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    •Stage 4 : Suspect cases (MTF & FTM) and advanced research and theory

    The medical field is heavily implicated in the gender dysphoria we are witnessing today and most probably even in earlier times in the case of Elite Gender Inversion. Researching the medical field it very soon become apparent that there is a lot of propaganda and false information produced as can be verified with vaccination, cancer research and illnesses like AIDS.

    There is also a strong link between celebrities and the medical field as they seem to often collude in favour of mis-information and indirectly promote each-other. In another thread on the forum it can be shown how famous individuals might be suspect of merely acting ill in favour of specific illnesses or health campaigns ( MCP – Medical Celebrity Program ).

    If we think of how the Elite might want to dissimulate their natural gender, we must naturally think of what techniques they use in order to convince the public of their contrived gender specificity. In earlier posts and referenced videos it is well explained how plastic surgery, hormones, make-up and clothes are obvious areas that are used to the purpose of concealing and successfully impersonating the opposite sex. However, the Elite seem very attached to their EGI trade-secrets, and with the close connection that exist between the medical field and public figures, it would be convenient to include medical conditions as an additional method to affirm or re-affirm anyones gender. Who could suspect Sheryl Crow to be a man if she’s had breast-cancer ? Who would think Lance Armstrong possibly was born a female if he had testicular cancer ?

    Gender specific illnesses are not that plentiful but we hear a lot about them in MSM (Main Stream Media) nevertheless. There are many illustrious examples that act as social conditioning of the publics mind in a very effective way. Just as sexual crimes constitute another trick for social gender affirmation, illness also can play an important role and also provides additional income streams for the mighty-full medical industry.This would constitute a clear win-win scenario, and even more so if the medical industry is largely owned and administered by EGI individuals and families.
    Female gender typical diseases
    (possible MTF disguise)

    • Rett Syndrome ( postnatal neurological disorder of the brain  )
    • Breast cancer (  cancer that develops from breast tissue )
    • Cervical Cancer ( cancer of the neck of the womb )
    • Ovarian Cancer ( cancer that forms in an ovary )
    • Peritoneal Cancer ( close relative of ovarian cancer )
    • Gestational Trophoblastic Disease GTD ( multiple tumor growth inside of uterus )
    • Uterine/Endometrial Cancer ( cancer that emerges from the tissue of the uterus )
    • Endometriosis ( tissue growth outside of uterus )
    • Vaginal Cancer ( cancer that forms in the tissues of the vagina )
    • Vulvar Cancer ( invasive growth in the outer portion of female genitals )
    Male gender typical diseases
    (possible FTM disguise)

    • Prostate cancer or Carcinoma ( development of cancer in the prostate )
    • Testicular cancer ( cancer that develops in the testicles )
    • Hemophilia ( inability to make blood clots to stop bleeding )
    • Baldness or Alopecia ( loss of hair from part of the head or body )
    • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy ( severe muscular dystrophy and muscle weakness )
    • Red-Green Color Blindness ( inherited inability to see red and green color hues )
    • Aids ( infection with HIV virus, typically identified with homosexual or bi-sexual men )
    All the above mentioned medical conditions can be part of the social conditioning around Elite members – and especially effective if doubts arise on the account of gender or absence would be needed from the public eye for various reasons. It can be possible some illnesses would permit extensive plastic surgeries with long recovery periods or even allow for long lasting body transformations such as pregnancies.

    Susan Sarandon Endometriosis
    Susan Sarandon – diagnosed with Endometriosis at age 40
    •Susan has a clear incision scar from Adams apple removal – wide shoulders, apparent clavicle bones and square manly face with wide set eyes – important breasts has mostly kept her safe from suspicion despite verifiable cases of inversion regardless of natural ‘bustyness’ i.e. Marilyn Monroe

    Susan Sarandon Speaks about her struggle with Endometriosis – 09:36 mm:ss

    richard benedict

    @UNreal, thank you for taking the time to explore this intriguing subject. I have only just begun to study your material; nevertheless, I am already understanding what you are driving.

    When I studied celebrity replacement, one phenomenon I encountered frequently was an unexpected, visceral reaction to a photograph or video that told me I am not looking at the same person. One example that stands out vividly is the first day of the George Zimmerman trial in court. That person was not the same person I’d seen previously.

    The above picture of Susan Sarandon strikes me as someone who is “off”. The throat and Adam’s apple are “off”. But her overall energy or vibe is “off’. Not what I would expect from a woman. If I was on a jury I would have to find her not guilty of being a womn. I have a reasonable doubt.

    BTW, for years I have always felt there was some thing “off” with Victoria Secret models. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I knew something was wrong. UNreal’s thesis provides a possible explanation


    •Stage 4 : Research and Theory
    Sigmund Freud — “Smoking is indispensable if one has nothing to kiss.”

    The EGI subject has been “upgraded” to a standalone subdomain on Fakeologist :

    I just posted on the EGI investigation section on the use of cigars:
    The fact that the Elite do practice gender inversion in a systematic way is a hard pill to swallow for most researchers. In addition to imagery and direct anatomical comparisons there are also more subtle ways in which we might detect the hidden sides of EGI.

    The Elite often communicate in symbols and they mostly put them before our eyes. Things are not always what they are presented to be. The cigar is one of the symbols the Elite like to play with as it represents figuratively the male phallus. Not much imagination needed. The Elite seem to find a definite duping delight in putting evidence directly before our eyes and observe we make nothing of it.

    Freud was one of the first to be very adamant on smoking cigars and by his importance in the last century it should be expected he not was aware of EGI but himself came from an EGI family. If Freud is a FTM that play with the public and fellow EGI by speaking of his love for “cigars” this is quite significant, but also quite common for elite members. Some might want to believe in coincidence, but my opinion is that these Elite members that proud themselves with loving cigars are actually expressing how they sexually have a lust for males.

    What does displaying a cigar actually mean ? Do they have a cigar themselves or or is it their sexual desire they express. It could mean different things for different individuals of course – but i my view the origine would have been reverso men expressing they had an inverted sexuality. These days i guess cigars could also well be an expression of homosexuality, but i still see the cigar as not relating to the individual itself and more as representative of an individuals taste, desires and practices.
    Bill Clinton “If you must smoke cigars, get an actual humidor” rule #6 in his ‘Tips For a Happy, Healthy Marriage’ on David Letterman Show
    Mark Twain — “I smoke in moderation. Only one cigar at a time.”
    •Very symbolic here with pussycat on his knee’s and a cigar in his mouth. Not sure if there could be anything to add here…

    General George S Patton – is he a racket himself ?

    Roger Moore – hates handguns but loves cigars

    Daniel Craig – hates handguns but loves cigars – shaken not sucked ?

    Aldous Huxley — “You should hurry up and acquire the cigar habit. It’s one of the major happinesses. And so much more lasting than love, so much less costly in emotional wear and tear.”

    Wayne Gretzky – “I wasn’t naturally gifted in terms of size and speed; everything I did in hockey I worked for”

    Vince Vaughn – cigar lover

    Robert Downey Junior – probably no iron balls

    Paul Walker – probably still can smoke a cigar

    Groucho Marx — “Given the choice between a woman and a cigar, I will always choose the cigar.”

