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    As much as the Elite do use the Monarch Butterfly as an in-club tell-tale sign, the CIA mind controlled slave spin seems pure propaganda.

    Agreed. Laughable nonsense that only the misinformed and gullible could believe. Almost in the same league as lizard people, aliens, Satan worship, persecuted whistle blowers and other related diversions they keep coming up with.

    Sky Maitreya looks suspicious from the thumbnail photo alone, hence no need to watch it. Maitreya’s appearance combined with the subject matter tell me all I need to know.


    Back to school. Now showing on BBC in the UK:

    No More Boys and Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free?

    Is the way we treat boys and girls the real reason we haven’t achieved equality between men and women? Dr Javid Abdelmoneim aims to find out by taking over a primary school class.

    Dr Javid Abdelmoneim sets out his mission to introduce gender neutral education to a class of seven year olds.


    EGI in the media
    Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst
    Gender fluid couple Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst, the director and co-producer of transgender ‘rights’ promotional tv mini series ‘We’ve Been Around’.

    Indeed the “transgender” movement seem to inherit all the attention of the gay movement that preceded it and the amount of media-productions will quite likely see no end as the Elite target the younger generations very hard – just as the BBC’s tv-series Carys highlights above where a doctor is followed in his exploitation of 7 year olds on his “gender-neutral mission”.

    The popularisation and transgender ‘normalisation’ apparently also play the card of history being on their side. History seems nothing less than a weaponised creation (‘his story’ or ‘EGI story’ in this case) on the case of the transagenda where troubled prostitutes are hailed as freedom-fighters. The tv series* “We’ve Been Around” establishes several examples of transgender pioneers who are depicted as hidden heroes proving the longtime struggle of the noble minded transgender’s of their time.

    The mini-series is quite an interesting study of exactly how the Elite might play the card of victimisation whenever they have the need or obligation to justify evident cases of EGI in the past. By controlling the entertainment industry there is nothing stopping the EGI to produce an unjustifiable amount of trans-promoting material for a percentage of the population that is very limited (about 0.6% of americans). Using history the Elite really emphasise how the past is nothing but a politic tool and narrative device for whatever cause or agenda they choose to support.

    It does seem like the coming generation is supposed to become gender “neutral” which of course is not possible as humans by their numbers since long proved the deep rooted sexual drive that is inherent in us all. The implicit result might trick some to believe they are both sexes – or at least they can be. The Elite of course seem already to have a predilection for a combination of both sexes making the “one world order” seem all the more appropriate an expression for the EGI and their (freemason) minions.

    “The trans movement may be making headlines, but our rich history is often overlooked. Trans people have always existed, and have lived many different lives. The central theme of We’ve Been Around is stated in the title. We’ve been here, throughout time, often hidden in plain sight.”
    -Rhys Ernst, film director

    Lou Sullivan – 04:09 (mm:ss)
    “Lou Sullivan recounts the life of Lou Sullivan, a pioneering transgender gay man and AIDS activist.”

    Albert Cashier – 04:57 (mm:ss)
    “Albert Cashier illuminates the 19th-century trailblazing of Albert Cashier, a transgender man who fought in the Civil War.”

    Camp Trans – 05:58 (mm:ss)
    “Amid the punk ethics of 1990’s identity politics, trans activists Leslie Feinberg and Riki Anne Wilchins spearhead a movement to protest the trans-exclusionary policy of a women’s music festival in CAMP TRANS.”

    Lucy Hicks Anderson – 05:26 (mm:ss)
    “Lucy Hicks Anderson recounts the story of Lucy Hicks Anderson, a woman of color who thrived during Prohibition and stood her ground to protect her marriage rights after being exposed as a transgender woman.”

    S.T.A.R. – 05:25 (mm:ss)
    “S.T.A.R. tracks the modern transgender rights movement via the activism of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, participants in the Stonewall Riots of 1969.”

    Terran Downvale

    I’m adding this to the EGI thread because of the transpicious characters. But it also contains elements of the gender and racial division psyops, along with possible sim double perpetrators in a pair of fear-mongering news stories.

    So these monstrous black men, they reportedly ruthlessly rape 14-year-olds and sucker punch 12-year-olds, but are they even men at all? I caught the transpicious rape suspect’s photo on the Yahoo homepage today:

    The name Marcus JOHNSON seems appropriate for a rape story. Some classy trending stories on the right there, considering the subject matter. And what’s that in the other story about the “pack of teens?” Is that Johnson’s transpicious double? Here’s how the page layout appeared for me:

    FULL-SIZE link:

    Here’s the other story:

    The eerily similar-looking suspect’s name is Gregory BATTLE, another word that evokes male aggression. Fear-mongering “Fright Fest” indeed!


