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    My God, trannies everywhere.

    Former Dutch TV presenter. “She” always felt off. Now we get it. Mies Bouwman (i.e. ‘build man’).

    Funny surname. Check.
    Getty stamp. Check.
    Shhh sign. Check.

    Bonus. Grace Kelly.


    EGI in the media

    Gender Reassignment Surgery is no longer confined to merely humans it seems – also dogs are concerned. After Dolly the sheep, we could have Molly the dog.

    Esoterically of course, the Elite choose the sheep for Dolly because we the population are sheep to the Elite as they are wolves to us. The dog is of course an anagram for God and Molly the dog was probably chosen to emphasise how some “gods” are hermaphrodites while at the same time reassuring the populace they can safely chop off genitalia be it in animals or humans.

    “When the vet came back and said she thought Molly could be a hermaphrodite, I didn’t realise what she meant; I started crying, assuming she was referring to another form of cancer. But she said: “No, it means Molly has male and female genitalia.” I was flabbergasted; I had never heard anything like it. But we were assured that Molly’s condition could be fixed, although we would have to wait until she was older and stronger.” –The Guardian article

    “Ross (the ‘vet’) had removed the partly formed penis and testicles, which were at risk of becoming cancerous, and created an opening for Molly’s urethra so she could pee comfortably.” –The Guardian article

    Molly the dog
    Mary Finlay and her transgender dog ‘Molly’
    (photo by Gregor Schmatz & The Guardian article by Chris Broughton)
    •notice the image composition with two vertical “pillars” in respectively black and white as well as the round one eye window and dog


    Dental arch is a great biometric with people who smile (use dental web sites’ imagery for comparison with known male/female models; dentists have to deal with male/female teeth all the time and they have to get it right, so they should be EGI-free… unless they’re part of “it” themselves… but I expect most are not). Speaking of smiling, what is going on with Lucinda’s mouth/teeth? There is something very asymmetrical happening there.

    ETA: oops… I thought I was posting this in reply to the article on Larry Page, Sergei Brin, and their “wives”. Not sure what happened; perhaps when I refreshed to get the browser tab to recognize my being logged in, I got confused or my browser did (or both). Sorry for the noobiness.

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    Dental arch is a great biometric with people who smile (use dental web sites’ imagery for comparison with known male/female models; dentists have to deal with male/female teeth all the time and they have to get it right, so they should be EGI-free… unless they’re part of “it” themselves… but I expect most are not)

    Indeed, dental composition and development is definitely different according to gender. The fact that facets are so popular in Hollywood clearly indicate they are also able to manipulate this aspect of secret transgenderism. Having dental X-ray imagery would be great, but we can suppose that never will happen.

    Regarding your posting, it is the forum software that automatically add new posts to the last page despite you wrote your response on the page of the entry on Brin/Page (post here).

    Camille Lacourt
    French Swimming Olympic champion Camille Lacourt display typical female dentition


    Okay, I finally finished reading this entire thread. (Phew!)

    I have some studies on various possibly EGI individuals which I might post up here. Where/how should I go about doing this? At this point they would be composed of photos plus whatever comments I add. I also would like to start doing voice narration and making videos but perhaps that’s something to tackle later.

    Thanks for the very interesting thread; I’ve learned a lot from it.


    Congratulations @macstout for your patience and interest to read through the entire forum thread! It is nice to hear positive feedback – it makes all the contributors efforts appear worthwhile.

    When we look into the past and discover EGI has been around for a long while, we are quickly reminded how we clearly lack a lot of insight and perspective to the Elite practice of gender inversion. Your future contributions as an author possibly even with voice narration and videos would be great. Followers of this thread surely will be very interested in any such initiative* from your part. I for one encourage you for any effort in an EGI aware direction and am available to be contacted directly as well in Discord or through my weblog (here).

    I have some studies on various possibly EGI individuals which I might post up here. Where/how should I go about doing this?

    Great that you might contribute with studies and cases. There is no particular ‘method‘ so to say for posting other than providing descriptive text and images using the BB code format of this forum which allows for embedding images, videos and hyperlinks, as well as some text styles (italic, bold, quotes, lists etc).

