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    The immature attitude expressed by the likes of “Jungle Surfer” and “Jon Humanity” really make my skin crawl. Ruthlessly picking apart the appearances of women with masculine traits and calling them “disgusting”

    I agree with your sentiment, using derogative language* is misleading at best, and proof many YouTubers are part of an organized effort to lead the “transvestigation” mouvement at worst. The Elite has a good track record when it comes to leading the opposition and deceiving us from the very beginning when it comes to alternative truth movements. It would be an exception to the rule if the first and most prominent “transvestigators” were not planned and orchestrated by the Elite.

    I don’t know if you’re open to making videos on this but I’ll just say someone with your approach is greatly needed to balance the output of those other off-putting creeps

    Your encouragement is much appreciated, Terran Downvale. I’m not familiar enough with audio and video to take up your suggestion straight away, so i’ll not be able to compete on Youtube. On the other hand, i’m already quite used to Teamspeak and could make regular EGI updates on the subjects i’ve written about here in the forum and on the EGI investigation blog. I’ll ask Ab how to go about it!

    Her name is Chloe Grace Moretz and I suspected something fishy going on with her gender identity from the moment I first saw her on film.

    Chloe Grace Moretz sure look like a MTF EGI individual, your images and links well supports your suspicions. She seems like a very clear case in fact, and in addition to being linked to the son of famous soccer player David Beckham, she also been linked to the Brazilian soccer star “Neymar”. It can be suspected that the most prominent soccer stars are part of the entertainment industry and be EGI just like many Hollywood celebrities are.

    Neymar and Chloe Moretz
    Neymar and Chloe Moretz from Snapchat session

    *foul language and name calling can conveniently be used to attack anyone who adopts it for expressing their own ideas. With the increasing effort to impose free gender choice, we will surely see pressure against such expressions and see it labeled ‘hate-speach’

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    Assuming this to be so extensive as you hypothesize, I wonder what the technique is by which children would accept it, and seem to mostly do well psychologically, to grow up as seemingly healthy (albeit EGI) adults. Are they told “we’re different than the plebes, this is how we behave, it’s a secret” etc.

    This is something that’s really been puzzling me as well. I can’t see how these EGI’s aren’t completely mental. The psychological training and conditioning involved must be intense. Something they’ve perfected into a “science” of its own. Yes, these are Elites growing up in an insulated world to some degree. But some of them go to public schools, right? How do they manage to “stay on track” so well? It really does make me wonder if there’s something going on at the “soul level” that involves some form of “secret knowledge” about how human beings incarnate into this existence in the first place. I dunno, the mind boggles.

    But this reminds me of a G+ post I did recently about a what I believe was most likely a psyop involving a two-year-old boy reportedly killed by an alligator at a Disney World resort in Orlando just two days after the Pulse nightclub shooting, also in Orlando. I believe those two events are connected by way of an “alligator/Peter Pan theme” that I noticed running through media programming leading up to the Pulse event and some characters in that event itself. You can read my collection of posts on this theme if you’re interested:

    Since my most recent post on the Disney World gator attack, I’ve come to believe the kid involved may be a very young non-celeb EGI. Here’s the post:

    The two-year-old boy who was reportedly killed was named “Lane Graves.” In a recent update on, it was revealed he was survived by his “older sister,” four-year-old “Ella.” Well, as you can see, the two look like more than just “siblings”:

    Here’s the People article with a bizarre video featuring Ella and her “grieving parents”:

    So my immediate thought is that “Lane Graves” never actually existed and the photo we see of him is actually his “sister” Ella at a younger age. So how does the EGI element play into this? Is “Ella” really a girl who was presented as a boy in these younger photos or is the “girl” we see in the video actually a young MTF EGI?

    Also, as I mention in my post, this update on came just 5 days before a big buzz on the site promoting a Dateline special on the JonBenet Ramsey case and JonBenet’s “surviving brother” Burke’s interview with Dr. Phil. Could something similar have been done with the Ramseys? Could “JonBenet” have actually been a younger “Burke” in drag? Or could Burke even be JonBenet’s new FTM identity?

    The two “siblings” do look a bit different, but strikingly similar at the same time. Since hormones and EGI could be involved, this could account for some of the differences we see between the two, along with some possible plastic surgery, Photoshopping, etc. Here are a few shots of the Ramsey kids “together”:

    This is certainly a far-fetched theory which I don’t believe has ever been suggested by anyone before. The going “conspiracy theory” is that JonBenet is Katy Perry. This is an idea pushed by Jungle Surfer. How can it be that the most over-the-top transvestigator has not considered that JonBenet and Burke are the same person?