    •Stage 4 : Suspect cases (MTF & FTM) and advanced research and theory

    This 50+ page paper takes a look at David Gilmore, guitarist and former leader of the band, Pink Floyd.

    Like most leading figures in the music industry, Gilmour is suspect of being inverted. Whether or not the evidence is convincing, it should cast doubt as to whether Gilmour can unquestionably be considered to be a cis-gender male.

    As a group, Pink Floyd doesn’t appear overly suspicious, but less obvious cases require more effort and resources to research. And although all four original members of the band could also be examined, Gilmore shows more overt feminine traits and was selected on that basis.

    While appearing to focus on one individual, this paper also illustrates the presence and extent of EGI among elite figures not only in the entertainment industry, but across all levels of higher society as well, an existence that is generally unseen and thus unknown to the general population.

    Download from here.

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    P in K

    Very much like the time-lapse image of Gilmore – it is impressive how much age change someones face while still retaining so much similitude. Pink Floyd is a challenging and welcome path of investigation.

    The use of “pink” does seem to have some occult meaning, and P clearly hints at something gender related. The color “pink” is equally very sexuated as it even moreso than blue for boys really is only associated with female values. The gay movement with their rainbow kind of went full spectrum on color, transgressing the typical gender associations we have about color codes. Pigs also come in pink, and Pink Floyd paid the animal a great tribute in one of their tracks.

    On page 17 the photo of Gilmore’s second wife Polly Samson shows how effective long hair used to cover the shoulders really is. My mother has always worn her hair long, still she never wear her long hair on the front/chest side like all to many stars seems to enjoy – it makes the neck appear much slimmer and effectively hide collar bones and lay shadow on the neck (less definition means protruding parts such as an Adams apple will appear much less prominent). On page 15 Polly show the true size of her neck, and it is of course much less feminine and fragile than how it appears in the hairy shoulders pic (page 17).

    Gilmore is a hard case – and it is important to have the courage to invest EGI even when the inversion is made to a very high standard and very hard to prove if at all. The fact Elite Gender Inversion is practiced means that we face a secretive, traditional and many unknown procedures that might over generations even modify the general appearence of this class of high society individuals. By literally crossbreeding, the Elite clearly will have a much more closed genetic pool as no regular lowlife ever will be able to impregnate an EGI individual as their sexuality is inverted. It is necessary to have an inverted couple in order to produce EGI offspring – no chance of bad blood in the EGI club.

    Maybe todays gender-fluid youth wouldn’t mind an extra penis or a man with a vagina – for traditional cis-genders however the ELite might sleep safe – we hardly would be seduced by such cross-gender features. At least today, but future genrations might disagree quite soon.

    The most striking feminine feature about Gilmore in my book must be his bodyshape as older and his pulpous mouth as young. His eyes equally lacks eyesockets entirely and is clearly shallow but as they are wide set, it is a bit confusing and giving Gilmore falsely a more male appearence.

    On page 27 Gilmore’s body is clearly super soft and his hips so wide the stylist must have worked hard to produce XXXL size shoulder-pads. A very troubling picture as we clearly see how the facial features except the eyes are very close and the arms short with very small hands compared to his body, met alone his oversized suit-jacket.

    I’m very sceptical of Gimore’s offspring where especially Charlie stands out as transpicious with his small round head with female hairline and an untypical widows peak. Sara Gimore (p. 48) is very different from Charlie and has a large head and facial features (p. 50 it seems like Sara is “tucking” with a inguinal canal technique).

    Illustration of effective tucking where the inguinal canal is used to conceal male testicles. The inguinal canal can also be used for complete concealment of all male genitalia*

    Overall when looking at group photos these “rich kids” and their friends it clearly shows they do all share many transpicuous features and indicate how one needs to be born into such a closed club as the Elite – and being EGI is clearly no rarity here. more the contrary it would seem.

    Very interesting article on a very difficult case on one of the cult figures in music which played in one of the most famous rock-groups ever – and in my opinion also one of the best. But there is more to rock’n roll and not necessarily as much stones as we’re led to believe.