    On the introduction page, there is a proposed form for some basic categories for posting (here) that mimics the 4 cancer stages. These categories are just meant as a quick referral and are by no means mandatory, but they can help clarify the contents of a post possibly..

    •Stage 1 : Discovery and introduction to the concept
    •Stage 2 : MTF (Male to Female) cases and theory
    •Stage 3 : FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory
    •Stage 4 : Suspect cases (MTF & FTM) and advanced research and theory

    Terran Downvale

    This post has more to do with the EGI phenomenon in general and less about actual transvestigations. I imagine the characters I’m about to bring up will be natural EGI suspects to some of you but my point is about the media’s current awareness that this topic is being discussed and investigated online and the ways they appear to be hinting and teasing us about it. I can definitely see how they’d want to give us false leads to make us look paranoid and foolish. Perhaps they even present us with actual EGI characters while fabricating false evidence so that we come to the right conclusions for the wrong reasons which is a kind of trap that I believe is highly prized by the cultural manipulators.

    Basically, with something like this it’s just so difficult to tell what is really going on. That said, I most definitely believe there are MANY legitimately inverted individuals presented to us in the media. I just want to make sure to also bring these potential game-playing tactics into the discussion so we can become aware of them and avoid falling into any traps they set for us. Now onto the topic at hand…

    As we all know, one of the big events in popular culture recently was the highly-publicized boxing match between Mayweather and McGregor. So we have the obvious play on the “black vs. white” division programming that’s being pushed to the extreme right now, exemplified by the recent Charlottesville event. The boxers even wore black and white trunks in the fight to match their races. There was lots of racial taunting leading up to the fight and even a statement after the fight by McGregor bringing Mexicans into the mix:

    The mention of Oscar De La Hoya at the end of that article will come into play in a moment, so keep that in mind. In addition to the racial elements, we also have an “M vs. M” for some 33 Masonic coding along with the fight’s date of 8/26/17 or 8/8/8 with the official time the boxers touched gloves being listed as 12:14 A.M ET for another 8. All the usual crap we can expect with a over-hyped high-profile event. So how does EGI play into all of this? Well, that brings me back to Oscar De La Hoya…

    De La Hoya has gone on record as claiming the May-Mac fight was a fraud that disrespected the sport of boxing. It started out with Oscar’s tweet seen in this article with the MMA’s gender-neutral and racial-dividing named “Dana White” offering a response:

    And in this next article’s featured interview, De La Hoya goes on to claim that Mayweather deliberately threw the early rounds in an effort to fabricate a more exciting climactic 10th round TKO:

    Curiously, on the YouTube video of the interview, we have this comment by macho, bearded user “J Rivera”:

    Why is he claiming Oscar is a “tranny?” Well, you may recall this “controversy” from several years ago that has all the signs of fabricated stunt or possibly even a so-called “Masonic humiliation ritual”:

    Just search “Oscar De La Hoya” and “tranny” and you’ll get nearly 100K results:

    Now I dunno if De La Hoya is actually an FTM, or Mayweather or McGregor for that matter. I don’t recall seeing any transvestigations on these boxers, although I may have missed them. But what I did notice was some possible “EGI teasing” in another short interview with De La Hoya regarding the May-Mac fight:

    In the background, we see a restroom sign reading “WOMEN” with Oscar’s head positioned between a TV screen and a brick wall (masonry?) with a bright golden light “illuminating” the so-called “Golden Boy” from the upper right corner (Luciferian light?). On the TV screen at 50 seconds, we see what looks like a combination of the letters W and M (for Woman and Man?) followed by a dramatically zooming All-Seeing Eye while Oscar casts doubt on the legitimacy of the fight:

    The short interview begins with Oscar saying “Yeah, that was me.” presumably referring to the controversial tweet where he originally called out the “fraud.” This echoes his statement in the headline of the Daily Mail article above about his “tranny controversy”: Four years later, Oscar De La Hoya comes clean: It WAS me in the fishnet and high heels pictures.

    Note that the word “fishy” is spoken twice in the minute-and-a-half segment at 40 and 55 seconds, echoing the “fishnet” stockings he was “caught” wearing.

