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    and actors/musicians and royalty seem to mix very well

    Still do.


    Hello Rgos

    I adressed a list of issues with David Furnish portraying Diana, it would be constructive if you addressed these issues before providing imagery that do little to comprehend the similarities or not between Furnish/Spencer.

    Diana had wider shoulders, longer nose, nose-bump, bigger ears and more brow-bone than David Furnish. She was also 1.78m tall, whereas Furnish is 1.73m only.

    David Furnish on the beach with slim shoulders and short legs
    David Furnish Beachboy

    Lady Diana on the beach with wide shoulders and long legs
    Lady Diana Beach

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    Avatar photorgos

    David Furnish on the beach with slim shoulders and short legs

    The boy’s a veritable shape shifter.


    Hello again again Rgos

    Agree that Diana and David Furnish are both shapeshifters. But they are not the same person as JS, Dave Johnson and MrE3000 claim.

    The subject of EGI is a very difficult one to begin with, and we are very vulnerable to fallacious, far-reaching speculation and the research provided for such theories require evidence that is really solid and hold water. A face can be surgically modified, but we have no methods to narrow shoulders or grow shorter legs and arms.

    That neither Junglesurfer, MrE3000 or Dave Johnson took the time to check shoulder-width, arm-length and height between the two individuals they claim to have observed and investigated is either poor research or deliberate misinformation.

    In addition to different body type and size, there are facial features that do not match either. It can be easily seen that David Furnish has a shorter nose than Diana and do not feature Lady Di’s nose-bump (it widens on the middle). When plastic surgeons perform plastic surgeries for FTM patients they make the nose bigger and longer, not shorter and more linear.

    Photoshop effects are impressive but deceiving in this case as we only have 50% layer visibility and no scale or body comparison.

    We have all been fooled before, but hope you see the shortcomings both in the research provided by Junglesurfer, MrE3000 & Dave Johnson and the damaging effect their unsubstantiated conclusions will have for anyone who is just discovering the topic of EGI.


    hi Ab

    Your 2013 post on Martine Rothblatt well illustrate that the Elite very much is involved with transgenderism. This entity has headed several high-profit projects in very different domains.

    As your 2013 post details, this entity is responsible for the first spacecom project (PanAmSat, 1984), the first satellite radio network (WorldSpace, 1990), and Sirius Satellite Radio (1990).

    After working with satellites and NASA, Rothblatt started pursuing transhumanism and she’s responsible for drafting the “Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights” for the United Nations in 1997.

    Martine Rothblatt in 2010
    •Rothblatt was highest-paid Transgender CEO in America 2013, earning $38 million
    Martin Rothblatt 2010 - Forbes

    The transhumanist agenda can be suspected to be directly linked to the Elites ambition to perfect their own genetics/offspring and even to longevity and immortality research.

    BINA48 is a project by Rothblatt’s company Terasem Movement designed to test the ability to download a person’s consciousness into a non-biological or nanotech body after combining detailed data about a person with future consciousness software. Very scary. Guess who the robot is modeled after ? Martine Rothblatt’s interracial spouse Bina.

    BINA48 robot bust, modeled after Rothblatt wife and mother of three, Bina
    •the Rothblatt family also have one adopted child as well for a total of 4 offspring
    BINA 48 robot

    Rothblatt Family — DVF Awards at the UN 2016
    •Jenesis Rothblatt, Sarah Jones, Martine Rothblatt, Bina Rothblatt with Tony Award-winner Sarah Jones (2nd from the left)
    Rothblatt Family 2 - 2015

    Rothblatt family 2007 – Jenesis Rothblatt, Martine Rothblatt, Bina Rothblatt
    Rothblatt Family 2010

    Martine Rothblatt 1981, with son Eli in Nigeria
    •Rothblatt married Compton realtor Bina Aspen in 1982
    Martin Rothblatt with son Eli - 1981


    •Stage 2 : MTF (Male to Female) cases and theory
    Instructive video on MTF transformation and demonstrating the basic surgeries and several before/after examples from surgeons websites.

    Jon Humanity Youtube Channel (14:56 mm:ss)
    “What are you looking for when you’re trying to spot these people ?”


    •Stage 3 : FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory
    Jimmy Savile (1926-2011) was a famous socialite and close ‘friend’ of British Royalty, including the Queen and Prince Charles.