    Pink Floyd LA 1968
    Pink Floyd in LA 1968 – pink Punks – no lipstick necessary for Gil

    *these GIF animations of complete tucking are overly graphic – maybe you get the idea without looking at them – which would be my advice, but post them nevertheless for the curious and hardboiled.
    •complete tuck – real life 1
    •complete tuck – real life 2


    these GIF animations of complete tucking are overly graphic – maybe you get the idea without looking at them – which would be my advice, but post them nevertheless for the curious and hardboiled.

    From empty towers to tucking. It’s been a hell of a ride so far. Thanks, fakeologist.


    @UNreal. Good commentary and elaboration. I included a number of your observations in the latest revision, which can be downloaded using the same link.

    As an advanced case, it requires more than a few photos or a 5 minute video to properly address. More could be done by researching Gilmour’s childhood, parents, siblings and other relationships, but that shouldn’t be necessary to show that Gilmour is a participant and member of the “EGI club,” and thus unlikely to be a cis-gender male.

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    Sex is very often propagated by EGI entities

    ice water roof (02:21 mm:ss)
    Marcos Alberti the EGI Orgasm Photographer


    EGI in the media

    Amy E Kiser – prenatal fitness expert

    As a bit of relief to ‘Male Mother Mystery‘ – it is quite humerous, telling and ironic to see a Male to Female EGI individual impersonate a pregnant woman with a stiff and unnatural baby-bump and most certainly a fair amount of duping-delight in the process.

    Amy E. Kiser Schemper is a Fitness Instructor and actress and however hard she works out in her ‘babyfit’ videos will never be able to convince anyone she actually ever could be pregnant nor was born female.

    Conspiracies by Hans – 06:13 (mm:ss)
    Pregnancy Workouts by Trannies with Moonbumps

    BabyFit by Amy: Prenatal Workouts (11 vidéos)

    Amy E. Kiser & her Emmy award winning ‘man’ – Kurt Schemper


    Reading a bio of legendary cartoonist Jack Kirby recently (“Kirby” by Mark Evanier) and was reminded of his character “Big Barda”:

    Big Barda is a warrior of the New Gods. Raised on Apokolips as a servant of Darkseid, she fell in love with Mister Miracle and escaped with him to the planet of New Genesis. Originally she had been a member of the Female Furies, a deadly squadron of female killers, and trained as their leader underneath the cruel mistress Granny Goodness. Now she fights against the forces of evil, tempered with the strength of her upbringing and her love. She has also been a member of the Justice League and Birds of Prey. Big Barda was created by Jack Kirby as part of his epic Fourth World saga. She first appeared in Mister Miracle #4. (1971)

    (from dc.wikia)

    big barda1
    (This drawing appears to be penciled by Kirby and finished by contemporary artist Bruce Timm.)

    Jack Kirby based Barda’s physical appearance on Lainie Kazan, who had recently appeared topless in Playboy.[2] Mark Evanier, Kirby’s assistant on the Fourth World comics, has stated, “Jack based some of his characters (not all) on people in his life or in the news… the characterization between Scott ‘Mister Miracle’ Free and Barda was based largely—though with tongue in cheek—on the interplay between Kirby and his wife Roz.”[3] Big Barda was ranked 75th in Comics Buyer’s Guide’s “100 Sexiest Women in Comics” list.[4]

    (from wikipedia)

    barda 2
    (kirby pencils inked by Vince Colletta)

    Kazan in her prime:





    Lainie Kazan today(?):

    I don’t know, maybe she’s just a large woman with bad plastic surgery late in life.. But seems kind of questionable to me, in light of the EGI hypothesis/ premise.

    Kirby, incidentally, drew most women in a very masculine, “powerful” looking manner (of course he drew everything “powerful,” famously.) They were softer and more curvy than the males, but the forms were large and imposing.

    Kirby and wife Roz:
    kirby roz

    Kirby is presented to the public as a visionary, and a dynamo of productivity- the “king” of American comics. He founded or reinvigorated genre after genre (and blended genres into new forms). The current wave of superhero movies would not exist without his “world building” skills (if he is as claimed). Though the movies mostly lack his 70s/ 80s melancholy and pensive qualities, his Orwellian sense of foreboding, and spiritual awe, sense of cosmic wonder.

