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    Another pathetic drill. Sure as the sunrise – the Air Ambulance arrives on cue and the ages of the keen microlighters – 64 and 66 Oh, nearly forgot, another clue,the carefully worded “statement from Mr Sumner’s family”
    Where to take one’s pension pot, that’s the question.

    The family also said: “We would like to thank all of the eye witnesses that took the trouble to help the emergency services and give statements to the police when they arrived.
    “We would also like to thank our friends and neighbours for the support that they have given to us.”

    Slight change to drill protocol there – no request for privacy. Nice to have a little variety.

    Don’t worry, the AAIB will crack this one, as will the coroner… I wonder if the former ever got to the bottom of this other “crash” in Shifnal?
    : July 5, 2015

    Another hero emerges…the recurring theme [note the carefully placed fire extinguisher beside the “crashed” plane.

    Not only did the witness call the ambulance service, but the man ran towards the burning craft with a fire extinguisher. He put out the fire and dragged the passenger out.

    But the fire re-ignited around the feet of the pilot and this was again extinguished. The man was unable to pull the pilot free because he was trapped.

    A West Midlands Ambulance spokesman said: “The pilot, a man in his sixties, was freed by the emergency services and he was the more seriously injured of the two. He had a dislocated right shoulder, a broken arm, a broken leg and a broken ankle. His legs were placed in traction, he was fully immobilised and given pain relief at the scene before being flown to Royal Stoke University Hospital.
    “His passenger, a man in his fifties had head and neck injuries. He was given oxygen at the scene and was also fully immobilised before being taken by land ambulance to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

    “But without doubt, the hero of the hour was the eyewitness to the crash without whose actions, this could have ended up far, far more serious.”

    Wonderful, the anonymous good Samaritan.


    Another little coded clue, one to watch out for at all times…

    West Mercia Police Superintendent, Kevin Purcell, said: “This is a very sad incident in which two people have tragically lost their lives, we are making sure specially trained officers are making contact with their next of kin and giving them all the support they need.


    Tail number determined as G-MYES. Which is in CAA’s public database. What point obscuring that from media fauxtography?


    The Rans kit-plane was nearly 25 years old. In its long life passing through numerous hands. Before being acquired a month ago by fatal crash pilot Tony Crocombe. About time it was “retired”, one way or another.


    Crash pilot, Tony Crocombe, was a defence-aerospace insider. Working in unidentified role for FB Heliservices, part of Cobham plc, for over 20 years.

    The one and only photo of Tony Crocombe…

    Tony: “You look different from how I remember you by” ….. (Ahem!)

    Will the real Tony Crocombe please stand up!

    From http://www.fbheliservices.com/content/about-us

    Cobham works “in close co-operation with both government and military customers..

    As examples, Cobham has responsibility for full capability provision for the UK MOD Defence Helicopter Flying School which annually trains over 200 students, provides aircrew, helicopters and maintenance support…

    Crocombe’s employer, FB Heliservices, trained both Princes William and Harry to fly choppers. Very safe hands for a job like this.


    Don’t worry, the AAIB will crack this one, as will the coroner… I wonder if the former ever got to the bottom of this other “crash” in Shifnal?
    : July 5, 2015

    The AAIB report into that 2015 crash of G-CDVF — an identical Rans S6-ES Coyote II — was published just weeks ago (14 April 2016).

    It seems G-CDVF crashed at Shifnal in almost identical circumstances — unexplained loss of power, ploughing nose-first into ground:


    Wonder if they re-cycled that earlier “crash debris” for the photo-shoot of this latest Shifnal crash? Austere times; waste not, want not?


    BBC Midlands Today interviewed Eileen Humphries, nearby resident and member of local amateur dramatics society. And doesn’t it show? Just watch how she flicks her hair. (1m57s) Bravo!


    In the same BBC footage, we see two angles of the crash scene. The tail position looks very different in each. CGI’ed (badly) perhaps?


    On cursory inspection, the crash of Boeing 747 cargo fligh 8509 of Korean Airlines near to its takeoff from London Stansted Airport on December 22 1999 isn’t terribly exciting.
    The retro-simulation of the “crash” is not so interesting, but as always it’s difficult to fake a plane crash. And this one seemed to be a psychological try-out for the subsequent Shanksville vanishing trick on 9/11.

    signed off by Ken Smart of the AAIB, the UK equivalent of the NTSB

    Click to access 3-2003_HL-7451.pdf

    Crash time 18:38 hrs UTC [GMT]
    location – 51° 51.385′ N 0° 12.988′ E

    The following deaths were registered in Uttlesford 2000 [Q2]
    HOON KYU PARK b 1961
    DUCK GYU PARK b 1942
    IL SEOK KIM b 1954
    KI SIK YOON b 1966