    Don King – the mother of the T-son ?

    Alfred Hitchcock – another short round man with small facial features

    Winston Churchill — “Smoking Cigars is like falling in love. First, you are attracted by its shape; you stay for its flavor, and you must always remember never, never to let the flame go out!”

    Ernesto “Che” Guevara — “A smoke in times of rest is a great companion to the solitary soldier.”


    Judging from the lyrics of Candle in the Wind, and if our eyes don’t deceive us, these two are probably packing as well.

    Indeed, the title and lyrics of “Candle in the Wind” do seriously hint at Norma Jean (Marilyn Monroe) being an “intact” MTF individual. Much like how the figurative “cigar” hints at the male phallus, so do the candle. The song is also interesting in as much as it was rewritten in 1997 for Lady Diana’s funeral. For this occasion the title became “Goodbye England’s Rose”.

    It is quite fitting that the song which seem so specific to Marilyn could so easily match Diana – this could only mean that also Lady Di also had a candle in the wind. In her case the candle became a rose, maybe less a blatant mockery than the candle*

    It was Bernard Taupin who wrote the lyrics to the song, and he added the following:

    I think the biggest misconception about ‘Candle In The Wind’ is that I was this rabid Marilyn Monroe fanatic, which really couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not that I didn’t have a respect for her. It’s just that the song could just as easily have been about James Dean or Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain. I mean, it could have been about Sylvia Plath or Virginia Woolf. I mean, basically, anybody, any writer, actor, actress, or musician who died young and sort of became this iconic picture of Dorian Gray, that thing where they simply stopped aging. It’s a beauty frozen in time.
    – songfacts “Candle in the Wind by Elton John”

    We must presume that both Elton John and Bernie Taupin are “in the club” and most probably EGI themselves. As their song has a direct connection to EGI entities, we must also suspect that the references to write the song most likely are EGI as well. In addition to Taupin’s references, Elton john dedicated the song to Ryan White at Farm Aid 4 in 1990. Ryan White was on of the first high-profile AIDS patients who got the disease from a blood transfusion as a teenager (died at 18).

    If we resume the list of suspect characters from Elton John and Taupin’s song we have the following list: Janis Joplin, James Dean, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, Dorian Gray and Ryan White (in addition to the obvious cases of Monroe and Diana Spencer)

    Many of these characters have already been in the spotlight on Youtube and subjected to diverse transvestigations. However Ryan White seem to have less attention from an EGI perspective. His case it must be considered as suspect as much as the others from the list as he was an Aids poster-boy with haemophilia (gender specific illness) died young, has a foundation and was in the company of stars and presidents. Ryan White could have been EGI himself and possibly have been subjected to the DCP program. Ryan White’s case might just hint at a possible connection between the DCP and EGI.

    Ryan-white and mother
    Ryan White and his mother Jeanne Ginder-White

    Ryan-white prom
    Ryan-white and his date/gf Heather Stephenson at the school prom

    Ryan-white- Marlee-Matlin Charlie-Sheen
    Ryan White, Marlee Matlin and Charlie Sheen at 1988 “For Love Of Children AIDS Benefit Gala”

    Heather Stephenson and Jeanne Ginder-White today
    Ryan White’s mother Jeanne Ginder-White and ex-date Heather Stephenson today

    *if the candle was switched for a rose – it could be the rose also is used as a phallic symbol by the Elite on occasion


    @unreal, thank you for taking the time to explore this intriguing subject. I have only just begun to study your material; nevertheless, I am already understanding what you are driving.

    Glad to hear you follow the research and find it interesting, much appreciated.

    Agree here are many things that seem off when it comes to celebrities and culture creation and the trial case you mention remind me how often judiciary procedures are contrived to drive social engineering agendas. No doubt that Zimmerman is merely a stand-in actor and replaceable. The image comparisons of Charles Manson come to mind where we can see how the face has dramatically changed together with “permanent” features such as his foreheads Nazi-cross

    Regarding Zimmermann, i have not looked closely at his case but judging from some of the imagery i’ve seen he must be considered a suspect also for Female-to Male transgenderization. In fact, his facial features (eyes, nose and mouth) are very small in relation to his overall facial size and there are signs of a very female looking skull and facial expressions.

    Susan Sarandon is of a particular Hollywood make where she has the advantage of natural looking bust but very male looking face and neck despite suspected reshaped jawline, chin and bow-ridge. There are other suspects that share some of her body traits in Bo Derek, Jessica Lange, Halle Berry or Elle McPherson. It must be suspected that the Elite use both HRT and body-fat injection to obtain the features they aim for, not only silicone as they make us believe. A contemporary example would be Emily Ratajkowski.

    Regarding Victoria Secret models there is a good video on that subject that you might have watched:
    MrE3000 Victoria’s Secret – Illuminati Tranny Exposed! – 12:13 mm:ss
    •Unfortunately a lot of foul language and new-age illuminaty references – imagery speak for itself nevertheless – some comparison between Victoria Secret models and openly transgender beauty-contests at the end of video

    George Zimmerman mugshot
    George Zimmerman mugshot
    •facial features are very small and feminine – close shallow eyes, short nose, small mouth, typical FTM beard, shadow to disguise lack of Adam’s apple

    George Zimmerman smiling in court
    George Zimmerman smiling in court – duper’s delight ?
    •very feminine expression and feel despite start of balding the hairline look female over the temples – HRT seem to have set in and as usual hairloss and beard follows – no brow ridge what-so-ever – short teeth – short neck – no male jawbone


    •Stage 4 : Research and Theory

    Food is a very gender-related topic with hormones often present that are neither much spoken about nor warned against. If we ask ourselves who might be interested in such matters related to food the answer seem quite mundane – EGI individuals. What better than an Elite group of experts to show the way and separate the wheat from their staff ?

    With state politics and dietitians being based on a very funny looking pyramid, most concerned commoners will undoubtably seek further advice and literature on what they really should eat. This seems like a good idea – but food is also an area where we are ill suited to an advised opinion as nutrition very quickly get very scientific. Diet and nutritional literature are full of pair-reviewed studies and surveys that often are quite contradictory or overly specific as to actually help our general understanding and/or well-being. It seems nutrition is a chaos – a situation many encourage and exploit.

    It is troubling that there are so many obvious examples of EGI in the dietary and health fields, especially as they are much followed and seldom researched and scrutinized. A selection of world renowned experts and authors on nutrition hereunder, the top of an iceberg – or the top of ‘crystalized paleo-tempered water‘ as many nutritionists would argue… certified organic MTF’s

    Melissa Hartwig
    Melissa Hartwig – Food Freedom Forever
    Certified Sports Nutritionist and Author of three books and the co-creator of the Whole30. She specializes in helping people change their relationship with food and create life-long, healthy habits.