    James Wilson Vincent Savile was born in Leeds (UK) and the youngest of seven children (Mary, Marjory, Vincent, John, Joan, and Christina) and his father Vincent Joseph Marie Savile was a bookmaker clerk and insurance agent married to Agnes Monica Kelly, a stay at home mother.

    Savile was a well known public figure in Britain and started his career as nightlife organiser and a discjockey allegedly inventing the double disc-spinning DJ turntable. From 1958 onward he started his lifelong radio and tv career as a host and dj. Jimmy was a disc jockey at Radio Luxembourg (1958) then Radio 1 (1968) and became very famous for the BBC music show “Top of the Pops” (1964-2006). Jimmy Savile also presented another popular television programme “Jim’ll Fix It” where he much like Santa Claus arranged for the wishes of children to come true (1975-1994).

    In Europe there has since long been numerous child-abuse scandals very heavily promoted in the mainstream as well as alternative media. The most publisized and grotesque of such media coverage of paedophilia to date could be the Jimmy Savile scandal. The british socialite and close friend of the Crown was posthumously accused of the sex abuse of children, adults and elderly ranging from the age of five to sevety-five of both sexes (some rumors also allegate there would be some 2 year old victim as well).

    There is no doubt that the Elite do not treat their subjects respectfully, but if the most prolific child-molester and rapist of all time in reality would turn out to be unable to enact the crimes he’s accused of, what are we to think about the nature of this type of media coverage ? Rape and sodomy is just not possible for the woman Jimmy Savile (So Vile) really was. His incessant eccentric public appearence regularly displayed him with the very significative cigar these FTM personalities like to mock us with.

    Jimmy Savile was the closest you could get of a modern version of the Kings fool and his endeavour of entertaining the court and the public was most probably extended for him to continue to serve, even from his grave. The joke is on us, and unfortunately, many pundits in the alternative media heavily promote such apparent non-sense supported by the same team, producers and witnesses that also produce for us events such as school shootings, marathon bombings and terror attacks. Case in point, Prince Charles in 2006 despatched a box of cigars together with a pair of gold cufflinks on on Savile’s birthday (80) with a note that stated

    Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that.

    Sounds like the sex-allegations and famous afterlife of Jimmy So Vile was well planned and orchestrated in advance.

    The late Top of the Pops host preyed on around 500 vulnerable victims as young as two years old at institutions including the BBC’s broadcasting studios, 14 hospitals and 20 children’s hospitals across England.

    The Metropolitan Police in 2012 opened a inquiry called “Operation Yewtree” into the sexual abuse allegations of children against the British media personality Jimmy Savile and others.

    On 19 October 2012 the Metropolitan Police stated that it was pursuing over 400 separate lines of inquiry based on evidence of 200 witnesses via 14 police forces across the UK.
    Commander Spindler said: “We are dealing with alleged abuse on an unprecedented scale.”

    How Jimmy Savile abused up to 1,000 victims on BBC premises

    Jimmy Savile dressed as a Womble to rape a 10-year-old boy and girl (12) in his dressing room after filming 1973 Top of the Pops Christmas special

    Exposure – The Other Side of Jimmy Savile

    Jimmy Savile – David Icke “Says He Was a Paedophile and Necrophiliac Exclusive Documentary”

    Jimmy Savile the 666 Serial Killer – Investigative Report by Thomas Sheridan
    Jimmy Savile as TV host
    •absolutely no brow bones, absolutely no jaw-bone, short female mouth and lips, small ears, short nose, shallow female eyes, short neck and suspected female hairline (traces of widow’s peak)
    Jimmy Savile Face 1

    Jimmy Savile with habitual cigar
    •absolutely no brow bones, absolutely no jaw-bone, short female mouth and lips, shallow female eyes and short neck
    Jimmy Savile Face 2

    Jimmy Savile cheering us with typical gender inverted hand and fingers
    •Jimmy sports his classical Egyptian King Tut hairstyle, female jaw-line and shallow set eyes
    Jimmy Savile hand

    Jimmy Savile preparing to run (running nun?)
    •feminine figure, pose and appearance, wide hips, small shoulders, small arms, small hands and small feet
    Jimmy Savile body 1

    Jimmy Savile in bed drinking tea with raised pinkie and cigar
    •feminine figure, pose and appearance, small shoulders, no neck (hiding lack of Adam’s Apple?), small arms and small hands
    Jimmy Savile body 2

