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    A nice hoaxy feel to this helicopter crash in an isolated part of Ontario, at Tweed.
    December 2017, just before Christmas…
    A key witness who felt her house shake [an old line….] and conveniently, had been taking photos of the same helicopter in front of power lines beforehand, predictive of the suggested cause of the crash..

    Four guys die here today on the property. It’s pretty shocking.”
    “Nobody should have to lose a loved one at this time, or any time of year, let alone when they go to do a job,” she said.
    An Ornge air ambulance was dispatched at 11:53 a.m. and a second air ambulance was dispatched at 12:15 p.m. Both helicopters were later called off.
    Police with the Ontario Provincial Police Central Hastings detachment were also among the first to respond to reports of the crash, according to OPP Const. Lisa Robson. The OPP emergency response team and other units also responded to the scene.

    Key witness and photographer who just happened to be home, Kim Clayton of Upper Flinton Road

    Pete Fisher? @NT_pfisher
    Pictures taken by Kim Clayton earlier this week before the tragic accident that killed four Hydro workers.
    9:32 AM – 15 Dec 2017 PT

    Best [and only] available image of the “crash killing 4 people, including the pilot”

    The helicopter was at a low altitude preparing to land at a nearby field when it departed from controlled flight, said Peter Rowntree, the TSB’s investigator-in-charge, at a news briefing in Tweed on Friday.

    Good old TSB, willing participants in any hoax
    “We are shaken and heartbroken over the tragic events of the last 24 hours,” said Hydro One chief operating officer Greg Kiraly at the news conference.

    Time for some privacy now, I guess. Perhaps a modicum of grieving is permissible.

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    “Thank you for respecting our privacy at this extremely difficult time.”

    Feb 13 2018 so spake Rev David Hill, chaplain to Worthing Hospital about the “deaths” of his two sons. Jason 32 and Stuart 30.

    This Grand Canyon helihoax is the cream of the crop, we don’t even see any wreckage, just a fireball, witnessed by a professional wedding photographer [lucky that, but he missed the money shot of a women, either Ellie Milward 29 or Jennifer Barham 39 [somehow nobody can tell which of the two it was….] walking away from the fireball bold as brass, with immaculate clothing, before suddenly going into a life threatening decline in hospital.


    As usual, a nicely inaccessible “crash” site, but against a wonderful tourist backdrop, as is often the case.
    Consular assistance is on hand as always, the UK govt giving out new identities and instructions on post-hoax behaviour and restraint for those in the know.

    “Victims” – Becky Dobson 27, Veterinary receptionist, Worthing
    Stuart Hill 30 [birthday boy, son of the Revd Hill] the boyfriend of the above
    Jason Hill 32 Shoosmiths solicitor, Milton Keynes, ex Southampton University.
    Survivors – Jennifer Barham 39, girlfriend of the above
    Jonathan Udall 32 of Southampton
    Ellie Milward 29 newly married wife of the above.

    Pilot Scott Booth 42.
    Here’s Udall’s father
    and the survivor’s mum

    survivor’s sister….and you’ve guessed it, GoFundMe style JustGiving account..

    oh, £3000 target upped to £10K, so good was it going…
    £8,892 raised of £10,000 target by 160 supporters
    Wedding photo uploaded a week previously for the MSM to “find”, all very predictable

    The Milwards

    Hmmm,the wedding photo of Udall and Milward was liked by Becky Dobson, whose facebook page has quickly become “remembering Becky Dobson”

    I don’t see any Dobson-Hill connection.

    Witness to the “crash” in previously landed helicopter, who tended the “injured” for upto 10 hours.. – privately educated Conrad Fish
    and here’s his brother with a Brighton connection [University]

    Jason Hill’s girlfriend Jennifer Barham, 39, (right) is a partner at the law firm Bircham Dyson Bell and survived the crash
    “Boyfriend” Jason Hill was “about to become a partner” at law firm Shoosmiths.

    Oh, what’s this….

    Jenny Dorricott

    Jenny Dorricott of Bircham Dyson Bell, the same photo [we won’t get any more…] used by the MSM for Jenny Barham.
    Ah, marriage Jenny Elaine Barham to Terry Matthew Dorricott in 2004, Chichester, daughter Jessica Mae b 2006 [Genesreunited.com]

    Terry on right

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    There is no “Jennifer Barham”, her given name is Jenny, despite news reports such as this…
    Jennifer Barham, 39, and American pilot Scott Booth, 42, were also flown to a medical facility.

