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    I have no personal acquaintances, either Egi or tg but in my time I have seen many MTF freaks. Without exception, every one of them had something that gave them away.

    Lack of a team of good make-up artists, hormone treatment, and expensive plastic surgery maybe?

    Let alone the magic of the silver screen.

    All available to Hollywood starlets.


    Latest show has a good discussion on the harm of featuring this anti-human agenda to minors.

    Start at 1:33:33!


    For a direct download link to the latest No Agenda Show:


    Here’s the youtube link of what Adam was talking about:


    Regarding “No Agenda” show i’m very skeptical to celebrities that pose as “alternative” truth-seekers such as Adam Curry who himself most probably would be “in the club” as he’s both a tv and radio star, media-ownner and multimillionaire.

    In Holland Adam Curry even had his own tv-show entitled ‘Adam’s Family’ that aired for one season on SBS6 in 2003. This was a “real time” tv-show much like the Keeping Up with the Kardashians (KUWTK) or The Osbournes where Adam Curry & Patricia Paay’s daughter Christina also starred.

    EGI or not, Curry might have real insider knowledge on this anti-human agenda to minors as the ex-MTV VJ’s “top-model” daughter Christina very much appear to be a product out of the contemporary culture creation cookbook and look quite manly with many signs of MTF transgenderisation… if verified, Christina Curry must have been “inverted” by her parents since childhood…

    Adam Curry with Cigar
    Adam Curry with his “in the club” cigar

    Christina Curry
    Christina Curry arriving at her mothers “La Paay” book presentation in 2013

    Christina Curry
    Christina Curry as a model – large shoulders and visible collar-bones

    Christina Curry for ID magazine
    Christina Curry for i-D Magazine – wrong digit ratio


    Yes, his daughter is quite the prime example of androgyny. Adam himself says he’s bi curious. I’m really not sure if he supports the movement or disdains it. Either way, he brings a European perspective to the show that keeps me listening. What did you think of the clip?


    Camille Paglia has an impressive word-output, quite reminds me of early Woody Allen,,

    There are a lot of points that is brought up in this video from feminism, nuclear family, sex-reassignment surgery, cultural collapse to the author defining herself as transgender (if i understood that part right).

    I probably should watch a larger portion of this interview to understand better what Puglia’s message and information. Puglia make very good points on the nuclear family and how the family as a multi generation unit is more efficient and humane. Regarding transgenderism she outline there is a lot of propaganda and that sex-reassignment surgery is successful in changing anyones gender on a holistic level. I’m more confused about her considering herself “trans” and theorizing many expressions of gender and “gray areas”.

    Are there more references to Puglia’s material, and how do you understand her message ?


    Hi Unreal and Ab,

    I see this is as a classic bait and switch method. Camille Paglia being an ardent feminist herself and a long-time advocate of in normalizing homosexuality etc., is now being used to as an alternative conservative propagandist against the same movement she helped to foster. Between the lines she is still dropping the hints she agrees with the general outline, with phrases such as she was born transgender herself. It’s just that, she doesn’t agree in the way it is now manifesting in pop culture. Dropping some conservative stuff in there so Glenn Beck can spout the same propaganda to his audience. The right wing can now say we have a leftist defending us. In the same way Christina Hoff Sommers(part of the American Enterprise Institute and in my opinion a blatant EGI example) is embraced by the truth-seekers as a person that’s against feminism and the established order. Nonetheless, Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Sommers are both feminist and say feminism has been overall a good thing. They use a couple of words like ‘the extended family’ and ‘war on boys’ to get the right-wing/truth-seeker/conservative populace to feel emotionally connected to these people, they are on our side. The same trick is used with Milo Yiannopoulos who is a homosexual, very effeminate, and probable EGI entity, that is extremely right wing and fights for conservative values.

    They do this trick all the time. It’s moving the goalpost. Camille Paglia already argues from a point, we shouldn’t have come to in the first place. While listening to her and thinking wow she really makes points I agree with, she is putting you in a box. They give you the parameters regarding what to think about. Camille Paglia, knowing her history, the publications she works for like Salon magazine, she is fully aware of this. They don’t tell us the truth, because they like us and value that we are informed. People like Adam Curry are there for another reason and I think we should start figuring out what all this truth telling is a front for.