    Strangely (to me), his earlier work, while remarkably prolific and creative, seems relatively pedestrian in its themes and ideas. Then a shift happens (I could be wrong, I’m not that deep into it) in the 60s/70s, and the work takes a huge jump into seeming to have a rich awareness of occult symbolism, archetypes, and cultural commentary. If speculating wildly, did he have an epiphany? Or, did he become the front/ mouthpiece for some occult secret society, that enlisted him to front its ideas? Or, was he studying all along, and only able to express himself in his 40s-60s? (I would welcome anyone more expert in the occult to offer clues to his work. There is a website along those lines that analyzes some of his early work as related to Crowley and the promotion of UFOs, I forget the name.)

    Of course that is off topic to EGI, just something I wonder about.

    kirby women

    Terran Downvale

    EGI: IT Is Real!

    But is it totally real in the way that we think? Well, that’s something I’m still struggling with. I do think it’s quite possible we are sometimes presented with entities who are naturally iffy (or should I say “itty”) in terms of gender with perhaps this ittiness further enhanced in one way or another to mess with our minds and perceptions, with one intended result being to inspire those so inclined to scream “TRANNY!” and attempt to convince others the characters are fully inverted. There certainly seems to be lots of “tranny-trolling” going on with news stories dangling transpicious beings in front of our eyes who may or may not actually be inverted (or even real flesh-and-blood people) coupled with little puns and in-jokes hinting at EGI awareness. As emphasized in the title, the keyword “IT” will apply in the two following examples.


    So a couple weeks ago, I woke up to find this character on the Yahoo homepage:

    I’d never seen or heard of this highly transpicious entity before but it appears Trump is giving her gender ambiguity a thumb up of approval. She reminds me a bit of Megan Fox, another celeb whose womanliness has been called into question. Of course we have the obligatory forced reference about how “good-looking” she is, a quote from campaign aide “Corey Lewandowski” whose name recalls the specter of Monica Lewinski which subliminally injects a sexual element into our unconscious minds complemented by Trump’s phallic upturned thumb. There are also two CC=33 references in the article with “cup of coffee” and “caucus and cactus.”

    Here she is again displaying some questionable “man hands,” cloaked trachea and strong shadows under her brow-ridge:

    A few things popped out at me in her Wiki bio:

    I see she was born on October 21 which happens to be “Back to the Future Day”:

    Even more interesting, she was born in ’88 which is an important number in the BTTF universe. As mentioned in the above article, the October 21, 2015 date was chosen by the Part II writers in 1988 and of course there’s 88 MPH, the magical speed the DeLorean must reach to travel through time. We see this number referenced again in her name “Hope Hicks” HH=88. Are they saying the transpicious Hicks is the “It Girl” model of the FUTURE?

    Well, I’ll be damned. From Wiki, it appears she was in fact an actual time-travelling “IT GIRL!”

    Hicks was a teenage model having posed for a Ralph Lauren campaign with her older sister Mary Grace, and was the face of the Hourglass Adventures novels about a time-traveling 10-year-old. She was the cover model for The It Girl (2005), the first novel in the series by Cecily von Ziegesar.

    More modelling shots on this page:

    EDIT: It appears some of these shots are of another model named Hilary Rhoda. Not sure what’s going on with her.

    Here she is playing with gender again in a tuxedo:


    Speaking of “ITs,” we have this highly dubious news story from a couple days ago also featuring a highly transpicious character:

    Some shots of the suspect for your analysis:

    And its name? Everitt Aaron Jameson. Ever IT, indeed. This article adds some more possible EGI in-jokes (SF Mayor “London Breed” at 2:23 in the first video looks pretty “itty” to me as well):

    The article reports that Jameson was “hardened” (testosterone therapy?) by the loss of his children who are “not with their mother either” (because “he” was their mother?). At 0:23 in the second video, Jameson’s aunt says in disbelief “IT’s not my nephew they’re talking about.” Because IT is actually your niece? And again at 0:40 his father says “That’s not HIM, that’s not the way he was raised” (not raised as a “him?”).

    Anyway, I’m not sure if either of these individuals is actually inverted or just a bit of “IT bait” to inspire that conclusion from transvestigators. Either way, our minds are no doubt being played with and I think that’s the most important point to try and get across to “normal people.”