    So I have to wonder why the specter of EGI seems to have been woven into this story. Are they hinting that the alleged “fraud” in this over-hyped event goes even beyond the exoteric with Mayweather and McGregor’s genders being esoterically called into question? Does this also apply the the “super-macho” sport of boxing in general? Or are we just being subtly tricked into coming to this conclusion? It’s definitely a big mind-game mess whichever way you look at it! But then maybe I just read too much into these things, lol.


    So I have to wonder why the spectre of EGI seems to have been woven into this story. Are they hinting that the alleged “fraud” in this over-hyped event goes even beyond the exoteric with Mayweather and McGregor’s genders being esoterically called into question? Does this also apply the the “super-macho” sport of boxing in general?

    Indeed, wherever we have gender typical rolemodels in play, EGI is very present. Boxing is no exception, and maybe even more of a golden standard of how the Elite have been able to capture mens imagination since a long way back. One of the reasons the Elite needs to lead gender reinforcing activities is of course because they both want to lead every popular movement and activity as well as they seek to effectively influence the standards of gender-roles to their own ideals deceptively.

    So the question then becomes – was boxing invented by cisgender males for their own leisure, or was it the Elite who saw an opportunity for stagecraft by inventing the square boxing ring spectacle ?

    If we consider ancient history made up for the purposes of modern society and not reliable further far back in the past than 250-350 years, we might scrap the story of how boxing was practiced by slaves in ancient Rome and forced to to fight one another inside a circle marked on the floor, thus legitimising the term “ring” used to this day. The original boxing ring was 24 square feet bound by two ropes and commonly referred to as the “squared circle”.

    Maybe some are in doubt if boxing is real or not, but i’d contend you need to be a freemason to succeed in any rigged sports events, and boxing is unfortunately one of the original arenas of such deceit. Mostly we want to be deceived, but all the theatrics and staged press conferences and weigh-ins are so over the top it is hard to seriously consider we are observing anything else than a well coordinated performance by entertainers, of which professional wrestling is a groce copy. Still, pro wresting is indeed a copy of boxing which also is a staged event by inference.

    Basically the magic boxing trick is carefully planned whith two antagonistic athletes making artificial claims and trivial stories in the press who helps gather interest all while the two fighters are supposed to train in separate camps completely isolated from each other… Well, if we rather think of the fight as being fixed, we allready know the two fighters would more probably train together, getting the act together moreso than staying apart. With this small modification, modern boxing becomes a carefully choreographed activity with several months of preparation during which the combat is exercised carefully by both contenders.

    It is hard to let go of a dear illusion, but when we do consider professionnal boxing as a stagecraft, we already know that most public performers seems to be Elite lifetime actors – and these individuals invariably turn out to be EGI aware at the least. The most mediated stars however all seem to show prominent signs of EGI themselves. This is the case as i see it for “Pretty Boy” Mayweather and “Golden Boy” La Hoya who both seem to have very suspect “pretty” looks which we know is an EGI meme as well as they both are known for dating very masculine, model type females.

    Milana Dravnel txitter photo
    Oscar de La Hoya had an affair with Milana Dravnel
    •typically transpicious individual with male headsize, shoulder-width and facial features

    tricksofthestrade – 30:46 (mm:ss)
    is Floyd Money MayWeather Transgender Transsexual


    Was boxing invented by cisgender males for their own leisure, or was it the Elite who saw an opportunity for stagecraft by inventing the square boxing ring spectacle ?

    The true nature of professional boxing easily be seen and understood from the various athletes ring entrances – this is theatre for the masses and everything is controlled by Elite performers – more often EGI than not, at least those who ‘win’ titles and make the headlines. Tyson & Ali are prime examples of how the lead figures are entangled with EGI and lifetime acting.

    editinking – 14:14 (mm:ss)


    EGI in music

    lukeslark – 07:03 (mm:ss)
    Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair (1969)

    The music industry might on close inspection be the most EGI ridden field there is. Besides the apparent traditions in Elite families to invert gender, the ever improving hormone treatments surely present additional incentive for such a prominent share of top musicians to practice Elite Gender Inversion. The greatest vocalists of the past according to popular lore were surely the “castrati”, who were admittedly produced from hormone alterations caused by castration.

