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    It seems London Gatwick was the UK’s own Kathmandu, staging two significant crash hoaxes in 1959 and 1969. The advantage over Heathrow is that Gatwick is in a semi rural location.
    Going backwards in time…
    1969 – Ariana Afghan Airlines [yes! a plane spotter’s dream!] Boeing 727. Very similar to Nepal in 2018, and we had a hero – PC Simmons who saved a life! 50 perished, allegedly. But there were supposedly 11 survivors. All “victims” bar one were from Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Hmmmmm

    An obvious hoax. All the usual ingredients, triage centre, house demolition [later used in the Concorde crash hoax], miracle baby survival…. the crew didn’t seem to want to “die” either in this event, all survived, unlike in…

    The 1959 “crash” which involved a key player in these events, Turkish Airline,
    it’s first. [the above AFghan plane had called in at Istanbul en route]
    The Turkish prime minister, no less, was on board [allegedly]
    As with the later 1969 crash, the local hospitals were part of the drill.
    Turkish Premier Adnan Menderes, who was seated at a left window seat in the rear passenger cabin, survived the crash with only light scratches to his face, hanging in an upside-down position with his foot stuck in the floor

    Not much wreckage, as usual, but the all important “Turkish” and “airlines” signwritten panels survived undamaged. Another miracle.

    Bonus item 1 Heathrow Staines crash June 18 1972 [what a busy period for air crashes!] BEA flight 548, well documented, and an extraordinary event, nobody noticed it! Crazy, when the flight path is alleged to have crossed a main road at 90 degrees, to land in a nice quiet field. [@2.42 in the video]

    the plane seems to have made an “emergency stop” between two lines of trees, a nice secluded location. Total nonsense, of course. A transparent staged event.
    “The crash at first went almost unnoticed” LOL! 90 degrees across a busy main road….

    Oh yes, the pilot, Key, 4 years off retirement. A good script. See also 11.55 et seq with running crisis actors.

    Bonus item 2, here’s a real beauty, Stockport, near Manchester 1967. A pathetic hoax, the usual tailfin [British Midland] and some controlled house demolition and a few torched cars. How could we have fallen for this nonsense? [72 dead 12 survived, allegedly]

    At 0.43 in the video, note the Beck and Pollitzer Hydrocon mobile crane – probably the one used to dump the piece of plane over the railings.

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    Avatar photogaia

    From Russia with Love, Diamonds are Forever:

    Loosely in the sky with diamonds! Russian plane loses its $400million cargo of gold and jewels after a hatch falls off during takeoff

    – Precious metals and diamonds rained over the runway and a swathe of Yakutia
    – The hatch door of the plane fell off near a car market without causing injury
    – The plane bound for Krasnoyarsk then made an emergency landing at Magan
    – The nightmare happened on takeoff from Yakutsk, the regional capital

    A plane lost much of a £265 million cargo of diamonds, platinum and gold on takeoff in Siberia.

    The treasures fell out of a loose hatch in the plane’s hold.

    Precious metals and diamonds rained over the runway and a swathe of Yakutia, the coldest region in Russia [and the world, outside of Antarctica, ideal stage location].

    The hatch door fell off near a car market without causing injury. The plane bound for Krasnoyarsk then made an emergency landing at Magan after discovery it had been haemorrhaging valuables.

    The nightmare happened on takeoff from Yakutsk, the regional capital.

    ‘The Nimbus Airlines AN-12 cargo plane hit problems during takeoff and the treasures fell out of the hold all over the runway,’ reported The Siberian Times.

    ‘The plane plane then dropped some bars of gold as far as 15 miles from the airport.’
    Police sealed off the runway and a vast search is underway.

    Only secret services operatives are allowed to take part. It is unclear if it was an accident or a deliberate attempt at a ring heist.

    Technical engineers at the airport who prepared it for takeoff have been detained.

    They are undergoing interrogation,’ said a source.

    The cargo belonged to Chukota Mining and Geological company. Some 75% of shares belong to Canadian Kinross Gold.

    Yakutsk is capital of Yakutia or the Sasha Republic, Russia’s diamond producing region.


    Precious metals and diamonds rained over the runway and a swathe of Yakutia, the coldest region in Russia

    What a well-organized rain of gold bars, staying exactly within the limits of the black tarmac, amazing!

    Gold bars

    The plane bound for Krasnoyarsk then made an emergency landing after the discovery that it had been haemorrhaging valuables

    So where was this photo taken then? In Yakutsk, before flying off? Why take this photo, super secret Russkis? Or in Magan, after the emergency landing? While “raining gold for 15 miles”, this neat pack is what is left?


    Gold and platina fell out of cargo plane in Yakutia. It is unclear if it was an accident or a deliberate attempt at a ring heist.