    Jumbo causes 1m damage to farmland

    January 7 2000
    MORE than 1 million of damage was caused to Essex farmland by the Korean jumbo jet which crashed shortly after take-off from Stansted airport.
    The Boeing 747 cargo plane crashed on to fields farmed by Andy Streeter at Bedlars Green, Great Hallingbury, creating a crater half a mile long.
    Mr Streeter said his farm had been put out of action for at least a year by the incident, which killed all four aircrew on board the plane on 22 December.
    Much of the debris is still embedded deep underground, and it will be months before experts complete the recovery operation, he said.
    Since the crash, Mr Streeter has spent most of his time in meetings with safety officials and inspectors who are investigating the accident.
    Assessors have estimated that the damage bill will top 1m from the incident, which was the first jumbo-jet crash in Britain since Lockerbie in 1988.
    Rumours that the cargo plane was carrying depleted uranium in its tailfin were confirmed by an interim accident report on Thursday (6 January).
    The Air Accident Investigation Board said all Boeing 747s of the type that crashed contained “several hundred kilos” of the substance as ballast.
    The report reaches no conclusion about the cause of the crash, and the farm remains sealed off from the general public by police.
    On the day the report was released, Mr Streeter spent most of his time in three separate meetings which lasted until well past 9.30pm.
    Dealing with the aftermath of the crash had become a “full-time job”, and he had no time left for practical farming, he said.
    Farm consultants ADAS are involved in the clean-up at the crash-site and estimate that the operation will take more than six months.
    “Were in the process of assessing the situation now and characterising the area so we can do a risk assessment,” said a company spokesman.

    A plane crash legacy

    January 21 2000
    Farmer Andy Streeter had just left a meeting of the Worshipful Company of Farmers in London and was driving back to his wife and two sons on his Essex farm, a stones throw from Stansted Airport. Then the mobile phone rang.
    “I got a phone call from my son,“ Mr Streeter said later. “He said Dont worry, were all alive. But theres a jumbo jet in the lake.” Mr Streeter made it home almost in record time.

    The main section of the aeroplane had landed less than 100 yards from the home of Mr Streeters next-door neighbour, farmer Martin Mugele.
    “I heard this appalling whining noise and rushed to the window in time to see the nose of the plane hit the ground,” Mr Mugele later told the Daily Telegraph. “There was an explosion and the plane disintegrated, leaving a trail of debris 150 yards long.”
    One month later Mr Streeter surveys the crash site. Even now, the air is heavy with the smell of aviation fuel and hydraulic oil. The planes cockpit remains embedded 30-40ft underground in a crater in the bank of the farm lake. Among the twisted wreckage are strewn the remains of 170,000 ink-jet cartridges that the plane was carrying to Milan, Italy.
    A few years ago, Mr Streeter had planted the lakeside with fir trees and silver birch. Where there was once foliage, only charred stumps and what look like post holes remain.
    “Every time I come here, I still cant get over the lack of trees,” says Mr Streeter. “Where have they all gone?”
    Assessors estimate that the bill for the damage the incident caused will top £1m. Since the crash, Mr Streeter has spent most of his time in meetings with safety officials and inspectors who are investigating the accident.
    Back in the farm office, he pores over a series of maps laid out on a covered snooker table that serves as a make-shift desk. The map shows the farm with the crash site highlighted in felt-tip pen. The enterprises are mainly combinable crops but include a 120-cow dairy herd, land farmed under a management contract, a country club and golf course.
    “The plane flew over our dairy herd,” says Mr Streeter. “Everybodys traumatised. The farm manager feels very bad about it.”
    The 20-strong RAF recovery team which has cleared the majority of the wreckage was due to leave the farm yesterday. But Mick Watkins, the RAFs aircraft recovery officer, estimates that 80t of the 377t aeroplane still need to be recovered. “We havent had anything of this magnitude since Lockerbie,” he says.
    The rest of the plane, including the cockpit, will be recovered by farm consultants ADAS who are branching out into environmental management. They have a tough job. On the night of the crash, it rained with burning debris for 20 minutes. Experts believe the plane would have taken out 120 houses had it hit the nearby town of Bishops Stortford.
    Colin Rudd, the ADAS principal partner in charge of the operation, estimates it will take more than six months to get the aircraft remains out.
    “Were in the process of assessing the situation now and characterising the area so we can do a risk assessment,” he says. “It is going to take some time.”
    A road must be built through a recently planted field of winter beans to enable recovery equipment to reach the crash site. It is estimated that 2 acres of the field will be lost, replaced by a steady stream of 40t dumper trucks.
    These days, Mr Streeter finds little time for farming. Since the crash, he has attended meeting after meeting about the accident. Today, Mr Streeter has to attend an emergency planning meeting at his local council to get permission to build the road. More than 10,000t of topsoil polluted by hydraulic oil and chemicals leaking from the wreckage must be removed.
    Mr Streeter says: “More of the problems are starting now because they cant get access.”
    There is also the bank of the lake to sort out. It holds back up to 6m gallons of water from surrounding farmland and has been fractured. It must be dammed and partially drained so the cockpit of the plane can be removed.
    Mr Streeter is unlikely to receive any money for the disruption it has caused. The insurers have classified the crash as an uninsurable loss. He says: “Were not going to get any compensation. Nobody gains out of this sort of thing.”
    But there is still hope that the area will again look as it once did. Mr Streeter hopes the land around the lake will be re-planted and can be turned into a memorial.
    “It will be dedicated to the air crew and made open for the Korean nation,
    ” he says.

    Sounds terrible…aerial view at 15:29 here

    yes indeed, where’s the Jumbo Jet?