    Keren Gilbert
    Keren Gilbert – The HD Diet
    NYC Registered dietitian and nutritionist and founder of consultant firm Decision Nutrition. She is an accredited member of the American Dietetic Association, Greater New York Dietetic Association, Nutrition Entrepreneurs, Dietitians in Business, The Diabetes Care, Education Dietetic Practice Group and SCAN.

    Rory Friedman
    Rory Freedman – Skinny Bitch

    Kim Barnouin
    Kim Barnouin – Skinny Bitch
    Former modelling agent Rory Freedman and Former model Kim Barnouin together advocating a purely vegan diet in their book. Kim hold a degree from Clayton College of Natural Health (unaccredited establishment).

    Bee Wilson
    Bee Wilson – This Is Not A Diet Book
    With a Ph.D. from Trinity College (Cambridge) Bee is an author, food journalist and historian. Food columnist for the New Statesman for five years, she currently writes for Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine.

    Kayla Itsines
    Kayla Itsines – The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide
    Educated as a fitness trainer from Australian Institute of Fitness (2008). Started her career working in a women’s only personal training centre and later started The Bikini Body Training Company with her fiance Tobi Pearce after breakthrough on social sites Facebook and Instagram.

    Kris Carr
    Kris Carr – Crazy Sexy Diet
    Best-selling author (Amazon & NYT), wellness activist and cancer survivor. Documented her battle against a rare type of cancer (epithelioid hemangioendothelioma) in her own documentary film ‘Crazy Sexy Cancer’.

    Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison
    Pearl Barrett and Serene C. Allison – Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook
    Formerly songwriters, recording artists and speakers the sisters are self-published with their own publishing company Welby Street Press. They have had success with their book ‘Trim Healthy Mama’ (+100.000 copies sold) through social media. Both sisters are married and have 14 children between them and sympathize with wives and mothers who want their youthful figures back all while cooking for their husbands and children.


    •Stage 4 : Research and Theory

    When studying authors and popularized literature on diet and food, there are certain lifestyle choices that appear particularly gender-specific. By analyzing the top 100 vegan books it shows 70% of the authors are female, 25% of the authors are male and roughly 5% are written on the account of tv-shows, fitness clubs and/or group movements. Some authors have several books that are in the top 100 Amazon book list – the total number of female best-selling Amazon authors of vegan books and guides amount to 51 individuals.

    Veganism is indeed a topic that illustrate how the Elite influence popular culture by their extensive use of experts, authors and role-models. The reason for the vegan movement to be more feminized than other fields of of diet and nutrition is caused by the psychological profile that would be susceptible to accept the doctrine – empathic and emotional decision makers who are mostly women or feminine men. The emotional nature of the target audience would also affect the family structure as a whole (children, spouses) through a focus on food preparation and well-being often illustrated with various examples of responsible “mothers” (or household caretakers) to help sell the general rhetoric.

    Whenever we have public role-models at play we must realize they are of particular interest to the Elite who are fewer in number than the commoners they rule over. As in other fields of culture we must therefore expect the Elite to have the ambition of controlling the leading figures of veganism. The analysis so far do show that the majority of female authors can be both suspect of serving an Elite agenda and to be EGI themselves (MTF).

    On the subject of veganism i would recommend listening to the two latest Hoaxbuster Calls* with Chris Kendall where he does a great job of outlining the impossible mission of avoiding animal death in farming and the double standards found in the commonly argued reasons for consuming exclusively plant based products.
    Female Authors** in Amazon Top 100 Vegan books ( list here )

    #02 Michelle Davis
    (by Thug Kitchen) – Eat Like You Give a F*ck
    #05 Angela LiddonThe Oh She Glows Cookbook
    #06 Jessica AshleyInstant Pot Cookbook
    #10 Kathy HesterThe Ultimate Vegan Cookbook for Your Instant Pot
    #11 Dana ShultzMinimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking
    #14 Julie MorrisSuperfood Soups
    #15 Alona Pulde M.D.The Forks Over Knives Plan
    #17 Farnoosh BrockThe Healthy Smoothie Bible
    #19 Emma KatieAir Fryer Cookbook
    #20 Micaela Cook KARLSENA Plant-Based Life
    #21 Richa HingleVegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen
    #22 Ann Crile EsselstynThe Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook
    #24 Jen HansardSimple Green Smoothies
    #26 Kathy Patalsky365 Vegan Smoothies
    #30 Jeanine DonofrioThe Love and Lemons Cookbook
    #31 Amanda Chantal BaconThe Moon Juice Cookbook
    #33 Isa Chandra MoskowitzIsa Does It
    #34 Kristy TurnerBut I Could Never Go Vegan
    #35 Ashley SummerVegan For Life
    #36 Miyoko SchinnerThe Homemade Vegan Pantry
    #40 Candice KumaiClean Green Eats
    #42 Nicole CormierThe $5 a Meal College Vegetarian Cookbook
    #43 Melissa KingDIY Nut Milks, Nut Butters, and More
    #44 Jill NussinowVegan Under Pressure
    #46 LeAnne CampbellThe China Study Cookbook
    #48 Linda LarsenThe Complete Slow Cooking for Two
    #58 Erin GleesonForest Feast Gatherings
    #59 Deborah MadisonVegetable Soups from Deborah Madison’s Kitchen
    #60 Carla SnyderOne Pan, Two Plates
    #63 Kim CampbellThe PlantPure Kitchen
    #65 Kristina Carrillo-BuckramThe Fully Raw Diet
    #66 Tess MastersThe Perfect Blend
    #67 Myra GoodmanStraight from the Earth
    #69 Sarah BrittonNaturally Nourished
    #70 Kate O’DonnellThe Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook
    #73 Amie VulpineEating Clean
    #74 Robin RobertsonFresh from the Vegan Slow Cooker
    #75 Chloe CoscarelliChloe’s Kitchen
    #78 Ashley MelillaBlissful Basil
    #79 Alessandra MercadoInstant Pot Vegan Cookbook
    #80 Sierra GoldmanClean Eating Clean Living
    #81 Amy Kimono-KahnSimply Ramen
    #83 Jenny EngelVegan 101
    #84 Sarah StewartInstant Pot Cookbook
    #85 Alicia C. SimpsonQuick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food
    #87 Anna JonesA Modern Way to Cook
    #88 Kimberly ParsonsThe Yoga Kitchen
    #89 Dreena BurtonPlant-Powered Families
    #91 Amy ChaplinAt Home in the Whole Food Kitchen
    #94 Dr. Jamie KaufmanDr. Koufman’s Acid Reflux Diet
    #99 Gina HomolkaThe Skinnytaste Cookbook
    *Hoaxbuster’s Call 485 – Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Cannibal

    *Hoaxbuster’s Call 484 – Field Mice are People Too

    *Hoaxbuster blog article – There Are No Vegans

    **Photographic material on the authors is sometimes scarce but EGI can be suspected in 50% of the cases (or more)


    •Stage 4 : Research and Theory

    Diet and nutrition is a vast domain where role models and experts are plentiful. The healthy Eating, Nutrition & Weight Loss industry is also big business and growing. In fact the “wellness industry” represented* a 3.7 trillion dollars worth in 2015 where diet figured prominently with an estimated $648 billions of revenue. No wonder many front-figures smile so wide and consistently… but many smiles are fake, and often EGI.

