob Lowe - baby face, suspect stubble
    Rob Lowe

    Ryan Phillippe - baby face
    Ryan Phillippe

    Shia LaBeouf - baby face, false beard
    Shia LaBeouf

    Thomas Brodie-Sangster - baby face, suspect mustache
    Thomas Brodie-Sangster

    Tobey Maguire - baby face, suspect beard
    Tobey Maguire

    Tom Hiddleston - baby face, suspect beard
    Tom Hiddleston

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    This is getting interesting because this touches on something I’ve been considering. I’m wondering if some of these apparently inverted people may actually have a genetic condition that makes them “naturally” androgynous. Perhaps this condition is even intentionally induced for the purpose of blurring gender lines. And then at some point, a decision is made whether to present the androgynous celebrity as “male” or “female.”

    Probably the most frequently cited “baby-faced” actor is Ralph Macchio. Any time he is discussed, the subject of his “eternal youthfulness” is invariably brought up. Here he is at a pubescent-looking 22-23 (The Karate Kid) and his present look at age 55:

    As you can see, his youthfulness has turned into something rather bizarre-looking over time. Not only did he always have the “boyish” face but he retained the awkward body of a growing adolescent well into adulthood:

    His stance here is masking his wide hips that didn’t look quite “feminine” but certainly awkward. I know many have suspected he may have Kallmann Syndrome which apparently prevents a person from completing puberty:

    There’s also a similar condition called Klinefelter Syndrome that produces even more pronounced androgynous traits:

    This is interesting because this brings me back again to Twin Peaks. There was a memorable scene in the series finale where famously androgynous jazz singer Jimmy Scott sings a song in The Black Lodge:

    When I first saw the scene, I thought it was a woman. But then I discovered that Scott apparently had Kallmann Syndrome:

    This gave him an androgynous appearance and an exceptionally high voice that he used to his advantage when singing. David Lynch apparently chose Scott for this key scene because he really “liked his aura.” Once again, affirming Lynch’s keen interest in androgyny and gender inversion.

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    Possibly a manipulated photo? The “suspect” seems to have a number of both male and female features.

    Yes! Very similar to the other news story I mentioned in this post:

    I see the media slipping these confusing images into stories regularly. I’ll try to add some more examples at some point.

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    Justin Long

    There was an episode of Portlandia (a show with frequent gender inversion themes) where the resemblance between Long and Carrie Brownstein’s inverted character was played with:


    Possibly a manipulated photo? The “suspect” seems to have a number of both male and female features.

    Yes! Very similar to the other news story I mentioned in this post:

    I see the media slipping these confusing images into stories regularly. I’ll try to add some more examples at some point.

    The above photo looks completely fake. The other one is better, but still suspicious of being faked in some manner. I think you are on to something.



    Jimmy Scott has a similar look to BHO.

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    Jimmy Scott has a similar look to BHO.

    You’re right! Almost looks like a “clone,” lol. Very similarly pointy chin. And basically everything else! WTF??? 😮


    When I first saw the scene, I thought it was a woman. But then I discovered that Scott apparently had Kallmann Syndrome

    There is a definite link between ‘rare illnesses‘ and EGI as some conditions are known to hide gender related concerns. In the case Jimmy Scott we might consider that the tactics with many black artists of way-back-when was to have them appear inoffensive through some kind of handicap. Misfortunes such as blindness* or ‘Kallmann’ (Call Man) syndrome well fits this general tactics for making african american artists mainstream at a time when racial mixing was rare.

    In the case of ‘Jimmy Scott’ it seems they used him for his very short stature (150cm) and fragile appearence carrying his Kallmann illness on the surface of his skin. After success in the 1940s and 1950s, his fame faded in the early 1960’s and he only made his comeback many years later (1990s). Conveniently, his illness by then had helped him grow 20cm to a more normal size of 170cm (4’11” to 5’7″). This happened predictably during the period when he was completely off radar. If i ever heard of someone who would appear to be a complete stand-in and a celebrity replacement – Jimmy Scott would be it.

    Now, a profitable scripted character being played by two separate actors is not uncommon, and the two individuals that played Scott clearly are very similar – except you need a miracle to justify twenty centimeter of growth as an adult (or be Paul McCartney). The very rare illness of Kallemann clearly seem like a modern tactics of justifying girly boys singing as ‘men’ in a similar fashion castrato’s were invented to the very same effect. Girls on testosterone produce great voices since a long ways back.

    Jimmy Scott - version 2
    Jimmy Scott – version 2
    •Hand size is bigger, especially as he’s grown 20cm

    Jimmi Scott - Version 1
    Jimmy Scott – version 1
    •Hand size is small, especially as he’s only 150cm tall (mouth also look smaller)

    *there has been an incredible number of “blind” black singers, probably to vanquish hostility and provoke empathy in what was at the time a non-multicultural America.