    Mr Mugele was dressed as Santa Claus

    Mr Mugele, 62, had been collecting money for the Rotary Club on a sleigh before the crash.
    His wife Valerie, son David and two grandchildren Harry, three and nine-month-old Kate, were in the house at Marston Farm when the plane crashed into a field, setting it ablaze.
    Mr Mugele said: “It’s like winning the Lottery, when you have a 747 full of fuel and cargo crashing 100 yards from your house and get away without a scratch, it is unbelievable.
    “I suppose we’re lucky it was a cargo plane with no passengers onboard.
    “The whole thing has just been smashed to pieces. There are no recognisable parts of the plane left at all. It is amazing.”
    Mr Mugele arrived at his home near Stansted Airport 20 minutes after the plane hit the ground on Wednesday evening.
    He said: “We were going to baby-sit for the grandchildren and my son and daughter-in-law were going out for a Christmas party. I just can’t believe the whole thing and we were extremely lucky.”
    The farmer said there were no animals in the field, but a year ago there would have been 200 pedigree cows grazing.
    The farmer arrived home 20 minutes after the crash
    “We can’t believe how far the debris has scattered,” he said. “The hole left by the impact is huge. When you think of the wingspan and size of the plane it is incredible that there are just small pieces left. It has gone off like a bomb.”

    Another farmer, Joseph Tranter, said the plane “exploded like a giant firework”.
    Mr Tranter, 43, said: “Once the plane came down a big mushroom cloud erupted into the air like a bomb had gone off in the forest.
    “There were flames leaping up about 300ft into the air – it was an absolute inferno with debris showering everywhere.”
    Local resident Monica Swann, 55, said the sky lit up when the plane plummeted to earth in a fireball.

    The Lockerbie “crash” occurred on the evening of December 21 [1988], this “crash” on December 22 [1999] almost 11 years to the day.
    The airport at Stansted was closed the next morning on spurious grounds of wreckage blown several miles north, but probably to keep prying airborne eyes off the sight until it had been “secured”.

    “witness Nick Relton saw flames 500 – 600 feet in the air [@2.20]

    Yup, that’s a Jumbo 747

    source – http://www.essexchronicle.co.uk/hallingburys-hunt-uranium-lost-crash/story-12648913-detail/story.html#1

    and to keep the story running for the 10th anniversary, the hunt is on for the depleted uranium from the tail fin…[er, not its cargo]

    The National Trust, who own Hatfield Forest, plan to authorise a ‘final sweep’ of aircraft debris early next year.
    Spokesman Nick Champion said a large fenced off area had become a wildlife haven since the crash, but, could eventually reopen to the public.

    Where did the wings and cockpit go to…
    See the amusing Appendix L Fig 2

    Click to access 3-2003_HL-7451_Appendices.pdf

    Mr Street, now a High Sheriff, awaiting a different £1m compensation, this time for “noise”, no mention of any crash landed 747 on his farm, keeping the story alive in May 2016

    Did that “uranium” ever turn up?


    At 1.29 in the Air Crash investigation video, ex-military witness Gary Trevor Dann who indeed lives in Bedlars Green, site of the “crash” and works in the construction industry, Mann Construction , at the time

    “It was a Christmassy family get together, it was just an exchanging of presents and that’s when I heard the noise of the plane coming over…..it got louder and louder..it was almost like the plane was going to take the chimneys off….looked out of the window, saw the plane coming over, with fire coming out of the engines….just kept banking and banking..huge huge explosion, you’re watching it happen, with a plume of fire coming towards you…collected a torch…brother and I ran outside and ran towards where it happened…we were racing to where we could see the plume of smoke and fire because there was still lots of aviation fuel popping, er, around the area. We ran
    and jumped into a very large crate
    r, just shouting out, you know, any survivors please shout…we dialled 999″

    A fuelled 747 has just taken off and they are jumping into a crater which must have been an inferno…”

    -“they [emergency services] quickly determine there are no survivors”

    Thursday, 23 December, 1999, 05:47 GMT

    Witnesses saw lots of falling debris

    Eyewitnesses of the jumbo jet crash at Stansted airport have told of a “huge fireball” which looked like a giant mushroom cloud.
    Resident Andrew Smith said the plane crashed at about 1840 GMT in a “huge fireball”.
    “The whole of our house shook and the whole sky was lit up,” he said.
    Resident Gary Dann felt the earth shudder as the plane fell to the ground.
    “I thought it was going to land on us, it felt so close,” he said.
    Neill Foster, who was driving from the airport terminal to the M11 when the plane crashed, said: “There was a large flash followed by a large bang.
    “There was lots of falling debris, all on fire falling on roads surrounding the area.”
    He said it was raining and cloudy, with strong winds, at the time of the crash.
    Louise Cockburn, 27, a car rental agent at the airport, said there was an atmosphere of shock.
    “There was like a tremor. It was just like this trembling noise and the whole building shook,” she said. “All the windows shook and you could feel it around you.”

