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    This billionaire exit helicopter “crash” is indeed a fascinating psy-op. It’s instructive to observe how the deception was carried out.
    Now, 2.5 days later, footage finally emerges from FILMED CCTV [a standard hoax technique – why on earth would anyone be photographing a CCTV screen? Why not release the tape?] showing a strangely illuminated, helicopter-shaped object fall to earth. It can only be modified footage re-fed through a screen, hence the delay in publishing it.

    The released video has “emerged” at Sky News

    and other news outlets have published screenshots e.g. the Mirror

    Naturally, the “CCTV” doesn’t extend to show the fireball.

    Now, the “black box” information will have to be simulated, the device having allegedly been recovered from the pile of scrap and junk.
    “Experts investigating what caused the helicopter crash have begun analysing the flight recorder retrieved from the wreckage.”
    source, Metro

    Sky News seems to be the “owner” of this hoax, video already on Sky TV at 21.01.

    [Sky correspondent]

    See also the “key witness” SkyTV cameraman Don Cox’s Harley man style report above
    It only took three seconds for the helicopter to reach the ground in car park E after returning to the CCTV camera’s view.

    Yes, that’s the derelict, overgrown “Car Park E” hidden from prying eyes.

    Ooops nearly forgot, Leicestershire police statement, faithfully reported by Sky News in its roll call of grief-support – the standard privacy clause.
    The families of Eric Swaffer and Izabela Roza Lechowicz ask that they are left alone to grieve privately at this very difficult time and they are not approached by the media

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    More about the partner of Eric Swaffer [Brighton College public school **, attended by 9/11 “victim” Robert Eaton]….Izabela Lechowicz

    Her profile on the Polish Embassy website said she first came to the UK just after graduating from a food technology course in Wroclaw.
    She said on the website: “I quickly met my current partner, who is a pilot flying passenger planes and helicopters. He took me with him several times – and that’s how it began. From the first touch of the controls, I knew that this was it”
    source, BBC

    Anna Millen @Anna_R_Millen
    Replying to @PolishEmbassyUK @jadwiga_bronte and 8 others
    I worked with Iza for very rich family in UK as au pair. These were our first days of living abroad. I remember when she told me she is dating a a pilot and she was so excited about it. She was always helpful and friendly, energetic with big blue eyes and a lovely smile. RIP Iza
    10:46 am – 29 Oct 2018 [PT]

    Anna Millen @Anna_R_Millen
    I lived in London for 20 years. Moved in 2015 to Hampshire, bought 3 bed flat for 125K at the age of 40. I got my own place, but I earned 20% less here and I miss London’ s atmosphere a lot although 2 years are gone. It is not the same. Anna
    12:24 pm – 28 Mar 2018 [PT]

    Eric’s onshore helicopter experience included UK Royal Family flights….Eric helped establish the successful Agusta 109 specialist charter company “Rotormotion” **

    ** which supplied the helicopter for the daring and successful 2013 Vauxhall London helicopter disaster hoax.
    and here’s Izabela
    “after graduating from university in Poland Izabela, Izabela moved to London…enrolled at the North London Stapleford flight centre for a fixed wing commercial licence….

    suspended contact details +44 208 144 0076

    ** rentaquote from the headmaster for the media to pick up

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    The 7-bedroom [yes..] love nest in Camberley was acquired for £1.175 million on the Ides of March 2017
    source Zoopla

    Yes, truly stunning…

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    The fakers are really upping their game on this hoax…. another nice one two between a “citizen journalist” and The Sun newspaper has produced this video.

    The clip was leaked * on social media.
    The Sun handed it to accident investigators.
    Crucially **, it captures the section of the flight not covered by CCTV and BT Sport cameras, which had previously emerged.

    • leaked? deliberately posted.
      ** i.e. trying to paper over the cracks in the fabrication

    It’s difficult to trace the uncited footage, but an early release was here from a Leicester local timed at 17.23 hrs GMT October 30…and still the pilot is a hero….

    Note the predictive “puff of smoke” from the chopper at the start [ho ho] and the cut shortly afterwards – perhaps some boring preliminaries were removed before take-off. No footage exists of the Thai billionaire and his entourage entering the chopper. Hmmmm Kieran James Leonard Reed upoaded the video without citing a source [i.e not the Sun] but it seems to have had thousands of views.
    However, the article was published by The Sun at 17.00 hrs [which again never cited the source] updated at 6.07 pm the same day and again on October 31 7.35 am
    The following paragraphs were modified/sentences removed
    A group of fans and stewards, including one bystander filming on his phone, are heard gasping and shouting “s**t” as it becomes clear the aircraft has crashed.
    The Sun has passed the gut-wrenching clip to investigators who are expected to focus on the moment the aircraft appears to lose control and spin in what is known as a Dead Man’s Curve.

    This video has all the hallmarks of a staged piece of filming, including the usual soundtrack and the sudden panning to the ground….another familiar hoax trope.

    Here’s a copy of the video uploaded with a misleading description

    The Daily Mail helpfully reminds us of the helicopter “death” of Chelsea FC Vice Chairman Matthew Harding which has already been covered at Fakeologist where the pathetic staging of a “crash” was examined.
    Bring in goalkeeper Kevin Hitchcock for a quote…
    The similarities between the two incidents are spooky. Matthew was such a people person, so too was Srivaddhanaprabha.

    i.e.. they were both staged.


    Helihoax management – a “thief steals” Leicester City shirt laid out in mass outpouring of grief – caught, naturally, on potato lens CCTV – check!

    Further outpouring of grief for the billionaire and the other four-
    Bell ringing in the city cathederal on All Souls Day – [not mentioned] in memory of the Fictims.

    Funeral for the billionaire….
    The service for Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha will take place in Bangkok, Thailand on Saturday November 3.
    The Royal accolade includes a Royal Bathing Rite for the body and a special eight-sided urn will hold his remains

    Khun Vichai’s body is expected to leave Leicester on Friday to be returned to Thailand and will be accompanied by his wife Aimon, and son Aiyawatt, known as Top….The first ceremony for the funeral is due to start at 5.30pm on Saturday with the funeral continuing until Friday, November 9.