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    Chloe Grace Moretz sure look like a MTF EGI individual, your images and links well supports your suspicions. She seems like a very clear case in fact, and in addition to being linked to the son of famous soccer player David Beckham, she also been linked to the Brazilian soccer star “Neymar”. It can be suspected that the most prominent soccer stars are part of the entertainment industry and be EGI just like many Hollywood celebrities are.

    Very interesting about “Neymar.” Reminds me a bit of Latina actress “Solly Duran” who is probably one of the most obvious MTF EGI’s I’ve seen. I first noticed her in the movie Cabin Fever 3.

    Another little in-joke?

    Looking forward to more posts by you, UNreal. You’re tying this all together on a much deeper level than I’ve seen anyone else do before. I just can’t get over your take on the “fuckalots” and “Satanic pedophile monsters.” Truly mind-blowing.

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    OK, one final post on this for now. What do you think about Jason Bateman as a possible FTM? In his younger years, he was quite feminine but that was before puberty. Here he is with is sister Justine at age 13:

    The reason I’m considering him now is I caught an interesting line from the movie Identity Thief. At 1:07:45 in the following video:

    I’m inverted

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    Just have to add this about EGI athletes. MTF athletes I can certainly understand, but FTM? The idea that people like Mike Tyson and Usain Bolt are women just sounds insane to me. I know testosterone can make someone stronger, but can it make someone more coordinated?

    Tyson was not only strong, but quick and precise as well. If the age info is accurate, am I really supposed to believe I’m looking at a 15-year-old girl here?

    I imagine Jungle Surfer would point out the “girlish wiggle in the hips” LOL.

    More Tyson at 15 (allegedly):


    Yes I don’t see many FTMs as some describe. It almost seems like some are deliberately poisoning the well on this. I’d need to see all of the very many characteristic skeletal structure differences before I’d throw around who I’ve decided is a trans. The finger lengths is the least convincing for me.


    MTF athletes I can certainly understand, but FTM? The idea that people like Mike Tyson and Usain Bolt are women just sounds insane to me

    In the article “Pumping Iron” i make the case that bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno are FTM EGI individuals. It seems the Elite are investing a lot of resources on gender related research and that they like to test it out in the sports arena. This has probably been the case since ancient Greece and the invention of sports as public entertainment in organized form such as the Olympic games.

    You present Mike Tyson as a champion in a sport that might be “genuine”. I’m not of your opinion that boxing is a “real” sport where there is no such thing as match fixing and hoaxes, i believe “rigging” to be essential to success. Iron Mike Tyson was produced by some pretty shady characters imo and without any parents around.

    Fixing and scripting in boxing is to be expected as they have created heroes before like Muhammed Ali (Islam, Parkinsosns, Vietnam war & more). Creating heroes in sport and destroying them is nothing new and Tyson perfectly fit the role. Mike “The Baddest Man on the Planet” Tson was initially married to definite (imo) MTF Robin Givens and promoted by Don King, another suspicious entity i consider a good candidate for being a FTM himself.

    The whole environment in boxing is in place for the Elite to promote their own products who would systematically be EGI. What more pleasing to the the Elite that to produce the worlds most dangerous men out of women? As i hope to have shown with bodybuilders, muscle mass and strength is no hurdle to FTM entities, nor is endurance as Lance Armstrong and many cyclists might prove very well. The most coordinated athletes must be considered to be females as they make the best dancers and gymnasts, ballet makes for a good example.

    I agree of course that it is hard to rid ourselves of disbelief and forget the programming we have been subjected too. But when you first realize that Tyson is a “monster” that was created to be “the baddest man” ever, then it might be easier to look for signs of EGI. Boxing is commonly rigged just like other sports like wrestling, NFL football or bodybuilding.

    Tyson definitely has a skeletal structure that present worrisome signs. He has short arms and legs and a wide waist. He has sloping shoulders and even his big muscles muscles can not hide the fact that he’s not wide, his shoulder more corresponds with the width of his hips. Tyson has a female type body.

    The facial structure is more difficult (for me) to read on an african american, but he has a very “pretty” evenly shaped round head, short neck, small close shallow eyes and short mouth (relative to his wide head and ethnicity) and small ears. His digit ratio is off and i’m of the opinion that this is a definite gender typical sign as it has been shown consistently in numerous studies, not only hear-say like many claim. We only have to look at how celebrities work so hard to hide their index finger to understand that this is a real issue.

    All in all, Mike Tyson is a clear case of Elite gender Inversion – to what extent he was transgendered is hard to know, he could have been inverted as early as in the womb and have male genitalia. However, Tson’s sex scandals and dating history suggest otherwise.