    …not the Brunette woman clambering up the Grand Canyon in immaculate clothing. So that must be Ellie then….

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    Fascinating hoax development and management in the fake Grand Canyon helicopter ‘crash’…..
    The death of a fourth person, ‘newly married’ Jonathan Udall, has been announced …on the above just giving page! Quickly picked up by the BBC, with the local coroner having to follow suit…
    Just in time for the 10pm UK news

    James Cook?Verified account @BBCJamesCook
    A fourth British tourist, Jon Udall, has died from injuries sustained in a Grand Canyon helicopter crash 12 days ago, the BBC has learned.
    2:00 pm – 22 Feb 2018 [10.00 pm GMT]

    [that’s 13.5 hrs ago as I wrote]
    So, from whom did they “learn” it>?
    Answer –
    Chris Tucker, owner of the JustGiving page wrote…
    17 hrs ago
    It is with a very heavy heart that I must type this. Our Good friend Jon Udall has succumb [sic] to his injuries. He was strong, brave and I will never forget him. I will update this page when possible. Ellie is critical and is continuing to fight. Love, Chris
    Strangely, back in the USA, they seem to know rather less, the local coroner won’t say the name…
    Feb 22 2018

    LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — The Clark County Coroner confirms that a fourth victim has died from the helicopter crash that claimed three other lives on February 10.

    From Sky News…
    The BBC has identified the latest victim as Jonathan Udall. The previous three deaths were identified as Becky Dobson, 27; her boyfriend, Stuart Hill, 30; and his brother, Jason Hill, 32.

    i.e it was pointed in the direction of the Just Giving page when the time was right.

    Jonathan Udall, 32, had been in a critical condition since the crash on Saturday 10 February.
    He is understood to have been on his honeymoon with his wife Ellie Milward at the time.

    She remains critically injured in hospital, along with Jennifer Barham, 39, and pilot Scott Booth, 42.
    More than £21,000 has been raised for Mr Udall and Ms Milward through a JustGiving crowdfunding webpage.

    over £22K now and no doubt given a hefty boost by the latest fake news, having exceeded the modest £10K target already]

    One wonders how the script writers will develop the role of Eleanor Grace Milward “Ellie” in this media drama.
    Jonathan Udall, originally from Southampton, died in a Las Vegas hospital on Thursday, 12 days after the accident, Clark County coroner John Fudenberg said.
    The 31-year-old’s wife, Ellie Milward, 29, is still believed to be in a critical condition in University Medical Centre of Southern Nevada after the crash at the Arizona tourist attraction.

    And Jenny Barham? Quid novi est?

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    The facebook pages of the Udalls have gone silent [unlike when the “crash” first happened] Nothing either from Margaret Milward.

    Father Terry, no FB account. There is another Milward sibliung, Jonathan David b 1986 who is silent on the “tragedy”


    Here are the Barhams, living in Arundel in 2002 mum dad Jenny and her brother Paul.

    Here’s a friend of Jenny, using her pre-marriage name

    Paul mills? @GrabaPaul
    Life is too cruel. My thoughts go out to you the people from worthing who lost there life is this helicopter accident. All we can do now is pray for Jenny Barham a friend and survivor of this awful accident and to the other survivors ??????????
    1:49 am – 13 Feb 2018 [9:49 AM GMT]


    Oh, what’s this? GoFundMe for Jenny Barham £9120 of £15,000 collected…..
    Crowdfunding started 8 days ago by Jonathan Wadlow [nobody is curious who “Chris Tucker” is, source of the Udall info and crowdfunding page]
    There’s a sudden burst of activity on the page…
    Katie Kineally · University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
    https://www.facebook.com/katie.kineally Lives in Oregon, Wisconsin. Studied at University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
    Sending many prayers to Jenny and her family during this sad time. I am honored to have been able to be by Jenny’s side for hours after the accident; what a courageous and amazing woman.
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    David Barham · Estepona [Spain]
    Hi Katie. My name is David Barham, I am Jenny’s father. I would very I would very much like to contact you as I have heard that you sat with Jenny for the duration of the rescue in the canyon. Could you please send me a private message on facebook messenger so that I will be able to speak directly with you. failing that perhaps you could send the auther of the just giving page a private message for him to pass on to me. Thank you so much. david
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    David Barham · Estepona [Spain]
    Hi Katie. I have just spoken to my son Paul who has given me your contact number. I will try and contact you tomorrow as paul said you are two hours ahead of Las Vegus. David
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    Shereen Patten · Works at Sainsbury’s, Rustington
    You must be an amazing woman too. Thank you from Shereen ( family friend). Good to know Jen was in such good hands. Xxx
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    Elaine Leak · Littlehampton
    Thinking of you all and sending our love hope Jenny will soon be well again love Elaine and Jumbo xx
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    Paul Mills is a friend of…


