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    richard benedict

    “The truth can not be told; it must be realized.”

    extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world.
    “her ethereal beauty”

    This post is intended to offer insight into why certain artists are replaced. If the reader will watch and listen to the first video with high quality headphones, you will see a beautiful, transcendent, sublime soul. An ethereal* angelic voice. Created by God.

    The second video, if the reader listens and watches carefully, is the ugly, satanic counterfeit.

    [Watch for the evil look beginning at the 1:40-1:46 mark.]

    Here is the same evil person in Russia.

    Here is the beautiful original:

    Here is the solution to the mystery of what happened to transcendent artists like Paul McCartney and Elton John.

    Elton was really going to quit, and I guess why. He came across the ugly inside of show biz, and he wanted out.

    But he was too talented, wrote many beautiful songs, and he was already loved by the public. They* wanted all of it, didn’t want to lose it – and They replaced him.

    All of the artists I write about in this forum who were later replaced have something in common, something that is hard to put into words, something sublime, ineffable. Our demonic overlords feel it, They SMELL it, like hunting hounds smell the prey. They see the Divine quality in the artist from from day one, in most cases even before fame. They let them live for some time after They find them, They let them sing, speak, write, paint, or whatever they do. Until everyone loves them. And then – snap! The rest we all know.

    I believe have They their own “auditions”, when they look at these people carefully and decide, if this is it, what what has to be done with it. I bet They say to each other – @#$%!!, this is another “sent from Above” piece of @#$%!, now we have to think over what to do with him/her.

    It is a part of a general spiritual fight for Earth and for humanity, that is reflected in a physical realm, becoming all the things that are written about here- masonry, elites, the perversion of EGI, etc.

    The real Paul McCartney left us in 1964. As did the real John Lennon. The real Elton John-1977. The real Joan Baez, Suzanne Somers, Eric Clapton, John Denver Olivia Newton John …consigned to oblivion.


    I was a huge Elton John fan. The point you are making is valid. The flamboyant costumes are simply a cover for replacement. The same technique was used for Michael Jackson, and probably Lady Gaga. Costume misdirection, the oldest trick in the book.

    Each singer’s franchise is just too important to leave to chance. Now that music sales are a poor revenue stream, lip syncing tours are required, and you need a live person to perform. With enough make up, costume, and other disguising virtually anyone can lip the songs.

    I doubt the real Elton would have gone for the perverse agenda the current actor is playing. I doubt anyone with a shred of dignity or talent would even care about the money after seeing how their personas are used.

    Let’s hope the originals are happy in their obscurity. It’s too bad none can come forward, and if so, would be believed. I wonder if any troll these forums, happy some fans can see through the veil.

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    Here’s the devil picture.

    I had no idea he retired in 1977.

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    His voiced changed – this video says 1978. Why? Easiest explanation could be different person.

    richard benedict

    @Ab, thank you for your post. Your remarks are a source of encouragement. You are not joking when you said in your first few podcasts that this site will serve as a hoax recovery site. I have learned since I came across your site in Dec. of 2012, that, although I may be deft in discussing fakeology, I will convince no one of our worldview. No one. As you have so eloquently explained in your many broadcasts, there is a psychological hurdle that prevents the overwhelming majority from seeing what we see. There is a psychological dimension to fakeology that is unassailable.

    As you have pointed out with the mega hoaxes, (JFK, etc.) it is hard to imagine the culprits getting off scott free. But they do. Elton John was the most popular entertainer on the face of the earth in 1977. He was replaced in front of God and everybody and history will record no wiser.

    As a formality. I am posting a web page that lists Elton John tours beginning in 1970 until the present day. For those with eyes to see, there is an uncharacteristic 18 month break in Nov. 3 1977 when he announced his retirement.



    I think it goes much deeper than anyone realizes. I’ve done extensive research on Elton and in my research he was replaced early on.he was already a product being pushed before his first album.record company buying billboards on buses saying” Elton john, Elton who?”…look closely at the 1971 age of Aquarius special and we see the Elton who had a lot of hair , not balding at all.also a different accent and speaking voice and mannerisms. And Bernie referring to him as “reg”.look at how he sings and his mouth.he structures words different and is not trying to promote any gay agenda or homosexuality.he also has a slightly heavier build .he talks “normal”. After “madman” I believe he was replaced with another guy who was balding.and he acts very withdrawn.by 1976-77 the shape of “elton’s” head is longer and the voice is a little deeper. In 1977 he throws hints about retiring and then on Jan 23,1978 people magazine has “the new Elton john!” On the front cover! This guy is a wide eyed almost bug eyed replacement.he lasted until 1988 and then we have the “Elton”we have now. Which looks nothing like the original. In my research the “original” may only got to sing on “lady Samantha ” and “your song”. There is only one black and white pic on google images of him in 1967 that is consistent with his childhood photo.they probably led him on and bought him out and kept Bernie.


    I also have to say that I was always be Willder it in my subconscious even as a youth when I looked upon the Beatles and noticed they look different from year to year . I remember in my youth I looked at the 1965 version of the Beatles when they were on the help movie and they all look totally different . I have since delved into this subject with extreme curiosity and a open mind . I have done biometric research and have facial recognition apps along with my and my gift for spotting people that are doubles . It is easier than you think you just have to pay attention to their eyes and their mannerisms sometimes it is very hard . There are probably 4 to 5 people in your own state or county that resembles you uncannily . Couple that with voice training and mimicry and lots of money and you can get a thorough match at least enough to fool people .the rock band kiss, Edward Van Halen, David lee Roth, Metallica, Freddy mercury, al Pacino, even Pink Floyd for gods sake. After 1977 David gilmour is no longer “cute” and funny , he is chubbier with a much more serious persona. I don’t believe in “cloning” I think it is a hoax that the powers that be put out there to make you think they are more powerful than they are… they are not. But they love stealing original talent and changing it to what they want plus you can hire the doppelgängers to do the job for far less.look at “Paul Stanley ” from kiss.his teeth in the 1988 Swedish interview on YouTube shows a miniature gap between his teeth and this Paul was a far better singer and performer than the other two Paul’s from the 1970’s.this subject goes extremely deep and one can see it if you hone in your consciousness towards the eyes and the mannerisms.its about an agenda for a much bigger psychological operation.if you Believe the switch you will probably believe another monster psychological operation there making sure they are keeping you fooled and asleep so you will not be much trouble when they pull the big enchilada!

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