    Jimmy Savile half naked and relaxed
    •feminine pose, no neck, no collar bones, female nipple position, small shoulders (despite manipulated position), wide hips, small ears and shallow eyes
    Jimmy Savile body 3

    Jimmy Savile in sportswear
    •eccentric clothing, female expression, small shoulders, wide hips and suspect pose insinuating breasts or clinching nipples
    Jimmy Savile Body 4

    Jimmy Savile no longer running, but now walking (probably due to age)
    •very feminine pose and expression, short neck, small shoulders, wide hips, small hands and slim legs
    Jimmy Savile body 5

    Jimmy Savile attending castle-party and mingling with nobility
    •very feminine outfit, sporting womanlike bra and Playboy Bunny bow choker
    Jimmy Savile socialite 1

    Sir Jimmy Savile mingling with Prince Charles (as usual)
    •apparent friendly tone with the Prince, no neck, small shoulders and wide hips
    Jimmy Savile socialite 2

    Jimmy Savile with his family in Leeds as a child (red circle low right side)
    •not easy to discern the traits of each face, some of the sisters look manly
    Jimmy Savile with family as a child

    Jimmy Savile with his mother
    •mother has square jawline, long big nose and wide mouth
    Jimmy Savile with his mother

    Jimmy Savile’s older brother, accused of rape as well in the 1970’s
    •absolutely no Adam’s Apple, no jaw bone, female shaped face, female hairline with prominent widow’s peak and female mouth/smile showing short female teeth
    Jimmy Savile older brother Johnny

    Jimmy Savile’s older sister Marjorie, head of the family
    •alledgedly helped cover Jimmy’s criminal tracks – big nose, deep set eyes, male hairline, big ears and male shaped face
    Jimmy Savile older sister Marjorie

    Avatar photorgos

    She was also 1.78m tall, whereas Furnish is 1.73m only.


    hello Rgos

    You have made several meaningful contributions in this thread and in your comments to several posts. It is a bit disappointing you respond without any argumentation repeatedly in this thread.

    I’ve tried to factually discuss the David/Diana story with you in a constructive way and explained in detail why i consider this theory as damaging and making us look ridicule when presenting valuable arguments to establish the unfortunate reality of EGI in most areas of society.

    You have made three responses to my arguments against David Furnish impersonating Diana Spencer who all fail to address any of the arguments i put forth and cast ridicule on my responses.

    Tank you for addressing the issue at hand in a constructive fashion without resorting to merely ridicule. I’d consider any additional post from you with the same type of mocking the subject and my postings as misleading and conscious derailing.

    Avatar photorgos

    UNreal, I really appreciate all the research but I hope you’ll agree that “She was also 1.78m tall, whereas Furnish is 1.73m only” belongs right up there in the same category of arguments as:

    “She cannot be a man because I’ve seen her pregnant”


    “She cannot be a man because she has boobs”


    After all, we are in the realm of theatre.


    Hello Rgos

    Thanks for replying, but you cherrypick one argument amongst many. The two persons must have the same proportions to their bodily members.

    Even from the images i’ve provided, it is so obvious these two bodies are different* in bone-structure. If Diana became David this should be demonstrated in images:
    -same length of arms (under-arm and over-arm)
    -same length of legs and same feet
    -same hands / proportions
    -same shoulder width (we know how putting on muscles help but we can still situate the bone by looking at the muscle attachment)
    -same proportion of bust/legs

    Regarding height there is no chance Diana was measured with high heels, and her size can be verified with imagery as well as she often was on images without shoes or flat soles. David Furnish just is short, clearly seen in your image with Prince Charles amongst others. Everything can be modified on the internet, but the measurements are consistent with imagery. David and Diana have similar facial looks, but not the same body nor proportions in the face.

    Thanks for providing research that demonstrate your points on the precise questions of body anatomy and to make arguments for why/how the bodies do not concur in skeletal proportions.

    *not even taking the face in consideration and D. Furnish shorter/slimmer nose, different over-lip proportion/height ratios (lip to nose-stem), different mouth-width, different overall facial proportions and head shape

    David Diana Beach

    David and Diana - comparison


    I mentioned in the Fakeologist Chat Kathy Griffin being possibly transgender. Here are some images of Griffin over the years. She continues to get plastic surgery as she ages.