    And what about neither of those two, DailyFail?

    Note the plane number:


    The Nimbus Airlines AN-12 cargo plane (pictured) reportedly hit problems during takeoff

    Oh yes, we have a big problem! Where is this police mans head? Ah, that is solved in the video below, he has a black cap on, not really unexpected in the average -38 degree climate of Yakutsk… The tear in the underside (?) of the plane (?) looks artificial…


    A plane lost much of a £265 million cargo of diamonds, platinum and gold on takeoff in Siberia after the plane’s hatch door fell off near a car market

    Lucky car market, this guy parked just inches away from where this piece would “fall” (note lack of impact) from the sky, or unlucky that he wasn’t there to catch some diamonds and gold and platina bars…

    Car market

    Or, as RT reports:

    A Nimbus Airlines An-12 plane was carrying more than nine tons of material belonging to the Mining and Geological Company in the neighboring Chukotka region, Russia’s Investigative Committee confirmed Thursday. The unsecured cargo fell from the back of the plane when the hatch opened during take-off. The offending hatch then detached from the plane and fell on a local auto market. No one was injured in the incident.

    Of course, you don’t notice that when you fly off, a hatch door opening, that can happen to anyone…

    Video of the “nightmare”

    Time Magazine, one of the most extreme cases of VVS I have seen, even going sideways…

    Another “video”, it is not, it is a collection of photos.

    But answers one of the earlier questions; the neatly packed gold bars are photographed after the alleged “nightmare” of “haemorrhaging” diamonds, no shit!

    The Nimbus Airlines plane took off for Krasnoyarsk carrying 9.3 tons of gold and other precious metals, according to a statement from the state Investigative Committee, reported by CNBC.

    Local witnesses reported that the photos [???] were gold, platinum and gems. TASS cited officials from the Interior Ministry as saying that some 172 gold bars weighing about 3.4 tons were recovered. According to the Mash Telegram channel, the total cargo is worth the hefty sum of 21.6 billion rubles (US$380 million).

    Indeed guys, real gems. They are just out there in the details, for all of us to see:

    It’s -21C in Yakutia, sunny, we expect showers of diamond, platinum and gold… Plane loses its $368 million cargo; gems and precious metals rain over Russia’s coldest region as police and secret services stage emergency search

    According to an official from the Canadian-based Kinross Gold Corporation, which operates mines in Russia, the trove are Doré bars, semi-pure alloys of gold and silver which are later transported to a refinery for purification.

    A doré bar is a semi-pure alloy of gold and silver, usually created at the site of a mine. It is then transported to a refinery for further purification. The proportions of silver and gold can vary widely. Doré bars weigh as much as 25 kg. According to the United States Census Bureau, the creation of doré bars is conducted at establishments engaged either in “Gold Ore Mining” (NAICS Code 212221), or “Primary Smelting and Refining of Nonferrous Metals

    Without a shadow of a doubt, a 25 kg gold-silver alloy Doré bar this! Or a mammoth incisor:

    Clear proof

    This Doré lost her labeled jacket on the way down, chilly being naked!


    How to pack a money scam within a money scam?

    Gold rush in -24C to find the $368 million treasures that fell from back of plane. Tickets to Yakutsk sold out. Locals do not believe official claims that the precious metals have been found.

    Some nice photos at that Twitter account, enjoy!


    Hmmmm, let’s see:

    – why would anyone pack all that gold, platina and diamonds on 1 plane anyway?
    – Plane “taking off from Yakutsk, losing precious metals for 15 miles (or about 23 km) and emergency landing in Magan? The distance between these two airstrips (airport is a bit of a stretch) is just 13 km !! (Something not hidden on Wickedpedia: “It is served by the Yakutsk Airport as well as the smaller Magan Airport.”)
    – Time Magazine already uses the Zal Rule, dobre den guys, nice you read Fakeopedia!

    Per CNBC, authorities shut down the runway and have recovered 172 gold bars so far, but since the gold was spread over some 10 square miles [so not 15 miles], treasure hunters will undoubtedly be out in force looking for lost cargo for some time. Or this is simply the plot of the next installment in the Ocean’s franchise.

    "A truth seeker is someone who dares to wade through thick series of toxic smoke screens and tries not to inhale" - Gaia (2017)

    "What do you call 'genius'?" "Well, seeing things others don't see. Or rather the invisible links between things." - Vladimir Nabokov (1938)


    Latest fake plane/chopper crashes/insurance jobs – March 11/12 2018
    First up, a daring ditching of a helicopter in the NY East River, a kind of mini miracle of the Hudson…..

    Some of the worst acting imaginable from one of the victims’ sister and mother
    [2 videos]
    Who can believe for one moment that these dupers really think their son and brother is dead.
    The lawyers must also have a drink from this hoax
    An abject aviation hoax.