    Christina Curry is just too obvious and makes Adam Curry very suspect. Deep set eyes and incredibly masculine. The way she is progressing, she will not age very well. She also is heavily on the young people get tattoo agenda. She is a lesbian too.

     Elle Bandita
    Ex-girlfriend Elle Bandita, perhaps it is a club?

    Lisa Bokman
    Another ex-girlfriend Lisa Bokman.

    Christina Curry
    Adam Curry
    Who has the girly look?


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    I don’t know what a “transgender being” is nor do I care. I find her critique of our self-indulgent lifestyle refreshing though.

    Agree, Camille Paglia has some interesting points of view for sure.

    However, Paglia also seem to be tailored as controlled opposition for the feminist movement she indirectly promotes. The feminist mouvement itself has most certainly been put in place by the elites, so who should we expect to run the opposition ? Paglia is also very politically active and her wikipedia page ( here ) is quite informative as to her importance on the feminist and lesbian culture. Politically Puglia prouds herself to stand against laws on prostitution, pornography, drugs, and abortion. Cognitive dissonance seems to be Paglia’s main occupation as it doesn’t make much sense to hail the extended family all while watching pornography and aborting children.

    So, what are the chances that Paglia is a disinformation agent with appealing discourse but with a blind alley destination ? It begins to get uncanny that most “personalities” that lead any kind of movement have so many opposite gender traits. Regarding Paglia we might forget to suspect her personally as she’s an outward lesbian and identified feminist, regardless of her “struggle” against other feminists like Gloria Steinem.

    It takes one to know one

    Looking closer at Camille Puglia, and taking her by her own words and description as a “transgender being”, i strongly suggest she’s a MTF EGI individual herself. Combined with the prominent role Paglia play within feminism and soon gender identification*, it is also symptomatic that Elite Gender Inverted individuals are indeed leading the debate in all things gender such as sexology, human reproduction, feminism, homosexuality and transgenderism.

    Camille Paglia young
    Camille Paglia as a young activist

    Camille Paglia interview
    Camille Puglia interview screenshot
    •bad digit ratio and probable scar from Trachea shave

    Camille Paglia PR shot
    Camille Puglia PR image
    •skewed angle to make shoulders appear smaller, hair look male and hints at scarring on throat despite heavily retouched image

    Camille Paglia
    Camille Puglia – PR image from media feud with Taylor Swift

    Camille Paglia 1999
    Camille Puglia – University of the Arts commencement ceremonies 1999 (Philadelphia)

    Camille Paglia 2016
    Camille Puglia – 2016 interview with Tyler at George Mason University

    Gloria Steinem hands
    Gloria Steinem – famous radical feminist
    •bad digit ratio both hands – pyramid sign for male – not probable she/he could could speak of abortion with personal experience (mis-information on her/his part)

    Gloria Steinem throat inconsistency
    Gloria Steinem
    •visible scaring on throat – likely Trachea shave – overall wide square manly face

    Gloria Steinem inside fashion
    Gloria Steinem posing for Inside Fashion Magazine

    Margaret Mead young
    Margaret Mead feminist political activist (young)
    •100% male facial features – very broad brow-ridge

    Margaret Mead 1972
    Margaret Mead older (1972)

    Susan Sontag thinking man pose
    Susan Sontag prominent bisexual women’s rights activist
    •typical ‘thinking man pose’ – prominent brow, deep set wide eyes and wide masculine mouth

    Susan Sontag PR image
    Susan Sontag PR image
    •Short index-finger despite pose that partly dissimulate her left hand finger ratio – pose made with shoulders pulled toward neck to shorten neck and narrow shoulders – heavy exposure to soften features

    *Paglia’s next book (2017) is entitled ‘Free Women, Free Men: Sex, Gender, and Feminism’


    •Stage 3 : Well proven FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory

    H/T Vercite

    There are a lot of videos on the thransgender theme on Youtube, and some of the videos do go into detail on famous cases where FTM transition can be suspected. With HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) FTM entities are more difficult to visually connect with Gender inversion. As these videos all show, we have to assume that FTM entities will have beards, go bold and have masculine type voices, all while not developing significant female attributes such as breasts, soft skin and higher percentage of body fat.