    Her school years:

    As an adult:

    Avatar photorgos

    UNreal, most people would have a hard time believing that the man in the middle in the first picture is the same man as the one in the picture below.

    Apart from looking at bone structure (via possibly/probably manipulated/photoshopped pictures on the internet) and other Lombroso-type research, it might be as productive to look at (theatrical) tradition, circumstantial evidence, and, yes, rumours. The fact that (possible/probable) agents on the internet seed these things maybe an indication: after all this time, they want us to know.


    •Stage 3 : FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory

    “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”
    — Friedrich Nietzsche

    It’s hopeless for me to write anything reasonable after quoting Friedrich Nietzsche.

    However, we have to take a ‘man’ by his word.

    I can’ believe you anymore, Miss Nietzsche.

    Nietz Sche – Not Her

    •smallest ears i’ve seen, no brow whatsoever and clearly fake moustache with different hair quality/color from the cranial hair
    Nietzsche fake moustache

    Nietzsche Young
    •small ears, small mouth, wide hips hid by arm, covered hands, covered neck (probably even wear larger shoe-size)
    Nietzsche full profile young

    Nietzsche Young
    •small ears, small mouth, no brow whatsoever (seen over right eye/temple), female head-shape, faked Adams Apple, small shoulders and short nose
    Nietzsche Portrait young

    Nietzsche Adult
    •small ears, small mouth rounded feminine forehead, covered neck because of no Adams Apple
    Nietzsche young adult

    Nietzsche Adult – best image, but still a woman
    •despite much image retouching and styling efforts (glasses to make eyes appear deeper), Nietzsche can not escape female head-shape, front-head, no brow, mini-ears, reworked female hairline (widows peak), no jaw-bone despite retouching efforts, short neck and absence of Adams Apple
    Nietzsche best adult photo - still a woman

    Nietzsche same photo-session as above/initial profile picture
    •small ears, no brow-bone, clearly fake mustache, female head and face-shape, female rounded front-head, no brow-bone at all, mini-ears, reworked female hairline (widows peak) and once again hidden Adams Apple because it’s not there
    Nietzsche fake moustache

    Nietzsche with famous profile and fake mustache
    •female rounded front-head, shallow set eyes despite fake/added eyebrow hair, no brow-bone, no jaw-bone, small ears, reworked hair and hairline, hidden Adams Apple and same old fake mustache trick (quite blatant frankly when you are fore-warned)
    Nietzsche with famous profile and fake moustache

    Nietzsche’s intended wife Lou Andreas Salomé (never married)
    •Lou Andreas show more male features than Nietzsche despite only one profile picture – male sized ears, male brow, deep set eyes, male chin, photo retouched neck (could hide Adams Apple) and male nose
    Lou Andreas Salomé

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    hello Rgos

    I’ve laid out the reasons why Diana is not David Furnish with image-comparisons and objective facts.

    You are the one who claim an impossible fact and need well supported evidence. Your position is based uniquely on one image-superposition with only 50% transparency and loose imagery without any objective substance.

    I’m sorry you insist on holding on to an example debunked by arguments and images in this post. I’ve spent time and effort proving the erroneous basis of such far-fetched theory as Diana being Mr. Furnish. Too bad you don’t rely on your own eyes, compare the bodies and face and simply realize JS has served you bad research to make you loose time and credibility.

    David Icke has maybe 80% right but 20% wrong make him a basket-case. If you follow this thread and think on your own, you need not go there. Unless you want to, which your insistence could be a sign of.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

    Thank you Rgos for no longer posting more on Furnish/Diana as it is debunked until evidence of identical bodies can be provided. Tell JS and Dave J if possible.

    Avatar photorgos

    You are the one who claim an impossible fact and need well supported evidence.

    Unreal, I’m not claiming anything. Just pointing to the fact these things are claimed.

    JS has served you bad research

    This is the same JS that so ludicrously claimed that most celebrities were transgenders, a couple of years back?


    This is the same JS that so ludicrously claimed that most celebrities were transgenders, a couple of years back?

    I don’t swallow what anyone claim only because they were right on something in the past.

    And Rgos, you are well aware that by presenting these videos from JS and repeatedly supporting his David/Diana theory, you do claim something.

