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    Black Dog

    Excerpts from Clues Chronicle 6 (Nov. 11, 2015), “Hi Videre” (Videre interview part)

    Thoughts from Videre..
    Excerpts from Clues Chronicle 6, “Hi Videre” (Videre interview part).

    “..part of me is questioning whether I really want to protect somebody of the fear for that..” – ?

    Not sure, I’ve interpreted that above part correctly/the audio quality is lacking, although the rest of the audio was quite clear enough.

    I’d like to have a follow-up from Videre on these points (a good example of what I consider ‘Stockholme Syndrome’, which, let’s face it, we all have to a degree/and no doubt women more so). ..How is her ‘making peace with the controllers’ going? ..Is she going to intentionally join them to help program the human race for the elitist agenda? She seems like a nice enough woman (nice voice/bad audio though, from Cluesform). And yes I am paying her special attention … ‘we all have things to learn from each other’. As all and any, even the seemingly trivial.. ..are often the pieces we all crave in putting this all together, if can ever be accomplished. To at least a degree anyway … in these seemingly never ending increments.

    I personally have not the least bit of a feeling that our controllers may be the least bit benevolent of any sort. They do what they do.. and how could anyone think that does not include death, killing, murder, even large scale genocide of innocent people as needed?

    I am also very curious why the only voices on the internet seem to be us ignorant ‘westerners’ who have no first hand account of the devistation that has been ongoing. There should be voices out there, that, either through handed down stories (from trusted loved ones) or directly from people that are now living in this whole wide world /on this supposed world wide web.

    Audio source: CluesChronicle006_2015-11-13_Hi-Videre-Moon-Hoax

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    Black Dog

    Rewrite/correction of original, last paragraph:

    I am also very curious why the only voices on the internet seem to be of us ignorant ‘westerners’ who have no first hand account of the devistation that is ongoing. There should be voices out there (here), either through handed down stories (from trusted loved ones, living or departed) or directly from people now living in this whole-wide-world /on this supposed whole ‘world-wide-web’ (i.e., WWW).

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    Tal Shiar

    Black dog, are you female or male, because you sound easily controlled from reading your responses.

    I have never heard anyone reference a persons sex as being weaker in regards to Stockholm Syndrome. Since Stockholm syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. I just cannot see how a women is more easily controlled than a man?

    I think you need to reasses where this biogoted thought pattern is coming from.

    King Regards,
    TAL 🙂

    Black Dog

    I am a man.. (?).

    BTW you can click on my user name and read my bio, which begins by answering your question, if your question was not rhetorical that is (fill out your bios people).

    “Easily controlled”? Who isn’t? Do you mean inferior? Or something demeaning? … I hope not, I like to think of myself as, at the least, ‘capable’, capable of understanding what ever it is.


    We may never figure them out. “Weaker”? I don’t think I implied weaker, not quite! ..Physically? Yes, on average. Mentally? I would say more ‘different’ rather than weaker, and ideally, complimentary to a man. Unlike the division we have afoot currently.

    What women have that we don’t is, all that we want! In some cases so much so that some of us cross over to imitate them.. though nothing can ever replace them.. there is nothing like a woman! The most incredible and beautiful creature ever made!

    That declared: my love for women; it goes much deeper, of course.. how they have an innate sense about who and what to follow, currently it is the big cheese.. it is a rare exception that they will not follow the big cheese.. woman are not ‘in it to lose it’, they are not into the underdog or the lesser provider ..or ‘loser’.. As well; Generally both sexes are into the big cheese! But the fringe, as we have here (and there) are usually male.

    On the fringe:

    ..Some men and the rare woman.. And this is natural, ..Expected. It goes back to our basic instincts. How women will stay back as the men face the invaders.. and here’s the kicker, if the men lose, the women will often make good with the winner, to ensure, theirs and their offsprings survival. Again, this is natural.

    Note: We could compare various animal species as well, which of course the aforementioned would be more expected in the more practical animal world. Also considering, like us, animals are programmed for survival (Lions are a good example; as well as sea lions). – But then take these same or similar into captivity and things change, as has our behavior, collectivey.

    So, when we have women participate in this here ‘confrontation of the invader’, we have this playing out, with only the rare woman truly down with the tribe.. as virtual and lost (or fragmented) as this tribe is.. and silent and hidden as these invaders are ..to a point many will argue, ‘imaginary’ … Maddening, isn’t it.

    Now, yourself (Tal), you take more of a female stance in your thinking (here, and previously), and this is reaffirming of my theory of how a feminization agenda (demasculinization) is desirable to the big cheeses.. (and is, in fact, in full swing). They don’t want ‘men with guns’ in opposition to their big cheese plans. – Observe, observer, the division they have created. Who do they target? Women, non-white men, ‘gays’ ..or these progenitors, or progenies, of this faux human subspecies deception ..This is all material for another post in and of itself. With their ultimate goal of turning all men gay and thus decreasing the population (one of multiple agendas with the same end goal: depopulation, I conjecture).

    Now the average woman will read this and think, “loser”.. at least more so than the average man anyway. And they will be right, but what they’re not getting is how they are losing as well (in a losing game). ..And we are all in crucial times.. together. The big cheeses’ plans are progressing dynamically, exponentially! ..As we struggle to form the least bit of any kind of a consensus at all! That I know of anyway.

    When really, it’s simple: take the malevolent programming of the past two thousand or so years away! Detox! Physically and mentally.. We should be getting back to nature and away from government and corporate dependecy but instead we are being manipulated and kept in cities and removed from production of our basic needs which are now being provided by these obvious malevolent money driven entities. Taking what’s good away and replacing it with all manner of bad, both weakening and keeping us down. From the very air filled with pollutants, questionably intentionally (i.e., chemtrails), to the water plasticized, chlorinated, flouridated, poisoned; and foods altered in various ways (i.e., GMO), and better simpler foods of the past becoming high priced luxuries.


    I am not a bigot, I wish I was, my thoughts are flexible .. What is ‘confirmed’ in my ‘sound boarding’ here? I speculate, conjecture, hypothsize, and so on.. I welcome the replies such as yours, I truly would like to learn more or even be proven wrong.. or oppossed with counter-theory, opinion, and so on. I have lived fifty years observing this bizzare western reality phenomenon plaguing this world and I think there is credence in my dire dissertations here, or at the least, they are not thoughts to be crudely dismissed in their entirety. Remember, controversy is what’s needed! ..Who is the bigot?

    ..We are in ‘the sandbox’.. trying to comprehend ‘the big picture’ ..are we not?

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