    And a gatekeeper for the pilot becomes apparent – a CNN reporter in Australia..
    Mr Swaffer’s friend Lucie Morris-Marr said he was a “veteran in the field” and would have done all he could to prevent lives being lost in the crash.
    She described him as a “funny and vivacious” man who was in an “aviation love story” with Izabela Roza Lechowicz who also died in the crash.

    not saying how she knew him, note…

    See how quickly she’s onto the story – retweeting this little collage posted in the UK at 9.19 pm, which is 8.19 am in Melbourne.

    Lucie Morris-Marr Verified account @luciemorrismarr
    Terrible to see this now officially confirmed. In time the name of the hero pilot will also emerge. He too was an incredible man and I was lucky to have known him. Reports say it seems he managed to steer the helicopter away from cars and crowds. #kingpower #LeicesterCityLucie Morris-Marr added,
    Retweeted BBC Sport Verified account @BBCSport
    Leicester City owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has died after a helicopter crash outside their ground, the club have confirmed.
    None of the five people on-board survived.
    3:17 pm – 28 Oct 2018 [PT]
    Lucie Morris-Marr Verified account @luciemorrismarr
    Oct 28 3:26 PM [PT]
    Yes he was a dear friend. Just seen he’s now been officially named. So awful. He was a shining light and so lovely to everyone.

    Wow what a coincidence, six minutes after not being named….[nine in this reply]

    So, privileged inside information

    Then the flow of images for the MSS

    Lucie Morris-Marr Verified account @luciemorrismarr
    Rest In Peace my dear and always smiling friend, pilot #ericswaffer who died alongside his beloved girlfriend and co-pilot Izabela. They travelled the world together. Reports say he heroically steered the helicopter away from cars crowds outside the stadium. #kingpower #Leicester

    3:23 pm – 28 Oct 2018 [PT]
    This is 6 minutes after her saying his name would emerge….hmmmm
    reply –

    Lucie Morris-Marr Verified account @luciemorrismarr
    Oct 28 3.30 PM [PT]
    He was so experienced he would have done everything he could. He touched everyone who ever met him as he was so funny and joyful. Such a waste.

    Lucie Morris-Marr Verified account @luciemorrismarr
    Thanks for the interview about my dear friend and hero pilot #ericswaffer @StephenNolan @bbc It doesn’t surprise me that the headlines of all the London papers today are about how Eric averted further disaster in his final moments. That will be his legacy. #hero #kingpower
    8:30 pm – 28 Oct 2018 [PT]

    Enough photos? Not on your llfe

    Lucie Morris-Marr Verified account @luciemorrismarr
    My report @CNN with a personal spin about my dear friend and hero pilot #ericswaffer who saved so many lives in the final seconds he was losing his own in the Leicester helicopter crash #KingPower #Leicester
    3:11 am – 29 Oct 2018 [PT]

    and here’s the report…
    Swaffer, who I’ve known for 15 year….also taught others how to cope in emergency situations.
    Captain Sanjay Menzies, a close friend and chief pilot for The Poonawalla Group, a vaccine manufacturing company based in India, worked with Swaffer in 2013.
    Swaffer had been recruited to instruct Menzies how to fly the company’s new jet, a Gulfstream G550….Menzies revealed Swaffer used to donate a great deal of money to worthy causes, including one year’s salary to a charity in India.

    hmmmmmm veeeeeery generous. You don’t become a millionaire that way. But once you are…**


    Here’s the girlfriend in the stadium with the helicopter she couldn’t fly, all dressed up….

    **After the remarkable Premier League title victory he donated £2m to Leicester Hospitals Charity to help develop a new children’s hospital at Leicester Royal Infirmary. [BBC]
    but less generous than the money poured into the football industry…
    He bought Leicester City in 2010 for £39m. He cleared their debts and saw the club win promotion to the top flight four years later.

    They then beat odds of 5,000-1 to claim the Premier League title in 2015-16 in one of the greatest sporting surprises of all time.

    Not everyone at the spook and military infested pprune aviation forum is believing everything, although some do…but don’t put 2 and 2 together

    . I know the area well and I believe it was sheer luck that the helicopter ended up on the only piece of ground not occupied by cars, buildings or persons.

    er no, that’s how they staged these HRDPAR events where NDNGH

    This one is quite interesting, perhaps debunking the video of the takeoff

    I have to agree with a quote from the Sun article.
    I have a sequence of photos taken by me of a recent departure of this helicopter flown by the same crew.
    The photos show the helicopter on the ground in the centre circle. Once the passengers have boarded the aircraft enters a low hover and turns 180 degrees, it then moves forward to the 18 yard line in a forward hover then moves backwards and upwards until it clears the stadium roof then transitions forward while climbing and off it goes.
    However the departure shown in the Sun video is totally different to this, it seems to climb to a much greater height way above the stadium roof before making a turn.
    This is purely my observation and the different departure technique may be for various operational reasons not to mention the wind direction but having seen this helicopter take off from the pitch on many occasions, I have never seen this departure technique used before from this location.

    While reading the various press details about business opponents in Thailand, it reminded me of a crash in 2004 where a wealthy buisnessman with Russian connections died after the A109 he was in burst into flames and crashed while approaching Bournemouth Airport in 2004. Even the local MP was sceptical about the crash findings at the time.

    The coroner confirmed that he was aware of the death threats against the businessman Mr Curtis who was the CEO of Menatep which was owned by the Russian oil company Yukos. Mr Curtis died along with his pilot.
    The coroner stated at the time – “that it had all the ingredients of an espionage thriller!” There was a mention of a Russian connection at the time of the crash.