    Tyson typical portrait
    Mike Tyson starring as “The Baddest Man on the Planet”

    Mike Tyson as a child
    Mike Tyson as a child – very feminine expression

    Mike Tyson Cus d'Amato
    Mike Tyson and his adoptive “father” and trainer Constantine “Cus” D’Amato (Atoma)

    Mike Tyson and Robin Givens
    Mike Tyson and Robin Givens (she seem to “give” in regards to sexual relations)
    •both present opposite gender digit ratios

    Mike Tyson in Indiana Trial
    Mike Tyson in 1992 Indiana Trial – 6 years of prison for sex offense

    Mike Tyson plaintif Desiree Washington Miss Black beauty-pageant.jpg
    Desiree Washington (Miss Black Rhode Island) filed a formal complaint on july 22 for sexual assault in Indianapolis Canterbury Hotel (room 606). Tyson appeared before Judge Patricia Gifford on September 11.

    Tyson was a polite prisoner
    Tyson became a model prisoner was released from prison March 1995 after serving under 3 years of his 6 year sentence
    •the body of Tyson look very suspicious with incredibly short upper arms

    Mike Tyson with 3rd wife Kiki
    Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer married Mike Tyson June 6th, 2009
    •She has the wide shoulders, big eyes, long neck/nose and Adams apple, he has the short neck, vertical forehead and sloping shoulders — opposites attract..

    Mike Tyson 2016
    Mike Tyson at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in 2016 performing the stand up comedy act “UNDISPUTED TRUTH’

    Mike Tyson is funny – 00:17 mm:ss
    •Iron Mike is also known for his “high pitched voice”


    Latina actress “Solly Duran” who is probably one of the most obvious MTF EGI’s I’ve seen

    Indeed, Solly look very masculine in your picture. In addition to the film you mention (Cabinfever 3) she’s also starred in the tv series “Orange Is The New Black” and the 2012 movie “A Dark Truth” which seem like a pretty accurate title…

    The going “conspiracy theory” is that JonBenet is Katy Perry. This is an idea pushed by Jungle Surfer. How can it be that the most over-the-top transvestigator has not considered that JonBenet and Burke are the same person?

    I completely agree to your skepticism of prominent researchers, Junglesurfer included. I think that some of the subjects he promotes such as the David/Diana double inversion theory is ill founded and a sophisticated trap. Unfortunately, the Jon Benet story equally seem like more conspiracy candy and a “Tar Baby”. The cases that involve children before puberty are tricky and mostly presents lacking image material and public coverage in general, all produced after hand and possibly reworked. Children would often be used for derailing as i see it, and we might easily be sidetracked into a territory of speculation that do not further better understanding of what we can more thoroughly prove in adults, especially as they age in the public eye.

    OK, one final post on this for now. What do you think about Jason Bateman as a possible FTM?

    In Hollywood we have seen that most celebrities are linked to EGI. Bateman do not appear in many bodyshots and is difficult to confirm although he has a name that indicates scripting (J son Batman/Bateman). His wife Amanda Anka is equally scripted as well, Amanda for Adam/A man and Anka an anagram for Kaan.

    Although it does not please some researchers, the movie industry is prominently jewish and show that EGI is very much linked to this group who seem to practice intergenerational inversion on a significant scale. As much as i agree this is no reason to use derogatory language and “bashing”, it does not mean we should forget the fact that Hollywood and other important industries are prominently jewish in nature. Unfortunately, jews as a group are heavily connected to EGI, so much so that even the typical “jewish look” seem to stem from gender inverted characteristics.

    jason and justine bateman
    Jason Bateman and his sister Justine Bateman
    •although Jason has fairly wide set eyes and apparently masculine face – when we compare his features to his sisters we do see opposite gender characteristics appear – she has the large shoulders, long neck, big wide eyes and big ears – he shorter neck, feminine chin, closer set eyes and smaller ears.


    •Stage 3 : FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory

    zbigniew hawkeye
    Zbigniew Brzezinski – no brow, short nose and close set female eyes

    “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.”
    – Z. Brzezinski

    To accurately predict the future might often contain a fair share of programming, and in that respect, Zbigniew Brzezinski fit the role incredibly well. I’m not sure if his contributions are not more wishful thinking than legitimate reasons to believe in the omnipotence of the state any more today than yesterday. Maybe Zbigniew is more depicting a technological version of the 18th century Panopticon penitentiary theory where there is no longer any need for physical watchtowers or living prison wards and where virtual information is enough to keep us in fear. The difference is noteworthy of course, but in neither case will the state be able to have real control over the masses as the technocratic virtual concept still builds on the illusion of power, not on power itself. Same plan, new copy ?