    is a friend of Terry Dorricott [q.v.]

    David’s wife, Jenny’s sister-in-law

    nobody seems to be posting anything on the “helicopter crash” on their FB accounts. In fact, nobody seems to have gone to the USA, for which the phoney looking crowdfunding page has been set up….

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    It’s getting silly/oh so predictable now. Of course you are not going to kill off one of a pair of newly weds.
    So will newly married “Ellie” Udall pull out? Of course not. She’s now gone to join Jon.
    A British woman critically injured in a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon has died in hospital, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

    Ellie Udall is the fifth Briton to die as a result of the crash on 10 February.

    Well, it makes a change from it being announced on facebook/GoFundMe. No doubt the trigger was the JustGiving target hitting £23,000

    “Mrs Udall passed away without regaining consciousness, in the Lion’s Burns Unit at the University Medical Centre, Las Vegas, USA. ***

    “The family are exceedingly grateful for everything done by rescue services and volunteers in the Canyon, and throughout the last two weeks by the exceptional staff at UMC.
    “Thank you for respecting our privacy at this extremely difficult time.”

    All eyes now on Jenny Barham and the pilot Scott Booth.

    *** The hospital is a tried and tested safe pair of hands for hoaxes – the Las Vegas shooting of 2017
    Nurses at University Medical Center describe treating hundreds of victims in the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting that killed 59.

    Suuuuure. Liars, just like in Orlando.

    Just the kind of hospital to bring helicopter “crash victims”.

    On the justgiving page set up to pay for the Udalls’ medical costs, their friend Chris Tucker wrote: “It deeply saddens me once more to update this page. Yesterday Ellie lost her battle to her injuries, the only consolidation I can muster is that she is no longer in pain and is, I hope, with Jon.
    The answer to the last two wishes is ‘yes’ and ‘yes’. But we don’t know where.


    Tributes from the JustGiving page [just a selection]
    Michaela Gibbs · Withywood
    So So Sad on Honeymoon as well,life can be very Cruel.??????????????
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    Peter Lewis · Engineer at Westexe Forklifts Ltd
    So saddened to hear this devastating news. Jon and Ellie you were truly loved. I hope you are together now. Love and light on your journey. ?? xxx

    Chris Nicolaou · Managing Director at AML
    I’m truly lost for words. The world will be a lesser place without them. RIP together xx

    Francesca Hughes · London, United Kingdom
    I will always remember Ellie’s smile, kindness and wicked sense of humour. My thoughts are with her and Jon’s loved ones. May they rest in peace together forever. xx

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    A strange air “disaster” from 1973 in SWITZERLAND, the country’s worst. And who supplied the ‘victims’? Good old United Kingdom. And a charter “shopping trip to Switzerland” if you believe it! £16.50 per head for air fare, food and coach trip
    The date April 10 1973, near Basle / Basel. Invicta Airlines Vickers Vanguard G-AXOP

    6 crew 139 passengers [alleged] deaths 108 pax, inc 4 creew . Survivors 37 inc 2 crew.

    Red Flags
    BBC radio about to warm up the event in 2018, as with all recent staged disasters.
    The list of victims is secret!

    In 2011, local author Peter Forrester [link above]
    has been unable to find a casualty list.
    “I am conscious that it happened 38 years ago so it can be emotive for some people but it is a fact of history that these people were lost.

    “I think that it is important that they are remembered.”

    Although there is a list which belonged to former Defence Secretary and Bridgwater MP Lord Tom King, it is tied up in classified documents and cannot be made available until 2012, however Mr Forrester wants to publish his book this year.
    The book never happened. Hmmmm And no list emerged for the 40th anniversary events in 2013. The memorial in Hochwald bears no names, unusually.