    The BBC’s James Blatch, reporting from the scene, said: “The debris field goes on for hundreds of yards. There is a large section of what looks like fuselage sticking out of the ground.
    “There are bits of metal and twisted fragments in the trees. This Boeing 747 appears to have been completely and utterly destroyed.”
    Resident Deborah Smith told BBC Radio 5 Live: “All of a sudden the lights in our house went out.
    “The sky just went completely orange and there was a ball of flames.”
    Annette Brooke-Taylor told how she was at a service station near Stansted when she saw the plane explode.
    “There was a big explosion and huge flames in the sky. It was a sort of mushroom shape. An incredible sight. It lit up the sky.
    “There was a tremendous noise. There were lots of flaming particles in the sky and then it went very quiet and then we realised something terrible had happened.”

    One body and some body parts had been recovered, said Charles Clark, assistant chief constable of Essex County police, backtracking on an earlier police report that two bodies had been found. All four Korean crew members were believed to have died in the crash.
    Gary Dann, 39, a village resident, said he was in his upstairs bedroom when he heard a groaning sound. He ran to the window in time to see the jumbo jet, already on fire, flying over the top of his house.
    “It just missed us by feet,” he said. “It was just groaning. I tracked it as it went to the field in back of us and hit the ground and was a big fireball. My brother and I ran down there to see if we could find survivors and there was a crater 30-feet-by-60 feet.”
    Dann said the heat of the fireball could be felt in his house

    Funny place in the house to be exchanging presents. No matter.
    No photos of the “crash site” here


    Out of interest, who is Gary’s brother who allegedly witnessed the fireball, crater, etc etc?
    very interesting
    at the time….
    Senior Investigator and Head of Department
    Metropolitan Police Professional Standards
    1998 – 2000 (2 years)

    Assistant Chief Constable
    Hampshire Constabulary
    June 2009 – August 2011 (2 years 3 months)

    Director Crime and Financial Investigation, Immigration Enforcement
    Home Office, Immigration Enforcement
    March 2016 – Present (6 months)London, United Kingdom
    Law Enforcement Operations Expert
    Homeland Security Dept, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    September 2014 – March 2016 (1 year 7 months)


    As with most psy-ops, there are usually a few associated rabbit trails for the purpose of supporting the original daft narrative.
    The Depleted Uranium conjecture was one. Then another…
    Damages for traumatised girl who witnessed plane crash
    Last updated at 14:18 03 July 2006

    A schoolgirl traumatised after witnessing a crashing jumbo jet heading straight for her home was awarded £27,500 today in settlement of her High Court damages claim.
    Remy Spruce, now aged 14, was just eight years old in December 1999 when a Korean cargo plane came down minutes after take-off from Stansted Airport in Essex, killing all three crew members and a ground engineer who was on board.

    It crashed three miles south east of Stansted near the village of Great Hallingbury on the outskirts of Hatfield Forest, Hertfordshire.

    At the time, Remy and her mother Amanda were at home in Spring Cottage, Great Hallingbury. The aircraft ended up just 200 yards from their 300-year-old timber-framed home.

    Remy was present at the High Court in London today when a judge gave his approval to the settlement of her claim against Korean Airlines Company Ltd in the agreed sum of £27,500.

    Mr Justice Mackay praised Remy for the progress she had made “in the face of what was a most unpleasant psychological injury”.

    The judge had been told that the prognosis was good for the teenager, who suffered post traumatic stress disorder following the crash and underwent counselling, and that she was doing well in school.

    He said: “She has done a tremendous job and the court hopes that it will continue and that she will go from strength to strength.”

    After the hearing, Remy’s father, company director Clifford Spruce, 50, said his daughter was in the kitchen of their home at the time of the crash.

    “A jumbo jet came out of the sky heading straight towards the house. Just before it crashed into the house it veered left and come down just beyond the edge of one of our paddocks and exploded into a million bits.”

    He said the family had loved their home, but later moved to Soham Fen, Ely, Cambridgeshire, “because my wife and Remy had wanted to get away from the old house.”[/b]

    A curious move away from one of Britain’s property hot spots to a cool spot. But not a sale [see below]

    What line of work are Cliff and Amanda in?
    Hillmoore Fire Protection Limited
    Intrinsic Fire Protection Limited,
    Mitie Mccartney Fire Protection Limited

    there’s a Hilary Charlotte Westgarth living in Spring Cottage shortly afterwards although Cliffe Boiler Services, which, with Amanda and two other female directors only. was registered at Spring Cottage at the time of the Korean 747 “crash”. And no sign of a sale

    £140,000 | Sale Date: 10th Mar 1995 !!

    And the Soham Fen address:
    now an equestrian centre since 2010

    Remy Spruce
    Account Manager Hillmoore Fire Protection Ltd
    May 2010 – Present (6 years 4 months)

    Her sister was not quite 3 years old at the time of the “crash”.
    [now based in a rural industrial unit in Maidenhead]

    Address in Wicken


    Any other witnesses? Well, we are told that the crashing “plane” brought down power lines, catching fire in the process.. So we need some power cuts quick. Done!
    Eyewitness Deborah Smith told BBC Radio 5 Live: “All of a sudden the lights in our house went out.
    Eyewitness Andrew Smith said the plane crashed at around 1840 GMT and he saw a “huge fireball”.
    He said: “The whole of our house shook and the whole sky was lit up.”