    MrE3000 – Bradley Cooper is a woman (14:13 mm:ss)
    •some religious overtone, strong connections made between TG individuals

    Junglesurfer – Rolling Stones are women (13:26 mm:ss)
    •With age, all members of the group do look FTM – good case and important video

    Junglesurfer – Terence Trans Darby is now Maitreya (07:51 mm:ss)
    •D’Arby now named Sananda Maitreya

    hristos mandylor – Terence Trans D’Arby (10:44 mm:ss)
    •feature original tv-footage that is very revealing when alerted to EGI


    •Stage 3 : Well proven FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory

    When you think about it, attention deficit disorder makes a lot of sense. In this country there isn’t a lot worth paying attention to.*

    The EGI FTM individuals are the least visually striking examples of transgenderism. To evaluate Female to Male occurrences it is necessary to be familiar with the differences between males and females. There are emotional, mental, and physical differences in natural born men and women, but when it comes to transgendered individuals (often from childhood) we can most commonly only evaluate the physical aspects.

    When gender inversion is made in childhood and kept unannounced, we must realise that this require the family structure to accept and practice such couvert transgenderisation. Individuals that are raised in such an environment will be trained and coached by their parents and mentors to lead successful lives portraying the opposite gender.

    Elite Gender Inversion (EGI) is practiced from childhood in a an environment that have traditions of the practice and who’s members are fully aware of how to go about hiding the true gender-identity of the children that are inverted. Whether all or only parts of Elite families that practice EGI are inverted individuals or not, parents and brethren all are in accord regarding the transgenderisation practiced.

    Members of the EGI are not interested in the public investigating their occult practices nor that we expose inverted individuals that are not supposed to be be unmasked. A much venerated legend like George Carlin is an example that would not be intended to be ‘outed’ as an inverted member of the elite. His credibility would suffer. In fact, even to question the authenticity of Carlin’s message is damaging to his role as a counter-culture icon.

    When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front-row seat.*

    George Carlin has left his wife and daughter with enough editorial material to exploit as to ensure their stardom as well from beyond his grave. The Carlins are now an Elite family “in the club” that ‘Geo’ Carlin so vehemently denounced in his popular HBO specials (14 stand-up comedy specials for HBO between 1977 and 2008 commercial free).

    Are the Carlin family practicing gender inversion ? If they are, they do not want us to know. As they are privileged enough to be in the Elite they therefore have the time, money and motivation to do what it takes to make it look “natural”. This means that if the Carlins were inverted, they would have done Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and plastic surgery. Their physical appereance, voices and acting would match their respective gender.

    When suggesting that George Carlin is a Elite gender inverted individual, this also means that he has undergone HRT, plastic surgery and would be skilled in acting the opposite gender (no surprise, he’s a professional performer, actor and comedian). These are important facts to consider when evaluating any member of the Elite for EGI, but critics often choose to ignore these facts. Many skeptics will not even be able to study the Carlin family carefully before dismissing the very idea of EGI and that such inversion could be possible. For these type of skeptics it is common that they use logical fallacies* to avoid intelligent debate on the factual evidence and arguments, or even point to Brazilian transexual prostitutes as the only valid examples that exist of transgenderism in our society.

    I knew a transsexual guy whose only ambition is to eat, drink, and be Mary.*

    When studying George Carlin, the main physical traits that make him a suspect of a FTM inversion is his female headshape, complete lack of browbone and his short arms and female, slim hands (with wrong digit ratio). As Carlin is seen as a boy in photos he must be inverted from childhood and thus have followed habitual protocols regarding his physical appearence – nose job, Adams Apple insertion, jawline optimisation, chin enlargement and HRT. On Carlin, the hormone therapy must be believed to have had major physical effects as his facial hair growth became quite important in his thirties as well as his weight seem to have been affected as became very slim, loosing much fat tissue. As Carlin is suspected of EGI we must consider his family environment as well that would also have to be EGI compatible or even EGI themselves. Carlin has only one daughter (Kelly) with deceased wife Brenda Hosbrook (1997 – liver cancer). Brenda Carlin had all the signs of an inverted individual as has their daughter Kelly today. Carlin’s second wife, Sally Wade, also have visible signs of EGI (awareness at the least, and could be FTM).