    (Z)bigniew Br(z)e(z)inski*
    Zbigniew Brzezinski’s self-fulfilling prophecy and role spells out once we see through his name and meme which is hidden in plain sight.
    Big Niew Brein Sik (Zzz)

    Once we strip Brzezinski of his own literary disguise and his triple Zayin or 7, we might discover we are once more entrapped by the unique effect of announcement moreso than any possible real-world application of working technology. In fact, it seems unlikely that any state will, in any point of time, have the manpower and ability to surveil and analyse all and every one of the digits we leave behind in our digital trail. When even fridges, toasters and milk-bottles are added to the increasing amount of raw data there will be lots of information, but little intelligent conclusions to be made. Unless we believe so of course.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski is a prominent figure in geopolitics and technocratic theory/futurism and not really concerned with EGI per say. However, the numerolgy and cabalistic meaning of the triple seven or Zayin (hebrew letter and number 7) found in his name do have many connections to the transgender phenomena and Fakeologist Narrator and Youtube transvestigator hristos Mandilor have emphasized the ‘Zayin’ coding to be significant.

    For now i might have just scratched the surface of the occult symbology connected to triple sevens, however it is evident that these numbers are indeed encoded into Zbigniew Brzezinski’s name. Furthermore, as can be seen from the images herunder, both Zbigniew and his family do indeed present signs of EGI. It would require more specialized insight to make an in-depth occult numerological analyses pertaining to the specific case of Brzezinski. It is nevertheless interesting that that one of the most vocal proponents of this particular 777 number combination was none other that the “beast” himself, Aleister Crowley.

    Zbigniew old feminine smile
    Zbigniew Brzezinski as older displaying very feminine smile, small hands, small teeth, small ears, widows crest, close set eyes

    Zbigniew Brzezinski wife Emilie Benes
    Emilie Benes (wife) – wide set male eyes, male brow, nose and mouth, thick neck and large shoulders

    daughter and newsanchor Mika Brzezinski
    Mika Brzezinski (daughter) – masculine figure with wide shoulders, male neck and collarbone, large shoulders, suspected breast implants, rectangular boxy face, wide set eyes, long nose and mouth

    Zbigniew as president advisor
    Zbigniew Brzezinski as advisor for president Carter – Hairline with widows crest, close facial features, no brow whatsoever, small ears, no male angular jaw structure

    Zbigniew Brzezinski pointing fingers
    Zbigniew Brzezinski pointing fingers – in his older days it is very apparent there is no male features to be found, no brow bone, no jawbone and small hand

    Zbigniew Brzezinski mean stare
    Zbigniew Brzezinski as presented to the world – a scary man with a “Sick Brein”

    *Breinski can be used as anagram for Sick Brain where Sik and Brein are used to phonetically represent its literal counterparts.

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    UNreal, I’m going to get back to you about Tyson (where I’m beginning to see some of your points, but still remain on the fence) but first I need to add some more about Bateman. First of all, from the photo you posted, he certainly has held up a lot better than his “sister” who looks far more masculine in middle age than she did in her youth. I see that the embedded video for Identity Thief isn’t cued up properly. The line actually comes at exactly 1h 7m 50s. He says “I’m inverted.”

    Well, I found another interesting segment with him from Entertainment Tonight:

    I recently saw some old reruns of the show Silver Spoons and was really struck by how effeminate he was back then. He was over a year older than Ricky Schroder (who was rather effeminate himself) and still seemed rather “girlish” compared to him, especially in the early episodes. But again, this is “before puberty” so this sort of gender neutrality can be expected. You can see some of this “girliness” in the ET interview at age 13 above, making him somewhat of a “late bloomer.” Could the “crotch joke” (with a wink) at the end be a veiled EGI reference?

    And then there’s Episode 14 from Season 1 of the show, “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” in which Ricky dresses up in drag as Derek’s date. Here’s the video cued up to the relevant spot (the embedded one may be a bit off):

    One of the jokes is that Derek is better at acting like a girl than Ricky. This episode seems like one big EGI primer. What a revealing find!


    The line actually comes at exactly 1h 7m 50s. He says “I’m inverted.”

    Yes, i saw that part now and it’s a very subtle but clear inside joke. Great job being able to catch that part as it is really hard to notice, even when you are alerted to EGI. I’m also somehow baffled that they would use the term “inverted” that we promote on these pages and that the EGI elite might in fact themselves use similar terminology to ours. Baffling.

    The additional clips you have found on Bateman are quite incredible as well. They all show how innate both gender roles (male and female) appear to these child-actors. It is nearly hard to watch as these children confirm and extend our suspicions. I would have felt awkward if i ever let my own children watch this series, if up to me i would warrant this kind of material with a PG-13* or R rating,,, heartbreaking really, and very much a supplementary inditement to Bateman as FTM.

    I find Jason Bateman to be a difficult case as his family seem to have particular looks that well hide his feminine nature. In Bateman’s case your videoclips really help those who struggle with his adult appearence and looks wich are quite conflicting as he does have a square jaw and far apart eyes compared to most other EGI entities. Bateman’s wife Amanda Anka is also a quite discrete example of inversion, but still within the typical looks i would expect but not overly obvious.