    The interest for self-preservation exist inherently in us all. This is natural instinct of our species, and those who have a medical condition would be even more invested in this aspect of research as they are sensitized. Anyone that would be submitted to medical treatments such as HRT would therefore have a natural inclination towards a heightened awareness to food, fitness and “wellbeing”.

    As we might suspect, all EGI individuals do have a medical condition as they use diverse hormone therapies and supplements in their quest to vanquish the opposite gender unbeknownst to us commoners. Successful living for an EGI entity implicate following medical protocols from a young age where they traditionally must be more careful with what they eat (there are powerful androgen and anti androgens in food) and how they live. The hidden state of an EGI entity will as such have a head start and a natural interest that stem from self preservation in the fields they brand to the common population as “wellbeing” but that constitute more of a treatment plan for those who already resort to hormone cures that seriously alter the basic functions of our bodies.

    As referring to list of female vegan authors in particular – it is clear to me deal with a preponderance of occult transgender individuals who not only have a serious advantage of low body fat if they are men but also use “steroids” as in cheating the judges and public as to the truthfulness of their results, methods and medical support and alteration. The game is rigged, they know it and profit from it (big time) both directly and indirectly. When observing how unhealthy this industry is with the fake smiles, the fake media-coverage, the fake “cooking” shows* and fake “natural” looks – i feel sick for even having considered the information from any of these snake-oil salesmen.

    What separate the “wellness” profiles from their more extravagant Hollywood and show business counterparts is the fact they must mostly all look “natural” and incarnate the more “normal” family values. The most blatant examples are less common in the the modern iterations of diet and health “guru’s” and they seem to all have had the appropriate surgeries done for better video and live image presentation. Many of the “authors” in the Amazon top sellers list are also “missing” from any google searches which might lead to suspect that many books are a result of team-efforts and still might need a skilled performer to step in and do some PR work.
    Questionable female writers from the Amazon’s top 100 vegan list
    (these are not clear cases underneath- but suspect examples that in its wider understanding is indicative of definite EGI presence in the Diet and nutrition movement, here specifically for vegan and vegetarian nutrition)

    Dr. Jamie Kaufman
    #94 Dr. Jamie Kaufman – Dr. Kaufman’s Acid Reflux Diet
    •clear masculine square face, male cheekbones, deep eyes, big ears, long neck, wide shoulders and probable plastic FFS surgeries (rhinoplasty, jaw contouring, brow-shave and,,, facelift)

    Amy Chaplin
    #91 Amy Chaplin (left) – At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen
    •Chaplin is together with Martha Stewart Editorial Director Ayesha Patel in the photo (supposedly female) – Amy has male sized most and teeth, male neck, hair -type and deep set eyes with visible brow-ridge structure

    Kimberly Parsons
    #88 Kimberly Parsons – The Yoga Kitchen
    •Very athletic, Kimberly come across as vey male looking with large shoulders, big neck, male teeth and mouth, visible brow-ridge, male nose and deep set eyes – only the makeup seem to maintain the illusion of this entity being female

    Amie Valpone
    #73 Amie Valpone – Eating Clean
    The picture is taken from a video but still it is hard to understand how our Amie can be seriously believed to be female – wide set shoulders despite lack of muscle, male mouth and deep set eyes

    Kate O’Donnell
    #70 Kate O’Donnell – The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook
    •Kate has a very jewish look that many take for being female which it is not when analyzed – visible scar from Adams apple removal (very common and a general flaw for occult TG individuals) – male hairline, prominent long male nose, square jaw big ears, long neck, wide shoulders, male teeth and mouth an deep set male eyes – probable v-shaped chin reconstruction and brow-shave

    Kate O’Donnell
    Kate O’Donnell

    Myra Goodman
    #67 Myra Goodman – Straight from the Earth
    Not an evident case as (s)he’s of small build – square face, square shoulders, visible collar bones, deep wide set eyes, male type ears and bad digit ratio (seen from both hands)

    Tess Masters
    #66 Tess Masters – The Perfect Blend
    •Masculine figure with very wide shoulders, male neck with probable Adams apple removal (scaring seen in most imagery), square face and prominent male jaws, male ears, big long neck, big nose and wide deep set eyes

    Kristina Carrillo-Buckram
    #65 Kristina Carrillo-Buckram (left) – The Fully Raw Diet
    •Kristina always put on a well-trained smile and for many would be undetectable – however when seen together with her mother (at her right) it is clear we have two different generations of EGI where the mother didn’t have her jaws, nose and eyebrows done as her daughter – not did the Adams apple removal surgery go as well (scar tissue and shadow let both away however) – very wide face and jaws, long necks, male sized mouth and teeth

    Carla Snyder
    #60 Carla Snyder – One Pan, Two Plates
    The body posture and silhouette is all male – wide shoulders, long arms, male neck, male mouth and nose with deep set male eyes (and also male type hair)

    Deborah Madison
    #59 Deborah Madison – Vegetable Soups from Deborah Madison’s Kitchen
    Typically British, her/his type of look are commonly mistake for being female which is not the case – visible riddles from Adams apple intervention – long male neck, wide set deep male eyes, male nose, teeth and mouth with square jaws and male chin

    Deborah Madison 2
    Deborah Madison

    Erin Gleeson
    #58 Erin Gleeson – Forest Feast Gatherings
    Male figure and head-shape, wide square shoulders, square jaw, male eyebrows close to the eye-socket and were set eyes, male nose and mouth

    Linda Larsen
    #48 Linda Larsen – The Complete Slow Cooking for Two
    The picture show how much fun “Dame” Larsen can have at night when (s)he often use disguise for some additional fun – still we can see the Adams apple removal scar tissue clearly – typical masculine neck and face with wide deep set eyes, big nose and male wide mouth

    Jill Nussinow
    #44 Jill Nussinow – Vegan Under Pressure
    After looking at many examples of MTF entities their expression seem all to predictable – heightened eyebrow to disguise male set deep eyes and close eyebrow and tightening of neck muscles to disguise Adam apple visibility – long neck, square shoulders, male chin, wide deep set eyes, male nose and mouth

    Nicole Cormier
    #42 Nicole Cormier – The $5 a Meal College Vegetarian Cookbook
    Shoulder-width and arm-length alone leave little doubt this is a MTF individual – long neck, square face, male ears, male mouth and chin

    Candice Kumai
    #40 Candice Kumai – Clean Green Eats
    Overall wide and masculine face-type, reminiscent of Melania Trump – clearly male cheekbones, wide eyes, long neck, square jaw despite probable surgical contouring (chin/jaw), male hairline and short index finger

    Candice Kumai 2
    Candice Kumai

    Isa Chandra Moskowitz
    #33 Isa Chandra Moskowitz – Isa Does It
    Punk Rock in the kitchen – built as a man with enormous shoulders – square male face, wide deep set eyes, prominent male nose and mouth with big teeth