    Carlin as a EGI suspect individual should necessarily be evaluated together with his close family and the environment he really was part of, which is the upper class NY show-business milieu. If Carlin indeed is a Female to Male transgendered individual he would not stand out in the “club” he really is part of. It is rather the contrary, the elite in which Carlin now belong is full of EGI occurrences. George Carling would be more of an exception amongst top actors and comedians if he’s not EGI. Based on the factual evidence however, i’m quite sure no naturally born man can have such little brow-bone, short arms, wrong fingers and a transexual wife or two.

    Just when I discovered the meaning of life, they changed it.*

    George Carlin as a boy
    George Carlin as a boy in NY – already seem to rehearse for public appearances
    •short arms, narrow shoulders and female neck could motivate for this pose where pants are worn high (belt attached at suspected female waistline) and arms are in movement towards the camera

    George Carlin in the Army
    George Carlin in the Army – very pretty face with female traits at this age
    •straight slim nose, female pointed chin and shallow female eyes – handkerchief in neck that partially hide lack of Adams apple

    George Carlin in the Air force
    George Carlin in the Air force – more mature
    •no sign of Adams apple, pointed chin and no jaw

    George Carlin as older short arms.jpg
    George Carlin as older
    •body show signs of female bone-structure – very short arms, narrow shoulders and wide hips (hip/shoulder ratio clearly female)

    George Carlin on stage as older
    George Carlin on stage as older
    •No jaw-bone, female rounded forehead, very short female arms and small hands

    George Carlin PR image
    George Carlin PR image
    •Carlin seemingly is conscious about short arms, small hands and troublesome neck – hands in very high sitting pockets and lowered jaw that hide neck

    George Carlin PR image 2
    George Carlin PR image (2)
    •Carlin again disguise short arms, small hands and troublesome neck – the perspective of the pose exaggerate arm and hand sizes, lowered chin and sweater hide neck

    George Carlin PR image 3
    George Carlin PR image (3)
    •Carlin again counteract appearance of short arms, small hands and troublesome neck – the pose again exaggerate arm and hand sizes (long index), hands also hide neck

    George Carlin as a young comedian
    George Carlin as a young comedian
    •Carlin uncommonly expose neck and image is retouched with exaggerated shadows under chin – very female face-shape and pointed chin along with small fist around mic

    George Carlin as a young comedian 2
    George Carlin as a young comedian (2)
    •Carlin hide neck with microphone (used on many occurrences) and tucked in chin – pose make chin look more masculine despite it is pointed and same small hand

    George Carlin as a young comedian poster picture
    George Carlin as a young comedian (poster)
    •Carlin again with covered neck – very female face-shape and pointed chin and no jaw-structure, no brow-bone and no visible male frontal sinus development

    George Carlin at Comedy Festival Las Vegas 2005
    George Carlin at Comedy Festival Las Vegas 2005
    •Carlin as older where neck is less troublesome – very female overall rounded face and forehead much like older women – no brow-bone, no jaw-structure and no cheekbone

    George Carlin in 1982 Playboy interview
    George Carlin in 1982 Playboy interview
    •Carlin sport newly repaired nose after car accident at 3:30 AM july 1981 (no one hurt except Carlin) – pose once again made to hide Carlin’s neck and hands up against camera to appear more male (small hands and short arms benefit from such a pose)

    George Carlin as a middle aged comedian
    George Carlin as a middle aged comedian
    •Carlin still seem bothered by his neck and Adams apple – new disguisement technique with beard – narrow shoulders, small chest and short arms despite cropped image

    George Carlin with his young daughter and wife Brenda
    George Carlin with his young daughter and wife Brenda
    •we already have seen how Carlin early in his career had no significant Adams apple so it seems evident that his (son me thinks) daughter Kelly’s hand is used to disguise Carlin’s neck – not a casual photo as it appears and Brenda look tense as if not used to PR work

    Carlin family with George, Brenda and young Kelly
    Carlin family with George, Brenda and young Kelly
    •Brenda show her long neck (and even signs of male thyroid cartilage) and large shoulders all while Kelly look very boyish and Carlin clearly is hiding his neck because of lacking Adams apple