    Are they perhaps related? Seems like it because Andrew has the same corny story
    Another eyewitness, Andrew Smith, who lives nearby, told BBC radio: “There was a huge fireball and a massive explosion. My whole house shook. Suddenly all the lights in the area went out, the whole sky was lit up.” “I went out of the house and saw that the field where the plane had come down was just ablaze.”
    Insp Ivor Harvey, who secured the scene, said: “The area is simply scattered with small pieces of wreckage. There appears to be hardly any recognisable pieces of wreckage of any size left.
    “It’s not for me to say what happened but there appears to have been a considerable explosion.”

    Supt Ivor Harvey [center, in 2012] witness to the scene…

    source- http://www.britishparking.co.uk/News/Park-Mark-for-Premier-Inn

    But the Mugeles don’t mention the lights going off!

    Valerie Mugele wife of Martin
    Valerie Mugele gwas at home with her son when the accident happened.
    She remembered looking out of the window and seeing a big orange glow and realising it was a plane that had come down.
    “How do you feel and all that? I feel very lucky because it had missed us,” said Valerie.
    “They found the wing tip, lights and that in the field across the way. If it hadn’t had hit the ground with the wing tip at that time it was on line to come straight through our house,”

    Working that night was operations duty manager at the airport, Trevor Waldock, who helped the Air Accident Investigation Board piece together what had happened.

    Little remains of the Korean Air cargo jet crash in December 1999
    “”Wreckage was strewn everywhere, up into the trees,” said Trevor.
    “Having a look at the size of the aircraft and then going to the crash site the following day is what sticks in my mind,” he added.

    oh really!
    Just a bucket full of bits…

    Perhaps Debbie Ralph-Smith and Andrew Smith now of Old Elm

    LAst witness to take the stand…
    Kay E Hoare of the former Yew Tree Farm Guesthouse, Tilekiln Green – CM22 7TQ [converted after 2003]
    Kay Hoare told Sky News: “We just heard a very loud bang and a bright light in the sky and then sparks.”

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    attribution Richard Baker

    attribution John Stillwell

    attribution – John Stillwell

    AP video – where did the plane go?7 Preposterous.Total absence of charring.

    KAL8509 Stansted plane crash
    souroce – Rob Welham, flickr
    Great Hallingbury resident Mr Harold McLellan saw the Boeing 747 on fire before it crashed into a field close to his home – “It was certainly on fire when it came in. There was a red ball of fire reflected in our kitchen. I live in this house just here and we were sitting in the kitchen and heard the noise like a dive-bomber coming in. Being brought up during the war, you recognise the noise of something really diving in, and I said, ‘I think this is for us’, it was a joke to a degree, but it wasn’t really, that’s what it sounded like. And as you looked up through the kitchen window there was a fireball approaching us. Well that’s what it appeared to be like, you can’t really get any idea of direction or speed or whatever, but there was a fireball coming towards us. I said, ‘hit the deck‘. We all hit the deck., and, em, then, obviously on impact, as the plane past over these wires here it must have cut them through because all our lights went, and there was a colossal explosion on impact. And I ran out through the door, kept my wife back, and the children, she looked after the children, and I ran up there and I ran from one end of the fire to the other end, with great difficulty because there’s shrapnel everywhere up there. And there was just nothing, absolutely nothing, nobody could have survived it. It was just quite terrible really. There was nothing you could do, it looks like Lockerbie up there”.

    followed by a quick game of “Hunt the Uranium”
    May 21 2000

    Environmental consultant Colin Rudd at the “crash” site
    Air accident investigators are preparing to search the bottom of a lake near Stansted airport for panels of depleted uranium from a crashed Korean Air jumbo jet.
    Investigators have recovered 17 out of 20 depleted uranium panels used as counterweights in the tail of the plane which came down in December after catching fire on take-off.
    The remaining three are believed to have been hurled into the lake and buried under its muddy floor.
    Essex County Council, which is overseeing the restoration of the one-acre crash site back to farmland, says there is no threat to the local population from the missing panels.
    The council has spent the last few weeks draining the fishing lake in Great Hallingbury.
    Health experts have warned that the panels, triangular-shaped bars which are about two feet long, can be dangerous if inhaled in the form of a dust after being hardened in high temperatures.
    But tests have revealed no traces of uranium leakage in the area.
    ….pieces of the aircraft, such as wheels, have been revealed since the lake was drained…
    Villagers living near the site are angry that some insurance companies have not yet paid out for claims to cover cracks and structural damage done to their homes.

    May 11 [5/11 2001]
    ESSEX Police Authority will receive £160,000 from the Government to help meet the costs incurred folllowing the Korean Air cargo plane crash near Stansted Airport in December 1999.
    The force has said it is “extremely pleased” to have received the contribution towards the total bill of £343,000, after Essex Police submitted a claim to the Department of Transport, Environment and the Regions (DETR) for help in meeting the costs.