    As we must suppose, we will mostly only analyze the most apparent cases and Bateman isn’t part of them, nor is his wife. As your videos show, we sometimes need to scrutinize an individual in depth for disposing enough material to categorically confirm such examples. To me Bateman appear very much a clear case now when seen in contrast to his sister and family, together with your references from early movies it further incriminates him and his fellow child actors, including his sister.

    I would think that Bateman has the freedom of doing some “puns” as he’s such a well accepted example of EGI in the public. As we have seen with cigars, pipes and ‘testicle allusion’ (in various forms from both Jason and Tyson) there is clearly a lot of dupers delight involved from the side of the EGI who seemingly can’t be satiated in their spite of normal men and women – their admitted target audience. Unfortunately for Bateman and the rest, it doesn’t really flatter them in return that they keep on starring in these movies if they believe us to be such inferior beings to themselves.

    Jason Bateman in Couples Retreats 2009
    Jason Bateman in Couples Retreat (2009) – not a very masculine body and the waist indentation is consistent with our suspicion as is hip/shoulder ratio, asymmetrical chest muscles and short arms. The excessively hairy triangle between the pec’s might hide incision marks, understandable there is only a rare picture of Bateman in swimwear

    *PG13 – Inappropriate For Children Under 13 (wikipedia)


    •Stage 3 : FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory

    Henry Kissinger 1995 at NYC Museum of Modern Art Gala
    Henry Kissinger 1995 at NYC Museum of Modern Art Gala

    The inversion of typical height for EGI individals is covered in two previous articles on size – Short list and Tall list. The inversion of typical height of EGI individuals is due to their impersonation as the opposite sex and as much as men in general stand taller than women, so are these characteristics valid for the Elite Gender Inverted individuals – only the women will be the taller person. This is of course the opposite of what we expect in our immediate vicinity, and can be considered an obvious sign of EGI.

    If Elite Gender Inversion was an admitted practice, we would be able to generalize from such a natural point of view. Men are taller than women. But when it comes to EGI i’m afraid it must be considered that Elite is one step ahead of us, if not more. EGI is all about successfully incarnating the opposite gender and the ambition would be to do so undetected by the public. It is therefore most likely that diet, exercise and medical procedures have been perfected in order to outsmart nature and successfully align EGI individuals height to the common perception of men being more imposing in size than women.

    Size as a criterium for detecting EGI individuals should however not be utilized on its own as we also need to factor in the Elites awareness to the issue. Indeed, height is clearly an issue as the Elite invert gender on a larger scale, even if it seem simplistic on the surface. Inverted couples will unmistakably have a tendency of being composed of reverse height, so the most mediated celebrity couples will therefore be carefully constituted as to conceal such apparent qualities as height. Going back in time, the Elite were probably not able to control height to the degree we see today.

    Henry A. Kissinger
    Yn Her A King Rises

    Henry Alfred Kissinger (1923) is sometimes referred to as the american architect of evil and even a mass murderer . As the secretary of state to both Nixon and Ford, Kissinger has remained a central figure in international politics ever since he gained influence, notably with his book on nuclear war and his role as study director in nuclear weapons and foreign policy at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). In other words, Henry A. Kissinger is scary and also very deceptive – a war criminal to many yet still a nobel prize winner (Vietnam war, 1973). And apparently a very influential man – yet more probably a woman in disguise…

    The anagram made from Henry Kissinger’s name might be overly apparent, but the wordplay only take on it’s full meaning after we have a basic understanding of Elite Gender Inversion. The power of anagrams is that the occult meaning and intention is subconsciously understood and a spell can be literally cast upon us undetected by our conscious mind. The position of power that Kissinger’s name covertly signify can be said to have literally come true over the ages. If there ever was a “King Maker” Kissinger seem to have cunningly lived up to his spellcraft.

    As an Elite Gender Inverted individual, Kissinger must be considered to stem from an older generation. In his upbringing between the two wars he did not have the perfected medical protocols of today – and neither had his wife Nancy. When we see the Kissinger couple together, the opposite gender characteristics are unmistakeable. We have big male features in Nancy and feminine, close features her FTM husband. Together the Kissinger’s form a typically inverted couple and members of the seemingly most influential club in the world – the EGI.