    Grand Canyon helicopter crash hoax management
    [not yet incorporated into this list of helicopter crashes – wonder how many of these are scams?]
    While we’re in the Grand Canyon, so to speak, here’s an obvious fake mid air collision from 1956, 126 dead [suuure]
    On April 22, 2014, the site of the crash was declared a National Historic Landmark, making it the first landmark for an event that happened in the air. The exact location of the crash site is being kept secret, having been redacted from the officially released nomination form.
    this accident prompted the FAA and NTSB to make flight recorders mandatory on U.S. airliners


    Oh no, sidetracked again.
    Anyway here’s the bulletin on Jenny [why do they keep calling her Jennifer? It’s not her birth name] Barham
    March 6 2018 [“crash” was on Feb 10]
    upgraded to fair condition at a Nevada hospital. [from critical]
    JustGiving total £14,682 so far. Excellent.

    Mustn’t forget to give the lawyers a drink, the hoax managers did remember…

    Lawyers for Philip and Marlene Udall, of Southampton, claim that their 31-year-old son would not have sustained “catastrophic” burns if the Airbus EC130 B4 had been fitted with the fuel system.

    The Udalls are asking for in excess of $195,000 (£141,000) in damages, as well as punitive damages and a jury trial.
    The lawsuit comes after it was announced that Papillon would fit 40 of the crash-resistant tanks to its fleet following the crash, which Robb called “too little, too late”
    [lawyer Gary] Robb said he previously won a $38m (£28m) lawsuit for Chana Daskal, who suffered burns over 85% of her body, having been the sole survivor of a Papillon crash in the Grand Canyon 17 years ago.


    In 2010, Mr. Robb authored the book, Helicopter Crash Litigation, published by Lawyers & Judges Publishing Company. The Second Edition of this acclaimed book was published in 2015. In 2009, Forbes Magazine referred to Mr. Robb as “by far the most successful helicopter crash trial lawyer in the country.”


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    Avatar photorgos

    Bizar praktijktentamen: helikoptercrash nagebootst

    Bizarre practice exam: helicopter crash simulated


    Clip length: 1:33

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    Ho ho, you never get that much wreckage in a “real” helicopter crash! It always seems to evaporate on impact.

    Which reminds me….poor hoax management of the Grand Canyon helihoax. Calling Jenny…


    There are some similarities in the Basle “crash” to that the next year, 1974, in France involving Turkish Airlines flight 981, which was briefly discussed a few years ago… [@gaia, we just missed the March 3 anniversary of the hoax]

    Well, fancy that, a woman writes into the BBC about a difficult period in her life back in 1974
    from about 39.00

    one aspect being that her mother died in the Turkish Airlines “crash” along with a friend of her mother.
    From the details she gives, one can discover that her mother was
    Mrs. Isobel Kennedy Griffin, 52, widow, two children, shop assistant
    from the blog. The interviewee, her daughter Yvonne Aitken,doesn’t mention her mother was widowed. One notices online that as well as a sister, Yvonne had a brother who died aged 12 in 1966…

    Her sister [3 accounts] Georgina A[vril]

    photo with memorial
    Avril Poffley-griffin
    · 26 November 2017 ·

    My suspicion, is that the unnamed friend was, on account of the proximity of their addresses
    Mrs. Isabella Wilkinson, 51, widow

    Mrs Griffin’s estate was administered in 15 days! [Leeds, MArch 18 £884, address 11 Anthard Garth, Walkington, Beverley, East Yorkshire.

    Mrs Wilkinson March 14 [11 days after the crash!!!] 71 Norwood Grove, Beverley, East Yorkshire £7397

    No fewer than SIX fashion models “died” in the “crash”.
    Mr. Ian Roger Fuller, 24, fashion model
    Mr. Michael Hannah, 24, actor-fashion model
    Miss Prudence Hedley Pratt, 30, fashion model
    Miss Pamela Sheel, 28, fashion model
    Mrs. Georgina Weld-Forester, 22, married, fashion model
    Mrs. Wendy Wheal, 24, married, fashion model

    and TWO wine merchants
    Mr, Nigel John Norcliffe Roberts, 24, wine merchant
    Mr. Nicholas Jeremy Stewart Fripp, 25, married, one child, wine merchant

    FOUR doctors
    Mr. Michael George Beckwith, 28, married, one child, doctor and his wife Fatricia Ann, 30, teacher
    Mr, Charles Christopher Bowley, 53, married, two children, doctor
    Mr. Otto Sigmund Kohnstamm, 72, married, one child, doctor and his wife Winifred, 51, secretary
    Mr. Anders Sipo Qunta, 59, married, one child, doctor and his wife Margaret Mary, 60