    Brenda Hosbrook Carlin
    Brenda Hosbrook Carlin – one of very few portraits of Carlin’s 1st wife
    •Male face shape with square jaw, deep set eyes, big teeth, wide smile, wide shoulders and long neck

    Sally Wade Carlin
    Sally Wade Carlin – Carlin’s 2nd wife
    •Sally became Carlins wife only a year after Brenda’s death from liver cancer mai 11th 1997 – Sally has deep set male eyes and broad mouth – George once again cover his neck with his low chin pose and dark sweater

    Sally Wade Carlin 2
    Sally Wade Carlin – image from the opening of George Carlin Way (Carlito’s Way ?)
    •Visible brow-bone structure, male neck with traces of trachea shave, big male cheek-bones, sizeable ears an deep set eyes. Probably has had jaw-contouring and rhinoplasty (nose reduction and nose shortening) but clear case of EGI FTM

    Sally Wade Carlin - Mark Twain Prize 2008
    Sally Wade Carlin – Mark Twain Prize 2008
    •Sally has very slender figure and the arm-length and hands of a man (exact opposite of George as expected for EGI reverted couples)

    Kelly Marie Carlin - born June 1963
    Kelly Marie Carlin – born June 1963
    •Overall manly look – as suspected from childhood imagery – wide shoulders male hairline and pose to shorten and hide neck

    Kelly Carlin - In the Club
    Kelly Carlin – In the Club her father left her in – LA 2015
    •Comedian Carrie Snow, Kelly Carlin and author James Tripp at book signing for ‘A Carlin Home Companion’ – the peeling banana joke seem to be popular and the three friends seem all into the underlying meaning

    Daughters of Comedy Godfathers: Kelly Carlin, Rain Pryor, & Kitty Bruce
    (The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, 1:02:50 h:mm:ss)

    Sally Wade Carlin interviewed on her book – George Carlin’s Private Letters
    (Simon & Schuster Books, 05:14 mm:ss)

    George Carlin’s Views on Politics, Counter Culture Comedy – Kelly Carlin Interview
    (The Rubin Report, 06:55 mm:ss)
    *Quotes from George Carlin ( & brainyquote )
    *fallacies like appeal to ridicule, shifting the burden of proof, hasty generalizations or failure to state (example from this very thread in Vespadouglas refusal to state a name)


    Hi unreal.
    Excuse me but I refused to state what exactly? You asked if I could name anyone whom I would consider to be closet Egi

    As I said, no i cannot.



    hello Vespadouglas

    This thread is made for discussion on Elite Gender Inversion as you are well aware. Your contribution on the subject so far has been dismissive arguments against what is presented here all while not contributing with your own position or any EGI related research.

    As you apparently follow the development and research in the thread, you might reconsider your current stance down the road and hopefully at some point start to contribute to EGI research. As it is, you have neither provided research nor made your own position clear with any verifiable exemple. You seem to disagree with the very concept of EGI and even dispute the occurrence(s) of any Elite member being part of couvert transgenderisation.

    EGI is evidently a concept you do not adhere to which is fine. It is however not constructive that you continue to demand answers if you do not contribute to or support EGI research in itself as it is the theme in the this forum thread.

    Failure to State

    The goal is to side-step a direct question on a certain issue by redirecting the discussion to something else through numerous questions or attacks. If one confuses the debate with enough counter questions or irrelevant attacks on the questioner, then one might never have to state his position on an issue. This is a common strategy when a person either does not have a viable opinion or has a position that he does not wish to share in a public forum. This is related to red herring arguments.


    •Stage 1 : Discovery and introduction to the concept

    To even have the mindset to follow the EGI topic and postings is sort of an achievement in itself as there is so much propaganda in general and even more on this specific topic of transgenderisation.

    Analysing every lead on who are suspect of EGI or to be transgender can be confusing, misleading and time-consuming for anyone new to the subject. To help new researchers to gain ground at a faster pace, it might be useful to have some solid clues as to where to look for investigating the most obvious cases of EGI.