    Henry Kissinger 1968 as President Nixon's Secretary of State
    Henry Kissinger 1968 as President Nixon’s Secretary of State
    •Kissinger has very soft looks despite prominent nose which most probably is worked on to become more male and counter-intuitively made “ugly”

    Henry Kissinger 1969 National Security Advisor shaving in the White House
    Henry Kissinger 1969 National Security Advisor shaving in the White House
    •shaving is a typically male activity but it remains uncertain whether Henry Kissinger ever developed decent beard-growth

    Henry Kissinger 1981 together with Nancy at NYC Sports event
    Henry Kissinger 1981 together with Nancy at NYC Sports event
    •Henry has narrow shoulders, no neck and a large waistline – Nancy has the larger square shoulders, male chin and square jaw

    Henry Kissinger 1984 at NYC Museum of Modern Art Gala
    •opposite gender signs where Nancy show very square jaw, big wide set eyes and long neck – Henry has no neck, short arms and no jawline

    Henry Kissinger and Nancy at 1986 NYC conference
    Henry Kissinger and Nancy at 1986 NYC conference
    •the difference in their respective necks is striking with Nancy displaying every sign of a male – except Adams apple which most likely has been surgically removed

    Henry Kissinger and Nancy invited to dinner with Chinese President & wife (2015)
    •typical inverted height difference and body type – she has the long limbs an big smile, he has the short neck, arms and legs

    Henry Kissinger (2016) is still active and will advise newly elected president Donald Trump in the Crimea conflict
    •with age Kissinger demonstrate all female aging features without any brow structure at all – also of note are the colored female lips and lack of facial hair

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    I find Jason Bateman to be a difficult case as his family seem to have particular looks that well hide his feminine nature.

    I agree. He’s a tough one. His name “Bait Man” doesn’t help. If he is intended to bait us into calling EGI, then it’s a subtle play. But perhaps the trick is the other way around? Regardless, as an adult, his face does look quite masculine. It’s funny you mention his “feminine chin” though as there was another line in Identity Thief where by firelight, Melissa McCarthy comments that the light is very flattering non his chin (just before he is attacked by a snake which brings up a possible esoteric element to all of this that we don’t need to get it to now). At 1h 33m 41s in the video:

    EDIT: Oh, man. I just realized something. First of all, I wonder if the word “identity” in the title could be an EGI reference? In the movie, female McCarthy is able to steal Bateman’s identity because of his gender-neutral name “Sandy.” Wow, this stupid little comedy could have more hidden meaning than I realized!

    Incidentally, the reason I stumbled upon these lines from this movie is from a post I did unrelated to EGI, but that does play into the “gender division” and distrust theme that’s being pushed very hard at the moment in the wake of “sexist” Trump’s victory. But looking again at the photo of the alleged perpetrator, I now wonder if this could be an MTF. Here’s that post for anyone who is interested (click where it says “Google+” at the top to see my comments for the Identity Thief connection):

    But back to Bateman. The photo you showed of his body doesn’t look much different than mine, so I dunno what to make of it. I’ll just put him on the de-BATE-able list for now. That episode of Silver Spoons is certainly valuable regardless of Bateman or Schroder’s gender identities.

    And yes, I do see what you mean about the “Jewish look,” too. Your recent example of Henry Kissinger basically looks like the standard Jewish stereotype caricature we see in cartoons and what not. Regarding height differences, what do you think about Chloe Moretz who is rather small at 5’4″? It seems she might be part of the “new generation” or “new batch” of EGIs where they have further perfected the science of hiding the subject’s true gender identity, which is why she’s so highly prized and adored in Hollywood. Perhaps intentional growth stunting is part of this? Here she is with two of her brothers, in heels:

    Also incidentally, two of her four brothers are supposedly “gay.” I presume these are the gay ones, but you never know these days.


    The photo you showed of his body doesn’t look much different than mine, so I dunno what to make of it.

    The photo of Bateman is a screenshot from the move Couples Retreat where most of the starring actors appear in swimming wear – especially Vince Vaughn and Jean Reno look very strange with wide hips and peculiar pecs. Agree that Bateman is ‘de-BATE-able‘ as you put so well. His body is not overly male nor female when examined – there is a bit of both and not much image material to judge from. Best way to judge Bateman might be through his family. If his sister is MTF, it would be consistant that Bateman would be FTM – in either case your video-clips show that he clearly is EGI aware and compatible. Regarding Hollywood it is starting to become difficult to imagine anyone that are not at the least aware to EGI, EGI compatible or EGI themselves.

    Regarding height differences, what do you think about Chloe Moretz who is rather small at 5’4?? It seems she might be part of the “new generation” or “new batch” of EGIs where they have further perfected the science of hiding the subject’s true gender identity, which is why she’s so highly prized and adored in Hollywood. Perhaps intentional growth stunting is part of this?

    Yes – it really stands to reason that size and height is of big importance when it comes to successfully impersonate the opposite sex. The process of transgendering in the way the Elite practice it is much less intrusive than what we see from openly transgendered exemples where they go through the process in adult age or puberty at the earliest. When it comes to perfecting their methods i would think it has most to do with medically monitoring and assisting growth. Hormone levels will be scrutinized and administered as to optimize desires result.