    What other clues? “Relatives” flew to Switzerland to identify ‘victims’ by possessions – coffins were apparently already nailed down. People find it difficult to talk about the event [in 2013]

    Parliament, next day April 11 [in response to a question by the local MP for the area where the ‘victims’ lived
    The Minister for Aerospace and Shipping (Mr. Michael Heseltine) An Invicta International Airlines Vanguard G-AXOP (Oscar Papa) on a flight from Bristol to Basle yesterday crashed at about 10 a.m. GMT into a forest in a mountainous area near the village of Hochwald some ten miles south of Basle Airport during the course of an overshoot following an unsuccessful approach to land.
    Of the 139 passengers and six crew it is now believed that more than 100 passengers and four crew lost their lives.

    The terrain in the area where the crash took place was very difficult and access to the wreckage was greatly hindered by heavy snow and by mist. In these particular circumstances a great tribute must be paid to the Swiss rescue organisations for their efforts to get the injured to hospital and in particular to the farmers and villagers of Hochwald for the enormous effort they made to locate and help the survivors. [first responders in modern parlance]

    Invicta International Airlines have made arrangements to fly relatives to Switzerland today in two flights scheduled to leave at 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. One of these flights is expected to return this evening bringing those survivors fit to travel.
    Same ageless story. All the relatives seem very ‘available’ to travel.

    More from Wiggin, MP for Weston-super-Mare
    will the Minister investigate the long delays in getting information to England? Is he aware that the list of injured was not received until eleven o’clock last night, and even now the names of three injured persons are not known. This places great stress on the relatives of all those involved in the disaster, most of whom are bound to be tragically disappointed. Does the Minister have any information on when a list of the dead will be available and will he say whether the flight recorder has been recovered?Mr Heseltine..There has been great difficulty in effecting rescue operations and in finding the dead and identifying them and there has been a delay which, although regrettable, is in these circumstances understandable. The lists of the dead and the survivors are being published as soon as they are available.

    Which never happened. It has to be a hoax.

    Back in 2008, one of the key role players,
    Roger Keen was just 14 years old when the crash happened. He remembers sitting in front of the television, avidly listening out for the names of the 37 passengers who had survived the crash. It was later confirmed that his father, Roy Keen, who had taken a last minute place on the trip, and his grandmother, Louisa Davis, were among the dead. They’re commemorated in the churchyard in Cheddar.

    Roger has spent the last two years fulfilling a childhood ambition to learn to fly. He wanted to finish the trip that his father and grandmother took 35 years ago, by flying a plane to Switzerland and visiting the memorial at the site of the crash. His journey has been followed by the regional current affairs series ‘Inside Out West’ on BBC One at 7.30pm on Friday April 11th.
    hmmm so, that wouldn’t be the evening of the ‘crash’ that 14 year old Roger was watching TV….

    1973 video clip
    not much plane, no obvious fire “survivors stumbled across by 10 year old boy…”
    Note the emotive rows of identical sealed wooden coffins, a standard media event.

    Let’s find some names from contemporary reports and see if there is any evidence this ‘crash’ might be genuine.

    PS note the crash of Swissair flight 330 in 1970, allegedly holed by a ‘terrorist’ bomb, flying to Hong Kong with just 38 passengers, crashed out of Zurich. A very obvious smaller template for Lockerbie.

    A nicely felled clearing, just the standard load of junk dropped in the forest,’body bags’. and the standard “shoes” shots at 0.55-1.00.

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    To be going on with, before I dig deeper – a French TV report from 1973, where the readers seems to say 40 survivors and 146 dead if I understand the French correctly, which is not the final narrative.


    This Swiss site shows the 2013 visit of a ?small number? of Bristol area residents

    As well as the official story, with heroes and witnesses to the “bodies’ there are some nice photos
    Key operative, the local farmer Hansruedi Vögtli </strong</i> who also just happens to be the local fire chief! Amazing coincidence.

    His son, Erik Vögtli then aged 14 “sees bleeding survivors” and they bring 5 survivors back to the farm, one woman is holding her intestines [suuuuure] only to die later [allegedly] “Everywhere women’s corpses were deep in the snow,” says Rudolf Allemann, now 83 years old who was then the Basel fire department commander.