    The myth around the castrati opera singers were of course that they were young boys from poor families who were emasculated before puberty motivated on behalf of their parents by financial gains. This theory does seem plausible today in light of EGI as we know hormones were widely popularised during the renaissance among the Elite and what effect such chemicals produce in the body, namely the exact same symptoms as castration. It would therefore fit perfectly with the Elites modus operandi to keep their secret knowledge of hormonal alchemy to themselves all while spreading horrible stories to the general public.

    There is little incentive for a class of individuals who idealise hermaphroditic gods and deviant sexual behaviour to suddenly sexually maim their own role models when the desired voice-alterations can be obtained as effectively with hormones. Not to mention the Elites apparent taste for prepubescent boys, toys intact. The fact that the castrati opera singers were immensely popular and wealthy in their time also begs the question if these individuals really came from poor families as we today are told similar stories of our contemporary celebrities – which never seem to be the case. Brad Pitt never delivered anyone newspapers in the morning to pay for his lunch.

    If we assume that todays Elite has preserved their place in society through carefuly preserving their lineage, possessions and fortunes, we must naturally conclude that this holds true as well for popular entertainers who more often than not seem to be groomed early age to become rich and famous. The transmission of trade-secrets and knowledge would therefor give Elite families offspring an unfair advantage compared to the regular stock – and additionally the financial ease and social network would make it close to impossible for anyone normal to gain foothold in such industries as music.

    There might be exceptions – but the elite have an unfair advantage that is best kept by secrecy and empty promises to the masses such as anyone can become president. Well, they can’t and they won’t. I’d say the same applies to music – especially as the Elite seems to have hormones even moreso on their side in this domain than in politics. How many cisgenders can objectively compete for attention in company of castrati voice profiles trained from a young age ?

    One of the most mythical voices of jazz and popular music was surely Eunice Kathleen Waymon aka Nina Simone – the High Priestess of Soul. Her voice is described being ‘androgynous’ with an unusual cracking low range with magnificent intensity. Simone is regarded as one of the most influential recording artists of the 20th century and the 29th greatest singer of all time according to Rolling Stone magazine.

    Nina Simone (1933-2003) had a long and successful career and despite her popularity were at it’s peak in the 1960s, there is still a good record of her performances and recordings available in video and audio form.

    Today most artists will be discovered through audiovisual media, but that was not necessarily the case before – so many will have heard Nina Simone more often than they have seen her. No doubt that Simone does make an impression when you hear her sing – whether it be pleasure or frustration. However, when you go back and watch her as she performs – your impression might be influenced by her masculine appearence, especially with EGI in mind.

    nina simone 1959 New York City
    Nina Simone New York 1959

    nina simone 1960
    Nina Simone in concert (ca. 1960)

    All the more i look back at the music i’ve enjoyed in earlier years – it is quite scary how unrepresentative these individuals really are to me today. I can still enjoy the music in parts of course – but i’m very compelled to ask myself if i could not have bonded with whatever type of music presented in my youth and that guided me when music was an important distraction from my parents and forced schooling, even identified me socially among youth and dictated my dress code.

    nina simone 1999 England
    Nina Simone in concert UK 1999

    Regarding Simone, what speaks the most is actually the various videos hereunder – nevertheless it might be worth noting from the photos that Nina Simone has a typically male sloping forehead (male cranium) and a very wide dental arch, and these features alone makes it improbable she ever was born female nor could have any children. Analysing her features it becomes clear she’s had a severe jaw contouring intervention which gives her a very awkward profile which serves to counter-balance and reduce the visual cues of her distinguished male forehead and skull.

    By studying this case through the multiple videos and visuals it is disheartening, almost sickening really, to see Simone change over time, the insidious effects of hormone therapy and to witness the efforts made by the artist to act (unconvincingly) as a natural woman despite her true masculine nature. Some the interviews she made late in life also can make you wonder about her objectivity and clarity.

    Alkaios Naftilos – 00:52
    David Bowie are you here, man?