    Teddy Pedergrass, Paul Pena, Blind “Willie” McTell, Rod Clemmons, Raul Midon, Blind Willie Johnson, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Blind John Davis, Lachi, “Sir” Charles Atkins, Marcus Roberts, The Blind Boys Of Alabama, Sonny Terry, Reverend Gary Davis, Art Tatum, Clarence Carter, Al Hibbler, Sammy Davis (1 eye), Alan Pineda Lindo, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder

    Avatar photorgos

    And I’m not sure what that religious-looking figurine is by the window.

    Balthazar, the black Moorish magus, aka Osama bin Laden.

    Avatar photorgos

    Sounds a bit like “predictive programming.” We also see the tower-like window shutter on the ground after the plane hits and then a second “tower-shaped” piece of debris falls at the end.

    Also mind the continuity “error” with Williams lying next to a 7-shaped piece of wood, which is then gone in the next cut.


    •Stage 2 : MTF (Male to Female) cases and theory

    Sports seem to be the main testing grounds for EGI enhancement. Tennis seems particularly ridden with EGI with most female stars appearing to be EGI candidates. The men might also be often inverted like the women are, but it is more difficult to assert despite a growing number of transvestigations of the biggest stars (Bjørn Borg, Federer, Andy Murray, McEnroe).

    In the Fakeologist EGI article on female Wimbledon champions (here) it was emphasised how inverted champions were not only present from the inception of the Wimbledon tournament in 1877 but also how the players appeared to be even more transpicuous the further back we look. The realisation EGI probably has been practiced for such a long time in tennis might therefore be the reason this sport in particular present so many far fetched stories and glorified transgendered idols (ex. Renée Richards, Martina Navratilova).

    One of the most blatant examples of transgendered ‘female’ tennis players would arguably be the Williams sisters who are among the most transvestigated athletes on YouTube. For those familiar with secret transgenderism (EGI) it is quite clear both sisters are hardly natural born women with Serena being the most obvious of the the two siblings. When Serena Williams won the Australian Open final eight weeks pregnant (article) – it seemed quite a mockery, which it clearly was from an EGI point of view. With the advent of in vitro fertilisation and other Assisted Reproduction Technologies it seems the Elite are getting over their heads confident and simultaneously irrespectful of human birth, gestation and nature.

    The eight week pregnant record from January was just severely beaten at Wimbledon by Mandy Minella from Luxembourg who despite loosing in the 1st round still won what would be the pregnant woman in action best ever record : 4.5 months pregnant. Not only is this irresponsible, it is clearly impossible when we look at the player herself. Not only is her name suspect (MM – master Mason), she’s also 1m80 tall, born 22/11 and have a best singles ranking of world number 66 (2012). Minella displays every tell-tale sign of EGI including a severe male digit ratio (article* here).

    “A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.” -Joseph Goebbels

    I would expect we might see more athletes and celebrities pregnant into late stages of pregnancy going forward as most Elite families now seems to produce their children with Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART), probably often carried by surrogate mothers, as soccer star Ronaldo openly can attest of. Being in the spotlight might be overly addictive for the Elite, and fake baby-bumps might not hold enough weight or significance to the performers to stop them from going on stage or sing along. All such impossible scripts like record pregnancies in sport and public performance seems to require is a star bright enough and propaganda repeated copiously. We might likely see all the more “pregnant” women paraded in the press far into gestation as the EGI hunger for attention seem insatiable and the incredulity of the public endless.

    Mandy Minella
    Mandy Minella Wimbledon 2017 (Mandy – ‘Dy Man’)
    •Very manly digit ratio

    Mandy Minella
    Mandy Minella US Open 2016
    •Wide shoulders, thick long neck, square face and male type eyes

    Mandy Minella shh
    Mandy Minella profile picture
    •Unmistakably in the club, no hips whatsoever – male overall appearence and silhouette

    Mandy Minella Tim Sommer
    Mandy Minella and husband & coach Tim Sommer
    •The lucky couple could well be inverted – and clearly plays well together on and off court

    Mandy Minella Tim Sommers 4 month pregnant
    •Sommers and Minella winning the most pregnant contest with an unexpectedly small baby bump (4+ months on the way to her biggest racket yet)

    *News story


    There is a definite link between ‘rare illnesses‘ and EGI as some conditions are known to hide gender related concerns.