    Amanda Chantal Bacon
    #31 Amanda Chantal Bacon – The Moon Juice Cookbook
    •Playing the esoteric card with the moon and with a fleshy last name (bacon) it is hard not to look at the possibility of scripting here – male width square shoulders, long male neck, high prominent cheek bones, eyebrows close to wide deep set eyes, male mouth and hair type – probable plastic surgeries (FFS) are rhinoplasty and V-shape jaw and chin contouring

    Amanda Chantal Bacon 2
    Amanda Chantal Bacon

    Kathy Patalsky
    #26 Kathy Patalsky – 365 Vegan Smoothies
    Look very much like a cousin of Madonna – wide square shoulders, long male neck, eyebrows close to wide deep set eyes, prominent wide cheek bones, wide chin and male nose and mouth

    Richa Hingle
    #21 Richa Hingle – Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen
    •Once again we can clearly see how they proceed with Adams apple removals – that make the entry-scar from the operation look like a riddle which can be convincing on older (wo)men but it does help when you are thirty-something as Richa – Trachea shave scar, wide set male eyes with close eyebrows, male nose mouth and probable HRT trouble as skin type look male and not silky and feminine

    Farnoosh Brock
    #17 Farnoosh Brock – The Healthy Smoothie Bible
    •References to the bible in her title is already suspect to me – and what about her touching politically correct Iranian survival/escape from slavery story ? ” Farnoosh Brock fled with her family from Iran to Turkey when she was 11 years old”. Ok, i’m biased, still Farnoosh reminds me of cross between actresses Morena Baccarin (from V and Gotham) and Anne Hathaway – big head to body proportion, very wide set big eyes, square jaw and wide face, male nose and mouth – discrete but discernible Adams apple formation

    Farnoosh Brock yoga
    Farnoosh Brock (
    Far enough, not Broke ?)

    Dana Shultz
    #11 Dana Shultz – Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking
    Despite very clean overall looks, secretary glasses and perfect makeup – Adams apple and wide shoulders with long arms do make Dana more than suspect – long neck, deep set wide eyes, male nose and mouth and male hairline and hair-type

    Kathy Hester
    #10 Kathy Hester – The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook for Your Instant Pot
    Not all MTF individuals are created equal – male silhouette, shoulders, and neck – male eyes, ears, hair type and eyebrows – probable scars from Adams Apple shave when young (maybe vegetables don’t make you as thin as planned in Kathy’s case, the current fat tissue/weight would have covered male adams apple without need for surgery)

    Michelle Davis
    #02 Michelle Davis (by Thug Kitchen) – Eat Like You Give a F*ck
    Opposites attract they say and Matt and Michelle seem to be opposites indeed but probably hard to visualize for most they are also a very prominent “reverso” couple. They are sure well groomed with a lot of effort applied and possibly many surgeries behind them. However, comparing gender-specific looks would help here. He has the short neck – she has the long neck – she has the male hairline – he has the widows crest – he has the smaller shallow eyes and she’s got the wide deep set eyes – her mouth is wide and his is not. Typical Adams apple disguisement beard on Matt as well as a poor eyebrow frown as to lower the brows towards the eyes – all while Michelle discreetly directs her brows away from the eyes more elegantly.

    Michelle Davis
    Mary Ann Naples – the publisher of Thug Kitchen
    Some stars shine brighter than others – a well groomed and produced couple here that have made for TV looks and storylines – they use very provocative language to sell their snake oil their production team seems to be cooking – Mary is in charge behind the scenery of the perfectly inverted couple of thugs Michelle and Matt (MM in short) — male jawline, neck and chin, big nose and teeth, wide mouth – bad looking index ratio and a neck-scar disguised as a riddle compatible with Adams apple removal
    *many “cookbook experts” visibly can’t even cook themselves and mostly just pretend

    Avatar photorgos

    A Woolf in Woman’s Clothing

    More interesting titbits about Vita and Virginia in the Mail:

    Virginia’s acclaimed novel Orlando, which features a hero who keeps changing sex, was clearly based on her Vita


    Interesting article – it seems they like to repeat the propaganda* for the truth to sink in… and the Elite’s TG heroes worshipped in plain sight.

    The double V’s (Vita & Virginia) and the double W’s (Woolf & West) seem overly scripted for use in same-sex (homosexual) propaganda. How most people can accept Vita Sackville-West to be a “beauty” and “femme fatale” is beyond any reason or observable fact. Very bald of the Elite to continue to push such blatant examples of EGI – but maybe that is the point – to rub it in ?

    Harold Nicolson and Vita West
    Vita together with husband Harold Nicolson (also engaged in homosexual affairs)

    Vita West and sons
    Vita Sackville-West (with her impossible sons Nigel and Benedict)
    “By the time she turned 18, she had developed into a tall, dark and peach-skinned beauty”

    *George W Bush – Catapult The Propaganda


    •Stage 4 : Research and Theory

    Is Adam a Dame ?

    Elite Gender Inversion is very much linked to social status and hierarchy and one of the countries that still perpetuate tradition in an important way is England and the Commonwealth ruled by the English Queen. Ever since the order of the Garter was created in 1348 (by Edward III) the ruler of the Commonwealth Empire reward both nobility and minor nobility.

    Minor nobility is not inherited but attributed on merit, and British knights are distinguished from the commoners by the use of “Dame” and “Sir”. The origin of knighthood was to honor service to the monarch in a military capacity, and today these distinctions have a broader application while still referring to labour in favor of the Monarchy.

    To become a Knight or Dame is a definite sign of being part of the Elite, and also proof of who is in the Royal British club or not. If the Elite do practice inversion, it stands to reason that new members would also respect such criteria.

    When we investigate for possible cases of gender inversion, we must take into consideration that physical appearence will vary greatly according to ethnicity, age and health. Just as we can observe in openly (admitted) transgender beauty pageants, there will be individuals that are very difficult to analyze.

    Encountering as many occurrences of apparent cases as in a TG beauty contest we will consider the participants as a whole as being transgendered. As much as this applies to a openly admitted TG beauty pageant, the same logic would apply to couvert groups of transgender individuals.