    The “Top 10” list is open for improvement, and will hopefully evolve over time. Investigating any or all of the listed individuals should provide a good starting point for everyone who wants to contribute to further EGI research and understanding*.
    EGI Top 10 List
    1 Anjelica Huston — actress, director, fashion model
    2 Steven Tyler — singer, songwriter, television music competition judge
    3 Samantha Power — academic, author, diplomat, US Ambassador to the UN
    4 Ann Coulter — political and social commentator, writer, columnist, lawyer
    5 Christine Lagarde — politician, lawyer, MD of IMF
    6 Patty Smith — singer, songwriter, poet, visual artist
    7 Gisele Bündchen — model, actress
    8 Russell Brand — actor, radio host, author, activist
    9 Melania Trump — model, future 1st lady (?)
    10 Gabriela Sabatini — tennis player

    version 1.01
    *if you can’t find anyone in the list that qualify as a case of EGI after diligent research, this forum thread and research obviously isn’t meant for you…


    •Stage 3 : Well proven FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory

    FTM transition can be hard to visualize with HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) that make Elite inverted female individuals grow beards, go bold, have masculine type voices and not developing habitual female attributes such as breasts, soft skin and higher percentage of body fat.

    This video from ‘Mushroom Gods’ Youtube channel do a good job to show the feminine traits that inhabit Elite FTM transitioned individuals if we accept to look for nuanced traces of gender specific behavior, gestures and character.

    RIVER PHOENIX – That Dude is like a lady
    Mushroom Gods Youtube Channel – 02:12 mm:ss

    For those interested in viewing videos pertaining to EGI research organized according to the stages proposed in this thread, i will update a youtube page with such material in addition to posting videos here in the forum.
    •EGI related videos (UNreal Youtube channel)


    •Stage 3 : Well proven FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory

    Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.*

    Hollywood is an commonplace target for sensationalism. By the scale of the lie, EGI indeed come close to being unimaginable and thus to merely exist in films and fiction – or by proxy – it’s stars.

    When considering that culture is created by the Elite, we surely would find exemples of EGI in most fields – only no-one is looking. Youtube stop at the surface of time, theory and implication. Maybe because they do not really want to see. Or maybe they don’t want the concept of Elite Gender Inversion to be systematic or even real.

    If EGI is indeed practiced by the Elite, our cultural icons would be all in the club and certainly in the know – if not themselves secretly gender inverted.

    Pablo Picasso - portrait

    Pablo Ruiz y Picasso ( 1881-1973 ) was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet and playwright regarded as one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century. Picasso is most know as the co-founder the Cubist movement but explored and created a wide variety of styles during his lifetime. His life and work is largely covered on a planetary basis. Pablo Picasso’s manliness has prominently figured in the public eye as he painted and sculpted his conquests, lived with his muses and mistresses, married several times and fathered several children with various partners.

    The least visually striking examples of gender inversion are EGI Female To Male inverted individuals, and to assert their (natural) gender can be more difficult than for their counterparts, the Male to Female individuals. However, we must take note of the inter-generational aspect of inverted family units to better judge how opposite gender traits are present, and to which degree. FTM males who lives in couple with children must be considered to share roof with a compatible MTF female partner. Accordingly, we can establish with better exactitude the gender inversion (or not) by the company Elite men and women keep.

    In stead of looking at Picasso himself, let us look at the company he kept – the women of his life have been much publicised and illustrated by both the press and the artist himself. We can have a hard time to be certain about one single Female to Male (FTM) inversion, but we would surely not be fooled by a whole group of inverted Elite boys impersonating women as adults ?

    01 Fernande Oliver
    1905/1912 – Fernande Olivier (1881-1966)
    Picasso’s first long term relation – (s)he was married but stayed with Picasso for 7 years

    02 Marcelle Humbert known as Eva Gouel
    1912/1915 – Marcelle Humbert, known as Eva Gouel (1885-1915)
    Picasso was devastated by her early death due to tuberculosis or cancer in 1915.

    03 Gabrielle Depeyre
    1915/1916 – Gabrielle Depeyre also known as Gaby Lespinasse
    The affair with Gaby Lespinasse was kept secret from Picasso’s close friends because of Picasso’s current fiance (Goeul) being seriously ill

    04 Olga Khokhlova
    1917/1927 – Olga Khokhlova (1891-1955) – first wife, married in Paris 1918
    The couple saw their son Paulo (Paul) born in 1921 (and died in 1975), and later had three grand-children – Pablito (1949-1973), Marina (born in 1951), and Bernard (1959)
    04 Olga Khokhlova ballerina
    Olga Khokhlova was a ballerina in the troup ‘Ballets Russes of Sergei Diaghilev’ (Paris)

    05 Marie-Therese Walter
    1927/1936 – Marie-Thérèse Walter (1909-1977)
    Mother of Picasso’s second child, Maya (Maria de la Concepcion) on October 5, 1935

    06 Dora Maar
    1936/1944 – Dora Maar (1907 -1997)
    met as a photographer who documented Picasso’s 1937 painting of Guernica, the
    started relation a year after Picasso’s daughter Maya was born.