    Some illnesses and coverup strategies are:

  • Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong
    Sex Tapes
    Sex predators/alpha male
    Nude posing
    Celebrity Transsexual Scandals
    Aging Badly
    Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual
    Gender Specific Diseases (testiclar, breast, ovarian, cervical, prostate cancers)
    Adrogen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS)
    XX Male Syndrome
    Klinefelter Syndrome
    Kallmann Syndrome
    Tom boy, Pretty boy, Baby-faced
  • seems the Elite are getting over their heads confident…

    That’s why we are seeing blatant promotion of characters like Bruno Mars, even though it’s obvious they are actually the opposite gender:



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    •Stage 2 : MTF (Male to Female) cases and theory

    “Since I don’t look like every other girl, it takes a while to be okay with that. To be different. But different is good.” -Serena Williams

    Suspecting individuals with paralyzed legs is not easy, but to stand down from any objective observation would be unjust to the Elite who are clearly capable of anything – even to play their hand in wheelchair tennis.

    Images can be deceptive, but with thousands of still images and large quantities of live TV footage – there is no longer room to conceal factual appearence or dissimulate wide shoulders or lacking hips.

    Paraolympic champions Esther Mary Vergeer from Holland have won 7 Paralympics titles, 42 Grand Slam tournaments and 22 year-end championships. An impressive record, but also possibly very deceptive as her build is so massive and her face so uncommon for a female.

    Esther Vergeer book release 2013
    Esther Vergeer book release 2013
    •Huge hands, important neck, big head, wide facial features – wide cheekbones, manly chin, wide deep set eyes, bony brow ridge, sizeable nose and mouth

    Esther Vergeer at career prize ceremony 2013
    Esther Vergeer at career prize ceremony 2013
    •Big head, sizeable neck, improbably wide shoulders,long arms and humerus bone (upper arm), big hands and wide facial features

    Esther Vergeer US Open 2009
    Esther Vergeer US Open 2009
    •Overall very manly – oversize shoulders, man-size head and wide facial features

    ther Vergeer St. Petersburg 2008
    Esther Vergeer St. Petersburg 2008
    •Big head, prominent brow structure, wide shoulders,long arms, big hands and wide facial features

    Esther Vergeer book cover profile picture 2013
    •Huge hands, bad digit ratio, attempt to disguise oversized shoulder-width, long neck and wide facial features with boyish smile/smudge

    Esther Vergeer in 2010
    •Very wide shoulders (regardless of handicap and wheelchair use), long neck, big head, sloping forehead, male chin, wide set eyes, brow ridge, sizeable nose and mouth

    Original text here


    That’s why we are seeing blatant promotion of characters like Bruno Marrs, even though it’s obvious they are actually the opposite gender

    Bruno Marss is a good example as he’s also reputed to have a ‘baby face‘ just as many other musicians. I’d guess bringing on a musician with the very babyface name (Kenneth Edmonds) could equally be seen as a sort of media-trick to throw us off. Mars is of course also on the list of short men which is as long as the list of tall women – keeping in mind they in addition cheat on such measurements as height to favour a more traditional common sense where men are tall and women not so much.

    The coverup strategies seems endless as we continue to discover new methods. It is very useful to keep the most prevalent memes in mind when analysing news and events while at the same being open to the possibility of new protocols being invented and older tricks tweaked.

    It is difficult to know how to break down the strategies for EGI disguise but the major part of them are fictional, often only as real as the paper it’s printed on. Physical alterations are more profound as the modifications would be definite so this type of coverup would be made with more care and modesty than scripted and manufactured type of disguise.

    The physical part of EGI deception was mentioned in a an early post (EGI disguise) and it might well be enlarged with certain ‘illnesses’ such as Kallmann’s syndrome that seems to dress up discrepancies in height.

    The fictional cover-up would be the most extensive list of inquiry as many occurrences that would be thought to be ‘real’ are not factual in any way – just portrayed as real in the media. The various narratives often can rely on physical occurrences as in the case of illnesses or pregnancies, but actually should be understood as “fake” news-stories and events of which alternative media has become accustomed to often assume, especially for Fakeologists. Gender typical deceases has been discussed before as possible coverup (post here) but the list presented above clearly shows that medical hoaxes are not alone in being used deceptively in the coverup of EGI suspect individuals. Memes such as ‘Tom boy, Pretty boy, Baby-faced‘ are also part of the scripting and manufacture of psychological disguise.

    Painting a bigger picture of the various strategies of EGI coverup is a great idea in a cultural landscape where the Elite have been hard at work for much longer than conspiracy research seem to have been around – the list of deceptions is ever growing as also the Fakeologist “Histogram” (spreadsheet) equally can attest to.