    The latest Honors lists were distributed this New Year Eve, and the 2017 honors have so far been given to 34 Gentlemen (Sir’s) and 14 Dames.
    Anionwu Elizabeth
    Dame Elizabeth Anionwu – Nursing Professor, University of West London
    Knighthood for services to nursing and the Mary Seacole Statue Appeal
    •male general appearence – male hairline, masculine neck, wide set eyes, square jaw, male teeth and mouth

    Baird Vera
    Dame Vera Baird – Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner
    Knighthood for services to women and equality
    •wide shoulders, long arms, long neck with suspicious scars, wide set eyes, big ears and masculine hair quality

    Beale Inga
    Dame Inga Beale – CEO Lloyd’s of London
    Knighthood for services to the economy
    •wide shoulders, important ribcage and volume, suspected breast implants, long arms, big hands, masculine neck, deep male eyes and masculine hair quality

    Day Leyser
    Dame Henrietta Leyser Day – Science Laboratory Director, Cambridge University
    Knighthood for services to plant science, science in society
    •square shoulders, square jaw, male nose and browridge with big deep set eyes, masculine neck and suspicion of Adams apple shave (scars camouflaged as riddles)

    Ennis-Hill jessica
    Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill – Athlete (heptathlon)
    Awarded Knighthood for services to athletics
    •wide shoulders, slim hips, long legs and short bust, long arms and neck, deep male nose and mouth

    Fisher Amanda
    Dame Amanda Gay Fisher – Science Director, Imperial College London
    Knighthood for medical research and public understanding of science
    •wide set male eyes, male nose and mouth/teeth, masculine neck and hair

    Francis Jane
    Dame Jane Francis – Director, British Antarctic Survey
    Knighthood for services to UK polar science and diplomacy
    •visible Trachea shave scarring, square face, wide shoulders, very wide set eyes, wide mouth and suspicion of male <i>brow-structure</i>

    Fraser Helen
    Dame Helen Jean Fraser – CEO, Girls’ Day School Trust
    Knighthood for services to education
    •male hands, shoulder-width and neck, male collarbones – male eyes, nose, mouth and brows

    Grainger Katherine
    Dame Katherine Grainger – Athlete (rowing)
    Knighthood for services to sport and charity
    •remnants of trachea shave, impossibly wide set shoulders, square face, wide set male eyes, mouth and male chin, jaw and nose

    Milburn Martina
    Dame Martina Milburn – CEO, The Prince’s Trust Group
    Knighthood for for services to charity
    •masculine overall expression with wide set male eyes, cheekbone and brows

    Dame Muirhead 1
    Dame Lorna Elizabeth Fox Muirhead – Lord-Lieutenant of Merseyside
    Knighthood for her services to midwifery
    •very big creature – still exudes masculinity with wide shoulders, male nose, brow-ridge and deep set eyes

    Dame Muirhead 2
    Funny fingers humor with the Queen – short index and big hands

    Routledge Patricia
    Dame Patricia Routledge – Actress
    Knighthood for services to theatre and charity
    •male type neck (possible scarring), masculine eyes, nose, mouth, chin and teeth

    Watkins Caroline
    Dame Caroline Leigh Watkins – Director of College of Health and Wellbeing
    Knighthood for services to nursing and older people’s care
    •very important neck and ears, wide set eyes, masculine brow-ridge and mouth/teeth

    Wintour Anne Vogue
    Dame Anna Wintour – Chief Editor of Vogue and Creative Director for Condé Nast
    Knighthood for services to fashion and journalism
    •very wide set eyes, male shoulders, arms and neck – probable plastic surgery on mouth and nose

    Wintour Anne Vogue
    Dame Anna Wintour – looking more like Adam than a Dame
    2017 New Year Honours

    Orders, decorations, and medals of the United Kingdom,_decorations,_and_medals_of_the_United_Kingdom


    Avatar photorgos

    Dame Amanda Gay Fisher

    You couldn’t make it up.


    You couldn’t make it up.

    Your remark is astute and i share your feeling.

    However, when we reflect on how-come the names are so scripted – it is because they are. The Elite prepare their stories and conceive of them often far in advance of their deployment – when they then drop the names on us it seems unbelievable. And it really is incredible, because – they make it up.

    Avatar photonarrator

    Ab posted a link to this article on the EGI sub Fakeologist.
    •Stage 4 : Research and Theory

    The anatomy of an EGI article

    “Don’t be fooled, because I am a man by day.”

    The article starts off with a prominent ‘14 Things to Know About Donald Trump’s Presidential Counselor.’ The researchers that have been doing transvestigations and have been dissecting the elite inversion agenda, know that the number 7(zayin) repeatedly occurs in stories around EGI individuals. Fakeologist can perhaps remember the simulated London 7/7 bombing, wehere number 7 was also prominant in his numerological significance. The YouTuber with the name Hristos Mandylor has done research on the number 7 and its connection to the transgender aganda. I will urge the reader to watch his videos for more information on the number 7 and its implications*.

    First women
    As attributed to Albert Pike, 33rd degree freemason, “whenever the people need a hero we shall supply him. “Many of our role models are part of the power structure and given to us by the elite. However, the deception goes even further. Many of the female role models such as Michelle Obama, Malala Yousifazi, or Emma Thompson all show inverted gender traits. The inverted gender characteristics are something we can observe in a lot of stories regarding first women or first men to ever do something, or achieve a goal that has not been achieved before. It’s a code that the story is not talking about an actual woman, but a male to female(FTM) transgender. If you look at the Esquire Sexiest Woman Alive list, with winners such as:

    Scarlett Johansson
    Sexiest Woman Alive(2006,2013) Scarlett Johansson
    Sloping forehead, square face, wide set eyes

    Mila Kunis
    Sexiest Woman Alive(2012) Mila Kunis
    square face, wide set eyes, brow ridge

    kate beckinsale
    Sexiest Woman Alive(2009) Kate Beckinsale
    Deep set eyes, square jaw

    It seems that the sexiest woman alive contest shows again a concentration of very suspicious women that have the appearance of FTM transgender. Other lists where females are promoted as the first or the best in their category have the same concentration of women that appear to be transgender.

    Christy Turlington Burns, Founder of Every Mother Counts
    “Every Mother Counts works to raise awareness, engagement and funds that support maternal health programs around the world. Their work stretches from Tanzania, where they provide 30 rural health centers with solar- powered electricity, to Haiti, where they’re training new skilled birth attendants and educating existing health providers, all the way to Uganda, where they provide transportation vouchers for pregnant women who would otherwise need to travel far distances to clinics, often by foot.”

    Sheryl Sandberg
    “Sheryl Sandberg’s highly motivating book (born from an incredible TED talk she gave in 2010) is a call for women everywhere to start advocating more strongly for themselves in the workplace. She shares personal stories of success and setbacks in her own career, sheds light on hard data surrounding the lack of women in leadership roles across the country, and offers sound, actionable advice that any working person can put into practice.”

    “More #1 hit singles than any other female artist in history,”

    Here a short list to investigate yourself.

    1909: Selma Lagerlöf, first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.

    1915: Marie Marvingt, first woman to fly a fighter plane in combat.

    1963: Valentina Tereshkova, first woman in space.

    1987: Aretha Franklin, first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    2010: Kathryn Bigelow, first woman to win an Academy Award for Best Director (for The Hurt Locker).

    Kellyanne Conway is also a former pageant winner. As we can observe ourselves that famous pageant stars look rather suspect under close inspection. MrE3000* on YouTube also observed this and made a video detailing and pointing out the gender inversion discrepancies in the Miss America pageant contest. Many of these so called pageants or things similar to this, like the Victoria Secret fashion show determine what type of women men are attracted to. These stars they put in front of us have a significant impact on the men, the imagery is exposed to.

    Eva Longoria*

    Sarah Palin*

    Demi Lovato*

    Lucy Lawless

    Sharon Stone

    Whenever we hear the word sisters we should be cautious, since this again is a code word for inverted gender individuals and a mockery of the unsuspecting public. MrE3000 has a great exposes pointing out the discrepancies with the Pointer Sisters and the Clooney Sisters*.

