The Iranian Embassy Seige and Iran Hostage Crisis

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    Tom Dalpra

    Iranian Embassy Siege London: 30/4/1980


    The official story from Wonkypedia –

    ”The Iranian Embassy siege took place from 30 April to 5 May 1980, ( Spring Op – popular of course – maybe the the ones that are supposed to blossom?) after a group of six armed men stormed the Iranian embassy in South Kensington, London. The gunmen took 26 people hostage—mostly embassy staff, but several visitors and a police officer, who had been guarding the embassy, were also held. The hostage-takers, members of an Iranian Arab group campaigning for Arab national sovereignty in the southern region of Kh?zest?n Province, demanded the release of Arab prisoners from jails in Kh?zest?n and their own safe passage out of the United Kingdom. The British government quickly resolved that safe passage would not be granted, and a siege ensued. Over the following days, police negotiators secured the release of five hostages in exchange for minor concessions, such as the broadcasting of the hostage-takers’ demands on British television.

    By the sixth day of the siege the gunmen had become increasingly frustrated at the lack of progress in meeting their demands. That evening, they killed one of the hostages and threw his body out of the embassy. As a result, the British government ordered the Special Air Service (SAS), a special forces regiment of the British Army, to conduct an assault to rescue the remaining hostages. Shortly afterwards, soldiers abseiled from the roof of the building and forced entry through the windows. During the 17-minute raid, the SAS rescued all but one of the remaining hostages, and killed five of the six terrorists. The soldiers subsequently faced accusations that they unnecessarily killed two of the terrorists, but an inquest into the deaths eventually cleared the SAS of any wrongdoing. ( it’s still referred to –

    The siege was a major public relations coup for the SAS.


    And for Margaret Thatcher.

    We find: –

    ”The hostage-takers and their cause were largely forgotten after the Iran–Iraq War broke out later in 1980 and the hostage crisis in Tehran continued until January 1981. However, the operation brought the SAS to the public eye for the first time and bolstered the reputation of Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister. The SAS was quickly overwhelmed by the number of applications it received from people inspired by the operation and, at the same time, experienced greater demand for its expertise from foreign governments. It was not until 1993 that 16 Princes Gate, having suffered major damage from a fire that broke out during the assault, was reopened as the Iranian embassy.”

    These last highlighted consequences of the Iranian Embassy Siege were great successes of this military/media operation that helped define an era in Britain.

    With that taken on board…it didn’t take long to go back a few months to:-

    November 1979 – The US Embassy, Tehran.

    It’s worth remembering that the 444 day long-running US Embassy seige in Tehran had begun just post Iranian revolution in November of ’79. The revolution which saw the removal from power of the Shah and the return of the exiled Ayatollah.

    But back to embassy sieges, there appears some Anglo-American harmony here – a common campaign maybe? This is the sort of stuff that shapes the ‘special relationship’ – they tell us we have here in the UK – with our ‘American cousins’?

    Here’s a time-line of the Embassy Crisis in Tehran – it began in November 1979.

    –”Two weeks after the siege began 13 female and black hostages were released from the embassy.
    In April 1980 a dramatic rescue mission failed and eight American soldiers were killed. ( woah hold on here. That was on 24 th April 1980? – just six days before the London Op Interesting. )

    Here’s a posh sounding Channel 4 stalwart, Jon Snow on that:

    Diplomatic relations between Iran and the US broke down in July 1980 over the crisis.

    On 21 January 1981, on the same day as the inauguration of President Reagan, the crisis came to an end when 52 American hostages were freed after 444 days.
    (What better way to mark History and make a point. Much as Ron Reagan had fuck-all to do with it, it’s just a good broad subliminal message as much as anything- ‘Reagan in – problem over’. Meanwhile Carter could take credit as he exited stage left. Everyone’s happy. The end of the 444 day seige. Pop all that into the history books. I’m sure they feel they played their cards well with the 52 hostages)


    The Shah of Iran never returned to Iran and died in exile in Egypt in July 1980.”– I wonder how much he really knew of the whole play?

    These were two influencial Ops on the World stage these two ‘Embassy set- pieces.’ They were timed to go along with another major operation – the change-over in Iran. The end of the Shah and the hand over to the Islamists.

    Iran’s contrived Islamification was accompanied with these two big presentations to both the British and US people and onto the rest of the World.

    I’d say they were both very successful.



    Yeah remember it well, certainly played out like a spy thriller..

    Interesting to note that 4 years later on 27th April 1984:

    The Libyan embassy siege ends –

    ‘The siege of the Libyan Embassy in St James’s Square in London is over.

    In the end, the diplomats, holed up in the building for 11 days since the shooting dead of WPC Yvonne Fletcher which began the siege, simply walked out. ‘


    I like this:

    The [next door Royal] College [of General Practitionersat No 15] was evacuated, except for two administrators who were retired naval officers.

    Fancy BBC Sound recordist Sim Harris being there in the embassy by chance getting a visa….

    In 1976 the business of the College was extended next door into No. 15 Princes Gate. In 1992 the College obtained the freehold of No. 15. The College sold the building in 2010.

    [They already had the freehold for No 14, an amalgamation of 13 and 14]

    The SAS entered No. 16 Princes Gate from the balcony of No. 15….

    Worth having a look at a short Icke thread on the event as false flag:

    Check the pieces about Chris Cramer there. Lucky he AND Simeon Harris were both there

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