    Nina Simone – 06:28 (mm:ss)
    Suzanne (Rome Teatro Sistina 1969)

    Andres Burbano – 7:04 (mm:ss)
    Nina Simone – Sinner Man


    Oscar de La Hoya had an affair with Milana Dravnel
    •typically transpicious individual with male headsize, shoulder-width and facial features

    typically corny first name which should be read backwards to get the tranny joke



    Gender-Inverted Controlled Opposition.

    More GICO:

    Julian Ass-ange


    The rabbit hole is deep, and wide.

    Grandma Kissinger


    Grandma Kissinger

    Already given the treatment and Getty-stamped by UNreal in the sub-blog:

    Yn Her A King Rises


    I guess comedy and tragedy got transgendered here too…


    Sorry for hogging the thread, but we need this one in here.

    Vicki S. unlocking the keys to the Monarch Program.


    Typically corny first name which should be read backwards to get the tranny joke

    Indeed – you are spot that EGI often spells out very blatantly in the name.

    Maybe “newcomers” to the higher angles of the Elite in-club of EGI would require some sort of branding, and that the more longstanding families are not subject to overly blatant modern name-puns. Older family names could still be the result of some sort of wordplay, but due to an older ‘mission’ or inside joke – as in the case of Henry which could be a more discrete (or noble) phonetic anagram for “In her” (henri – in her)

    Gender Inverted Controlled Opposition (GICO) is clearly a reality, so much so it looks as if we live in an EGI Controlled Culture where politicians, royals, scientists, academia, film and entertainment all play the same deceptive roles in a game where the ouvert, public heterosexual culture is managed by an Elite who’s own behaviour remain in majority unknown, hidden in plain sight.

    There seem to be little difference in fact between “truthers” of the ilk of Assange (Ange is “angel” in french) or Judy Wood and high ranking politicians like Kissinger or respected scientists like Tesla (or Edison & Einstein). All these individuals are players in a EGI controlled culture where nothing is as presented & where we unfortunately are mislead from the day we are “educated” and “cultured” by experts of every imaginable domain.

    The omnipresence of gender-bending might be apparent by now, but it is still difficult to comprehend what drives the Elite to insist on a sexual behaviour that differs from what seems like a natural foundation – the heterosexual couple.

    In absence of insider knowledge we are left outside watching in, and there are no straight answers to be found as the Elite seem many deceptions ahead of a common understanding of this Elite in-group of apparent hidden sexual preferences and interactions.

    Rgos mentioned early in the EGI thread how the Victorian actors were all “men” and that no officially known cis-females actually took part in the Shakespearian plays performed in the theatres of the day (of which “The Globe” was the centerpoint,,,) – this seems like an important piece of the puzzle how acting is linked to male gender-preference – at least in appearence. The ‘One world order‘ also seem to hint at some unique sexual expression where male and female are united in various ways, most visible in the many Male to Female characters we see in entertainment.

    The “Boy Player” (BP) traditions of Shakespeare seem as present today as before, and still often played in the squared circle of the 1599 Globe theatre in London.

    Globe Theatre plan
    There are numerous replicas of the “Globe” all around the world to this day, at the least 14 according to Wiccapedia:
    •Argentina (Teatro Shakespeare in Buenos Aires)
    •Germany (Globe Neuss in Neuss am Rhein, Rust in Baden, Globe Theatre in Baden-Württemberg)
    •Italy (Globe Theatre in Rome)
    •Japan (Panasonic Globe Theatre in Tokyo, Shakespeare Hall in Meisei University of Tokyo)
    •New Zealand (Pop-up Globe in Auckland)
    •United States (Allen Elizabethan Theatre in Ashland Oregon, Adams Shakespearean Theatre in Cedar City Utah, Old Globe Theatre in Dallas Texas, Globe of the Great Southwest in Odessa Texas, Old Globe Theatre in San Diego California, Globe Theatre in Williamsburg [Busch Gardens] Virginia, Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in Twin Lake Michigan)

    Shakespeare stage two pillars
    Shakespeare theatre stage layout with its prominent two pillars – possibly as much to the sexual ideal and preference of two male actors as the constituting foundation of Jachin and Boaz the “twin” pillars of freemasonry.