    Women Causes
    We can see that a lot of causes for women empowerment are led by gender inverted persons. Unreal laid this out in his post on Leslie Kenton*, Camille Paglia*, and his most recent forum post outlining many of the female diet books authors to be suspect of being transgendered*. Also this article from Zephaniah proposes the idea that most feminism icons were actually male to female transgender.

    Male characteristics
    There is always some duping delight involved with gender inverted storylines. The individuals actually admit themselves what they really are. It some kind of trick, where the magician exactly tells you what is going on, but the participant doesn’t want to see it. This is something that also happened with other celebrities, making jokes about being a male or gender inverted which you can find here*.

    *“Seven” …- The Greatest-Story Ever Told !

    *The Mark of Seven !…..

    *The G-7 -Connection…. !

    *Goat of Mendes Hoax – Busted !!!

    First women
    * Madonna
    MADONNA IS A MAN: Anatomy of an Illuminati Tranny

    Madonna – MANdonna. TRANNYALERT.


    *Eva Longoria. Eva’s LongSOMETHING. TRANNY.

    *SARAH PALIN. Satanist with Male Hips.Next Gen TRANNY!!

    *Demi Lovato is a TRANNY. I need your help!


    *George Clooney is a Demonically Possessed Transgendered Clone

    Women Causes
    *Leslie Kenton

    EGI – Elite gender inversion

    *Camille Paglia

    EGI – Elite gender inversion

    *Diet and nutrition

    EGI – Elite gender inversion

    *Most Feminist Icons are Male-to-Female Transgenders who Hate Women

    Click to access Most%20Feminist%20Icons%20are%20Male-to-Female%20Transgenders.pdf

    Male characteristics
    *Sofia Vergara Thinks She Looks Like a ‘Tranny’ on Modern Family and Would Look ‘Horrible’ If She Were Pregnant

    *Wendy Williams “Gets” Why People Think She’s a Man

    Wendy Williams Understands Why People Sometimes Think She’s a Man

    *Jessica Alba’s Shocking Confession: “I’m a Man!”



    •Stage 4 : Research and Theory

    Beauty pageants in its modern form have been increasingly popularized the last century. The origins of these (s)elected models of beauty go as far back as the medieval era where May Day celebrations involved the selection of a May Queen. The first pageant of modern times was held in Scotland in 1839 and the first “Queen of Beauty” and lucky winner was the Duchess of Somerset, Georgiana Seymour.

    Georgiana Seymour, Duchess of Somerset
    Jane Georgiana (Sheridan) Seymour, Duchess of Somerset (1809-1884)
    •this is a drawing but still – large shoulders despite pose, thick long neck, big ears, long arms, big hands, long nose and male forehead and brows

    The organizers of beauty pageants today are all privately owned and although Miss World (1951) and Miss Earth (2001) fight for public attention and marketshare – the most prestigious and mediated event still is Miss Universe (1952) held in more than 190 countries and seen by half a billion people annually. Currently Miss Universe is owned by IMG and William Morris Endeavor and produced by their event company “Trans World International“. And as late as 2015 the co-owner of the Miss Universe (s)elections was none other than Donald Trump

    Mittenaere and Sylvie Tellier
    Iris Mittenaere and Sylvie Tellier – Miss France 2016 & 2002 respectively
    •Tellier is currently General Director of both Miss France and Miss Europe Organization (all privately owned) — both beauty-queens display typical male collar-bones and wide shoulders, long necks, wide set big eyes and square faces

    Politics seem to be linked both literally and covertly in these public ceremonies and the current title-holder comes from France in the person of Iris Mittenaere. Iris is of course easy on the eye on first impression with her immaculate make-up and dress branded with her Miss Universe insignia. But Iris isn’t just flashy on the retina, her name is also an uncanny mnemonic trick for the french audience as her name closely mimics that of former french President François Mitterrand (1981-1995).

    One might need to be a bit familiar with french to understand the trick, but it is quite simple – inversion of the last half of Mitterrand’s name phonetically. The last part of the beauty-queens family-name is inverted and spelled differently from the late presidents name.
    •Mitterrand [phonetically: mitt-r-an]
    •Mittenaere [phonetically: mitt-n-ar]

    Both spellings have silent letters and could be understood as ‘ran’ and ‘nar’ when referring to pronunciation in french.

    Mittenaere easy on the one eye
    Iris Mittenaere – easy the one eye
    •slim hips, very large square shoulders, long arms and big hands

    Mittenaere with male chin
    Iris Mittenaere – not so easy to dissimulate male looks
    •very big wide set eyes, brow-ridge, square jaw, important chin, probable rhinoplasty on nose and long neck with suspicion of trachea shave (shadow hint at male characteristics)

    Jon Humanity – 11:04 mm:ss – Miss Universe – Miss Gendereversed


    •Stage 4 : Research and Theory

    MrE3000 does a good job of analyzing how Cosmopolitan magazine covers might all be made with transgendered Male to Female (MTF) individuals as the base ingredient.

    The Cover of Cosmo – A Microcosm of The Great Transsexual Deception – 6:04 mm:ss

    Helen Gurley Brown arrived as chief editor of Cosmo in 1965 and completely changed the magazine’s editorial line. The magazine became vey provocative and made pride of discussing sexuality openly as it encouraged women to enjoy sex freely without guilt. The first issue under Brown (July 1965) featured an article on the birth control pill…

    Helen Gurley Brown
    Helen Gurley Brown (1922-2012)

    Helen Gurley Brown became famous as an author with her 1962 book ‘Sex and the Single Girl‘ that encouraged women to be financially independent and have sexual relationships before or without marriage. The book became a bestseller and sold two million copies in three weeks…

    Helen Gurley Brown also sound like a scripted name. As the inventor of the ‘Cosmo Girl’ Brown do not appear very ‘girly’ herself despite her middle name (Gurley) that seem to act as a psychic trigger. They could have concocted a Girly man from Hell (Helen) with a discrete but present scatologic bent in her family name with “Brown”.

    If you’re not a sex object, you’re in trouble – Helen Gurley Brown

    Helen Gurley Brown working days
    Helen Gurley Brown in her working days

    Helen Gurley Brown and husband
    Helen Gurley Brown with husband David Brown – typical “inverso” couple ?

    Helen Gurley Brown too old
    Helen Gurley Brown – Age do much harm to MTF individuals – sad but self-explanatory


    •Stage 4 : Research and Theory

    Phil Heath
    Phil Heath – current Mr. Olympia (6)

    The public representation of beauty is largely dictated by the role models we are given. We are presented with stars and celebrities that influence both how we identify ourselves and the criterium we apply to beauty seen in others. Beauty and sexual attraction are very deeply rooted, unconscious and emotional – a territory far from knowledge. Experts flourish in such domains – and mostly they are EGI.