    But we are told that they had drilled well for this kind of disaster at Essex Police

    Click to access n_0001lw.pdf

    “protection” of the “crash” scene required 80 police officers at any one time, we read. The second black box recorder was recovered “from the crater” after Christmas. Visitors included Deputy Prime Minister John
    Prescott andKorean Ambassador Sung Hong Cho


    There’s a short 11s clip of smouldering “wreckage” here

    and a more recent 2009 shot of the “crash site”
    Great Hallingbury / Hatfield Forest

    The “Harold” McLennan [above] was actually Brian M Howard-McLennan, wife Alison, who lived in The Street, Great Hallingbury, CM22 7TR until 2002 at least.
    They are cited in this bumper payout over there years later
    29 Mar 2003

    Thirteen people who saw a Korean Airlines cargo jet crash in flames seconds after take-off from Stansted airport won permission from the High Court yesterday to claim damages for psychiatric injuries that have left them all with a fear of flying.
    Unless the airline wins an appeal, they stand to share £400,000 in compensation.
    Their solicitor, Geraldine McCool, said that some of the money would be spent on therapy to help them overcome post-traumatic shock.
    They have already been compensated for the damage to their property. One home, Spring Cottage, was lifted off the ground by the force of the impact before crashing down to earth.
    Many of the claimants have moved away from their houses on the edge of Hatfield Forest, near Great Hallingbury, Essex, since the accident in December 1999

    I bet! Named claimants
    Leonard Glen, Brian Howard-McLellan

    [McCool] added that the crash also caused widespread physical damage. “All the houses are on clay, so there are no foundations,” she said. “One of the properties, Spring Cottage, was lifted off the ground as a result of the explosion, and dumped back down again. That didn’t do it much good.”

    Alison was off to France

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    Brian M McLellan b 1935. Hackney m. [3rd] 1995 to Alison M.R. Howard-Stones
    Alison MR Howard = Colin M Stones, Boston 1990
    ????? eh???


    Balloon crashes will be “investigated” by the same authorities who “investigate” plane and helicopter crashes. And here’s a recent one which keeps on giving
    The Mail has more detail than any other source

    All the usual boxes are ticked, only two fuzzy images of the “crash” site, unbelievable death caused by a basked bumping around, allegedly, an isolated early morning event, exotic location – South Africa – well to do participants, “sudden” high winds, UK nationals…a “private funeral” planned.
    Surely this must be the record for fuzziness

    The British Airways FB page has something clearer for the former Suzanne Michele Paul a quondam long haul steward, [husband was a pilot who retired around 2012, born 1953]

    Suzie Winter?Angel Fleet
    20 hrs ·

    It is with great sadness and a very heavy heart that I wish to inform angel fleet of the sudden passing of Suzie Astle ( Suzanne Paul ) Suzie was tragically taken from us last week in South Africa . She leaves behind Husband John Astle , a former 747 captain for many years and two gorgeous boys Sam and William . Suzie flew for many years on long haul and I’m sure many will remember her fondly . Her beautiful smile ,amazing warmth , kindness and sense of fun will live on in the happy memories we share of her . Taken far too soon , to be an angel xxx
    ht tps://ww w.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154188625391379&set=gm.636424903184939

    Nobody in the extended family has mentioned anything on their Facebook pages, linked here on John Astle’s brother in law Michael’s FB page from Switzerland

    It is understood a hot air balloon ride had been on the family’s bucket list of activities they dreamed of doing.
    Mrs Astle was thrown from the wicker basket after it careered into trees, bushes and rocks while trying to land in a large agricultural field in strong winds. She was taken to hospital by ambulance but died the following day from serious head injuries.
    Her husband John, a local councillor and keen golfer, flew back to their home in Kenilworth last night with their two sons. He was too upset to talk at the house today.

    Yup, looks very windy and agricultural.

    When the wind blows four to six times faster than its forecast, it can catch you out.

    The company Original Balloon Safaris (BHOBS), run by Bill Harrop,[who grew up in Yorkshire] confirmed weather had been perfect at take off.
    A statement released by the adventure firm has questioned whether or not Mrs Astle fell from 20ft, suggesting she was tipped out of the balloon when it hit some rocks.
    ‘The balloon was landed expertly on an open field where it was dragged by unexpected high winds,’ the statement said.
    ‘Only when it hit rocks at the edge of the field, did the basket capsize and three passengers thrown overboard.’


    Agreeable GBP1,2m house
    One woman, who did not give her name, said: ‘They are always so friendly whenever I see them. It’s just so awful.’


    Laying aside recent “baby hoax” plane crashes as equivocated here relating to Melbourne Essendon in early 2017

    it must not pass unnoticed that Matrix Breakout has produced a long awaited hoax confirmation [way beyond baby hoax stratum, although the team involved was the so called Busby Babes, for the suspicious Munich airport “crash” of 1958 involving the Manchester United team

    listen to Johnny Carey, ex MUFC Captain and Blackburn Rovers manager at the time…
    In 1958 he guided Rovers into First Division. He then became manager at Everton but, despite leading them to fifth place in the 1960–61 season, their highest post-war position, he was sacked in the back of a taxi by director John Moores.[5][15] As a result, the jibe, ‘Taxi for …!’ has become a staple insult offered to any manager facing the threat of the sack. He next managed Leyton Orient and took them into the First Division in 1962
    “shocked to the core” in a completely unemotional tone, as emphasised by Matrix Breakout.
    “my very best friend, Matt Busby..” – who survived, miraculously, after “fighting for his life” “Manchester United will live on for many years to come, I can assure you of that and this disaster will make no difference whatsoever to the future of the club”
    Amazing prophetic words.