    While we’re here, another suspicious crash which needs investigating
    Air France flight 447, 228 “dead”
    Tony Cable worked for the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch for 32 years. He was the senior investigator on the fatal Concorde crash in Paris ten years ago, and on the Lockerbie bombing. **

    ‘The normal way of investigating an accident is to look at the crash site. In this case, though, there’s only a small amount of floating wreckage,’ he says.

    here’s the hoaxed wreckage

    ** safe pair of hands.
    Airbus 330, it fell into the Atlantic, with little trace except the above….June 8 2009

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    Mid 1950s, I’d say. Mr Griffin with his daughters


    A staged heli crash and how you stage them for TV/movies

    Here we go
    Take-off in Frisco, Colorado
    pilot – Patrick Mahany, off to retirement somewhere

    Legislation seeks to prevent deadly helicopter crashes like 2015 one in Colorado that killed Flight for Life pilot


    The big fire afterwards, with TV coverage of the amazing survival of the passengers and the rapid death of the pilot….with the emerging “Witness” Kurt Weitkunat in that easily sealed-off location behind the trees, conveniently in a car lot.

    and the “emerging CCTV footage”

    Hoax management – [Denver post, link above]
    Paramedic and flight nurse David Repsher and flight nurse Matthew Bowe were critically hurt in the crash. The pair have sued the helicopter’s operator, Air Methods Corporation; the manufacturer, Airbus Helicopters S.A.S; and the distributor, Airbus Helicopters.
    the huge damages settlement, $100m….

    [also contains footage of Dave, minus the tip of his nose and the CCTV footage of the chopper dropping onto the RV, cutting before the “Spread” of the fire. Perhaps there’s a big crane, or heavy lift chopper droppinig it.

    The NTSB reporthttps://www.ntsb.gov/_layouts/ntsb.aviation/brief.aspx?ev_id=20150703X00859&key=1

    And here’s how a minor helicopter crash is staged [without the fire!]

    PS It seems like the Colorado crash was a variation of the 2013 Oklahoma City “crash” where one paramedic, Billy Wynne, died and the pilot and paramedic Mark Montgomery and Chris Denning “died”



    “blamed on ice”
    suuure Nice Walmart advert though.

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    Quite a bit of duping from Tina Dzurisin from the St Ann retirement center in OK City.

    The witness at the end obviously didn’t see anything.

    Strangely, or perhaps not, it was just weeks after another chopper “crash” in Oklahoma, near Seminole

    and in 2016 here’s yet another Medical helicopter crash in LAWTON Oklahoma. I wonder if Chris Kendall witnessed that one, which looks more real than the others – no injuries, prominent location.

    Finally, a historical 1993 sporting themed “fatal helicopter crash”involving NASCAR star Davey Allison in Talladega, AL, just aerial footage of a wrecked chopper, which he had only bought 3 weeks before….

    Davey Allison’s car crash is, however, very serious from the previous year

    An Update on Davey Allison’s Helicopter Accident: Birmingham attorney
    Jim Thompson was the lead attorney in a lawsuit filed on behalf of the Davey
    Allison estate that claimed a flawed part called a collective yoke – not
    pilot error as the National Transportation Safety Board ruled – caused the
    July 1993 crash at Talladega Superspeedway that took Allison’s life and
    injured his Hueytown neighbor, Red Farmer. McDonnell-Douglas, the California-based aircraft manufacturer that owns Hughes Aircraft, which built the helicopter, settled the suit for an undisclosed sum in 1996 without admitting fault. McDonnell-Douglas, the
    California-based aircraft manufacturer that owns Hughes Aircraft, which
    built the helicopter, set



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    Avatar photoTom Dalpra

    It would be interesting to me to find a major air crash that we could say with conviction was real just to see what a real one looks like!

    I certainly don’t reject the idea that this incident was faked, I just hadn’t looked at it and don’t know.

    There’s a few details in the numbers which made me raise my eye-brows slightly.
    First off, this ‘World record’ air crash happened on 3/3 /1974

    The 177 British dead in this ‘most fatal plane crash in history’ also has to be noted.

    The other one was that it was said to hit the ground 77 seconds after the original explosion.

    These numbers don’t amount to coincidences too-far and could be retrospectively massaged, but they did make me wonder.

    It occurred in broad daylight at a quite popular tourist spot. We’re told
    ”Many Sunday strollers saw the crash. There was disagreement among them as to whether the plane had been on fire before crashing, but most agreed that thick smoke was pouring from the huge trijet as it came down.”

    After 9/11 we know anything is possible with planes in broad daylight, but with this being a popular tourist spot and a Sunday, my impression is, it doesn’t seem like a truly isolated area. Lots of people could see the plane crashing and members of the public could have been first on the scene.
    I’m not saying this means it has to be real, it just isn’t a completely isolated
    area, in this case.