    In popular culture it is female beauty and sexuality that have been the most promoted while masculinity have been more subtly exemplified in sports and more recently – bodybuilding. As nudity an explicit imagery become more present in contemporary culture a whole new cult of the body as an object has been put in place. We are encouraged to build our own physiques these days, or at least we are sold the idea by the health and fitness experts.

    For women, the Miss Universe title holder impersonate the most perfected example of a female. Men do not figure in beauty pageants of course… All while the branding is different, Mr Universe and Mr Olympia are just as much examples of manliness as any beauty pageant winner. It is demonstrable that beauty pageants are hotbeds for MTF transgendered individuals, and all while it is shocking on the surface – men’s bodybuilding contests are flooded by FTM individuals on Steroids and HGH.

    When a naturally born female is transgendered into a man, the most important part of the transition is achieved by HRT. Hormone Replacement Therapy help grow hair, reduce breast tissue and lower the voice pitch. In addition, testosterone is equally the most potent substance for growing muscle we know. This means that secretly transgendered FTM individuals will have an unfair advantage to build muscle – and by association become more of a man. Bodybuilding constitute a very potent means for gender affirmation to a FTM individual and it must be considered that muscle is as good a disguise as a beard.

    Louis Jude Ferrigno – Mr. Universe (1973-74) and later The Incredible Hulk

    It is already difficult to envision hormone induced beards and facial hair to even exist, so the idea of growing better, bigger muscles with the same substance might be hard. Unfortunately, nothing beats artificially high levels of testosterone when it comes to building muscles. Men are already exposed to testosterone naturally and accustomed to being exposed to this hormone. With women it is different – they are not built for this exposure and by introducing testosterone into such an environment in very high doses seem to have more effect than for a man. Paradoxically women would see more effect from testosterone exposure than men who generate the hormone naturally.

    Examples of transgendered individuals that show extreme physiques have already been uncovered in other sports than bodybuilding. In heavy weight boxing Mike Tyson was a physical beast and also very suspect of being FTM. And T-son was married to Robin Givens, herself very suspect of being a MTF. In boxing and most other sports they base their training and physical development on “pushing iron” which is Bodybuilding. While most sports forbid illicit substances, most of us already know they are used. It is these substances that make extreme physiques possible. In most sports it does not serve performance to become too big – but when the goal is only to put on volume for looks and admiration – nothing beats Bodybuilding on HRT*…

    *Hormone Replacement Therapy for women is Testosterone which is the same as Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and the base Anabolic Steroid (artificial male hormone)

    “Iron” Mike Tyson – The Baddest Man on the Planet
    Mike Tyson

    junglesurfertv – MIKE TYSON IS A LADY – 04:18 mm:ss

    Pumping Iron 1977 – You Movie trailer – 02:41 mm:ss

    Generation Iron 2013 – Movieclips Trailers – 02:39 mm:ss

    Phil Heath – badass Body and really bad Fingers


    •Stage 4 : Research and Theory

    Helen Gurley Brown
    Phil Heath – Mr. Olympia (6 titles)

    Bodybuilding is a sport of extremes where volume and weight is currently increasing alongside more, stronger and better human growth hormone (HGH) and synthetic hormones (Steroids). Some bodybuilders even experiment with oil-injections directly into the muscle tissue (Synthol) to give their appearance extra peaks and volume.

    As supplements and hormones develop alongside with overall shape and mass, there are side-effects that  plague the athletes in their quest for glory. Many athletes have in recent years developed something most experts in the fields of medicine, diet and nutrition argue over : Palumboism* or pregnant bodybuilder syndrome.

    Of course, no one have yet asked the question if gender-inversion could be responsible for this phenomena – EGI is very seldom suspected for male* athletes in Bodybuilding. Still, there is no simple explanation or agreed upon theory as of yet. On the one side there are athletes who use Steroids who blame HGH, “natural” athletes blame Steroids and others blame too much food…

    The bellys some of the “male” Bodybuilders look very similar to the early stages of female pregnancy, hence the name of pregnant bodybuilder syndrome. What if overdoses of Human Growth Hormones and  alterations caused by injection cycles and strict diets actually caused a very real internal growth of the ovaries as it happens for women in cases of phantom pregnancy and/or anembryonic gestations ?

    *other names are also used such as Bubble Gut, Turtle belly, Distended Gut, Gorilla gut, Roid Gut or GH Gut
    *female bodybuilders on the other hand are very often criticized and suspected of being men

    •Phantom pregnancy
    •Anembryonic gestation

    luimarco – The Bubble Gut Phenomenon – 05:06 mm:ss

    luimarco – The True Bodybuilding – 05:05 mm:ss

    Shredded Sports Science – The Pregnant Bodybuilder – 03:44 mm:ss


    The anatomy of an EGI article

    Interesting to dissect press coverage of EGI entities and the media-buildup around a lifetime actor such as Kellyanne Conway (now Presidential Counselor). As usual, the press feed the public their opinions in a very scripted way.

    The 14 things the Cosmopolitan Gurley magazine want to sell us on Conway in an open fashion or by “classic” scripting could be something close to this list:

    •Who Is Kellyanne Conway ? Article referenced on EGI Fakeologist here

    # 1. Education Perfect -graduated magna cum laude from Trinity college
    # 2. Looks Perfect -pageant winner – new jersey blueberry princess
    # 3. Family Perfect -married, 4 children (including twins)
    # 4. Hard working Success -selfmade founder of the Polling Company
    # 5. Childhood -like in fairytales – no father (Cinderella evil sisters)
    # 6. Faithful & Experienced -12 years with D TRump
    # 7. Generous & Referenced -Ted Cruz assistant & Big personal donation
    # 8. Multi-talented -wrote book “what women really want” (good for female votes)
    # 9. Political view – Sexism –pollster business is “male-dominated.”
    #10. Political view – Pro immigration
    #11. Political view – Against Mitt Romney
    #12. Alpha Female -highest ranking woman white house
    #13. Cool -uses terms like “fake news”
    #14. Not cool -she’s strongly anti-abortion

    It some kind of trick, where the magician exactly tells you what is going on, but the participant doesn’t want to see it.

    Very much agree – intertwined in the scripted news-story there are definite hints and hidden cues to EGI. All the points you make seem very present: First women, Beauty Pageants, ‘Sister’ meme, Feminism and Male gender hints.

    Other than above references, you also mention the use of the number 7 (Zayin in hebrew) being gender-specific and implying EGI. I’m not very knowledgeable on numerology so why is the 7 or Zayin particular to gender or EGI ?


    Thanks Unreal, narrator, Ab for all this fascinating research.

    After absorbing these ideas, of course I’m noticing it more (or its possibility) in media I come across. So for example, our local free weekly newspaper here in Birmingham, Alabama had a piece on some local boys(?) made good— a music group called St. Paul and the Broken Bones. Their frontman Paul Janeway jumped out at me as a possible FTM transgender.

    His body shape and proportions, gestures, small teeth, etc. seem suspect to me. Would be curious what other eyes make of it. Maybe he’s just an effeminate man?

    Singer Paul Janeway

    Paul Janeway

    Paul Janeway

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