    Vicki S. unlocking the keys to the Monarch Program.

    Cathy O'Brien
    Cathy O’Brien is one of the main protagonists and a “whistleblower” of the not so secret “ultra secret” Monark (MK) CIA program where Elite members are supposed to be but mindless slaves to some obscure “illuminati” source.

    Mostly, i find Vicky-S to do make interesting and thought provoking cases in her very calm (Ice Water Roof’ish…?) style. Her videos do lack thorough analysis but she does seem to have in-depth knowledge by the cases she makes – no doubt she would make a very interesting guest for Ab to invite onto Fakeologist Radio (as would POF/Pockets Of the Future).

    In the case of the Monarch programming video i do find Vicky-S transvestigation imagery interesting although the underlying justification of mind controlled illuminati slaves is troublesome and ill-researched. The Monarchies of Europe might be worth to keep in mind as the CIA is used to legitimise some obscure program – as they did with nukes and the “Manhattan Project”. To trust sources like the CIA indirectly from “whistleblowers” is naive at best and no doubt deceptive in its propagation. The most common discoveries from in-depth alternative investigation of “secret CIA programs” is that there is nothing there – the emperor has no clothes…

    Kathy O’Brien (O’Brien seems like a purposeful anagram of ‘O Brein’ or zero brain) is from my analyses not female, but another Elite Gender Inverted character part of the Gender Inverted Controlled Opposition (GICO) as Rgos puts it – an element of the ongoing EGI Controlled Culture who aims to mind control us – not them…

    So what is a butterfly really ? It is a trans-forming insect, just as the Elite trans-forms themselves to become part of the EGI. Butterflies go through a life cycle called “complete metamorphosis” with the culmination point being its eclusion into beautiful flying creatures (egg, larva, pupa, then Monarch/Royal?).

    Nothing describes the EGI better in their own eyes it would seem than the butterfly. The Elite must see themselves as beautiful exemples of a successful transformation as best illustrated by the butterfly metamorphosis that members of the common population cannot achieve as they stay forever concealed in their larvae shell, limited in their knowledge and restricted to a defined perimeter.

    The “Monarch” program (and later MKultra) seems but a bad joke popularised by Elite Gender Inverted (EGI) individuals like Kathy O’Brian and her equally suspicious “husband”, “ex” CIA officer Mark Phillips. Kathy O’Brian’s claim to fame would be her never ending conspiracy theory tours (GICO i assume) and her book co-authored with X-CIA Philips, named as literally as the Monarch’s they seem to really serve.

    Trance Formation of America - book by Cathy O'Brien
    Trance Formation of America: The True Life Story of a CIA Mind Control Slave

    Monarch Butterfly is Orange & Black
    The Monarch Butterfly is predominantly Orange & Black (just like most bee’s…)


    Cathy O’Brien is from my analyses not female at all, but an Elite Gender Inverted character part of the Gender Inverted Controlled Opposition (GICO)

    Yes, good call, UNreal. It must be something they learn at spy school.

    So glad we’re able to spot that nasty MO of these sad low-life scammers.


    As much as the Elite do use the Monarch Butterfly as an in-club tell-tale sign, the CIA mind controlled slave spin seems pure propaganda.

    Catchy O’Brain’s book came out on the conspiracy scene pretty early (around 1995). Looking back at O’Brain’s narrative and performance, it must be recognised she sold the story well. In a time when serial killers and kidnappings were more popularised than terrorists it might have been easier to have us tricked as well. Even CIA whistleblowers sounded more plausible back when Kathy O’Brien was part of the conspiracy scene.

    Today of course the Elite still sell the Monark/MKultra mind control program, but the proponents seem less credible than Kathy way back when. Sky Maitreya is apparently YT new age individual who tries to sell the “new” MKultra. I’m not impressed by her performance on camera – however she appear EGI like O’Brien… As much as S. Maitreya (SM) sells MKultra poorly, she does attest to how her own mind control appear pure fiction. If there is no “new” MKultra, was there ever any real version?

    Sky Maitreya – 12:32 (mm:ss)
    Slaves of the new MKULTRA

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