    You say this crash ” had a sporting theme (rugby clubs)” xileffilex.
    Was there more than one team like Bali ? I’ve only read about the Bury St Edmunds team at this point.

    The victim list has a somewhat familiar and broad international coverage. There were apparently 177 Britons, 48 Japanese, 44 Turkish, 25 Americans, 16 French, 5 Brazilians, 3 Argentine, 2 Australian, 2 Indians, 1 Belgian, 1 Cypriot, 1 West German, 1 Irish, 1 Moroccan, 1 New Zealander, 1 Pakistani, 1 Senegalese, 1 Spaniard, 1 Swedish, 1 Swiss, and one South Vietnamese.

    I don’t know, I really don’t have a firm take with this one.
    I’d like to think that I’d be able to tell straight-away just by taking-in the media, whether a crash was real or not if it happened today.
    I have less of a feel for this retrospectively. I could say in casual conversation that it was ‘probably fake’ like a whole bunch of other major incidents, but I wouldn’t say it with much conviction.



    There was a second rugby club on the flight, Tom – from Stockport, as noted earlier in the thread.
    Incidentally, just today, there’s a sudden outbreak of Rugby club players dying in Sri Lanka….

    A video of the rubbish dump/crash site in 1974

    and a recent update, including footage of a “recovered” forest

    Some nice photos here. e.g.

    ist still looks like a load of aircraft junk dropped from above, with concomitant tree surgery and a full scale drill going on on the forest floor.

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    Avatar photoTom Dalpra

    Ok. It wasn’t another rugby club exactly, on the flight, but four members of a Rugby club from Stockport who had travelled to watch the Four Nations match against France in Paris.

    I’m not saying that this isn’t notable, but on that day with other flights back to London being cancelled, it strikes me as possibly quite likely there would be some other rugby fans on that plane.

    That said, I couldn’t help a double-take at this cartoon-like picture of alleged victim Sydney Waterhouse. It’s just one of those ‘enhanced’ images, isn’t it, but it could make one think!

    Another image linked to that Manchester Evening News piece says it’s the ‘Remains of the aircraft’ but looks like a photo from a different, more recent crash. I think it’s flight 1951 which went down in 2000.
    Another example of sloppy journalism, I guess.

    If we look at say Shanksville on 9/11 and the scene of that crash, we can certainly say that didn’t look right, but I just can’t reach a firm take, here with this old one.

    There must have been – I think – some genuine major airline crashes at some point, shouldn’t there? I’d still like to look at one that we think is real, to compare.

    With this Paris one, the tops of the trees look a bit dodgy to me as if they’ve been sawn off. Would they really be neatly sheared like that by a plane flying into them? I don’t know, but it does look a bit questionable.

    Sorry to not be more firm with my take here, but for me the evidence remains indecisive at this point.



    I mentioned earlier that one of the Manchester Evening News photos is of a much later Turkish Airlines hoax.

    But here’s a copycat piece of hoaxing from another French “crash”, from the 1970s, a peak period for air crash fear porn.
    Let’s stick with French “crashes” for a while.

    An Inex Avia DC9 plane from Yugoslavia crashed in a remote area of Corsica in December 1981… 180 “dead”

    same old format, a piece of fuselage, as employed in 1974 in the Turkish Airlines “crash”.

    This “crash” was one of the trio of top French crashes, along with Turkish Airlines 981 and the 2000 Concorde “crash” which I’ll come to later.

    They are nicely listed here along with some minor French accidents.
    For some reason, the Corsican “crash” is not included in this conspectus of French aviation crashes, but it does mention the spectacular crash of the Concorde lookalike Tupolev Tu-144 Concordski in France in 1973 in Goussainville at the Paris Air Show.

    Was that real? We need to look, bearing in mind that a staged hyper-realistic “crash” drill was alleged to have killed 11 people near to the Shoreham air show
    on a sealed-off piece of road and which continues to give nourishment to the legal profession 3 years later as the miraculously surviving [for the purposes of the narrative] pilot is tried at the Old Bailey


    Is this French Tupolev crash just another example of controlled demolition?


    Is that the best “footage” they could get in 1973? Looks like a 1923 silent movie

    just the one clip.

    One more important French “crash” from 1992
    – 20 jan 1992 : un Airbus A320 d’Air Inter assurant la liaison Lyon-Strasbourg s’écrase sur le Mont Sainte-Odile, près de Strasbourg: 87 morts, 9 survivants.

    same old same old…


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    The 1985 Manchester Airport “disaster” August 22 1985
    British Airtours Flight 28M

    My attention was drawn to this staged drill in which 55 people didn’t die and 82 didn’t survive, [because there was no disaster to survive, just a drill to participate in] by a video upload by Matrix Breakout. I’m not swayed by his numerology, but he sure can spot crisis acting well. I like his superimposed thoughts as the “survivors” spout their absurd stories of “survival”.