    BTW, I also wanted to mention I started a WordPress blog that will cover a variety of topics, but I will most likely leave the EGI posts for this forum. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

    Terran Downvale

    See my previous comment. I also forgot to add that my initial image search for Everitt Jameson brought up this photo from an apparently unrelated story:

    I just found it interesting because she looks rather similar to Jameson. Here are a couple more shots of Jameson showing what is either an inverted FTM or a highly testosterone-challenged male Marine:

    Terran Downvale

    This could be absolutely nothing but I just thought I’d add it to the mix. I was doing a little time-traveling back to the 80s this morning and ran across the music video for General Public’s “Tenderness.” This moment at 1:13 seemed a bit curious. A little female digit-ratio teasing perhaps? With an added one-eyed wink:

    I remember being struck by this guy’s remarkable prettiness back in the day. Another “In-betweener?” His name is David WAKE-ling, lol. Ranking Roger looks a little iffy, too. Great song, regardless!


    I don’t know, maybe she’s just a large woman with bad plastic surgery late in life.. But seems kind of questionable to me, in light of the EGI hypothesis/ premise.

    No doubt Lainie Levine (Kazan) is most probably an EGI entity and her looks as older well emphasise how she has a male size head and corresponding wide facial features – except a probable nose-job. Posing for playboy in the 1970s sure do not help her case and from the 1985 movie poster for “Lust in the Dust” her main asset which seems to be her cup-size can be strongly suspected to be of artificial origin.

    Regarding Jacob Kurtzberg aka Jack Kirby his role in creating many of the superheroes still promoted today seems an important one. What you surmise regarding Big Barda (BB) and her troublesome looks possibly modelled on a troublesome actress – it is beyond coincidence – and nicely suggest the superheroes are in fact disguised EGI role models.

    The most obvious superhero EGI creation is probably Kirby’s “X-men” and give us a serious clue (the ‘Hulk’ is phonetically ‘kluh’ or ‘clue’ backwards) as to what the chromosomal makeup of Kurtzberg’s heroes really is.

    It certainly would be interesting to examine the topic of superheroes more in detail to better understand how prevalent EGI really is in popular comics when analysed in an EGI perspective.

    What is certain is that superheroes are the ultimate trans-humans and both metaphorically and literally as in the case of Barda represent Elite Gender Inversion. The medium used here is comics which much like art of the past effectively camouflage what lurks in the mind of the artists – and that is more often than not related to what seems an ancient veneration of gender inversion and deviant sexual ideals.

    Roz Goldstein speaking at Breast Cancer Research Foundation Hot Pink Party 2014
    Jack Kirby’s wife Roz Goldstein speaking at ‘The Breast Cancer Research Foundation’ Hot Pink Party (2014) – huge head, male facial traits and manly wide shoulders


    Anyway, I’m not sure if either of these individuals is actually inverted or just a bit of “IT bait” to inspire that conclusion from transvestigators. Either way, our minds are no doubt being played with and I think that’s the most important point to try and get across to “normal people.”

    In the same vein the Elite have created a contrived “Flat Earth” movement to both lead their own opposition and put an effective monkey-wrench into anyone’s intentions to seriously contemplate the evidence that our world is in fact level (article on the Flat Sea) – EGI is dealt with in the exact same way.

    I have no doubt that Hope Charlotte Hicks is indeed an MTF Elite character as her social standing and position strongly hint to – in addition to her looks. Her father was Paul Burton Hicks ‘the third‘ and CEO of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide in America among other important positions.

    The Elite do indeed practice inter-generational gender inversion and at the level Hicks is at – there would be no place for a normal cis-gender.

    Numerology sure is a tell tale sign of both media-fakery and stagecraft but neither exclusive to EGI nor straightforward to interpret. In the case of Hicks i’d nearly say it is anecdotal as her mere appearence and Elite lineage and affiliation is so over the top in every regard.

    The linguistic connection to “T” and “iT” is on the other hand specifically tailored for occult evocation of Elite Gender Inversion. There seems to be no getting away from “X, Y & T” when it comes to how the Elite apparently thrive in dupers delight and no doubt a feeling of superiority as they lay out their mark for all eyes to see but that only the few will ever notice or understand.

    If we take Hicks fellow Elite member Cecily von Ziegesar as an example of Hicks easy rise into the limelight – we immediately are confronted with another high profile MTF EGI married to the Deputy Director of the USA’s Public Art Fund Richard Griggs. I’m not sure if i even could manage getting 3G’s into a six-letter family name while still making it palatable – but the “Gossip Girl” & “IT Girl” authors husband sure show us how it’s done.

    Cecily von Ziegesar
    Cecily von Ziegesar is the author of the Gossip Girl & the It Girl novel series – and a blatant EGI Male to Female


    I remember being struck by this guy’s remarkable prettiness back in the day. Another “In-betweener?” His name is David WAKE-ling, lol. Ranking Roger looks a little iffy, too. Great song, regardless!