    Re the press reports about the Thai businessman having opponents in Thailand. I noted in the article shown below, it reveals that last month a Thai court threw out a $430 million claim by the Airports of Thailand (AOT) regarding unpaid revenues by the Thai company King Power.
    With the large amounts of involved, and the further mentions of opponents in Thailand, I wondered if anyone had a grudge against the chairman or his family?

    which also suggests to me that the Bournemouth crash was also staged. Another contributor to that forum posted a fascinating early 1990s military helicopter crash in North Wales, which again was surprisingly videod in the pre-cellphone camera era….
    this one also needs to be examined, with military crew survivors, one youthful survivor, Sarah Coker, to tell the story in 1996 to the inquest, and three alleged youthful deaths…

    memorial – check

    could this have been staged? Suddenly rescue boats appear

    Hoax warning bells from Wiki summary…
    The aircraft departed RAF Valley[3] on 12 August 1993, for a routine search and rescue training mission over North Wales. Aboard were three crewmembers and four Air Training Corps Cadets from Northern England.[2] As they were flying over the lake, the pilot performed a planned autopilot failure simulation. However, the aircraft encountered a genuine emergency *** when it lost the drive to its tail rotor.[Note 1] Without it to counteract the torque produced by the main rotor, the helicopter became uncontrollable[1] and started spinning before impacting the water.[4] The crash was caught on amateur video.[5]

    The three crew and one cadet were able to escape the wreckage. She recounted:

    …there was all this icy black water gushing in through the door. I didn’t even have time to take a breath of air. I couldn’t see anything and couldn’t breathe. I remember feeling around for the door and not being able to find it. But somehow I got out and inflated my lifejacket. There was no chance to see what happened to any of the others.[6]

    Several persons, including a canoeing monitor rushed to the crash site and rescued the survivors. The three remaining occupants of the helicopter were presumably trapped in the wreckage and drowned.[1]

    *** Well, just fancy that! A classic case of a drill going live!! As always. Perhaps it was a controlled spin with no cadets on board.
    To be developed…

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    Tom Dalpra

    Interesting stuff xileffilex. You must have found more people alive over the years than anyone I know. Cheers!

    Both the Bournemouth crash and the Llanberis one have to be questionable as
    it appears that in the case of PsyOps, they do literally just fall out of the sky.

    With the Wessex it makes sense. How can you turn a routine training exercise into a powerful lesson that can be shown to cadets for decades ?
    ANSWER – stage a ‘deadly’ crash and film it.

    A thought does come to my mind that the majority of genuine deaths in the army probably come from accidents during drills and exercises so we shouldn’t be too hasty to automatically call ‘fake’ when we see a ‘drill-goes-wrong-people die’ scenario. But, in the case of the 1993 Wessex, I think PsyOp is the most likely scenario.



    The Leicester City facebook page

    neatly using the emerging photo from Lucie…

    Lucie wrote at CNN…
    Early Saturday evening, British pilot Eric Swaffer posted a picture of his smiling girlfriend and regular co-pilot, Polish-born Izabela Lechowicz at a VIP entrance to the King Power stadium, in Leicester, England.

    like you do….that would be the image above [she’s not a helicopter pilot, fixed wing only, apparently] And it doesn’t seem to exist on the “remembering” Eric Swaffer fb pages which look somewhat “cleansed” by whomever has the log-in password….showing now, er, only on a picture of Leicester City [ignoring the rest of the world] one of the Dalai Lama, perhaps pointing to a destination area, for the MSM and one of fun-loving Izabela.

    If that’s enough, here’s the couple advocating a plant based diet
    “They stood for spirituality and plant-based living and were fantastic advocates for the world,” said Plant Based News Founder Klaus Mitchell, who was friends with the couple. “They will be deeply missed.”
    He added that the couple has hosted a number of interviews between PBN and plant-based physician Dr. Milton Mills, as well as a meeting with The World Peace diet author Will Tuttle. “These reached millions of people, helping thousands of lives.”

    The Polish media seems strangely incurious about the family of Pani Lechowicz
    whose re-set “Remembering” fb page still has some details,

    including, what appears to be a non-grieving [brother?] relative who was a friend of Eric
    However, Kaska [sister?] in London has posted on facebook, but not spoken to the media
    posted at 6.54 pm, the narrative post from Katarzyna Lechowicz

    Kaska Lechowicz
    29 October ·

    Friends – This has been a tragic weekend and on the behalf of Izabela Lechowicz and Eric Swaffer we thank you all for your loving thoughts and messages. They were the two most special people to us and we miss them immensely. Our heartfelt condolences and love go also to the families of Vichai, Nursara and Kaveporn.
    Thank you to the emergency services for your valiant efforts as this unfolded, we know you did everything that could have been done.
    We know they were loved by so many – and your warmth means a lot – there is so much happening at the moment and we would like you to understand our need for time as we grieve and come to terms with it all.
    Never waste the opportunity to remind those closest to you that you love them.
    In gratitude, Kate & Dave


    Zbych Lechowicz has been busy on facebook from Klodzko, another friend of Eric.

    Some detail how Izabela started flying at Stapleford Aerodrome near Romford, East London – source
    In 2003, she borrowed some money, and started training in the flight centre after her partner, who back then worked as an airline and helicopter pilot, took her out for a few flights.

    Who’s in the loop?

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    Interesting stuff xileffilex. You must have found more people alive over the years than anyone I know. Cheers!

    Both the Bournemouth crash and the Llanberis one have to be questionable as
    it appears that in the case of PsyOps, they do literally just fall out of the sky.

    With the Wessex it makes sense. How can you turn a routine training exercise into a powerful lesson that can be shown to cadets for decades ?
    ANSWER – stage a ‘deadly’ crash and film it.

    A thought does come to my mind that the majority of genuine deaths in the army probably come from accidents during drills and exercises so we shouldn’t be too hasty to automatically call ‘fake’ when we see a ‘drill-goes-wrong-people die’ scenario. But, in the case of the 1993 Wessex, I think PsyOp is the most likely scenario.

    Thanks Tom. Army deaths tend to be more black box affairs – e.g. the long running [ideal for the media, as with the Lucy Lamplugh psy-op just back in the news…] Deepcut psy-op.