    Thank you Rgos for no longer posting supportive comments of Furnish/Diana being the same person until solid evidence of identical bodies is provided by you or anyone else.

    Avatar photorgos

    And Rgos, you are well aware that by presenting these videos from JS and repeatedly supporting his David/Diana theory, you do claim something.

    I’m sorry if I have given that impression.

    Thank you Rgos for no longer posting supportive comments of Furnish/Diana being the same person until solid evidence of identical bodies is be provided by you or anyone else.

    I’ll do my utmost and shall wait until solid evidence materializes.

    [Oh Ab, where is that subdomain…?]


    •Stage 3 : FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory
    Now that i’ve presented two cases of FTM (Female to Male) transitions, i’ll not in this thread present further cases as the information is meant as research, not persecution.

    More than researching popular people in show-business i prefer to focus more on the pervasive nature of Elite Gender Inversion. I’ve presented two cases that I personally am convinced represent MTF (Male to Female) transitions from the filed of alternative research (Jeanice Barcelo and Judy Wood). These cases are classified as “Stage 2 – MTF”.

    More recently i have presented two cases of Female to Male transitions (FTM) from the field of science/philosophy and popular culture (TV/Radio/People). The two cases that I personally am convinced proves the existence of FTM (Female to Male) transitions will serve as my examples of what is classified as “Stage 3 – FTM” in this thread .

    I hope now more to focus on the “why” and the “how” in further research, and wish to avoid traps such as an overly sensationalist* angle can have both on my own reflection and for a more widespread acceptance of what i now take as a fact, EGI. Elite Gender Inversion exists and has been dissimulated in our society for quite a long time. In high places and every other field i believe we will find examples of EGI being present.

    I do however encourage fellow Fakeologist to contribute with their own examples and insights if they take interest in the subject of Elite Gender Inversion (EGI).

    *Youtube channels really represent a sensationalist place and environment where it is hard to separate good from bad and where little historical understanding can be found


    •Stage 1 : Discovery and introduction to the concept

    It is close to inevitable to avoid videos as references in EGI research. I initially discovered the subject of transgenderisation from youtube channels who were investigating media-fakery. At the time, i was repelled from the TG research as i discovered it by chance from pursuing media-hoaxes. A side-effect.

    When i discovered the “tranny” videos that talked of the possibility of hidden/couvert transgendered individuals i was mostly surprised and taken aback. The combined effect of crude language and delivery mixed with the untasty sexual aspect of the topic made me crunch and honestly feel bad, even stupid.

    After spending time to research the possibility of systematised Elite Gender Inversion (EGI) i’ve probably seen more youtube channels than ever before. From the channels that cover the ‘transgender agenda’ there seem to be some commonalities that i did not notice so clearly before. Somehow, it became apparent that Youtube is not only online videos, it is a whole new media to itself.

    Many have probably spent even more time on Youtube and would be able to shed their insights as to the implications of a completely new media such as Youtube and the many hidden aspects it is comprised of. I did a list hereunder of the different aspects i’ve come to consider pertaining to EGI research.
    Transvestigative dangers on Youtube Channels

    list 01

    •alternative researchers internal disputes force you to explore and/or discover “hated” entity’s material as well. great for Youtube hamsterwheeling.
    •conspiracy theorist material is initially based on a truth or a trustworthy source
    •derailing is second phase after trust is gained (completing the half-truth picture)
    •money is important to establish a relationship, we all follow our money
    •money will systematically be asked by EGI/psyop agents (for trust, not for money)
    •our language is influenced to become “hate-speech” (in many ways, it already is)
    •trannies/trannys/tranns could be codewords for misinformation – avoid if possible
    •trans-rights movements will probably have above denominations abolished and illegal
    •TV was heavily financed (also the tv-sets), so is Youtube unbeknownst to us
    •with humor you can either laugh with a host or feel laughed at (divisive tactics)
    •words and denominations are important, we better use our own words as Ab emphasize
    •Youtube channels work as a hamsterwheel, and the youtube technology as well
    •Youtube hosts enhance the hamsterwheel effect by creating internal stride
    •Youtube is tv for the next hundred years and financed accordingly
    •Youtuber’s are mostly linked between each other, but never say why. You know why.
    •Youtuber’s use half-truths to establish trustworthiness
    •Youtuber’s use humour to deflect general interest as empathic people feel ill by such behaviour

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