    It becomes more obvious with each time of viewing.
    “Run you stupid bastard” LOL!
    Bobby Charlton duping at 7,05.
    Survivors with hardly a scratch on them.
    Hoax confirmed.

    • This reply was modified 4 years, 1 month ago by xileffilex.

    Felix where are you going with this ?

    Are you saying Duncan Edwards faked his own death ?



    Nobody fakes their own death, not even JFK,*** Lady Di, or George Michael or Robert Eaton

    …the death, in Rechts der Isar Hospital, 13 days after the crash, of Duncan Edwards….Charlton’s mother Cissie put her hand on his shoulder and said: “Big Duncan has gone,”…..Munich meant that we will never know how good Edwards would have proved,

    13 days after the crash, United were back in action against Sheffield Wednesday in the FA Cup.

    Duncan Edwards of 19 Gorse Avenue, Stretford. died February 21 1958 at Ismaningerstr. 22 Munich. Probate [admin] to Gladstone Edwards, metal polisher and Sarah Ann Edwards, married woman £4368 9s 6d


    Es war Englands “Kennedy-Moment”

    source – http://www.spiegel.de/einestages/katastrophen-a-946605.html

    Das langsame und qualvolle Sterben von Duncan Edwards ist ein Drama. Der behandelnde Chefarzt im Münchner Klinikum, der Chirurg Professor Georg Maurer, erklärt später, er habe in seiner langen Laufbahn als Arzt noch nie einen so kraftstrotzenden und von fast übernatürlichem Lebenswillen beseelten Menschen gegen den Tod ankämpfen sehen.

    google trans…
    In his long career as a physician, he had never seen such a powerful and animated human being who had an almost supernatural vitality struggle against death


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    A nice selection of US citizens in the widely analysed and reported Melbourne shopping mall fake crash [not much wreckage, the usual format, just the odd wheel neatly placed on the freeway…

    All off to a nice golfing retirement somewhere

    Here’s one of the the golfing widows’ FB page… no activity for 4.5 years

    Rosemary Monaco DeHaven

    Rosemary Monaco DeHaven
    22 November 2011 · ·

    Got married
    21 November 2011
    Don Monaco Really”
    21 November 2011 at 23:07

    Don Monaco When????
    21 November 2011 at 23:07

    Don, I married an FBI man.

    Glenn Garland was having a great time golfing with friends on his trip to New Zealand and Australia — and his Facebook account showed it.
    “Melbourne is one magnificent and amazing city,” Garland posted Monday, one day before the crash.
    He shared his anxiety about flying in a small plane. Earlier in the trip, he said he was nervous about flying to Milford Sound in New Zealand.

    Talk about telegraphing your exit…


    Helicopter down [so we’re told] close to the Thames in rural Oxfordshire. An ideal location, isolated, and no wreckage to be seen

    Classic helihoax stuff.


    Went into a spin did it? A likely story!

    A witness said: “It flew over quite low and circled the playing field, it then went towards the river and flew along it.
    “It then started to look like it was coming into land, it then went below the tree line but we could see it go into a spin, next we heard a loud thud.
    “We ran over and saw it was laying on its side, it was on the opposite side of the river to us but we could see someone over there and shouted if everyone got out ok, they gave us a thumbs up.

    What utter nonsense. A pathetic piece of fabricated news.


    OK this one doesn’t seem to have been looked at the usual sites, LRF, CF…

    Look familiar?

    Seems like there’s been a recent push to get the Dag Hammarskjold story/death/hoax/crash buried forever, although there is someone on the case, the son of the pilot Per Hellonquist. [Per-Rune Hellonquist]
    United Nations — Update on investigation into the tragic death of Dag Hammarskjöld


    A British-run commission of inquiry blamed the crash on pilot error. A later UN investigation rubber-stamped its findings. Case close? Not so fast…

    On December 23 2016, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution reaffirming its

    “responsibility to pursue the full truth concerning the conditions and circumstances resulting in the tragic death of Dag Hammarskjöld and of the members of the party accompanying him”.

    Looks like an attept to get it kicked into touch. The 50th anniversary came shortly after, 17th Septemnber, the big 10th anniversary outpouring of 9/11 stories, so probably got buried in the MSM
    The “crash” was fortunately in British, pre-independence Zambia, then Northern Rhodesia, conveniently.
    Who killed Hammarskjold? Nice piece of conspiracy fuelling/misdirection in 2011…
    Perhaps nobody died.
    There are enough red flags here to make one suspicious
    it took the Rhodesian RAF pilots 15 hours to “officially” locate the aircraft, while Daily Telegraph correspondent Ian Colvin said he had spotted the crash site — crawling with police — six hours earlier in a chartered Cessna.

    Other oddities: Some of the bodies of the victims had bullet holes, and a playing card — rumoured to be the ace of spades — was found in Hammarskjöld’s collar.

    The sole survivor of the crash was American security officer Sgt. Harold Julien. In his testimony, he spoke of “sparks in the sky” and said the plane “blew up,” but the lead inspector of the local investigation dismissed his statements as “rambling.”


    Grave in Uppsala

    It all depends on who or what’s in the casket

    The pilot’s family grave in Falun, Sweden.

    • This reply was modified 3 years, 9 months ago by xileffilex.