    It’s looking very fake at the moment.

    A distinct absence of wreckage

    The memorial without names, with Marion Booker, 50, who travelled with husband Andrew in 2013

    Marion’s mother Kathleen then aged 39 was killed, allegedly.
    Significantly, Marion, then Marion Jenkins aged 10, was one of 32 “orphans” entertained in Switzerland afterwards.
    The report in German [above link] says she had a sister Carol [14] two of five grandchildren of
    Ivi Hellier, 62 two of whose daughters allegedly died, but Joan, 36 survived.

    So relatives really want a mass produced gravestone for their “loved one” in Axbridghe?

    The very general memorial for a crash where the names of victims and survivors is secret…

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    Great work mate, linked it in the psyops list.

    Isn’t it “coincidental”, or “convenient” (coincidenient?) that the plane crashed exactly at the open spot in the otherwise dense forest? All trees around it unharmed and still standing and no broken trees at the open spot? Just some branches that look like naturally broken on that slope anyway. That was one hell of a pilot!

    Open spot

    Also note the almost indestructible engine, here stripped from the outer casing, just taken from some plane scrapyard as a prop.

    Roger Keen appearing in local news too.

    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    This is where it gets interesting.
    We only find out that two Hellier sisters died in the original Swiss news item

    Strange that Marion Booker doesn’t mention her aunt’s death in the same ‘crash’ in 2013.
    There were five Hellier siblings – Kathleen Marh b 1935 Joan S b 1937 [cited above] Robert J b 1942 Dorothy A and David A b 1946.
    By inference, Dorothy must have died silently in the ‘crash’.
    We see a marriage in 1968 to Alick C Rowland who still lives in Taunton, children g 1968 Stephen Alick and 1971 Joanne Michelle. b 1971;
    Joanne Michelle Rowland of 12 Silver Street Cheddar died February 27 1989 aged 17! Stephen leaves no apparent trace.
    Well, fancy that. [there was administration of her estate, value not declared]
    There was no probate in the UK for Dorothy A Rowland, and no death is recorded, as it might be if a body is repatriated and an inquest opened.
    “Ivi” was IVY MAY HELLIER nee Perry b 1912. who died in 1993, her husband pre-deceased her in 1981. No probate for either of them.

    And what of Roger Keen, who is another major actor for the narrative? Now a Conservator councillor, he lost his father and grandmother, allegely, but not his mother, Doris.

    His mother remarried one Manuel J De Sousa in 1984 and they both subsequently vanish from the radar. In fact, as far as I can see, Roger has never mentioned his mother. Administration was granted to his grandmother Louisa Davis on July 3 1973 of Analro, Heath House, Axbridge £4301.

    comments here [yet another article featuring Roger Keen]
    Adrian Lane
    I was 11 years old when the plane crashed. My mum was the most badly injured to survive. For 35 years we have grieved for all those that died. Mum paased away last year and is now with them. Our thoughts are with them, and our families.

    Beverly Wood
    My Mum, Hazel Lane of Cheddar,
    survived the aircrash but spent the following 9 weeks in hospital with horrific injuries. She was later to spend many more months in hospital undergoing about 10 operations but always had a smile for everyone and always said “I’m fine” whether she was or not! Sadly she died in April last year, but we were so blessed to have had her for a further 34 years after the crash.

    David Baker
    My mother was also killed in the crash . I was 8 years old and one of three children
    . To put it mildly it devastated the family and some members of the family never got over it . The aftermath was felt for years after .


    There are some similarities in the Basle “crash” to that the next year, 1974, in France involving Turkish Airlines flight 981, which was briefly discussed a few years ago… [@gaia, we just missed the March 3 anniversary of the hoax]

    Fake Aviation Crashes and other Helihoaxes

    “killing” 346 people, at the time, the deadliest crash in history
    Going to London, naturally, the hoaxing capital of the world.
    These wiki paragraphs say it all
    167 passengers flew on the Istanbul to Paris leg, and 50 of them disembarked in Paris. 216 new passengers, many of whom were supposed to fly on Air France, BEA, Pan Am, or TWA, boarded TK 981 in Paris, resulting in a 30-minute departure delay. Some passengers cancelled their tickets because of delays or a lack of seats.