    07 Francoise Gilot
    1943/1953 – Françoise Gilot (born in 1921)
    Had two children with the famous painter – Claude (1947) and Paloma (1949) – Gilot later married American physician-researcher Jonas Salk

    08 Genevieve Laporte
    1951/1953 – Genevieve Laporte (born in 1927)
    interviewed Picasso for a school newspaper as 17 in 1944. Years later in May,1951 Picasso began an affair with the then-24 year old.

    09 Jacqueline Roque
    1953/1973 – Jacqueline Roque (1926 -1986) – second wife, married in 1961
    met at Madoura Pottery where Picasso created his ceramics. Picasso was 79 when he married his second wife. Picasso created more works of art based on Jacqueline than any of his other loves (over 70 portraits of her in one year). Jacqueline committed suicide in 1986 (gunshot).
    09 Jacqueline Roque 2
    When Picasso died on April 8, 1973, Jacqueline, who had been with Picasso for 20 years, prevented Picasso’s children Claude and Paloma from attending his funeral.

    Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.*

    There could be such a thing as coincidence, but can it really be Pablo is just a genius painter with androgyne taste and no luck with women ? Or isn’t it more likely we can detect a pattern between cultural icons and their insistence on choosing very man-like women all while not displaying much masculine traits themselves ? I’m no longer surprised when i look back in time to find such an amount of quite obvious exemples of transgendered individuals – the Elite didn’t have modern techniques for transformation back then, and the public no computers.

    Picasso portrait Vallauris 1955
    Picasso – portrait from Vallauris 1955 by André Villers
    •typical posture for a FTM individual – raised shoulders to enlarge chest and shoulder-width – lowered chin to hide typical Adams apple trouble and short neck – trousers set on female waist-indent point to avoid hourglass curve – nude torso to show unquestionable male HRT body hair (all FTM seem to love their beard, baldness and body hair)

    Pablo Picasso 70 years old with Gilot in Vallauris
    Pablo Picasso 70 years old celebrating in Vallauris with Francoise Gilot
    •typical inverted couple skull shapes – Picasso has the rounded head of a woman – Gilot has the typical male forehead and skull – notice the woman has the bigger hands and longer arms

    Picasso Bull Vallauris 1949
    Picasso with Bull’s head in Vallauris 1949
    •The joke is on us – the lifetime artist is no other than the master himself – Picasso

    *quotes by Pablo Picasso


    •Stage 3 : Well proven FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory

    Visualisation helps to better come to terms with how Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and combined with physical training and fitness take effect in a female subject even at an advanced age. The hormones accentuates the effect of training and is of course considered “doping” in sport – not so in the trans-agenda. Several internet personalities and budding Youtube stars are promoting the TG program through the publication of their transformation process from being born female to changing their gender attributes as adults.

    The case of suspect FTM inverted elite members is difficult, and no doubt that many will be unable to see the very feminine qualities there would be to cultural icons such as George Carlin, Pablo Picasso, Jimmy Savile or Albert Einstein. Typical male only attributes such as beard and boldness are very powerful visually and makes it difficult to envision any gender alterations can have taken place – thus making researchers unable to perform further analysis of anatomical traits and circumstantial evidence.

    The figured video is quite basic, but i find the facial traits of rapper Rocco Catastrophe to be very telling about the type of features we can recognize in Pablo Picasso, especially regarding the eyes and forehead – typically feminine in both cases.

    Regarding most secretly inverted female elite members (FTM), they mostly have their noses widened and even “butchered” almost into “potato shapes” when we look back in time. Nose surgeries (Rhinoplasty and Alarplasty) have been practices as far back as ancient Greece, so this type of intervention constitute the basic disguise for older generations of EGI FTM entities which Picasso, Carlin and Saville probably are part of.