    Naturally, we have anniversaries, notable ones being in 2005, 2010 and 2015.

    Most recently, in 2015

    The private memorial will not be open to members of the public.

    Key survivor – John Beardmore “last man out”

    On that day, as they boarded the plane at Manchester Airport, John, his wife Pamela, then 37, and their two boys Simon, 14, and David, 12, were excited to be taking a family holiday to Corfu.

    But, as Pamela and the boys sat on one row directly over the wing and engine, and John was across the aisle with another family, he felt immediately ill at ease.

    He said: “I felt uncomfortable. I was just staggered by the number of people on the aircraft. When I sat down in row 13, my knees were pressed into the seat in front.

    “There were over 130 passengers. I remember thinking ‘this is going to be an uncomfortable flight, but I was thinking of the holidays.” **

    I started to choke and my knees went, I just saw white air, I thought it was a window and made my way towards it – it was the front door, there was a shoot [sic i.e chute, although this was in reality a film shoot] in front of me and I went down it.”
    John was the last person to escape from the aircraft. The family seated next to him did not survive.

    At Wythenshawe Hospital, John was treated for serious lung damage. ‘He was in intensive care for a night and then in a high dependency unit for two weeks.

    John headed up a survivors’ section of the safety campaign while William Beckett, who lost his daughter, was in charge of families with lost loved ones.

    ** Perhaps there were 130 seats! Staggering!

    A visit from Prince Charles – hoax confirmed.

    PM Margaret Thatcher visits Manchester [see video above] – hoax doubly confirmed.

    Heroes? Naturally [wikipedia]
    The surviving cabin crew – Arthur Bradbury and Joanna Toff – and two members of the Manchester Airport Fire Service – Fireman Samuel Lyttle and Fireman Eric Arthur Westwood – were all awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal, and the two flight attendants who died – Sharon Ford and Jacqui Urbanski – received the same award posthumously.

    The Zal Rule – the feature film of the hoax, Panic on the Runway

    Any other stories? Certainly
    June Somekh, deputy mayor for Stockport, lost her sister, brother-in-law and niece in the tragedy.

    It left three children orphaned and a family without roots.

    June, who lives in Gatley, recalls the devastating impact it had on the family.

    It was rare for June’s sister Vera Beal, 53, to go away with the family as she was scared of flying.

    But on that fateful day she and husband Raymond, 54, a structural engineer, boarded the 737 with daughters Susan, 16, who had just completed her GCSEs, and her younger sister Wendy. [aged about 13]

    They were going on holiday to Corfu, where they would meet Richard, their son. ***

    Their other son Alan was on holiday in the UK. [aged 17]

    When the fire broke out, Wendy was pushed off the plane and survived. The others didn’t.

    June added: “I was in London at the time, my husband and I offered to do whatever we could. They had all been at our wedding before the crash. It was so hard.”

    Wendy, now married and named Sharples ****, was fostered by family friends and now has children of her own.

    so, mum dad and elder daughter allegedly died. younger daughter and two older sons survived.

    Notes Raymond A Beal = Vera E Hangie 1964. [aka Hougie, Houghie] b 1930, m=Khazam

    son Alan Christopher Beal b 1968
    Marriage 1953
    Joyce Hougie = Joseph M Somekh son Peter A.N Somekh b 1965.
    June P.V. Hougie b 1932.
    Other Hougie siblings – Isaac C , Ezra E.

    David Somekh m 1936 London = Hanina Khazam
    *** there is no trace of a Richard Beal being born into this family in England.
    Iraqi jews [?]

    **** Wendy Samantha Beal = Ian Sharples, Trafford 2002
    BBC News report of the “disaster” 1985

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    No mention of any air disasters there.
    Richard A Beal
    ditto Alan Beal

    connected by Andrew Houghie b 1962

    It seems the cause was known immediately!
    Guardian August 23 1985
    The Boeing disaster yesterday was caused by a turbine blade in the port engine which broke from its cowling, entered the fuel tank in the wing, and severed the main fuel line, Manchester airport’s chief executive, Mr Gil Thompson, said last night.

    [survivor]Mr Mike Mather aged 21, of Northwich, Cheshire, said: ‘ Many did not stand a chance. Thhttp://fakeologist.com/wp-content/plugins/bbpress-post-toolbar/images/strikethrough.pnge aisles of those planes are so small. People were just on top of each other trying to get out’…
    …the pilot, Captain Peter Terrington, [of Coldwaltham, Pulborough, Sussex] who survived was in radio communication with the control tower throughout

    Plenty of black smoke – what were they burning? Old tyres?