    I’ll look at the Bournemouth event later.
    In the Llanberis event in August 1993, can we really believe that schoolkids, 15, 16 and 17 [a fourth child, survivor Sarah /clarice Coker who was later prepped for the 1996 Inquest] was approaching 17 would be taken on a RAF flight which was going to simulate a disaster situation? It’s crazy.

    I can’t find a birth for Christopher Alan Bailey [15] but the other two “victims” Mark Frazer Oakden [16] and Amanda Elizabeth Louise Whitehead [17] had recorded births, Whitehead had at least 3 younger siblings, Oakden one.

    And oh look, uploaded for the 20th anniversary…from a “citizen photographer” who just happened to be there at the time….
    Wessex RAF Helicopter Accident in Llyn Padarn Llanberis on 12 of August 1993.

    Bowo me, it’s 2003 and in the BBC 10th annivsary “reminder” there’s another photo, similar to the above


    with a story from a similar aged Venture Scout, Tom Bourton who noticed the spinning motion [as in the video clip] Here comes the interesting bit..


    blockquote>We did not actually see it hitting the water – we were in a small bay, and it disappeared below the treeline.

    But I don’t remember there being much of a noise.

    Instantly, our canoeing instructor shot off round the corner of the bay, shouting at us to get back to the shore.
    Silently and quickly, we did as we were told.

    Our instructor helped some of the crew out of the water – three RAF crew and one cadet survived.

    He told us there were cadets still under water.
    Quietly we packed up the minibus and left – there was nothing we could do, and it seemed morbid to stay.</blockquote

    hmmm, looks like the Canoeing instructor is in on the HRDPAR
    memorial service report, 2003 which fails to mention the surviving crew again.

    The helicopter “Sank in a matter of seconds” did it? So how did the others escape, if they were indeed there?
    The accident was captured on video by a holidaymaker, David Sowden, of
    Walton Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, who was on the Padarn Lake steam railway with his wife and family when he spotted the helicopter approaching.

    Here’s the rest of the drill….

    Flight-Lieutenant Nick Stillwell, who was piloting another Wessex from RAF Valley when he heard the distress call, said: ”We flew directly here and heard the locater beacons going off.
    ”When we arrived we could see one of the people being towed in by a canoe. We landed on the bank of the lake and our winchman helped one of the crew ashore.
    ”We put them into stretchers and flew the worst three injured — the three crewmen — to Bangor Hospital. We came back for the fourth but she
    had been taken by ambulance to Bangor by then.”


    Hoax management 1998 – “nominal” compensation accepted by the families!!!
    They were still strapped in their seats when the wreckage was pulled from the water.

    North Wales is no stranger to staged helicopter crashes, nice and remote. This one from March 2017

    Jump now to 2013, the significant 20th anniversary….

    The late Richard Wynne Taylor, former Chairman of Caernarfon’s 1310 (Eryri) Air Cadet Squadron was a key figure in getting a permanent memorial plaque placed at the site, which is maintained by Caernarfon’s Air Cadets.

    He also played a vital role in comforting the parents and family of those affected by the tragedy and helped Sarah Coker while she was in hospital.

    hmmm, I wonder if there are any photos of Coker in hospital….seems not.
    And 2018, the 25th anniversary provides yet another platform for the recapitulation of the story, with a few new pictures and ….with this gem

    An inquest was held at Llandudno the following year where the pilot, Flight Lieutenant Keith Maguire, told the coroner he was carrying out a simulated hydraulic problem in the 30-year-old aircraft.

    “The purpose of the exercise was to put together a few search and rescue scenarios. It was a safe, simulated emergency.”
    He said the helicopter was at about 500ft when he heard a bang.
    “It was something I had never heard before. I reduced the power. The aircraft momentarily seemed to stabilise.
    “But then in a flash it went into an uncontrollable spin. I switched the power off. I hoped the aircraft would go into auto-rotation.”

    yes, there’s always a bang….

    An abosolute drill. #NDNGH


    The Cokers were Nigerians who all, including a sibling Josah, all seem to vanish from UK records.
    One press report, Herald Scotland states that Sarah’s father was a college lecturer.
    One cadet, Sarah Coker, 16, of Cornwall Drive, Bury, escaped with the crew in the seconds before it sank. Her father, college lecturer Mr Sam Coker, speaking after visiting her in hospital, said he had not wanted her to join the Air Training Corps. He said: ”She is in good spirits. She was shocked by the news that her friends were missing but other than that she is putting on a brave face. She has always been a keen air cadet. On so many occasions I tried
    to stop her but she wanted to do that and she has always been flying.”
    His daughter, a pupil at Holy Cross College in Bury, had been an air cadet for four years.

    Further details are given of the families of the alleged deceased youngsters.

    The four survivors were yesterday being treated for back and head injuries at hospital in Bangor as attempts were being made to raise the
    wreckage of the helicopter

    suuuuuure [that would be 3 professional crew plus Sarah Coker]
    The “in house” military investigation mentions no names….

    Click to access maas_19930812_xr524.pdf


    Back to the Leicester hoax – and who should be wheeled out faking grief but Jose Ragoobeer
    Who he? He’s the one who lost his wife, two sons and one of the son’s girlfriend in the highly suspicious “gas explosion” mentioned above post
    #856254! A real family affair of disappearances.

    At the time, Jose also allegedly had an “anonymous landlord” donate a flat for him, in addition to the half for his “wake”.

    Mr Ragoobeer’s wife Mary, 46, and their two sons Shane, 18, and Sean, 17, have been named by police as missing following the explosion.
    The couple’s youngest son Scott, 15, was injured.

    Leah Beth Reek, 18, Shane’s girlfriend and 22-year-old Viktorija Ijevleva, who was working in the shop, are both also missing.

    Sister Molly didn’t seem to bothered, just an expected perfunctory “sisters” upload
    and no comments answered! Not even a “love”

    but naturally Leah’s facebook page has been “reset” to Rememebering…
    with the standard “tribute” uploads with photos and anodyne “heart” replies from dad

    and mum Jo, who just “loves” all the comments but never replies….