    Great find and very illustrating still shot.

    I’ll be blunt and show Wakeling no particular tenderness – Dave was born female.

    The music industry is as bad as it gets when it comes to EGI. The majority of lead figures in music are as false as their lifetime actor roles and their true talent highly debatable if not actually lacking altogether.

    Good to hear you have started your own blog @TerranDownvale – that Thoreson mugshot from your very interesting & detailed ‘Thor, Conan & Bowie’s Ghost‘ article is above EGI suspect which might have been worthy of mention.

     Joseph C. Thoreson

    Terran Downvale

    Great thoughts, UNreal. This stuff regarding “Amazons” portrayed in comic books is fascinating, too, timr. EGI represented in art leaves us with no doubt that this is something that is mandatorily being pushed in our culture. And knowing there are “rules” about this, we can expect to find it in certain cases as UNreal just showed with Cecily von Ziegesar. Wow, looking at more photos of her, she does seem like a strong case.

    Speaking of 80s musicians, I found this family photo of Gary Numan (Girly New Man?) which sets off a number of alarms:

    It’s interesting with these stars whose “androgyny” is part of their persona. Take The Cure’s Robert Smith, for example. His lipstick always looked like shit which has the effect of making people think this is case of a “rugged male” having a hard time looking like a woman. But looking at makeup-free photos of him, I see some definite natural femininity:

    Another thing is the cleft in his chin looks kinda weird, like it was maybe artificially created to give him more of a masculine look, but was somewhat botched:

    So, in theory, they gave a genetic female a cleft chin to make her look more like a male, who then puts on make-up to look more feminine. Again, I can’t say for sure this is the case, but what a bizarre double switch-eroo if so. I know UNreal has spoken of “double inversions.” I wonder how far they’d go with that. Maybe a seven-fold inversion in honor of the Zayin?

    And regarding “Joseph Thoreson” from the Minnesota beheading story, I definitely see your point! I was so focused on the Conan connection, I didn’t really think of that. But Conan himself is suspect, too, of course. Seriously, in basically all of these small-time news stories involving grisly murders (and pretty much any news story, now that I think of it), I’m constantly seeing transpicious entities. For now, I’m not including that topic on my blog, but I’m open to discussion about it in the comments.

    I was gonna do a post on this story I saw recently with my focus on what I believe is the suspect’s intentional resemblance to George Zimmerman, the man who “killed” Trayvon Martin:

    The story seems to be about subliminally reinforcing the image of Zimmerman as a “child killer” in the minds of unsuspecting readers, as we saw younger photos of “Trayvon Martin” being used in news stories to generate more sympathy and outrage.

    But looking at “Robert Anthony Resendiz’s” photo (whose last name may be a subtle reference to abortion by way of “rescind”), I see him as an EGI suspect as well (and Zimmerman, too). I’ll just say that as a rule, attention-grabbing news stories like this that feature mugshots of “horrible men” almost always have an androgynous element to them. We saw this with the Everitt Aaron Jameson story as well. As usual, we are presented with a multi-layered mind-f*ck that leaves us mesmerized, if only on an unconscious level.

    Terran Downvale

    See my previous comment. I totally forgot to mention one important part of the Resendiz story. He reportedly “bent” his infant son to death. Could this be a reference to “gender bending” and inversion in infancy?

    We’re also told that the home was “near 12th Street and Camelback Road.” This seems significant with the mental image we are given of the child being bent in half to the point of mortal injury. Also, the phrase “the straw that broke the camel’s back” was used frequently in reference to the Trayvon Martin story:


    Gary Numan (New Man) and his family are obviously inverted. has an article on Numan and his wife here:

    Gary Numan 1979
    Gary Numan 1979

    Robert Smith never looked manly and has continued to look more feminine with age:
    Robert Smith

    Smith possibly could have had a chin implant in early career:
    Robert Smith2

    Pete Burns of 80s band, Dead or Alive, was another example who never looked manly to begin with, was even more feminine looking later in life, and became a plastic surgery disaster. Even though Burns stopped trying to look masculine, the media continued to refer to Burns as a male.

    Burns often wore an eye patch to appear more manly
    Pete Burns

    Pete Burns1a

    The photo on the right was obviously manipulated to make Burns appear more masculine
    Pete Burns1

    Pete Burns7

    Pete Burns and vivienne westwood

    Pete Burns4

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