    As you say, for a boy that is transgendered into a woman over time, they would try minimize the growth and size. For a girl to turn into a man it would be the opposite as they will maximize growth and muscle mass. This is very counter intuitive for normal individuals, but we are discussing a very particular group of individuals that have very ancient traditions and secrets they have never shared, and never will.

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    Back in 2015, I wrote a couple posts on possible EGI candidates in the hi-tech industry. Both are Asian women which makes sense as Asian physiology naturally lends itself to less detectable MTF transitions. The two examples I showed are quite obvious, however.

    EXHIBIT A: Reddit CEO Ellen Pao who was “ironically” involved in a high-profile gender discrimination lawsuit, reinforcing her identity as a “female”:




    Here she is speaking on video. Her voice is consistent with an MTF:

    The Wiki entry on her lawsuit also contains some suggestive wording:

    On May 10, 2012, Pao filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against her employer alleging workplace retaliation by a married junior partner, Ajit Nazre, with whom she had a consensual affair. She continued to work at the firm until October 1 when, according to her, she was terminated and, according to the defendant, was offered a 5-month transition, with pay, to an operating role, but, when she rejected their offer, terminated effective October 31, 2012.

    And this article from TIME:

    We handled the transition in a way that caused some disruption, and we should have done a better job…


    Unfortunately, we did not announce the transition right after that happened…

    EXHIBIT B: inDinero founder Jessica Mah (Man?). The video in this article pretty much says it all. Also note the number 25 (7/Zayin) in the headline:–1-million-to-nothing-and-back–indinero-s-jessica-mah-172014956.html#

    Face w/ Adam’s apple



    Another video. Just like Pao, the voice is a dead giveaway (in addition to everything else). Nice “one-eye” smiley in the background:

    An article from just the other day:

    Relocation. Jessica Mah has made Portland the official headquarters for her financial services company InDinero. The company previously called San Francisco home. Mah laid off about 20 people during the transition, and will now have 35 employees, the Portland Business Journal reported.

    Both of these examples are so obvious to me that I have to wonder if they’re “bait” of some sort. The seemingly deliberate display of their fingers is especially suspicious. There are lots of nasty comments on the Pao YouTube video but no “tranny” accusations from what I can tell. But it seems some are catching on. Nothing for Mah, but she’s less well-known. Sorry for the “T-word” and the mocking. Not mine:

    Avatar photoTerran Downvale

    Caught another sneaky keyword in that line from Pao’s lawsuit Wiki:

    She continued to work at the firm until October 1 when, according to her, she was terminated and, according to the defendant, was offered a 5-month transition, with pay, to an operating role…

    Also, the defendant Kleiner Perkins (Klein or Perkins?):

    Kevin Kline in Wild Wild West:

    Anthony Perkins in Psycho:


    Back in 2015, I wrote a couple posts on possible EGI candidates in the hi-tech industry. Both are Asian women which makes sense as Asian physiology naturally lends itself to less detectable MTF transitions

    Very convincing cases of MTF in both these two very young CEO’s. The IT industry as a whole seems to be very much contrived as Google*, Apple, Facebook and other companies are all led by suspect EGI entities that often mingle with the Entertainment industry and who’s lives are also dramatized in big budget movies (Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg).

    The ethnic angle is also very interesting as Asia is becoming a big market for occidental culture and probably in need of heroes on their own. Maybe the portrayal of asians in these influent positions is also meant to have some intimidating effect on western culture. Maybe have us feel inferior to some of these young geniuses prowess and precocity. It is also quite apparent that the Elite benefit from race-mixing as it produces a greater variety of physical features and less typical looks. This development make gender identity more difficult to assess.

    EXHIBIT A: Reddit CEO Ellen Pao

    Asian physique is quite difficult to evaluate, but in Ellen Pao’s case the square jaw and shoulders, long neck and hands are striking. It do add to the suspicion that she’s involved in a gender related lawsuit. The press coverage generated seem contrived and i’m very skeptical of such young people rising so quickly to prominent positions. It reminds me how Steve Jobs, Gates and Zuckerberg were not in any way skilled in technology by themselves – so what makes Pao deserve her credentials as a CEO ? It seems like fairy tale scripting to have normal people believe in their chances that everyone can succeed if they work hard. We can all be presidents…

    EXHIBIT B: inDinero founder Jessica Mah

    Mah* different facial features to Pao, and she has even more masculine features than Pao with a very wide face, far apart eyes, important nose and wide manly mouth/smile with big teeth and a sloping forehead. Considering she also has a very masculine voice and neck, it’s evident something is wrong here. So much so, it nearly seems like she was picked for the role because she was apparent. There are so many asian transvestites that look so convincing it’s hard to understand why they picked this person. It would be logic if we could believe in her technical skills or “founder” story, but raising 1 million dollars when you are 18 years old just does’t sound likely. And accounting isn’t a domain where “genius” is needed anyhow – it’s just book-keeping, no fancy intellect needed. Rather the contrary.