    Wno was wheeled out for the 20th anniversary? William Beckett

    who daughter
    SARAH Beckett was looking forward to a summer job working as a nanny in Corfu when she boarded the Boeing 737 at Manchester Airport on August 22 1985.

    but she allegedly died in the inferno.
    And a nice piece of scriptwriting follows…
    Mr Beckett, 59, still remembers every detail of the fateful morning he drove his daughter from their Sheffield home to catch the plane. The ironic thing was that Sarah nearly did not make it to the airport at all because they almost collided with a police car on the way. But they did reach the airport, where Mr Beckett left his daughter before making his way back home. A friend later phoned to tell him and his wife Linda that there had been a crash at Manchester airport involving the flight to Corfu. Mr and Mrs Beckett, who have three other children, then began the devastating process of trying to find out if Sarah was still alive.

    The irony!

    Other 20th anniversary stories
    A NORTH Wales man yesterday relived the moment his plane burst into flames as fellow survivors marked the 20th anniversary of the Manchester airport tragedy.

    David Thomas, his wife Wendy and daughters Joanna and Caroline jumped to safety but 55 passengers and crew died in the disaster.
    The family from Llandyrnog, near Denbigh, were on the British Airtours Boeing 737, as it prepared to fly to Corfu.
    “I was one of the last off the aircraft who suffered no effects,” said retired Ysbyty Glan Clwyd consultant gynaecologist Mr Thomas.
    At the time of the accident Joanna, now a GP in South Wales, was 11, and Caroline, a university graduate, was six.

    Yes, I am just imagining, a well connected hospital gynaecologist going on a package holiday packed like sardines into a charter plane. Suuuure.

    The rather anodyne memorial


    Air Stewardess Sharon Kathleen FORD, of Chesterfield
    Air Stewardess Jacqueline Mary URBANSKI, of Rochdale

    Maurice ALLMARK, of St Helens
    Brenda Marie ALLMARK, of St Helens
    Steven ALLMARK, age 11, of St Helens
    John Melville BARKER, of Buckinghamshire
    Linda BARKER, of Buckinghamshire
    Lisa BARKER, age 22 months, of Buckinghamshire
    Rebecca Michelle BATES, age 9, of Wetherby
    Raymond Alexander BEAL, of Sale
    Vera Evelyn BEAL, of Sale
    Susan Pamela BEAL, age 16, of Sale
    Sarah BECKETT, of Sheffield
    Thomas William BENNETT, of Sheffield
    Sarah Ann BENNETT, of Sheffield
    Barry BENNETT, of Sheffield
    Mavis BENNETT, of Sheffield
    David George BENNISON, of Warrington
    Christopher Brendan BRANNIGAN, of Preston
    Ann Sheila BRANNIGAN, of Preston
    Constance Mary BUXTON, of Bolton
    Philip CURBISHLEY, of Altrincham
    Elaine DUMBELL, of Liverpool
    David Alwyn EDWARDS, of Denbigh
    Meryl Lloyd EDWARDS, of Ruthin
    Barbara ELLIOTT, of Heswall
    Paul FORRESTER, of Stoke-on-Trent
    Mary Carol HARDIE, of Blackpool
    Marjorie Virginia Christine HUTCHINSON, of Mirfield
    Alison Janet JONES, of Islip, Oxford
    Yvonne Yvette LANE, of Dumfries
    Rita LAWRENCE, of Sheffield
    Joanne Louise LAWRENCE, age 15, of Sheffield
    Anne Cordelia LEE, of Sheffield
    Brian LEITCH, of Dumfries
    Margaret Lynn NADEN, of Liverpool
    Norman NIND, of Worcestershire
    Joan NIND, of Worcestershire
    Leslie OLIVER, of Spital
    Joyce OLIVER, of Spital
    Julie Ann O’NEILL, of Altrincham
    John George PROCTOR, of Blackpool
    Christine Amanda REDDING, of Stoke-on-Trent
    David SHAW, of Sheffield
    Patricia Mary SHAW, of Sheffield
    Albert Edward STRINGER, of Stalybridge
    Eileen Lillian STRINGER, of Stalybridge
    Norman Muriel SWINBURN, of Timperley
    Michael Gowan SWINBURN, of Timperley
    Harold Ernest TAYLOR, of Dundee
    Brian James TAYLOR, of Wigan
    Sheila TAYLOR, of Wigan
    Graham Henry WILSON, of Eccles

    And for the 25th anniversary in 2010…


    Self-employed builder Chris Brannigan and his wife Ann, both 42, from Highgate, [Preston] were killed when a fireball ripped through the British Airtours Boeing 737 flight at Manchester Airport on August 22, 1985 Their friends Damien Southworth, 26, and Debra Whalley, then 22, also originally from Penwortham, managed to scramble to safety from the burning wreck.