    Mary Ragoobeer is another who had her fb re-set to “remembering
    her uploads were stunningly short of any mention of the “surviving” husband Jose.
    Meanwhile, back in the overgrown car park near the Leicester City football ground, the pile of helicopter junk has been lifted by the “big crane” and taken to helihoax examination central, Farnborough, Clutha style

    BBC South East Asia correspondent Jonathan Head said Mr Vichai “never gave interviews”, so “although much-loved in Leicester, he remained something of an enigma”.

    So, a mass outpouring of grief for someone nobody knew anything about…but the fans were recipients of free beer and pies from him. Wonderful. Reasons to love a billionaire.

    Elsewhere we learn that key source of information on the pilot,

    Lucie Morris-Marr had been friends with Mr Swaffer for 18 years



    Nearly forgot – the officially sanctioned film of the “crash” fire from intel film studios. The gates to the derelict car lot would have been firmly closed prior to the fire, who would notice what was going on behind? Now they’re opened for ease of filming the conflagration and the controllers dressed as police. Whom is being told to “get out”? It’s a derelict empty car lot.

    What was the purpose of a portable lighting system [also seen in the aerial view the next day] in a derelict car lot?


    Hard on the heels of the fake Leicester helicopter crash resulting in the recycling back to anonymity of the Thai billionaire actor, we have a genuine fake helicopter crash drill in London, which involved no helicopter. Really!
    Medics test ability to cope with a simulated ‘helicopter crash’ at Westfield shopping centre in major incident simulation
    In fact, it didn’t even involve crisis actors or indeed the Westfield Shopping Centre.
    It’s also far from coincidental that only six weeks ago the report was published about the fake Melbourne disaster in which a small Beechcraft plane allegedly crashed into a shopping centre, recycling five people [the same number recycled in Leicester] in February 2017

    Up to 500 staff at the Royal London hospital in Whitechapel were involved in the exercise, believed to be the largest ever held by the NHS.
    Up to 60 “casualties” were involved.
    Each was being represented by a cardboard box,
    containing details of the patient’s medical history and injuries.

    We have to look at a blog we are familiar with from the fake Westminster Bridge terror attack for more images from deep inside the bowels of the London Hospital…

    Mock ‘helicopter crash’ tests ability of Royal London hospital to respond to mass casualty major incident

    Well, cardboard box, what seems to be the problem? Did the helicopter land on you or were you a passenger in it?

    The mock scenario was chosen before Leicester City FC owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha and four others lost their lives in a helicopter crash ** as they left the club’s stadium two weekends ago.

    ** also simulated

    “We are also looking at how we care for the relatives. That has been a major area of work since London Bridge ***. There is now somebody in charge of a friends and family reception centre.”
    Last week a conference at the Royal College of Surgeons emphasised the importance of continuous disaster training +++ – particularly when a hospital is already busy with patients.

    *** the simulated attack HRDPAR
    +++ for any future, government-sponsored psy-op

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    Of course, the scene of the Leicester “helicopter crash” just had to right next to the stadium for maximum effect. There is no way at all, if the event was a real tail rotor failure, that any pilot could have steered the craft to any particular spot. But lo and behold, the pile of junk landed, without damaging anything else, right plonk in the middle of a derelict car lot behind a tall slatted metal fence. Who, in the darkness would have noticed anything going on there during the match?

    Here are some more images of the pile of junk.

    That portable lighting system was already on hand before the “crash”….

    It’s a job for the men in white suits and gas masks, lol!

    full sizes


    source, Evening Standard

    and the cooled down pile of junk prepared for daytime photography with unscathed fencing behind.

    Source – Mail which includes the story around the two fake police officers who were controlling the flaming pile of junk.

    oh, and here’s a pile of low-resolution heli-junk from a “crash” in the western isles of Scotland in June 2018
    hmmm, perhaps it’s the same pile of junk which turned up at Leicester….

    Father-of-two Peter Clunas, 59, from Newburgh in Aberdeenshire, died in the tragedy on Loch Scadavay, a few miles south of Lochmaddy in North Uist, last Wednesday.

    Alan Thorne, a senior inspector with the Air Accident Investigation Branch ** (AAI), said: “We are looking at all the aspects of the accident. Not only the technical aspects of the helicopter but also the nature of the flight, the planning for the flight and the load it was carrying.

    “When we get it to our headquarters in Farnborough we can continue to examine it in more detail.”
    He said the aircraft was very badly damaged after “colliding with the water at fairly high speed”.

    The wreckage – along with sheared-off parts and its damaged rotor blades – was craned onto a truck at the scene.
    It was last night being transported off the island by ferry and will be taken to the AAIB base in Farnborough for a thorought investigation.

    Divers had attached huge inflated airbags to the partially sunken aircraft before slowly pulling it from the centre channel of the loch towards the shore.
    The PDG-owned helicopter was on the island for a salmon farm charter. Mr Clunas was the sole occupant.
    It plunged into Loch Scadavy at about 10.15am last Wednesday.

    hmmm, 59, nice retirement age. Salmon farm charter? Sounds fishy.

    ** aka hoax central for plane and helicopter “crashes”

    Footnote on the remote South Uist “crash”
    “victim” was a larger than life character – check!

    The over-mangled wreckage, and some rather un-mangled parts…


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    Weird, Eric Swaffer the Helicopter Pilot of the Leicester City Helocopter crash was an ex student of Brighton College. & attended the College at the same time as 9/11 victim Robert Eaton.

    “Eric was at Brighton College from 1979 to 1983 and fell in love with flying when, as a schoolboy CCF cadet, he visited a Royal Navy ship flight deck. His contemporaries and teachers remember him as a kind and popular boy. We send our deepest condolences to his family.”

    Read more at: https://www.brightonandhoveindependent.co.uk/news/brighton-school-s-tribute-to-pilot-who-died-in-leicester-helicopter-crash-1-8685421?fbclid=IwAR2eA8hcmnlB6UFBa2oU4yOF4yYbfROb3ffBU749bXsM7jAegGcusmjPb_k


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    Christmas 2018 retirements from political life, Mexican style
    Ingredients – helicopter parts, finely chopped. Two politicians [live] Pilots and passengers to taste.
    Warm hoax in media oven during quiet Christmas period.
    Serve to the idiot public.