    The majority of the passengers were British, including members of an amateur rugby team from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, who were returning from a Five Nations match between France and England. Notable people on board were John Cooper, who won silver medals in men’s 400 metres hurdles and the 4 × 400 metres relay at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and Jim Conway, general secretary of the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union.

    The whole Bury rugby team was previously highlighted. However, we must never forget…
    some comments have since appeared at the blog linked in the earlier post
    April 13, 2016 at 12:58 am

    Peter Galloway

    In 1974 my sister, Nancy, was a model based in London. Her roommate was Pamela Sheels. Pamela, Nancy my wife and I had celebrated the previous Christmas with my parents Bangkok. She was a beautiful person.
    Nancy was back in London and expecting Pamela’s return. She did not know Pamela was on the DC10. We were all heartbroken when we heard the news. We miss her.

    May 8, 2016 at 8:03 am

    Candace Wilson Culp
    In the London Times account of the crash there are photos at the bottom of the page. The beautiful woman was my friend, Pamela Sheels. No doubt about it.

    So, Pamela Sheels is/was a real person

    Among the victims were 200 passengers, many of them British, who had been transferred from British Airways flights cancelled because of a strike by engineers at London airport.
    hmmm convenient

    another nice isolated forest chosen for the “crash”
    there was no-one to be rescued. All that remained to be done was to collect the bodies and take them to the church of St Pierre at Senlis.
    From there, soldiers transferred the bodies onto army vehicles during the night to be driven to the medical centre in Paris, where they will be examined by forensic scientists.


    And in Bury St Edmunds, we have the all too familiar memorial now.

    “Likened to the Munich Air Disaster”

    The players, staff and colleagues at the club had visited France in good spirits – to watch the England versus France Five Nations match and take part in a friendly against a local side – having just won the Suffolk Knockout Cup.

    But after their friendly scheduled for the day of the crash – March 3, 1974 – was postponed, 18 of the 21-strong party opted to take an earlier flight on the ill-fated Turkish Airlines DC-10 as a two-day strike at Heathrow had halted any British flights.
    Thethree other players, John Cousins, vice chairman Ron Freeman and Albert Spriggins, decided to stay on and visit an agricultural show in Paris.


    List of names…
    Brian Arthur
    David Cain
    Laurie Cornish
    David Cowell
    Richard Coult
    Bryan Ellis
    Peter Green
    Nick Jones
    Stuart King

    Graham Levet
    Tom Marriage
    John McClinton
    Rex Morley
    Gregory Rynsard
    Robert Savidge
    Mike Tilbrook
    Mike Whitehead

    an Air Disaster Fund set up by town mayor Robert Elliot raised almost £10,000 in just four days and eventually totalling £128,000.
    I have digressed, but it is yet another mass casualty drill leading up to 9/11, with the UK leading the way and shortly following on from the similar Basle disaster exercise. .
    A passenger list of flight 981 is here
    Passenger manifest TC-JAV THY981
    with some recent comments
    March 3, 2015 at 11:22 pm

    Michael Chard

    I lost my father, Gary Ray Chard, 41 years ago today in this crash. He was a husband and father of four children living in Paris, France. I was just a young ten year old boy. This disaster turned my family upside down. Eventually time softened the hurt, but even today as a father of four myself, I feel the tremendous loss of my father’s absence these many years. I still miss him very much.

    May 8, 2016 at 1:40 pm

    Carmen Muscat
    I will never forget the morning we were told in our school assembly hall that our beloved Parish Priest Fr James McDonald was lost. I was 11 yrs at the time. Never will I forget you Fr McDonald who went on a short well earn break. I still think of you like I did this very morning. You are with me always in my prayer
    [59 years old, sole Irish Citizen]
    December 26, 2016 at 10:15 am

    Brenda Slater
    We lost my Brother, Sister in Law and their Daughter on this flight. Mum and I will be going to St Paul’s Cathedral, London on Saturday 4th March 2017, at 11am to light candles in their memory. If anyone would like to join us for this 43rd Anniversary event you would be most welcome. Brenda and Dolly Slater
    Mr. John Frederick Slater, 33, married, steward and his wife Gloria, 31, and their daughter Nadine Nicolas, 4

    Note the amazing number of Japanese vicsims between the ages of 22 and 24.
    The usual junk yard “crash” site, with communited plane parts and erect saplings

    Here is the BBC programme on the 1973 “disaster” in Switzerland
    [We can be sure that each forthcoming episode in that “Aftermath” series is a staged event where nobody died]

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    There was one more rugby club involved in this event, from Stockport, near Manchester.
    The English Rugby team, however, had taken an Air France 727. How many rugby clubs would have been booked on the cancelled British Airways flight? Not many I’d say.
    Only 40 bodies were allegedly identified, six of them being found, so we’re told, by a farmer in a turnip field at St Pathus. It was alleged that those with families in the Stockport club would be given priority in the dash to get home – 4 deaths recorded, 12 children.