    In the medical coverup of gender identity i do find ‘Syndromes‘ very curious – what are they exactly ? It would seem that a syndrome can be anything you make it as these are not always illnesses but mere ‘occurrences’ of phenomena we are not able to analyse, just describe (being so ‘rare’). In the case of jazz singer Jimmy Scott it allowed his persona to add 20cm to his height at the late age of 37 years old. Would anyone believe such a ‘fact‘ if it wasn’t backed up by a pseudo-science term such as a Syndrome ?

    Renee Richards Kleinfelder
    Renee Richards – Klinefelter’s syndrome
    •famous for being denied participation in the 1976 US Open later over-ruled by the New York Supreme Court in 1977, an early victory for transsexual rights.

    Richards was barred from participating under the requirement of female players being allowed two X chromosomes only. Her disease probably meant she had more than two, and she refused to take any test, but appealed the decision and won.


    Bear Grylls Knife

    Bear Grylls

    Scenes from Grylls’ show, Man vs. Wild, often featured Grylls’ face covered with dirt, mouth dripping in blood, killing animals and eating raw meat, drinking blood straight from a carcass, and performing “dangerous and risky” stunts. Although portrayed as tough and manly, Grylls may not be a natural born male.

    For more, see the article here.

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    Although portrayed as tough and manly, Grylls may not be a natural born male.

    Edward Michael ‘Bear’ Grylls is a very well made icon of manhood and all of his activities are gender-typical and overly daredevil – they even display a fair share of nudity to drive the points home. Grylls drinking urine scene definetely looks false and staged – so not surprising they would be able to even have him appear naked too – which makes his case harder for the public to fathom.

    As with many high level EGI entities, the Elite have a tendency to overdo and exaggerate their script on many occasions. The physical appearence of Grills body is what is most suspect and not very manly when analysed in detail, however the psychological effect of his public portrayal and manly activities well mask his lacklustre gender-specific appearence. While one would suspect the apparent mass media story scripting of Grizzly Bear Grylls would be sufficient – the Elite masterminds still seem to have pushed the bar a bit higher with his naked scenes and apparent photoshopped fingers seen below.

    If the Elite take the time to consistently hide their index-fingers and make use of photoshop in profile images to shorten and distort Grylls hand digits – we must realise they stage his appearence to a very advanced degree and even the use of prosthetics does not seem off limits in his case. As a matter of fact, Hollywood openly admit to using both fake vaginas and false penises in their ‘naked’ shots destined for HD big theatre screens. When there is a will there is a way.

    Grylls fingers

    Grylls fingers closeup
    Grylls with hands on the (female?) hips and index fingers shorter than usual as he habitually display same length 2D-4D digit ratio in video and stills – the index fingers are even too short compared to normal hands – proving the Elite were all to well aware of Grylls gender imposture..

    “We had pretend p***ies,’ she says, giggling. ‘So it was easier because it was like protection between us and made it more comfortable.”
    -Léa Seydoux (H/T Ice Water Roof)

    “After at first successfully utilising ‘complicated multi-exposure techniques’ to enhance Silver’s natural endowments for still photography, Myrdal later persuaded the makeup artist for the film The Elephant Man to create the prosthetic which greatly contributed to the notoriety of Long Dong Silver.”


    •Stage 1 : Discovery and introduction to the concept

    Another YT transvestigator has thrown in the towel and quit the stage. It seems to be a trend now that the most prominent content creators on secret transgenders pops out of nowhere and then shuts down their investigations bible in hand.

    Jeremiah Weeps was a skilled transvestigator with a religious approach that sometimes came in the way to her insights. Nevertheless she published a number of very worthwhile videos that now are taken down and lost for most of us. This might be a reminder of how it’s still good practice to save information from the internet – especially videos as YouTube do not seem to aspire becoming any kind of depository for knowledge, nor a valuable outlet for free speech.

    Jeremiah Weeps - last words
    Jeremiah Weeps – last words and God help us all


    Jeremiah Weeps was a YT channel that addressed EGI in a more serious manner than most, focusing mainly on the top figures in the classical arts, Christian leadership, and the established stars of the Hollywood elite and of the music industry. JW’s presentation improved over time and became ever more thorough, informative and effective. JW claimed to be a former regional theater actor who only recently became aware of EGI at the elite levels of the industry that she worked in.

    It seems to be a trend now that the most prominent content creators on secret transgenders pops out of nowhere and then shuts down their investigations bible in hand.

    That does appear to be a common exit strategy, they exit in that manner or self-destruct in other ways.

    Avatar photorgos

    Another day, another acronym.


    Gender-Inverted Controlled Opposition.

    Patricia Steere


    Chelsea Manning

    Judy Wood

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