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    hi flx …….do you have , or, could you take the time , to share any of your expertise ,on the ” plane crash ” in staines in the early 70s ……VD

    I did briefly here but it’s always good to have a deeper [sky] dive…

    A couple more videos

    this one

    is a recreation, complete with “eyewitness” Frances Castledine [now MBE] “I heard a very loud thump” suuuure. then she dumps her baby with a neighbour and rushes off to look for survivors. “The vapour was very heavy in the air”. Baby or help. Answer – help. “I did my best, I manipulated his legs…he soon dies” **

    More detail here – a detailed recapitulation of here story in 2015

    The now 74-year-old still lives in the same Birch Green house as of 43 years ago when two brothers, Trevor and Paul Burke, knocked on her front door to tell her they had seen a plane crash behind her house on that fateful afternoon of Sunday June 18…The former Ashford Hospital accident and emergency nurse of six years would jump over a six foot wall in order to make her way to the crash site to help any of those on board who may have survived….

    ** Irish businessman Melville Miller b 1917 Managing director of Rowntree Mackintosh….

    From the Irish Times, 1997

    IRELAND’S entry to the EEC, as it was then called, was marred by the deaths of 12 of Ireland’s most prominent businessmen, who died in the Staines air disaster 25 years ago today.

    The party was on its way to Brussels for discussions at the EEC headquarters following the passing of the referendum allowing Ireland to join the Community. Ireland acceded to membership the following year…..Those who died were: Mr Melville Miller, managing director of Rowntree-Mackintosh; Mr C.A. Smith, president of the Confederation of Irish Industry; Mr E.J. Gray, director-general of the CII; Mr Hugh Kilfeather, Coras Trachtala; Mr Michael Rigby-Jones, Irish Ropes Ltd; Mr Michael Sweetman, Irish Council for the European Movement; Mr Guy Jackson, Arthur Guinness; Mr E.A. Coleman, Irish Steel Holdings; Mr M.W. O’Reilly, Dublin Chamber of Commerce; Mr O.M. Lochrin, vice-president of the Association of Chambers of Commerce of Ireland; Mr F.M. Mooney; and Mr Ivan Webb, chairman of the Council of the Federated Union of Employers and managing director of G.T. Crampton.

    Mr Miller was the only person to be taken alive from the aircraft, but he died later in hospital. He was a former advertising manager of The Irish Times

    just fancy that.
    Make sure the tail is identifiable in the “crash scene”

    It’s always good to repeat the story to make sure the narrative is rammed home…here again in 2020

    The flight had been delayed by more than 20 minutes on that fateful Sunday from its scheduled take-off of 3.45pm, due to a readjustment of its load.

    Among the crew, who had been on standby, were 51-year-old Captain Stanley Key, 24-year-old Second Officer (SO) Simon Ticehurst and 22-year-old SO Jeremy Keighley.

    Teenager Trevor Burke, who was walking along a nearby footpath, would witness the crash opposite the King George VI Reservoir.

    The then 13-year-old ran a quarter-of-a-mile to alert Frances Castledine, a former nursing sister at Ashford Hospital, who was one of the first people on the scene.

    not a lot going on a the firefighters’ drill

    Verdict – abject hoax.

    PS – comment below one of the videos

    Golf Man
    9 months ago
    I was 16yrs.old when this happened, after our normal days work my father and other work mates worked 5-6 hrs. to help out at the funeral directors, we had to take the bodies to different floors as they came in from the crash site, not everyone could cope with it. We was only needed for 5 days, as normal staff numbers would not have been able to cope with the 115 dead.



    WOW flx. thanks for that



    Quick scan, will absorb at W/E but golf man is great. ta



    Yes, it’s a good ‘un. The worst UK air “crash” [excluding the Lockerbie staged event]
    There is no evidence that there were brothers Paul [9] and Trevor [13] Burke in the area in 1972, or indeed anywhere. Key witness Trevor has never shown up in the media since.

    The following video shows an “expert” explaining how the plane managed not to knock out high voltage power lines almost above the crash site – reason being, it just pancaked into a tiny area [lol!] in a Shanksville style descent but with more wreckage present.
    Allegedly the plane stalled… suuuure it did [not that it had ever been in the air]

    A pathologist, safe pair of hands as ever in these hoaxes, produced an additional narrative, viz. the experienced if somewhat irascible and volatile pilot “could have” suffered a heart attack shortly before the take-off. No doubt caused by that alleged blow-up between him and a striking pilot in an industrial dispute. [from 7:50 here]

    Lesson learned from this “crash” – cockpit voice recorders will become “mandatory” after this event in which there was no cvr present.


    Perhaps the origin of the “wrong engine shutdown” crash psy-ops
    Fate is the Hunter, 1964 [film]


    Great plot – coffee spilled over the controls caused a radio failure and a false fire warning in the remaining working engine.

    This wrong engine trope was used at Kegworth UK in 1989 [see aposts above and in the Trans Asia crash in Taiwan in 2014 which outed Jeff C.