    Robert Anthony Breton, 33, 6 Winnington Road Marple Probate 15 Aug £11023
    John Steven Backhouse, 43,Brumanna, Jacksons Edge Road, Disley Probate 29 May £54631
    Sidney Waterhouse, 48, 51 Hollymount Road, Stockport Administgration 26 June £16265
    Christopher Mather Kendall, 33, [also given as 31] 3 Downef Close Macclesfield Administration June 4 £50843
    Waterhouse had 4 children, Kendall 2, the other pair had 3 each.

    Breton had allegedly taken the place of another club member who was unable to travel

    The “tyre” type shot, as later used on 9/11

    The above link naughtily uses a photo of the pathetic 2009 Schipol Turkish Airlines crash drill in 2009 which left “nine dead”.


    – February 25 for the hoax calendar [9 “deaths” 5 Turks, 4 Americans of whom 3 just happened to work for Boeing in Ankara…hmmmm
    I digress.

    Austin Cornish, who was only three years old when his father Laurie Cornish, who was club vice president, died in the crash aged 39.
    Mr Cornish, whose company Bury Developments sponsors the club..

    And a lucky escape story from Bury St Edmuunds…one of the “agricultural show 3”, Albert Spriggins, was actually named Albert S Sprigings [1928-2001] who had 4 children. One surviving member of the trio was wheeled out with his story in 2014 for the 40th anniversary, John Cousins [then aged 21]
    choosing instead to remain in the French capital and enjoy a local match at the City’s Racing Club, a decision that would ultimately save their lives. “Because I was self employed there was not as much of a rush for me to get back so suddenly,” explained Cousins. “The strike all happened a bit quickly and so others took the decision to fly back early, not wanting to risk not getting back. “I was sitting in the crowd when it was announced over the tannoy. “They were pretty sure what plane it was straight away and so we knew it was our friends who were involved.

    Oh! It’s not an agricultural show any more, it’s another match! I thought self employed people would also want to get back, with no sick pay available from an employer…
    “I was declared as dead in the original reports so I had to phone home to tell my mum I was alive,
    “There was a wonderful character in Chris Tilbrook who kept the club going in the aftermath of the disaster. “He lost his brother in the air crash and he did a lot to keep the club going, as did a lot of people.

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    Ha Xfiles (sorry, the name I use, no disrespect, quite the contrary). I already included this one in the Jet rule list:

    and now included your analysis, so thanks. But yes, I chose Rodney King’s beating for that day as it was a bigger one in terms of coverage, I remember having seen it as a kid on TV.

    But keep the plane crash analyses coming, I link everything you contribute here at Fakeopedia, when I have time.

    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    Latest fake plane/chopper crashes/insurance jobs – March 11/12 2018
    First up, a daring ditching of a helicopter in the NY East River, a kind of mini miracle of the Hudson. Alleged 5 passengers, but there will have been none.
    We even have a nascent wiki page

    The subtle script variation here is that the on-side NTSB investigator Bella Dinh-Zarr [Seattle staged train wreck investigator, btw] doubts the [surviving] pilot’s scripted story to the press. As if….
    No wonder one of the “victims” [don’t worry, you can put his photo up straight away, we’re not grieving because we know nobody died…] is giving a thumbs up to the camera in the staged photo – he knows he’s off to a new identity soon.

    Over in Kathmandu, we have the standard torching of a plane just off the runway. As usual, hordes of emergency personnel standing around for the cameras, doing nothing. Nobody died, nobody got hurt.

    suuure. One Moldovan curve-ball “victim”, otherwise all easily re-assimiliated into new lives, not that anyone was on the plane at the time.


    I looked also into that Kathmandu plane crash and was quite sure it must be a hoax. The first responders are climbing on the planewreck and other points of the scene, which would be completely impossible in reality..

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