    Hero alert –
    At the inquest into the tragedy, Mr Southworth told how Mr Brannigan had tried to calm people as panic spread through the cabin.

    Linda Beckett, recalled the moment she found out about the crash.
    She told Sky News: “The worst aspect was realising that this was not just a few people, this was going to be severe.
    “We desperately watched the TV. We saw survivors coming out in blankets ** . We were desperately looking for an image of our daughter and of course we never saw one.”
    The tragedy led to the introduction of many safety improvements, including adding fire-blocking seat covers and more fire extinguishers on planes.

    ** a drill hoax staple


    The following Getty video is gold dust – what a pathetic trio of crisis actors
    ITN August 23 1985 -i.e. the next day

    Manchester air crash; ITN ENGLAND: Manchester Wythenshawe Hospital: INT MS Survivors in mixed ward, nurse with woman patient, patient in bed on right MS Justin Milne sitting up in bed and talks to male nurse CMS JUSTIN MILNE (Survivor) INT INTVW SOF (on symptoms and feeling better): – I’m feeling much – cleared up now MS Anna Findlay sitting up in bed as nurse tests pulse CMS ANNA FINDLAY (Survivor) INT INTVW SOF (panic on board and stepping over people to get out): – Two men shouted – breaks down — for themselves MS Debra Whalley [from Preston] sitting up in bed talking to nurse CMS DEBRA WHALLEY (Survivor) INT INTVW SOF (smoke and panic and on two friends missing): – I think they — see anybody ITN ENGLAND: Manchester Wythenshawe Hospital: INT CMS PAUL DAVIES EXT I/C SOF: – Fifteen passengers – plastic surgery

    As the interviewer Paul Davies says these survivors are “looking surprisingly well considering all they’ve been through ” and are sitting up and smiling in a general ward
    “had my chest cleared out of diesel fuel and whatever” says Justin, 21 of Tammonds Green, West Kirby, Wirral. LOL!

    Whalley and boyfriend got out but two friends didn’t, allegedly. This video is one of the best for showing that #NDNGH despite what we’re told by the media.

    Debra Whalley loved being in a “plane crash”, you can tell

    source – 30th anniversary hoax puff in the Mirror source

    Lydnsey Elliott [13] visited by Prince Charles

    And Anna Findlay 20, of Lower Micklethwaite, near Bingley, recovering from burns injuries visited by his current wife, Princess Diana [no stranger to faked deaths from her personal experience in the next decade]

    Some of the “bodies” – suuure

    other photographed survivors …we must have a baby, mustn’t we?
    22-month-old Daniel Loftus, of Macclesfield Road, Hazel Grove, Manchester
    I wonder if he was ever told by his parents that he was a key actor in a hoax?

    or another child actor…

    Four-year-old Joanne Loftus – who sustained a broken leg

    Other “survivors” Mark Tatlock [19] [mother Christine]

    Co-pilot Brian Love

    Joanna Toff, 26, a stewardess,

    Survivors of the plane fire disaster at Manchester Airport, David Ashworth, wife Kathleen and their two sons Christopher, 13, and Dominic, 11, outside their home in Bury. They are conquering their fear of flying by flying from Manchester Airport to travel to their original holiday destination, the island of Corfu, for a family holiday.

    43-year-old Dorothy Wilson survived also. But sadly, Miss Littlewoods Pools, Lyn Naden, 19, of Norris Green, Liverpool, who was one of the victims of the Manchester air disaster.

    It’s not clear whether Anna’s medical parents were on board but she qualified as a doctor and is now a GP in Solihull, West Midlands at the Knowle surgery.

    “air disaster survivor” source

    Back in ’85…a trip down memory lane-

    I’m a medical student, you know, nurse…

    According to the Daily Mail of August 23 1985, Anna was reported to have asthma by a “relative” in Bingley i.e. one of her doctor parents. “Somebody must have pushed her out of a door” [same old hoaxy script] “She’s OK now, but having trouble breathing” [not apparent in the ITN video, and obviously well enough to chat with Princess Di]

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    From the Manchester Evening News
    Anna [now Griffin], then aged 20, was planning to jet off on a skiing holiday as soon as she recovered.
    No doubt all expenses paid for her “trouble”. And seemingly sure she would be out in time for European snow in the new year.
    Recovering from “burns” in this image, but remaining cheerful, her thoughts already on the piste and the “apres-ski”.

    Anna said the Royal visit did us all a world of good. We have been laughing a lot and when we laugh we cough and that is good for you after breathing in smoke


    When Prince Charles asked Roy Metcalfe, 50, of Chesterfield, how he escaped from the plane he replied “In a great hurry”

    LOL! [laughter -> coughing -> aids recovery]

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