    Were the controllers really trying to wean us off flying back then?


    A little gem from 2007, undiscovered until now, the death of Rally driver from Scotland, Colin McRae

    …so badly damaged that they didn’t know how many “bodies” were in the helicopter.

    Let’s see – same old minuscule pile of scrap metal surrounded by dense undergrowth.
    Very few photos exist, in various crops and qualities.


    McRae moved to Monaco [as one does] but returned to Scotland in 1995. He had a daughter Hollie Jane b 1998

    Colin McRae to blame for ‘avoidable’ helicopter crash death
    The death of former world rallying champion Colin McRae and three others in a helicopter crash in 2007 could have been avoided, a sheriff at Lanark Sheriff Court ruled today.

    McRae, 39, his five-year-old son Johnny, the boy’s six-year-old friend Ben Porcelli and Graeme Duncan, 37, all died when the aircraft came down near McRae’s home in Lanark on September 15 2007 as he flew home from a trip to see a friend.

    One of the crash victims, Mr Duncan, filmed much of the outbound and return flights on his personal camcorder and some of the footage was recovered and included in the inquiry hearings.

    Well, fancy that, how convenient, and it miraculously survived the “crash”.

    Who else can support the shaky narrative? Why, one of our police force, Sgt Robert Logan who…

    Logan,43, said: “I arrived with colleagues but I told them to stay back at first in case there was an explosion.

    “It was quite evident there would be no survivors from the accident.

    “There was a fire still in progress and I could see a leg coming out of the left hand side of the helicopter.
    “There was a tanned boot on it and there was no movement on it whatsoever.”
    Sgt Logan also told how he had later seen a foot sticking out of the right hand side of the chopper.
    He also said a firefighter had found a pilot’s licence bearing rally champ McRae’s name in the debris.

    sure thing, Sergeant. Anyone else? Call Doctor Gerard Murphy, 50

    Murphy, 50, said he had been called to the scene to confirm there had been fatalities.
    He said: “I saw the tail section of a helicopter in trees and the burning remains of the helicopter cockpit.
    “There appeared to be the remains of the pilot and co-pilot and a small shoe was in the ash. It was still smouldering, it was still hot.”

    sure thing, Doc.
    Last word from the final safe pair of hands, the forensic pathologist

    Forensic pathologist John Clark said that McRae, his son Johnny and Ben Porcelli had all died of head injuries, while Graeme had been killed by a chest injury.

    Dr Clark concluded that all the deaths would have been “extremely rapid”.

    Naturally. Can anyone believe that there was any helicopter crash here?

    Footnote [from wiki] Colin [Steele Mcrae] and his 5 year old son [John Gavin] were cremated in the same casket. Really. Very, very green and sustainable.
    m 1997 Alison Jane Hamilton.
    Ben Telfer Porcelli b 2001
    Graeme Arthur Duncan – age 36 or 37. b 1970

    four years went into preparation of the inquiry, with 71 witnesses called [not all eye-witnesses, lol!] which neatly occurred in woods adjacent to McRae’s house, Jerviswood.

    Amusing sections from the inquiry

    Further delay was occasioned when, as a result of concern voiced that eye witness accounts given in court may have differed in important areas from statements given to Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) investigators…An extensive post-accident fire consumed a large part of the aircraft structure…..The video ends approximately 1.119 km from the landing site, 55 seconds from impact….

    and so it continued, you’d have needed 4 years to cook all that up, another feast for the lawyers.

    Contemporary reports from the BBC, 2007
    -key witness, his father

    presence of Mr Duncan who lives in rural France
    Mr Duncan, an agricultural engineer, had returned from France to be the best man at a friend’s wedding.

    He had moved there with wife, Jennifer, to help run a farm in the Faycelles area with his parents, James and Helen, who are retired vets.

    Funeral of friend Ben

    Private single casket funeral for Colin and Johnny

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    The fake Shanksville style Tarom flight 371 “crash” outside Bucharest at Balote?ti (Near Otopeni Airport] on March 31 1995
    Plane YR-LCC, Airbus 310-324 had only been aquired second-hand the previous yeqr, one of a trio of which the other two were delivered new. YCC was ex-PanAm and Delta….new in 1987. Hmmm

    It seems likely this “crash” was a test event to see if the almost total disappearance of a plane at a “crash” site would be credible, as indeed Shanksville was on 9/11 and still is…

    The flight was returning to Brussels. There were 33 Belgian “victims” reported immediately after the event

    which were reduced to 32 on the wiki page. In total 60, including 11 flight crew, initially reported as 10 -as if they didn’t know how many crew were on board…

    There are only a couple of very indistinct photos available of the standard memorial in Romania, and the only news site online which lists the “victims” is behind a pay wall. How odd.

    “It looks as if it never existed,” Interior Minister Doru Ioan Taracila said after surveying the charred wreckage strewn about a potato field. “There’s nothing left of it.”