    Air Ontaria Flight 1383 allegedly crashed in 1989 in Dryden, Ont. Canada. Thanks to a post from Civil Safety and Security Unit at the University of Leicester, England, my attention was drawn to the above “crash”.



    24 “deaths” 45 “survivors”

    Shortly after Lockerbie – check
    Changes to Canadian Aviation Regulations – check
    Drawn out judicial inquiry – check
    Memorial – check
    Plane registration number made visible for photography – check
    isolated area – check
    makeshift morgue – check
    shortage of wreckage – check

    Obvious crisis actors from 2.10 onwards
    4:!2 – duping firefighter
    “like MASH on TV” 5.00
    duping doctors 7.40 Stuart and Judy Ford – he had arrived on the plane ! [allegedly] “once the disaster was in place” – what a give-away!

    Anniversary – 24 years! [24 deaths..]

    Dryden observes anniversary of Air Ontario crash

    Video backstopped in comments…
    Barbara O'Brien
    Barbara O’Brien3 years ago
    Hard to believe that 25 years has passed since that fateful day. Fred and Geraldine McColeman spent their last hours at our house, and we drove them to the airport for their flight to B.C. Still think of them often,and we are so proud of their 2 daughters, who have done so well. Wish we could turn back time,and have a chat.?
    Reply 4
    Clifford Hinton
    Clifford Hinton2 years ago
    I was in Marathon, Ontario on business in March 1989. On the morning of March 10, 1989 I was booked on a Bearskin Air flight to Thunder Bay connecting to Air Ontario Flight 1363 to Winnipeg with a stop in Dryden, and then on Air Canada back to Vancouver. Fortunately for me (because of severe icing conditions) the Bearskin flight couldn’t get out of Thunder Bay for it’s morning run to Manitouwadge, Marathon and back to Thunder Bay. Wanting to get home to Vancouver for the weekend, I asked at the Avis Counter if I could drive the rental car to Thunder Bay. The agent said, “Yes, and if you hurry you might be able to catch your Air Ontario flight in Thunder Bay. It was a beautiful clear day when I left Marathon and I made good time until the last 100 kms and as the roads were icy, I slowed down.

    As I approached the Thunder Bay airport I was just in time to see the Air Ontario Flight lifting off the runway. I cursed my luck, went into the terminal, signed off the car rental and then looked to see if there were any other flights heading west. Fortunately there was a Pacific Western flight to Winnipeg and on to Calgary leaving within the hour and I was able to get a seat. I phoned Vancouver and talked to my wife and told her I had missed my Air Ontario Flight and would be arriving in Vancouver later than expected. I boarded the PWA Flight and after the plane had been deiced away we went. As the stop in Winnipeg was brief, I stayed on the plane and when we landed in Calgary, I called my office. The receptionist answered and asked, “Are you OK?” I said, “Sure, a little tired, but it has been a long week. Why do your ask? She said, “The flight you were booked on crashed in Dryden”. I was shaken and thanked God that I didn’t make that flight. I used up one of my nine lives that day. I seriously considered not getting on the next flight to Vancouver, but I did.

    Verdict – a transparent 1980s aviation hoax


    The excellent Clutha pub helicopter crash hoax from December 2013 still has quite some momentum, having had some examination at Cluesforum
    and more extensively at DIF where, as expected, the official narrative swarm was sent out in force.
    A year ago, the investigation was still very COMPLEX, another term to describe a hoax.
    Hannah Bennet, from Thompsons Solicitors, which is representing many of the victims and bereaved families, said the delay in beginning an inquiry was causing more pain.
    yes, pain to the solicitors who can’t wait to be rewarded from the public purse…

    Ms Bennet said that while she understood the case was “extremely complex” it was “very unfortunate” there was “still no confirmation” on when the FAI was likely to begin.
    A Crown Office spokesman said: “The AAIB report into the Clutha tragedy, published last year, raised a number of issues which require further investigation by Police Scotland under the direction of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.
    “This is a challenging and highly complex enquiry. While we understand that the process may be frustrating for those affected by the tragedy, it is essential that the investigation must be thorough and effective to meet close scrutiny in judicial proceedings.
    “Due to the complexity and breadth of the investigation, it is not possible to provide a timescale for any proceedings but a Fatal Accident Inquiry will be held as soon as is possible to allow a full public airing of the evidence.

    That was 29th November 2016, just to stir the pot before the 3rd anniversary of the hoax. And now, with the 4th anniversary looming…
    November 2 2017
    Deals of between £5,000 and £600,000 * have been struck by one legal firm ** on the victims’ behalf.
    Ten people died $$$ and 31 were hurt when a police helicopter crashed into the roof of the Glasgow pub on 29 November 2013.
    The latest payments are thought to include compensation for serious head and back injuries, and stress-related illnesses caused by the crash

    ** Digby Brown, not Thompsons
    * total £1.3m

    Of course, there’s no hard proof that any of this money is ever paid or indeed who got £5k and who got £0.6M, if anyone. The people who would need the money are those off to a new start in life.[$$$] Nobody was injured, since no helicopter crashed, but a very skilful staged event though.

    Babcock, which owns the police helicopter operator Bond Air Services, admitted liability but disputed how much it should pay those injured in the crash.


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