    A Mexican governor who was sworn in earlier this month and her senator husband have died in a helicopter crash in the central state of Puebla.
    The aircraft carrying Puebla Gov Martha Erika Alonso and Sen Rafael Moreno Valle came down shortly after it took off.
    The two pilots were killed. Reports say a third passenger also died.
    Ms Alonso, 45, had been sworn in on 14 December as Puebla’s first female governor, after hotly contested polls.

    Mr Moreno, 50, had served as Puebla’s governor between 2011 and 2017.

    Perhaps “democracy” produced the wrong result.
    images –

    yup, just another staged crash with a sprinkling of bits of junk


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    Another aviation slamdunk for the fakeologists’ compendium.

    The Kegworth Air Disaster of 1989 — 30th anniversary on January 8th. The fateful day that British Midland London Heathrow-Belfast flight FD092 crashed into the embankment of the M1 motorway, killing 47 souls. And coming just 18 days after the Lockerbie psyop.


    Aboard the Boeing 737 was pro-duping death-cheater, Leslie Bloomer, now 57, who lost two friends Rodney and Jean Burrows in the crash. Bloomer has re-lived the horror ever since, in dozens of media interviews, lately for BBC TV news.

    An isolated and easy-sealed stretch of motorway around J24. Surrounded by open farmland. One more tick for the fakery checklist, Felix!


    Throw in a smattering of professional witnesses and job’s done. Including career-cop Clive Sparling. Strangely, Sparling, a one-time traffic officer, doesn’t even mention Kegworth on his linkedin profile. Instead, he pedals an equally incredible tale. [of commandeering an ambulance, and driving it [blues-and-twos?] to hospital while paramedics worked on patient within. Gong for that one, naturally.


    Ably assisted at the crash scene by a lifeboat crew of able seamen who, by happenstance were driving up the M1 at the time. Ahem.

    “A lifeboat crew, from Withernsea, Yorkshire, were travelling back from a training exercise when they saw the plane coming down.

    [Lifeboatman] Barry Bingham, who with his colleagues helped with the rescue, said “A lot of sparks came out from the engines and that was the point where one of them blew up.

    “The wreckage was in three parts. There were flames coming up from the engine.”

    Mr Bingham said the only person they saw “was a chap who was wandering around the motorway in a uniform”.

    “It was only later I realised it was a steward out of the aeroplane, he fell out the back,” he added.” “

    The RNLI, more used to faking it on the ocean waves. Nevertheless proving just as safe for any transportation psyop. Travelling back from a “training exercise”, indeed.

    From The Times (London) front page, “Surgeons carried out operations, including amputations, within yards of the crash”.

    Eugh! Sawing-off limbs on the hard shoulder? It’s all about the rhythm, yasee – like rowing a boat. Is that where Hoaxing Helmsman, Barry Bingham, put his oar in?

    Local eyewitness, Peter Wragg, an industry insider (fire-retardant textiles for aerospace et al) – gave an astonishingly slick eyewitness account on BBC TV, reporting “live” as the tragedy unfolded. Hmm..

    Click to access TRAVEL-FEB-2018.pdf

    Another insider-eyewitness, Loughborough-based showman Joe Weston-Webb, a trust product of the media. “known for his outdoor shows and organised stunts.”

    [From his obit on ITV.com in 2012, “As Joe began to earn money for his shows, he started to draw attention from the media. Soon he was providing stunts and ideas for many TV and film adverts, and even appeared on TISWAS several times.”


    <hr />

    The usual “discrepancies” weaved into the “developing“ narrative, for that extra credibility factor. The Boeing 737-400 wrongly identified, in “early reports”, as a McDonnell Douglas DC9. Plus a variety of initial “theories” for the cause – “wiring fault”, “autothrottle failure”. “fuel leak”. Before settling on “engine fire” and “pilot error” (pilot turned off wrong engine, clumsy dolt).

    Captain Kevin Hunt, his co-pilot and crew originally received “universal praise” for their handling of the disaster, but later were “sacked”, i.e. early retired, with generous compo to keep-lips-sealed. Meanwhile the death-toll incrementally nudged ever skywards as the “full horror” unfolded.

    The “crash scene” tucked between the A453 and the steep embankment of the M1 northbound between J23 and J25. How did they stage that? The fuselage debris delivered under tarps on a low-loader to the M1 below? With a winch or crane on the A453 carriageway above [A453 pre-sealed from the Kegworth Interchange to the Finger Farm roundabout?], used to haul the aluminium junk into position? Ready for the awaiting meeja teams of stooge cameramen?

    A complex op, but evidently achievable with adequate planning. Thousands of man-hours at the whiteboard stage, for just 30 minutes of action? — ‘slow-time thinking to quick-time doing’, as they say?

    The front pages from the days that followed..

    An unusual roll-call and photo op for the “medical heroes” of Leicester Royal Infirmary. The team of life-savers who treated, “with textbook skill”, the fictims of Kegworth ‘89 :- Dr Michael Pepperman, head of critical care; Mr Derek Barton, senior A&E registrar; Mr Gautam Bodiwala, head of A&E; Mr John Jones, consultant orthopaedic surgeon; Miss Liz Hewett, nursing officer; Mr David Watkins, senior consultant surgeon. Plus of course, the impromptu hospital tour from royalty (Prince Charles this time).

    Six years later, the insurance settlement – aka “sheering of the sheep” – undisclosed damages split across multiple insurers of bmi and four unnamed companies. Industry-norm: spread the claim widely, imperceptibly heaping it on numerous underwriting Names. Filch a little from the many; not a lot from a few.

    From The Times (June 10 1995)

    The damages are to be paid by British Midland Airways and four other companies responsible for the supply and construction of the engines of the Boeing 737-400 which crashed near Kegworth. They all admitted liability.”