    The Romanian transport minister had been on a visit to London at the time…..hmmmm

    The American victims were identified as Terry Chung, a Treasury Department official; and the Rev. Norman Hoyt and his wife, Virginia, Mstrong>both 67, of Columbia, S.C.

    Mrs. Chung had been working as an adviser to the Romanian central bank since Jan. 10, the United States Embassy said. Her hometown was not immediately available.

    The Hoyts had been in Romania for three weeks of missionary work, according to officials at Columbia International University, where both worked.

    ….civil aviation official, Razvan Berea, said that because debris was scattered over a relatively small area, the plane probably exploded either close to the ground or on impact.


    Another hoax marker is the use of DNA to identify bodies… eg. this report 5 months later. This work was done in Belgium and ….England.

    Examination of the genetic characteristics (DNA) of the victims of the “Tarom” plane crash on March 31 in Romania has again made it possible to identify the bodies of five people, the Belgian Ministry of Interior. These are the remains of Georges Rousseau, Inge Nackaerts, Dimitru Georgescu, Francine Vergult and Marie-Josée De Herde. The bodies were repatriated to Belgium yesterday afternoon in the presence of the Secretary of State for Security, Jan Peeters. According to the ministry, there are still two bodies of disaster victims to be identified, as the DNA examination has not yet been completed.

    some more victims here
    Commander Ilie B?t?noiu, 46, had extensive experience. Co-pilot Ionel Stoi, 48, had previous flight experience on IL-62 aircraft as an instructor commander.

    The flight attendants Adriana Orneang?, Viorica B?l?nescu, Dalia Bucur, Simona Carmen Istodor, Livia Carmen Munteanu, Doina Jurcovan and Lucre?ia Pop, chief of cabin, and the security team, consisting of Constantin Buz? and George Stâng?, also disappeared with them. Among the foreign passengers on board were the consul of the Belgian Embassy in Bucharest, Van Den Ameele, the secretary of the Belgian ambassador in Bucharest, Kathleen Hochart….

    names inscribed on the memorial: Marc De Baere, Doina Blaj Borde, Daria Michaela Bucur, Arel De Cauwer, Terri C. Chung, Stefan Dejoncker, Regis Dieu, Serge de Dree, Marie Jose Deherde, Michel Duffaut, Dumitra Dumitrescu, Sacha Fouarge, Chantal Geets, Dumitru Georgescu, Dan Andre Giurgiu, Jaques Gotlib, Benny Govaert, Maria Laura Hap Turcanu, Maricica Hap Turcanu, Frank Heyse, Kathlfen Hochart, Norman A. Hoyt, Virginia J. Hoyt, Georges Kerkhof, Barend LMA Kerstens, Didier Louche, Camelia Cristina Mih?ilescu, Henri Minkowski, Sorin Vasile Must??ea, Inge Nackaerts, Gustave Nottebaert, Florentina Mihaela Popescu, Georges Rousseaux, Naree Rousseaux, Ionu? Staicu, Mark Anthony Stephenson, Jean Francois De Stepkowski, Joelle Thiran, Michelle Van Den Amel, Ray C. Van Heusden, Albert Van Ham, Eric Van Looy, Dimitri Verdood, Francine Vergult, Jean Van Hoop and Johnny Werbrouck.

    After days of research, forensic scientists who had worked side by side with prosecutors had been able to identify most of the human fragments. However, there were about 300 kg of remains of the victims that no method of forensic investigation had been able to attribute to any of the people on board the crashed plane. So American, Belgian and Romanian officials decided in Brussels that unidentified human fragments should be cremated. It was decided, however, that the ashes would be deposited in the ballot box at Balote?ti, where the monument marking the site of the tragedy was to be erected. On March 7, 1996, the 112 packages containing the remains not attributed to the victims were cremated at the Vitan-Bârze?ti Human Crematorium. The ashes were buried at the scene of the accident, exactly one year after the plane crashed, during the official commemoration procession.

    The official crash simulation report

    AP news report of [very little] debris spread over a wide area…

    The still photos available are Lockerbie 1988 carbon copies.


    Photos from the “crash” site and the memorial

    You must be logged in to view attached files.

    Fake Aviation Crashes and other Helihoaxes

    I clean forgot in 2022 that it was the 50th anniversary of the above, second biggest fake aviation crash in the UK.
    Were there any media reports to prop up the narrative? Silly Question!

    The story of Nurse Frances Castledine, told in 2020, was regurgitated.

    A memorial to the crash is in Waters Drive on the Moormead Estate and a commemorative stained-glass window, depicting a dove at St Mary’s Church in Staines, also contains a memorial book to the crash.

    the usual minimalist pile of media-identifiable junk:


    300 people attended the ceremony

    The families of those lost in the crash were also at the service, including Mark Collins, son of British European Airways Captain John Collins who was travelling on the plane that day.

    Mark looking cheerful:


    double post.

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