    10 Guys Who Were Born Female – TheTalko – 03:59 mm:ss
    •Video also featured in EGI youtube playlist (UNreal Youtube channel)

    H/T Vercite


    Judging from the lyrics of Candle in the Wind, and if our eyes don’t deceive us, these two are probably packing as well.

    Cabaret, cabaret. Eyes didn’t deceive.


    •Stage 4 : Suspect cases (MTF & FTM) and advanced research and theory

    If you’re not some things that are crazy, then you’re doing the wrong things
    – Larry Page

    Larry page and Sergei Brin do seem to take their words to the letter – being transgendered sure make them somewhat crazy – but i’m quite sure it’s not the right thing to do regardless of Larry’s endorsement.

    If anyone stop and think about the impact internet web-searches and online video has had in our lives it would be hard to understate the importance of an organisation such as Google. Of course Google is even more, so i might under-appreciate the importance of the position Larry Page and Sergei Brin has had in the last two decades. It would be safe to say that if the Elite indeed control the media (and the “new” media) it would be surprising if Google was not under EGI control. Well, no surprise – it is.

    As shown in previous analysis of suspect FTM entities, we need to look at their entire eco-system combining friends, family and offspring. Without having done a complete check on either Larry nor Sergei it is already striking how both individuals wounded up with such male looking wives… Uncanny but convincing proof to my minds eye when we consider the position they are in and what importance they have in contemporary culture.

    Larry what ? Page as in internet-Page ? It can not be more scripted than such naming with explicit meaning for all to see and none to notice. Is the bullshit too clearly spelled out here ? Maybe, at least to me. Brin… Hmm. As Brin seem like an inverted Elite member as well, it could be that even Sergei’s name has a twist to it. Either way, both individuals present clear signs of FTM inversion of gender and are married to individuals that are likewise suspect of inversion. That makes the algorithm for a successful EGI search quite plausible regarding the two young, short-grown geniuses.

    We believed we could build a better search. We had a simple idea that not all pages are created equal. Some are more important.
    – Sergei Brin

    brin is nird mirrored
    Brin could be a pre-planned inverted nird …

    Sergei Brin and wife Anne Wojcicki on stage
    Sergei Brin & wife Anne Wojcicki presenting their propram
    •square wide shoulders and sloping, more narrow shoulders – only they belong to the opposite gender – clearly a gender inverted couple

    Sergei Brin wife Anne Wojcicki VR
    Sergei Brin & wife Anne Wojcicki with VR glasses
    •shoulders once again give this couple away despite very successful brow-shave on Anne – Wojcicki still have noticeable square jawline and typical re-sculpted V-chin on – despite much plastic and green paper efforts Sergei’s wife still come across as too masculine to be genuine

    Sergei Brin and wife Anne Wojcicki
    Sergei Brin & wife Anne Wojcicki
    •the biggest face isn’t Brin despite his ‘grin’ – closer eyes on Brin than on Wojcicki who sport square shoulders and trans-like ‘allure’

    Sergei Brin and Anne-Wojcicki together with Genetech CEO and wife
    Sergei Brin & wife Anne Wojcicki with Genentech Inc Dr. chief medical officer Hal Barron and wife
    •not looking good here – the big faces and noses are in the middle of the image where the supposed “ladies” were supposed to be – the small feminine facial features on each side

    Larry Page and blonde wife Lucinda Southworth
    Larry Page & wife Lucinda Southworth
    •Lucinda with broader shoulders than Larry despite shoulder pads – Larry with very short teeth and V shaped face and no jawline – Lucinda sport wide mouth and smiles with her big teeth and big eyes – notice how far above the eyes we find Larry’s eyebrows

    Larry Page and wife Lucinda Southworth at reception
    Larry Page & wife Lucinda Southworth
    •nice large shoulders on Lucinda and also apparent long arms, big neck and teeth – Larry sport very short teeth as is normal in femen

    Larry Page and wife Lucinda Southworth
    Larry Page & wife Lucinda Southworth
    •same shoulder proble on this Page – both have far apart eyes – Lucinda has the bigger face features neck, mouth and nose – noticeable length difference in Larry and Lucinda’s necks, illustrative of inverted gender

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