    Among the Kegworth fictims, a total of 25 army and MOD personnel serving in N.Ireland. Safe hands for easy hoax management.

    Another “survivor” was passenger Miss Mary McHugh, 26-year old solicitor from the Ormeau Road in Belfast. Visiting friends in London with boyfriend John Loughlin. Subsequently called to the Bar in 2001, McHugh did very nicely out of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry. Earning a blistering £424,524 by representing “The [Fictims’] Families”. Keeping her out of mischief.


    Leaving just the Official AAIB Report to publish. Dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s. And granting another team of perps their own good suck on the bountiful titty bottle.


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    Add your fake heli-crashes below….

    Good idea, xilef. What are your thoughts, book form or encyclopedia?


    11 killed

    And now, more than 3.5 years since the execution of this most daring of staged fake events the lawyers can now have their drink from the hoax fountain. No doubt the delay was due to the difficulty of getting the story to stand up.

    Opening the prosecution, the highly paid QC quoted the key “witness” at the time, a plane spotter called David Miles
    Here he was immediately after the fake event –

    David, who is in his 50s, ran for his life when the jet came down on the A27 and says he felt the “heat of the fireball” chasing after him.
    He managed to get out of reach of the flames but picked himself up to see the appalling wreckage behind him.
    He said: “I thought everybody was dead and then I walked off as well. I could not, I did not, want to see any more
    I said to the guy next to me this does not look good. I think he is going to crash’.”
    Moments later, the plane smashed into the A27, obliterating cars and killing at least 11 people, yards from where he was standing.

    He continued: “I just ran as soon as I heard it. And a second later, literally a second later, I felt the intense heat of the fireball.

    “I saw something fall just in front of me and at that moment I collided with somebody else running away.

    “Then I looked back where I was standing and I could not see what had happened to the others.
    “I could not see anyone, just burning wreckage. I just had the awful feeling that a lot more people were killed than were

    suuuuuure the man who dodged a plane crash…
    The CGI imagery and the usual pyrotechnics of this brilliantly staged media event –


    No plane, naturally [June 22 2015]

    And here come the lawyers, January 16 2019, accompanied by the smirking Mr Hill, the pilot, ex-Military

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    Here comes one of the key medical “witnesses” to Hill being at the scene – Tony Kemp MBE [awarded 2014 before the fake crash]
    Here’s how Tony Kemp MBE describes himself –

    a PhD student at the time at Kings College, London -“I’ma university lecturer., I’m lecturing in medical simulation…”
    You can say that again

    My MA dissertation focused on the developmental needs of those teaching using simulation and this contributed to the Postgraduate Certificate in Simulation offered here the Postgraduate Medical School. I am currently undertaking a Doctorate in Education (EdD) at King’s College, London which is focused on the use of simulation with healthcare education.
    Research Interests
    Suspension of Disbelief within Simulation

    Hmmm,seems like an ideal person to have on hand in Shoreham. Here’s his contribution to the fake inquest
    Red Cross nurse Tony Kemp told jurors he had to climb through undergrowth to make his way towards the plane and could see “a lot of debris” as the blaze from the aircraft still raged in the background.
    He saw between 30 and 40 people being led away for medical assistance and at one point the team realised firefighters were no longer able to tackle the nearby flames as they had run out of water, he said.
    He found Hill lying flat on the ground without a helmet and originally thought he was unconscious but then saw his eyes opening as he started to respond to questions.
    In a recording played to the jury of the moments after the crash Hill is barely audible and can be heard groaning as medics try to talk to him.

    He was heard saying “ow, ow, ow” and “Come on guys,
    yeah, suuuuure source, Shropshire Star, Jan 18 2019

    He told the court: “I remember he [Hill] had quite a lot of blood around his face.”
    The pilot had symptoms consistent with a head injury and his medical condition was deteriorating rapidly, he added
    Mr Kemp told the court Hill was sedated with 50mg of ketamine and rushed to hospital. Without immediate treatment, he would have died at the scene.

    source Mirror, Jan 18 2019

    Here’s how the story was told back in August 2015
    Nurse consultant Tony Kemp had been helping in the Red Cross tent at the Shoreham Airshow when the Hawker Hunter crashed on the A27 on Saturday.
    First on the scene, he made straight for the cockpit where firefighters had said Andy Hill was still alive.

    He was quickly joined by two off-duty doctors – Marieanne Jackson, of New Pond Row Surgery, Lancing, and Horsham and Mid Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group member Karen Eastman – as well as paramedics from South East Coast Ambulance Service and the air ambulance.

    Mr Kemp and Dr Eastman took the bulk of the kit to the cockpit and worked with fire crews, about ten metres from the engines which remained on fire, to help give the pilot immediate life saving care. Dr Jackson took care of the walking wounded who were being taken to Lancing College.

    The group worked in fear of further explosions and Mr Kemp recalled how he routinely asked firefighters nearby: “Are we safe?”

    He said: “There was a large plume of smoke and flames. We didn’t know if we were safe because of the fumes.

    “It was apparent he [the pilot] was very seriously ill.”

    Ambulance crews then moved Mr Hill onto a long board stretcher so he could be moved quickly to a greater place of greater safety before air ambulance took him he was taken to hospital by air ambulance.

    Mr Kemp, the two doctors and other rescuers then turned their attention to those at the college and in the Red Cross treatment centre on the airfield, later helping those affected emotionally by the incident and giving health advice to visitors stuck at airshow while the area was in lock down.

    Mr Kemp added: “As a human being there’s the absolute horror when you are first faced with it.
    “There is the recognition as you work through the crash site of just the scale of the disaster you are dealing with.
    “There is this awful scene of devastation. It was immediately obvious there were a number of deceased casualties. You are dealing with people who are just walking, blind, just staring. They should never have to see that.”

    So one big simulation.
    Notes – our medical and firefighting workers are key participants in most drills, and this is no exception.
    The implicaiton is that expensive private school Lancing College was some kind of triage simulation centre, perhaps also a command centre for the hoax, since it overlooks the “crash” disaster drill site.
    Any event involving the Red Cross is likely to be suspicious, they’re key participants in hoaxes and staged events worldwide.
    The air ambulance is also a hoax staple.
    Always nice to have off-duty doctors to lend their names to a drill.