    The tech industry sure is interesting and look more like Hollywood by the day. It is rumored Apple will start making TV shows as well, and Amazon is already onto entertainment in a big way.

    *Mah does indeed have a very curious name that could be a blanagram which is an anagram made from the substitution of a single letter (Man)

    *previous post on Google founders Nird & Page here

    Kaye Cruz 2017 – 07:14 mm:ss
    Founders of google are girls


    •Stage 3 : FTM (Female to Male) cases and theory
    In Mushroom God’s video hereunder, there might not be enough image material to validate suspicion of EGI in the two cases of British Secretary of State Boris Johnson and former Prime Minister David Cameron. The video does however emphasize the very typical signs of a female skull and how it can be recognized very quickly from only a few profile pictures. There is more material on both figures from other researchers, but to demonstrate how female both these entities are in terms of head shape and underlying cranial features. Mushroom Gods really does an excellent job here…

    Mushroom Gods – 01:29 mm:ss
    Boris Johnson and David Cameron are WOMEN

    *David Cameron’s wife Sam ‘transvestigated’ by JS
    JUNGLE SURFER – 10:34 mm:ss
    Sam Cameron – a man like Michelle


    UNreal- Brezinski always did look odd to me (without realizing what might be the cause), but then when I see his “wife” — well, that’s very persuasive to me that you’re correct. And looking more closely at Brezinski himself, I can see the subtle signs of EGI.

    The scripting of his name as you suggest adds another layer, although it also raises more questions. Are political/ policy types such as Brezinski and Kissinger “writer-actors”? I.e. they really plan policy, even as they play a role? Or are they mostly only front men (actors) for some unseen planners? Maybe it’s not that significant in the grand scheme of things, just kind of curious.

    Meanwhile, I continue noticing many suspect “entities” elsewhere, during my own web browsing and research. I almost think I may have struck an EGI motherlode (so to speak) in fact… Maybe I’m mistaken, but what I came across seems beyond beyond fishy.

    I was reading about historian/ feminist Eileen Power, and looked her up, just wondering. And of course, she’s quite the typical “feminist”:

    eileen power

    It gets much better though. Her Wikipedia shows she went to the Oxford High School, a very elite all girls’ school founded 3/11 1875, with 29 girls (=11) and 3 teachers.

    It appears to be a very spooky institution, and perhaps a hotbed of MTF EGI as well. Looking over their list of headmistresses, and notable alumnus, (including a childhood friend of Eric Blair/ George Orwell, and the girl that inspired the Alice in Wonderland character), virtually all of them are either blazingly obvious, or at least questionable.

    A few alumnus:
    Charlotte Mendelson, novelist

    Miriam Margoyles, actress

    Rose Macaulay, novelist (Macaulay Culkin connection? Also, appears to be a case of Victorian era EGI, some of the photos are so masculine there’s almost no pretense.)

    Jacintha Buddicom (Orwell childhood friend)

    Dame Maggie Smith (actress. Note brow ridge with age.)
    maggie smith

    Martha Lane Fox (entrepreneur. Very passable in many pictures, still suspect.)

    Sian Edwards (conductor)

    Mary Warnock (Philosopher, Oxford headmistress. Again, not trying too hard are they.)

    What’s it all mean? I wonder… That the big question I guess. What the *#% are they up to.

    UNreal has provided some good suggestions, talking about their ancient occult practices or mystery religions. Perhaps it’s a blend of religion, sexual/ cultural practices, and social control? Very strange how they jealously guard it as a great secret. Although now it seems to be bubbling up into the mass consciousness. Perhaps they are preparing the way to be more open about it? Either because they want to, or maybe they see they will be forced to eventually?

    And this is just what we can see, somewhat, on the surface… If they’re doing this, what else are they doing, behind closed doors. “Eyes Wide Shut” is actually just like a more grown-up frat party or something, compared to inverting gender on a large scale, and promoting those entities to a global public… And scripting it all as a grand pseudo-reality stage-play.

    • This reply was modified 5 years, 9 months ago by timr.

    Terran Downvale- Thanks for responding to my question about how they manage to raise children like this, and seemingly not meet with major psychological issues or fallout.

    I checked out your page regarding the Peter Pan scripting in the news cycle around the Pulse nightclub shooting. Again as you say, the mind boggles to think that the scripting could be that artful — some of the examples you show would suggest a Kubrick-like level of attention to detail, and subtle symbolism. If so, they are very far beyond us indeed. Maybe through bad schooling and bad food and water (which they avoid?) they can just run rings around us… I’m not sure of that level of scripting yet, but open to considering it.

    (Also, just a thought, I would find a regular blog (like Google’s free an easier format to read than Google Hangouts.)

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