    Staying on the Shoreham hoax, one of the most daring in recent years – as usual there is “citizen footage” which is aired then promptly gets taken down. No different here…
    Police are searching for mobile phone footage from Twitter user Zoe-Beth.

    She has removed it and deleted her account since it was posted on the social network on Saturday afternoon.

    However Sussex Police officers say it could cause part of their investigation. They have urged her to call 101.

    One of the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced happened at shoreham air show today pic.twitter.com/C8KKTNUj9a

    — Zoe-Beth (@zblelliott) August 22, 2015
    No trace seems to exist online. Perhaps it wasn’t helpful for the narrative.

    Unusually, Zoe-Beth born 2000 Q1 not only deleted her account, but also had her name changed by deed poll!
    abandoned the name of Zoe-Beth Lelliott and assumed the name of Zoe-Beth Hobbs. **

    19 October 2015

    As seen 3rd from the left here..

    Strangely, for someone so close to the disaster, she seems to have made no other statements or appearances in the media.
    Back in 2009….
    Jason Lelliott, 38, of Cranleigh Road, rescued four chickens from a battery farm in July and converted his garden shed into their very own coop. His nine-year-old daughter Zoe-Beth now takes them for walks on Broadwater Green, to the amazement of passing drivers. “We will end up causing a crash,” said Jason, who works in a special needs school.
    Zoe-Beth is now a singer.

    Brighton Argus @brightonargus
    Police are searching for mobile phone footage from Twitter user Zoe-Beth – http://bit.ly/1V2alqD

    1:53 am – 24 Aug 2015 pt
    I wonder what happened to it.
    Mike Bradbury @MikeSky1
    22 Aug 2015 2:35 PM [……quick work!!]
    Replying to @zoe_beth_hobbs
    @zblelliott Hi – Mike at Sky News here – can we use your posted video with a @zbelliott credit?

    Worthing News @WorthingNewsEtc
    24 Aug 2015
    Replying to @MikeSky1
    @MikeSky1 Mike, Did you by any chance save the video? It’s been removed and the police want it in connection with the investigation

    Another disappeared picture and closed account –
    The Hawker Hunter crash site appears to be on or adjacent to the A27. #Shoreham pic.twitter.com/nwRUBBKKg1

    — Aidan Kerr (@Aidan_Kerr1) August 22, 2015

    And here’s another twitter feed set up for the event, subsequently closed…
    Mike Bradbury @MikeSky1
    @1pianokid Hi – just seen your video clip of the Shoreham crash – would you allow us to use it on Sky News with a credit to you?
    6:13 am – 22 Aug 2015 – 2:13 PM BST

    and here it is on the Guardian, no plane shown….just the usual military pyrotechynics. Job done again.

    aaaand another

    1:44 PM BST “oh nooooo!” the same old dubbed script

    Mike Bradbury @MikeSky1
    22 Aug 2015 2:10 PM BST
    @BobKempin Hi Bob – We’d like to use your video clip on Sky News with a credit to you – is this okay?

    bob kempin @BobKempin
    Replying to @MikeSky1
    @MikeSky1 please do
    6:11 am – 22 Aug 2015 – 2:11 PM BST

    So helpful! Immediate response. Job done. Thanks, Bob.

    Survivor Jasper Vincent [of the band The Railing Stains ***] has spoken about the moment the fireball from the plane crash in Shoreham almost hit his car.
    “It felt like watching a movie or something…very surreal…just smashed within a second onto the road”

    ** ah, this might explain things:
    Rachael Hobbs
    Lives in Worthing, West Sussex
    In a relationship

    *** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxzVqHDrcQg

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    11 killed

    Seems to be the go-to number of fake deaths per staged crash, rgos.
    And parachute clubs seem a good vehicle for such stunts

    11 skydivers killed in birthday jump in Belgium
    October 19 2013

    Nicolas Hormans of the Paraclub Namur, whose skydivers were among the victims, told RTL network that the plane was probably about 3 kilometres high when it suddenly went down. He said the nosedive would have thrown everyone aboard around with such force that they would not have been able to jump out and parachute to safety.
    Such plane crashes in Belgium, a small country of 11 million people, are fairly rare.
    King Phillipe was visiting the scene of the accident Saturday night with Prime Minister Di Rupo.

    Daily Motion video

    closely followed by….
    July 6 2014
    11 dead after plane carrying parachutists crashes in Poland

    What are the odds?

    Only one of the 12 people on board survived the crash, but suffered serious injuries.

    Pawe? Fr?tczak, national spokesman for the firefighters, said that 11 parachutists and a pilot were on board the twin engine aircraft when it took off for a training flight.
    Minutes after it had left an airfield in Rudniki, near Czestochowa, it crashed and caught fire in an orchard in the village of Topolow.
    It is not clear what exactly caused the crash, but onlookers said the plane’s engines had made odd noises before plunging to the ground.
    Pawel Fr?tczak, [national spokesman for the firefighters] said that firefighters found two dead, and one injured person was taken to hospital. Pawel Liszaj, the firefighters’ local spokesman, said that medical services at the site confirmed there were nine other bodies in the wreckage.

    Speaking to the BBC, police spokeswoman Joanna Lazar said local people had been involved in rescuing the sole survivor, saying: “We have established that just after the crash local residents came running towards the wreckage and helped to save one of the passengers from the plane. A 40-year-old man was taken to hospital.”

    One witness, retired police officer Robert Koziol, told the BBC that it appeared some of the passengers had tried to jump from the plane, saying: “There were open parachutes lying on the ground.

    same old drill formula, drill script. different country, same old shit, same old smouldering pile of junk.
    Bring on the photos of do-nothing firefighters, bored with drill-tedium [videos]
    Daily Motion video


    Not forgetting the April 2014 “crash” involving 11 people in a skydiving plane crash in Finland, 3 of whom survived.

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